a picture of Hurricane Isabel that managed to put this little human in his place. As awe-inspiring as that storm looks, this week's Gameballs and Goats may come close in its ferocity. This is definately a Category 5 Gameballs and Goats... and no one is spared. Browns fans don't walk away when things get tough, but we have been known to bark. Prepare youself..."> a picture of Hurricane Isabel that managed to put this little human in his place. As awe-inspiring as that storm looks, this week's Gameballs and Goats may come close in its ferocity. This is definately a Category 5 Gameballs and Goats... and no one is spared. Browns fans don't walk away when things get tough, but we have been known to bark. Prepare youself...">

A Category 5 Gameballs & Goats

This morning, I saw <A HREF="http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap030916.html">a picture of Hurricane Isabel</A> that managed to put this little human in his place. As awe-inspiring as that storm looks, this week's Gameballs and Goats may come close in its ferocity. This is definately a Category 5 Gameballs and Goats... and no one is spared. Browns fans don't walk away when things get tough, but we have been known to bark. Prepare youself...

The Week's Results

Things can't go downhill from here for the Browns - can they? Not only did the team's offensive and defensive units fail to play at a professional level on Sunday, the spinning afterwards from Head Coach Butch Davis really set off some fans. There's not much for me to add... the results speak for themselves.


Player Gameballs
Kenard Lang (96/DE) 55
Tim Couch (2/QB) 44
Phil Dawson (4/K) 29
---Fans--- 27
Andra Davis (54/MLB) 23
Dennis Northcutt (86/WR) 18
Kevin Johnson (85/WR) 15

Gameball Write-In Votes:

Jamal Lewis (7), "None should be awarded" (5), Corey Fuller (3), "Nobody!!" (3), Baltimore Ravens (2), "Fear, disgrace, cowardice", "Are you kidding?", "Every Browns fan who will wear orange this week", "Any fan who didn't vomit", Ozzie Newsome, Concession Stand Employees, "My wife", Art Bietz, "My neighbors"


Player Goathorns
Kelly Holcomb (10/QB) 108
---Entire Defense--- 76
---All Coaches--- 42
Butch Davis (Head) 40
---Entire Offense--- 36
Bruce Arians(OC) 27
---All Players--- 24

Goat Write-In Votes:

"Entire coaching staff" (6), "Front office, all coaches, the entire organization" (5),  "Everybody!!!" (3), TV Announcers (2), "Tackling" (2),  Jamal Lewis, "Every friggin single person from the waterboy to ticket office persons", "Me - the fan", "Carmen Policy because you are a WEASEL", "Ray Lewis", "Holcomb fans / Couch haters", "whole team", "Couch bashers", "Entire Defense, entire coaching staff, Couch supporters who feel vindicated", "Holcomb lovers", "Butch Davis' gut", "Pilot of the team plane", "All the QB bashers - STFU already!", 

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
s146r23s13 The fans never give up. All thought they probably should!
jchess901 (Dawson) the only one that can score for this team
dabrowns31 Im not giving anyone gameballs because no one deserves anything but a big bag of s%^&... ugly and horribly disappointing......i want couch
bendal Kenard Lang had a sack and stripped the ball, and was in the backfield a few times. Green ran hard, but without any blocking he had little chance to carry this team.
upperdawg Lang good day on a bad day for the d Dawson - our only offensive threat Pontbriand - un, I needed three
jmazzulo920 Phil Dawson made good kicks, Lang had a great game
clevelandfan NOBODY gets the gameball, this team played like **bleap**!!!
rjesker my only gameball this week is for the fans like me who sat through that performance that might be the worst since 1999, or maybe worst all time.
clouddog It took Fuller's mouth to get us our second first down... which came in the third quarter. But the real unsportsmanlike conduct was against the Browns for dropping him in the first place.
tribecadawg Lang - very active, only guy who showed up today Phil Dawson - did what they asked him to do Ryan Pontbriand - why not...snaps were good
maxtng The Cleveland Fans deserve a gameball for having to sit through this horrible game. Anybody who awarded a game ball to a Cleveland player should put on a cheerleader's skirt and grab some freaking pom-poms.
dirkmatt Because he got out before brown stuff hit the fan.
gbeachy O-line: great containment most the entire game -- Holcomb had hours of free time most of the game, and you kept the penalties down from last week. Much better. Word & Lang: Good penetration and pressure on the QB in passing situations, but too little too late. Glad to see that you are starting to step it up.
stov Heres to the guys who couldnt have done any worse than the over hyped starters
willisadams Corey Fuller -- No tackles and a taunting penalty, pretty much the most productive Brown today.
