Thursday Evening Report from Berea

Mike McLain provides tonight's update from Berea, with information on the Unstoppable Mr. Stokes, the Feedable Terrell Owen, and some numbers of note.

BEREA – All appears go for Barry Stokes to start Sunday in San Francisco.

The left tackle practiced Thursday after taking it easy on Wednesday. Stokes is recovering from a high right ankle sprain, but he plans to play against the 49ers.

The news isn't quite as promising for cornerback Michael Lehan, who injured a hamstring when blocked from behind on a punt return against Baltimore. Davis said that Lehan's playing status might be downgraded.

Lehan hasn't been on the field very often. He injured a calf in the preseason game against Green Bay and sat out the last two exhibition contests. He was inactive for the season opener.

FEEDING MR. OWEN: San Francisco quarterback Jeff Garcia has a unique take on what it requires to keep receiver Terrell Owen happy.

"He's someone that needs to be fed in certain ways," Garcia said. "It's a matter of trying to keep the guy happy. He's a tremendous player on the football field. He makes a difference when he gets the ball in his hands, and he's obviously somebody we want to utilize.

"Teams know that he's a guy who can make differences on the field, so they're going to focus on that. They're going to double up on him. We missed out on some opportunities last week, and hopefully that'll be a situation that we learn from. I'm sure we're going to go into a situation this week where Cleveland is going to be well aware of where he lines up on the field every single play."

Owens' flamboyant style doesn't bother Browns receiver Kevin Johnson.

"He plays the game the way it should be played," Johnson said. "It's a fun sport. Sometimes we get caught up in giving the ball back to the ref after scoring a touchdown. You only get so many opportunities to get into the end zone, and when you do you better have fun with it."

NOTES AND NUMBERS: Last season eight teams started the season with a 2-0 record, but only one (Oakland) qualified for the postseason. Conversely, eight teams were 0-2 last season, with two (Pittsburgh and Atlanta) making the playoffs.

San Francisco holds the NFL record for consecutive games without being shut out at 404. The next closest streak is 219, set by Dallas from 1970-85.

San Francisco receiver Tai Streets appeared on the report with an ankle injury. Linebacker Julian Peterson, who was listed probable with an ankle injury Wednesday, has been removed from the list.

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