More on the Booty (Waiver) Call

Lane Adkins gets the first reaction from inside the Browns on the decision to waive Josh Booty... plus what a prominent scout thinks of the Browns situation and Butch Davis' decisions!

Wednesday's surprising announcement that the team has waived third-string quarterback Josh Booty caught many by surprise, including some of his teammates. Heading into week-three of the season, the initial thought is the Browns are following the lead of teams by having only two quarterbacks on the roster, but other factors may play into the equation.

During training camp head coach Butch Davis noted that Booty had made great progress and definitely was a player with a future in the league. A few short weeks later, Booty has been released.

"Shocking, that is about all I can and want to say about this (Booty's release) right now, I don't believe anyone in this locker room saw this coming, I certainly didn't. That is why I just play the game and they (Davis) coaches the team," a player told - on the condition that we not use his name.

"This is just surprising, he has done a good job and really is one of us.", he continued, "Hopefully he gets a chance somewhere else, but there is some talk around here that he could be back on the roster soon."

Word of Booty's release came across my desk while on the phone with a scout that covers the East region for one NFL team. When relaying this information to the scout, he added his thoughts on the move and the current state of the Browns.

"Cleveland is really in a rebuilding mode and one that will make or break this organization. Butch (Davis) has gone out on a limb with some of the roster and personnel moves that the organization has made. You look at what they have done since the end of the 2002 season," the scout said. "The entire starting linebacking corps has been replaced with youth and inexperience. It is hard to win in this league with established talent, imagine trying to compete and improve upon a playoff team when you make some of the drastic changes they have. Also, the team has not addressed an offensive line that does not run-block well, it is really amazing the numbers William Green put up at the end of the 2002 season."

"The common way teams will attack the Browns will be pressure them off the corner, muscle them up the middle on both sides of the ball. Until they (the Browns) prove they play with consistency on the defensive side of the ball, teams will continue to expose this area."

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