dk I give myself a gameball for watching the entire game
jmatt19534 Couch--he was the best QB that was in Baltimore today! The only thing he should have done was go over to Butch and demanded to go into the game. KJ--he finally broke through the brick wall that had been built in front of our goal line. Gardocki--he kept us in the game despite Holcomb's ineptness!
japaninu 295yds rushing??? You gotta give J. Lewis one! And Timmy C., gets my vote 'cause all of a sudden he's looking like he might be our guy soon.
fleadawg Like anyone deserves a gameball........TISK TISK!!!
dxdawg KJ- Decent game. Quality route running, concentration and catching. Kenard Lang- Put the preassure on all day in the passing game, and had a nice sack. Word- The best pass rusher we have on the D-line.
dp10451 No one really stood out,but Johnson and Northcutt were steady and reliable. And Lang kept the heat on for 60 minutes. A few words of advice for Policy: SIGN NORTHCUTT! NOW!
cavtrooper Fans for having to deal with this.
snesbit Nobody deserves a game ball.
garysandler Are you kidding me?
edgewater joe Who else deserves it?
spicydeigo my game ball goes to all the fans that watched the whole game and still supports this sorry bunch.
ponchdog Lehan looked great on special teams until the injury. Courtney and Orpheus were the only guys on defense who looked like they weren't hung over.
lukedawg12 NO ONE gets a gameball for this pathetic excuse of a "performance". NO ONE!!!!!!!!
leonardcturner They did a fine job effecting the performance of the Browns.
doctorfresh KJ: The only offensive player that was visible at all. And, of course, us fans for always sticking by even after the worse loss in team history since the return.
clbr99 My gameball is to any Browns fan who was actually able to listen/watch the whole game without puking or breaking their radio/TV sets.
jcsuhay1975 JAMAL LEWIS - He did what he said he was going to do. It's pretty bad when the two best players for the game were your kickers.
mmercurio Thank you, Jamal Lewis. Now our coach can no longer stay in denial that we SUCK on defense - and that his goofy plans and talent judgments are just that - GOOFY!
sexco Can't really come up with anyone else
gdawg2u The fans get a gameball for putting up with this crap. Phil Dawson gets a gameball for being our only scorer and Josh Booty gets a gameball because Couch and Holcomb stink
lundenberg Phil Dawson the only bright spot on the team, w/o him we would be shut out the first 2 weeks. Tim couch for not telling everybody, "i told you so". JUST GIVE COUCH THE DAMN BALL
berniefan19 Corey...Thank you for telling it like it is. Any Browns fan, with any bit of sense, should see by now that Couch is the starting QB. You look like a genius with last season's comment about being careful what you wish for. Well we got it, and it ain't pretty! Time to make a new wish! Tim Couch...thank you for waiting patiently on the sideline while this debacle of a decision runs its course. You ARE the Browns starting QB and I will be very glad to see you back on the field soon!
kkr112 Practically the only person on the team who didn't somehow contribute to this pathetic showing.
tomtrojan As hard as it is to do I had to give 2 gameballs to guys on D. Lang had maybe his best game as a Brown.
cbus7 CJ Jones, Verba, and Frisman all got gameballs b/c they weren't a part of that fiasco that we just witnessed...........
rmaysfly Fans deserve the only Kudos for sticking with this mess
maheller71 I struggled to find someone to give a gameball. Davis is playing well and had a bunch of tackles. Northcutt did well once he got the ball. Kenard Lang had two sacks and a forced fumble but, he was part of the record breaking defensive line that gave up just under 300 yards to one man.
chrisrockins Pontbriand didn't snap any balls over Gardocki's head. That's the only positive I saw in this game. Some nice plays by Kenard and Andra
naxos We have to be the best fans in the world to deal with this week in to week out. Lets bring on next Sunday. Go Browns.
browns_beer Lang: Ok the DLine sucked but at least this guy looked like he was trying. 2 sacks and one forced fumble makes him the stand out Verba: At least he didn't give up a sack on the bench Northcutt: This guy has to get the ball more
alfoth No player, coach or front office member deserves anything positive from this debacle. I vote the fans for having to endure the most embarrassing day in Browns history.
brent_mar23 1. The fans for putting up with that horrid performance and still calling themselves Browns fans, 2. At least Dawson is doing his job, and doing it well. 3. Any back that can get that much it good.
dixiedawg Nobody who played on the field for the Browns Sunday gets a freakin' gameball. Disgusting. We're 2-0 with Couch. Props to Ozzie too, just because he's Ozzie and I want him back at either the University of Alabama or in Cleveland.
pjs Let's face it... Pontbriand is the only guy who played and did nothing wrong... all his snaps were there
pnadel Gardocki seemed to be the only player with his A game. Couch gets a gameball for not blasting Holcomb or Davis in the media....yet.
oklahomadawg Gameball to the fans, for having to sit through that utter poop. One of the worst performances in NFL HISTORY. Gameball to the officials, for calling an even game. Gameball to the concession stand folks, cause they made a great hot dog, and because I refuse to give a gameball to anyone employed by the Cleveland Browns
scott.a.carpenter For not once yet this season asking " how much did we pay DirecTV to watch this crap"?
katdawg I picked Lang. It's not like there was a plethora to choose from for gameballs.
goofboy I'm going to give a game ball to Couch for all of the crap he has taken while showing a lot of class - isn't looking like his fault anymore is it? All of the long snaps were right there - at least one guy on the field did his job.
sofladawg Kenard Lang was a FORCE this week. pity he's the only Brown who showed up.
award2403 Willie ran well when Melvin Fowler wasn't being pushed into the backfield. Bonus points for not backing down to Ray Lewis. The Ravens ran away from Courtney (right at Warren, Roye and Lang.)
dmcvey Not one phase of this team deserves a vote
2xdoubleutothedoubleotothef Hard to give any out today...only giving them because of a few flashes of excellence.
weimer19 No gameballs today. However Art was the only Browns fan I heard make any sense on Sunday. Thanks for putting things in perspective and finally pointing out that some (most) of the blame on Carmen for the problems the Browns are having. It does not make a difference who quarterbacked the team on Sunday, they never got off the plane from Cleveland. I only hope that some of the narrow minded "fans" I watch the game with on Sunday can read and understand that article.
nebraska dawg Those long snaps were on the money every time! Now I know why we picked him in the draft...kind of...CB played well. We need to look at him as an outside backer. He is actually a guy who can pass cover well too. Lang for his sacks.
old mill dawg I give the gameball to the die-hard fans who had to sit through that sorry performance given by the defense,
bjthacker Tim Couch - Finally should get the shot he deserves after commanding a team that didn't have an offensive line or running game through most of his career. Besides, he was 7 and 3 in his last 10 starts and lost his job because of injury. Chris Gardocki and Phil Dawson - Only players to use textbook tackles, especially Dawson's hit.
lumpdawg Kenard was all over the place....About time!
gtd1995 Courtney BABY! Great coverage 20 yards downfield. You might have found your natural position. Great hip movement and burst to the ball. Extension was good. Good hand-eye coordination. Can CJ play DE?
redright The only game ball of the day goes to Butch Davis, for having the good sense to try to leave early! Nice try Butch. Proof positive; he's smart.
ikickcats I listened to the webcast with headphones on and the windows open in my office on Sunday. The neighbors now think I have Turets Syndrome.
wcrawford8 As pessimistic as I've felt during the Butch Davis era.
dawginatl CB - he actually was in position to make a play on the pass to Heap. Absolutely amazing! Maybe he should be an LB. Ant - he played well in coverage. He can't tackle RB's worth crap but is he played well in coverage.
rocknrolldawg They kicked our ass pure and simple,,,, in all phases of the game.
joe brownlee Andra Davis -- Gives his all. Orpheus Roye -- Likewise.
fairwayseeker Its difficult to award Gameballs after such a disappointing performance by all but... Andra Davis & O. Roye - These two should get some recognition because they were the only two defenders that were tackling J.Lewis -they were making plays all over the field, while their teammates were missing badly! One fact needs to be said - The Defense did not lose this game! They kept us in the game until the INTs were converted into scores. Most of the blame should go to the offense, that can no longer score or even get 1st downs(even with decent pass protection.)
thorix It's sad that my first gameball went to Chris Gardocki. 8 punts for an average of 40.8 yards. Lang and Davis only get one for individual efforts. 2 sacks and a forced fumble them 11 tackles are impressive.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
s146r23s13 Unimaginative play calling, to say the least. What exactly do the coaches do when they aren't styling on the sidelines. Let the players coach themselves in practices. NO ONE on this team is executing!
jchess901 way to go with that gut feeling butch...couch lead us to 9 victories last year.. Holcomb has lead to exactly 1 in his 5 starts...thanks a lot!!!!!!
murford For the first time ever I'm ashamed to be a Browns fan.
rdmccord Davis should stop commenting on other people maturity and start working on his poor performance as a coach.
dabrowns31 everyone gets a goat
bendal No offense, no defense, no special teams. What will Davis find encouraging in this game? The team didn't show up, too many mistakes on both sides of the ball, and even Gardocki had a terrible punt.
upperdawg Kelly Holcomb - be a man, say thanks for opportunity and take a seat on the bench. Defense - the guy says he is going to break the record and he does. This is the biggest punking in the history of the NFL. Thanks guys. Butch - you let these guys get punked. That makes you the head punk If you are a man of your word, you will sit Warren for Mckinley and sit Holcomb for Couch.
newarkfan Unbelievable display of poor football. From start to finish, this is the worst performance I've seen in a long, long time. Coaches, players and everyone on our sideline were pitiful!!! We are NOT GOOD, at all!
jmazzulo920 I have had enough, Couch needs to be put back in, Tackling was awful. Also, too many penalties
clevelandfan EVERYBODY on this team is responsible for this loss. 295 yrds to Lewis!!!! Yuck. I thought sitting through 1999 was bad, that was a cake walk compared to this game. Offensively they all look lost, Holcomb looked like a rookie thrown into the mix for the first time, I think it may be time to give Timmy another shot at the starting QB job, to see if he can add the missing spark (if it can even be done). O-line was crap. Special teams was crap. Coaching/play calling was big time crap, Butch better get this turned around quick, the 49ers will be frothing at the mouth while they watch the Browns film this week.
rjesker I had a lot of hope for a good season before today. If we can beat Cincinnati this year I will be grateful, after this game.
clouddog 0-2 and time to start rethinking what we said about #2. There's only one guy who's figured out how to win with this team. Maybe we let him on the field.
tribecadawg This entire team is defective, we're staring at a 4-5 win season. Policy should stop pumping out the propaganda and bring someone into this organization that can evaluate talent.
maxtng This entire franchise embarrassed itself. Each and every player took turns sucking. That makes them a polite football team that sucks.
dirkmatt Pathetic to the nth degree
gbeachy Arians: You are so fired. Time for someone new to call the plays. We are doing absolutely nothing to control the pace -- how about a few no-huddles to get the defense off-guard? A few quick strikes? Air it out big on 1st down to stretch the defense? Very slow, plodding, predictable -- no way to win games. You have the best receiving corps in the league, use them. Holcomb: Dude, what's wrong? Where's the fire in the belly? You look lost out there and are floating the ball. Your reads are slow and you telegraph too much. You had all the time in the world, and still managed to float balls and get sacked. You are blessed with a great O-line, make it happen. Where is the p!ssed off Holcomb we saw last year after you won 2 games and Couch was put back in for the Tennessee game? (Remember? You stood on the sideline with your helmet on the ENTIRE game waiting to go back in?) THAT'S the Holcomb we need. Defense: How can you let someone run 300 yards? Seriously. Tackling was really pathetic.
californiadawg23 C'mon everyone....let's tell the truth here. Butch can't coach. He dumps who most thought was a very good defensive coach in Foge Fazio...he hires Dave Campo, who did lousy with Dallas. He brings everyone who ever graduated from University of Miami for a "try-out". And just who IS the Pete Garcia (I believe that is his last name.) He gets rid of three good linebackers...drafts Jeff Faine, instead of a good linebacker. Butch IS a "control freak!" We need an experienced PRO (not college) head coach. We also need a new offensive coordinator, and....the truth about Kelly Holcomb is this...he always HAS been a "journey-man" quarterback! Couch started with a expansion (sp?) team...has had a REAL chance because of that...AND no running game...no offensive line......etc., etc.....How about we "bench" Butch for someone with more experience!!!!!
stov Kelly Holcomb hopefully has shown you Kellyites why he is a career back up give me Tim at least it will be exciting
phelix17 There can be no worse in the league than this failure. Every 2nd and long everyone in the bar yells out "lame draw play." Then comes the lame draw play. Arians s*cks. My grandmother could call better plays, and this is no joke. My grandmother could, easily.
willisadams Jamal Lewis -- It was obvious he phoned in the final 213 yards...
apvic I have been disgusted by this team, I have been embarrassed by this team, But until today, I had never been ashamed to call the Browns my team !!!! F---ING PITIFUL !!!
jmatt19534 Holcomb--you stunk it up today! You were absolutely hideous. Why don't you just tell the DB's who you are going to throw the ball to. BDavis--For not having the "gut"s to put TC in. How does your gut feel now Butch? DC--weren't you supposed to fix our defense?
syphard Can't wait to see Tim Couch controlling this offense because Kelly Holcomb is a complete disappointment
fleadawg The whole Brown's organization should have their heads buried in the ground like an ostrich after this terrible performance against the Ravens. SAD, VERY SAD!!!
dxdawg Holcomb- Is not a winner, and looked HORRIBLE again today. Time for a change, I pimped him before but the guy is not a good starter. Defense- The most embarrassing performance I have ever witnessed as a Browns fan. Jamal Lewis tells them he is going to set the record then goes ahead and actually does it. I can't describe how ashamed I am to be a Browns fan after that game. Arians- The worst play-calling ever. EVER!!!
dp10451 Bad snaps from center, bad decisions, bad passes, and where the hell was "Big Expense"? I mean "Big Money". At least make a damn effort. Gonna be a long season at this rate.
funkydawg Today was a low point for the Cleveland Browns. It's time for Mr. Lerner and the entire organization to become a FOOTBALL team and do what it takes to WIN in this league.......during the offseason as well as on gameday.
tgunzz the team sucked big time
donreichard Faine was snapping the shotgun to low
cavtrooper Something has to be done if Cleveland is going to field a competitive team.
snesbit You let a slightly above average RB run his mouth and back it up too. What a joke!!
garysandler I feel like a goat for being a Browns fan. I have stood by this team through thick and thin but this team just sucks. For the first time in my life I feel like just saying the hell with the Browns.
edgewater joe You KNOW who can beat you, you hear him SAY he's going to set a record against you -- and your team rolls over and LETS him?!?
spicydeigo This was the worst game i have ever watched. there was not one positive thing i saw. where is this high powered offense we are spouse to have??? 2 games into the season and only 19 points total... and on defense, big money knows how to run his month, he should learn to run on the field. we just look flat, no heart, no leadership and no control. too many penalties, bad play calling, poor tackling. this is going to be a long season.
jlcts Kelly Holcomb, huh? Tim Couch, huh? BRING BACK COUCH!!!! Why do you think that Hocomb SAT THE BENCH everywhere else he played!?! Today's game is the answer. No Vertical passing game, no big plays? This is not what Browns football is about!
ponchdog o-line penalties are killing us. def. backs with exception 0f Cutch couldn't tackle their lunch, and Robert Griffith should just plain retire.
californiadawg23 and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase, don't expect Tim Couch to be able to save this team...........NOT when there are TOO MANY other things "BROKEN" with this team. How does everybody feel about Bruce Arians, Dave Campo, and especially Butch Davis, now!!!! If I were in charge...I'd start my asking players NOT to talk to the team players that we are going to play that up coming Sunday. I'd demote both co-ordinators, Campo and Arians........I'd put Tim Couch back in, and I'd either take away some of Butch's power, OR just fire him NOW!!!!
lukedawg12 Kelly Holcomb did not play well. Now moving on to the REAL problems of this team. No defense. My grandma could tackle better than Bentley and Henry, and the rest of the people that PRETEND to be "football" players. But, the real travesty of it all is that damned o-line....if you can't block, you can't have any time to throw (see Holcomb, McNabb, and others performances with no time), and you can't RUN. Basically, you can't do ANYTHING without an o-line. O-line, I hate you all for costing my Brownies the game....you don't deserve to wear the uniform simply because of how HORRIBLE you played today. And that's the way it is. ~ L. C.
lukedawg12 To finish this off....the Browns have the greatest fans in the world....we also have some of the stupidest. You F__ING idiots who think Tim Couch is actually good are ALL: 1) well dumb, 2) have never played football at any level in your sad sad lives. You want to see BAD!? Put timmuh in there against that defense today! hahahahahaha! Holcomb might not have played well, but it's not ALL his fault. You typical idiot browns fans just want to change qbs after two f---kin weeks....i think i hate you too. you should have to pass some sort of test of football knowledge before you can flap your gums....most of you would fail. and THAT is the way it is!!!!
leonardcturner The team should not be allowed to wear The Brown's colors. I have never seen 1 team so afraid of 1 player. That team (I can't even call them the Browns) showed no PRIDE, no HEART, no TESTICULAR FORTITUDE. They should be ashamed of themselves.
doctorfresh Pretty much the entire team is to blame for this mess, but the coaches truly made some bonehead decisions. And, the tradition of NFL officials screwing the Browns over continues.
vadawglb This game was an embarrassment to all Browns fans worldwide!!!!!!!! I wonder if the coaches made a game plan or had a idea that Lewis told people he was going to run all over us!!! Maybe now the coaches will start teaching how to properly tackle the ballcarrier!!! The whole team was a joke today!!!! They should've stayed home or maybe they did!!! The announcers were so PRO Baltimore and PRO R. Lewis it was sickening!!!!!!!!!!
clbr99 If we wanted to save salary cap space, we should have ditched Gerard "big nobody" Warren. Seriously, did this joke even show up today?
erass There were some plays made by individuals but not enough to negate the whole. This was a total blunder. I can only hope the coaches and players are more let down then the fans!
jcsuhay1975 KELLY HOLCOMB - You need to stop staring at the WR you are going to throw the ball to. Hint, the DB's will beat the WR to the ball. BRUCE ARIANS - When it's 3rd and 12 you generally need more that 5 yards, and what happened to us stretching the offense out. Looks like the same play calling to me, 1st down=run up the middle, 2nd down=pass to the flats, 3rd down=pass over the middle for 5 yards, 4th down=punt.
mmercurio Butch Davis - he knew about the LBs before the season. He said "told you so" last week. He's done nothing to fix our defense. Holcomb looks silly. His defensive was crap. There is no leadership or heart amongst the players. This guy is a joke. When are people going to hold him accountable for ANYTHING? :( Holcomb fans - we are 1-6 now with Kelly and counting...hope you are enjoying it. ;)
rutger That was PATHETIC.. From every area of this team... And even worse from the coaches.. I can't believe that when a RB states ahead of time that he's going to break the NFL rushing record on your defense and then precedes to do that not one player on that Defense gets thrown out of the game for totally loosing it out there before it happens.. Are you kidding me?? Do any of these guys have any individual PRIDE??
sexco This game was not lost because of the coaches. KH had the chance to keep the browns in the game and just didn't. The whole defense played as bad as they could have. Was it just me or did anyone else see Henry jog after Lewis on his first touchdown only to realize too late that he wasn't going to be tackled? Watch the tape on that one.
r22weiss Are the real Browns going to show up? This was just like 2000 all over again. Why run the ball so much when you have one of the best bunch of receivers in all of the NFL? Use them! There is no flow to the offence. There was better offensive play calling in the preseason than in the 2 games so far. Holcomb had his 2nd bad game in a row. He doesn't look comfortable at all. Under throwing receivers, throwing behind them, playing a lot like a backup QB. Words cannot describe how bad the defense played. They better be ready for San Fran or 0-3 looks more like a reality.
appraiser this is beyond acceptable. the defense should give back their paychecks for this "game". 295 yards. pull your head out of your a..... and butch, what the hell are you thinking. we have 1 touchdown in 2 games and we keep with the same guy. get these guys prepared to play, with some passion.
gdawg2u Holcomb plays worse then Couch, the offense finally scored a TD and Carman Policy needs to be fired for hiring these people to run the football operation.
lundenberg Kelly Holcomb another terrible game. can you say backup. i am not kicking him when he is down but enough is enough. the defense looked just as bad as everyone thought they would of all along. they put on a tackling clinic. the coaching staff was terrible. do you guys even watch films or practice. that was just disgusting!
maxtng If my last name was Lerner, I'd fire each and every one of these over-paid schmucks.
berniefan19 Come on Butch...step up and be a man and admit now that the "gut feeling" you had in your stomach was just a gas bubble! Timmy is THE man and you know it! So swallow your pride and do the right thing NOW before the season is a total loss...give the job back to Tim Couch! Wake up Kelly....you were dreaming. Now wipe that sleep out of your eyes and give the football back to Timmy. Final goathorn goes to all the Couch bashers who are now screaming for Holcomb's benching. Way to go you spineless jelly fish! Do us all a favor and learn how to be a true fan and not a bandwagon jumper. Oh yeah...and don't forget to tell Timmy you are sorry for being an idiot.
kkr112 Nuff said.
mdnichols22 Cleveland fans are the most loyal in the world - a lot of them are also the most jaded and stupid. So you Couch fans feel vindicated now? Has this year's pathetic start made you completely forget the utter ineptitude Couch demonstrated last season? Remember the Carolina game? JESUS! You really think we would be doing better with Couch in there? So he participated in a few wins over the last couple of years. He is not the answer for this team. The problems go way deeper then that. Pull your heads out of your a##es!
brinehar now let me see, Tim was benched for not going down field enough, holding on to the ball too long, and not looking off defenders, right? but Kelly can do this all day long? Defense- how does a guy who has already embarrassed us bust a 73 yard td, when the backup to a rookie is playing QB? how much respect does the ravens passing game deserve?, Butch- how much longer does Vinny start? or are you gonna tell us that Tim has diminished skills?
tomtrojan Basically this was the hardest choice. Put some names in a hat and draw. Chances are what comes out can't be that far from the truth.
cbus7 Horrible game-planning, play-calling, offense, defense, special teams...........what an embarrassment!
rmaysfly Worst prepared team I've ever seen.
maheller71 I thought maybe it would fire the defense up with Lewis saying he would break the record. NOT THE CASE!!
chrisrockins I think we are starting to realize why Holcomb was undrafted, and cut about 6 times. I give the Kelley Holcomb era 3 more weeks.
cerberus There was not one element of this team that came even close to doing it's job on Sunday
naxos This was horrible I am still in a daze.
browns_beer Holcomb: Well he did throw deep this game... to bad he wasn't throwing to the team wearing the brown and orange Defense: 295 freaking yards Gardocki: Nice 10 yard punt ass...
alfoth This pathetic effort was the culmination of every bad decision made since the Brown's return. From the inability to hire the right coach initially, to hiring Dwight Clark, horrible drafting (Couch, Brown, Warren, Green, Thompson, Pharms) releasing the veterans. You name it, it contributed to yesterday. We may have the worst offensive, defensive lines in the history of pro football. This team will be at least 0-6 to start the year.
brent_mar23 1. Jamal Lewis + 295 rushing yards = a sucky Browns defensive effort. 'Nuff said. 2. He new it was coming, and still did nothing. 3. HELLO???? The Ravens couldn't throw a tantrum! Could we POSSIBLY make some defensive adjustments to stop the running game??!?!?! Is that too hard??? Huh?????? Could we?????????
terrymantell Last time I checked, Tim Couch WON at baltimore and was waving good-bye to the fans. Also I think they had more than 1 first down with 8 min.s left in the 3rd qtr. GET KELLY OUT OF THERE BUTCH!!!!!
dixiedawg Kelly Holcomb was a backup for a reason people.
pjs Kelly Pagel took a sack on 4th and 2 after avoiding a sack and holding onto the ball for a half hour...
superbrown Quincy Morgan is quickly becoming an irritant. He needs to learn to toe the party line and deal with the issues in private. His attitude is counter-productive.
pnadel This was one of the best high school performances I have seen in a long time. For an NFL defense to give up 295 yards rushing to one person is absurd and embarrassing. If there were any good things about the on field performance, I didn't see it.
nails13 Kelly Holcomb / Bruce Arians
oklahomadawg This was the most pathetic display of "football" I've seen in my life. Everyone gets a goathorn this week. EVERYONE. If Randy Lerner signs their paycheck, they get a damn goathorn.
sfrancis Take your QB, RB, and LB's and get the heck outta Cleveland Butch. You choose the wrong QB (and now you can't switch back), you RB can't catch and likes to fumble (I'll take Jamels 60+ catches anyday) and man your LB's suck bad so I've decided we should trade them all for one Jamir Miller. Goodbye season, the draft is in April, I wonder who our new coach will take with the first pick, maybe Roy Williams cause you can't have to many recievers that don't get the ball.
scott.a.carpenter Horrible, pathetic, sickening. Lewis HAS THE BALL! TACKLE his ass. He said he was going to break the record and he did? I'm going to be sick . You cannot tell me that stopping Lewis never entered anyones mind? Please tell me it was all a bad dream. I'm going to be sick.
katdawg Every single member of this organization - top to bottom - gets a goathorn. That sucked beyond words. Here's hoping this thing comes together before the end of the year.
goofboy The O, D, and umm special (as in short bus) teams were soooo bad that I was rooting for 300yds for Lewis in the 4th quarter. Just embarrassing. Boy, I'm looking forward to a pissed San Fran team next week - what's the league passing record?
pjs The Fans deserve a HUGE set of goathorns because the overwhelming majority of them are the reason Holcomb started these games in the first place and Butch gets a goat for listening to the boosters instead of going with the Playoff QB and Holcomb gets one for for sucking it up and then saying it was because they couldn't run the ball The fans trying to pat themselves on the back disgusts me... you chastised Couch at every turn, got your QB, and want to be praised for putting up with your QB
sofladawg William Green is running like a girl scout.
marklaubacher Butch Davis said all 3 of Lewis' long runs came when Baltimore caught Cleveland in a vulnerable defense. you have got to be kidding me............a rookie QB, of course they will pound the run. Baltimore needed to protect their rookie QB and not put him in stressful situations. Butch needs to research Browns history. ie 1984 Bernie Kosar, rookie QB, Mack & Byner each gain 1000 yards rushing
award2403 The O-Line was ridiculous any other back in the league wouldn't have gotten twenty -five yards rushing. Hey Kelly the honeymoon is over time to put up. The D-Line (Warren, Roye, Lang, and Word) could not keep the Ravens O-line from getting to the Linebackers and the Secondary tackled like they were playing HS Football.
dmcvey The telling statistic on the day was the performance of the Raven's draft picks since 1996 which was graphically presented during the game. CBS should have compared this to the Brown's draft performance, and the viewing audience would have better understood J. Lewis' 295 yds rushing among other differences in organizations. Forget top draft picks, sign Ozzie Newsome.
2xdoubleutothedoubleotothef Defense gets a big goat for making Jamal Lewis look much better than he is. He's good and deserves some credit, but we were able to contain Edge last week and Lewis isn't that much better in my book. Oh, it didn't help that our "high octane" offense had a case of the knocks, either. I hold Kelly responsible.
weimer19 These guys all blew it on Sunday. The team that plays bad together loses together. They should all be embarrassed. It may be a long season.
nebraska dawg That was the least prepared the Browns have been ever. Ever since 99. Ever! That sucked. It just plain sucked! They were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. Carmen, you get a goat just for being a snake (again).
old mill dawg My goats are Dave Campo, and the entire defense. Now It's been some years since I last padded up, but I do remember a coach of mine saying "Never let one player beat you." The coaching staff should've been telling this to the team. With a rookie QB starting, they should have stacked the box with 8 players and made Boller beat them. Davis gets he goat for allowing this madness to happen. Campo?!? He stunk in Dallas and he's brought the stench here. This one will hurt for a long time, but that's not the worst of it - I'm a mis-placed Clevelander living in Baltimore area. God help me!!!!!
bjthacker Kelly Holcolmb - Stop staring down your receivers. It made my prediction of Reed's 2 picks easy. Fans - Hope your proud for putting your faith in a guy that threw only 106 passes last year against defenses preparing for Couch (who won 7 of his last 10 games). I thought the offense was supposed to look electric with Holcomb in there, but they looked terrible. Coaches - I don't know what plays were called, but how can a team hold Edge to 60 yards one week and then allow Lewis to do what he did?
lumpdawg Here are two words that I thought of when I watched Holcomb play on Sunday....FRANK REICH. He will make for a nice answer to a NFL playoff trivia question but as for a starting QB, I think we have our answer. Couch needs to start.
gtd1995 Dude, what were you thinking? You knew this team was not prepared for this game. You should have landed the plane in Canada and let the Browns take on Canada's best. Hey equipment guy-- you're not off the hook either. You forgot to put the "Lester's Best" bottle of stickem in the DEFENSIVE lockers, not the OFFENSE. No wonder William had a rough day. Seeing brown will make future RB's drool. UPS must have known something. Got Brown Jamal?
redright 1. Carmen; doing his best to say "with the first pick in the draft" 2. Holcomb and Griffith; they're just special 3. Everyone in the Browns locker room wearing orange, coaching, or reporting: This team has the worse attitude ever. No Guts. These fur ball chocking pussycats should be called out for what they are. It's not talent; It's big mouths and no balls. I'm going to be a force this year.....screw!
ikickcats To anyone who has posted EITHER way about EITHER QB in the last 48 hours: Your whining is noted. Please go buy some Kotex and put on a skirt already.
wcrawford8 This team cannot tackle. It makes me sick to watch the highlights.
dawginatl There is nothing to say. Disgusting
rocknrolldawg When will Griffith show up ?
joe brownlee Butch Davis -- Did not have the team ready to play. Gardocki -- Said his feet were hot due to black shoes. Right. White -- Forgot how to play football during the off-season.
fairwayseeker K. Holcomb - The lowest rated QB rating in the league after 2 games. The pressure is killing him, his confidence is shaken, and won't accept blame! His WRs are going to start a mutiny after another performance like weeks 1 & 2. B. Arians - His conservative play-calling is now handicapping our 2nd QB. I wish T. Robiskie could get the honor of leading an offense that has 4 very good WRs, decent RBs, and an OL that has only allowed 1 sack. D. Campo - They had no passing attack and he kept using a formation that allowed Lewis to make big plays - I know tackles were being missed, so make some changes! Butch - Please watch the film on A. King and explain why he is needed - is not blocking, can't get open, could be replaced by many others. And, look carefully at the Offense and determine which should be replaced Holcomb or Arians
thorix Bad play calling on offense. Terrible execution on both sides of the ball.
garysandler How I'm still a die hard Browns fan after this debacle is amazing. Hell, the way they played, they ought to just forfeit the rest of the season.


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