Northcutt Added to Injury List

David Carducci reports from Berea as the Browns head to San Francisco on the following: Dennis Northcutt hitting the Injury List, Kevin McLeod's status, Michael Lehan, and Butch Davis doing his best William "Will you all go get a life?" Shatner imitation. Yikes!

NORTHCUTT QUESTIONABLE Wide receiver Dennis Northcutt aggravated a two-week old check injury late in Thursday's practice and has been added to the Browns injury list as questionable for Sunday in San Francisco.

"He got the (injury) in the Indianapolis game, and he's been practicing and playing with it for the last two weeks," said Butch Davis. "It's a little bit sore, so we downgraded him. We have 48 hours or more before the game, so it's a little bit of a precaution ... We hope (he will play)."

If Northcutt can not go against the 49ers, don't be surprised to see rookie C.J. Jones activated for the first time. Jones would be a likely candidate to return kicks after Andre Davis' tentative performance in that role last week.

McLEOD GETTING HIS CHANCE: Don't be surprised to see fullback Kevin McLeod activated for the first time this season as a lead blocker for William Green, who has found little room to run in the first two games. McLeod has been working on his pass catching out of the backfield to make him more valuable as an H-back and fullback on gameday.

The lack of plays being made by the Browns other combination H-back-fullback-tight ends in special teams would also lend to the likelihood that McLeod would be activated. McLeod played well on special teams, especially in kickoff coverage, in the preseason.

LEHAN PROBABLY OUT: Rookie Michael Lehan's hamstring injury limited his participation this week.

"He will probably be more than likely one of the guys who will be down this week," said Davis.

Lehan missed the season opener with a calf injury, then made his debut on special teams last week in Baltimore before leaving in the second quarter when he injured the hamstring covering a punt.

The combination of Lehan's likely being sidelined and Northcutt's questionable status could add to the speculation that Jones could be activated. Jones now has three weeks under his belt practicing both at cornerback and wide receiver.

PRACTICE-SITE SECRECY: Davis refused to divulge the site of the Browns practice Saturday in the San Francisco area.

"We are only going to go for about 45 or 50 minutes, more importantly just to get outside, jog and stretch," said Davis. "Guys will have their baseball caps on backwards, and it's going to be more of a chance to get some sunshine than it is a practice."

The team practiced until 2 p.m. in Berea Friday, then immediately left for San Francico.

BE ALERT: After a dismal performance that saw the Ravens Jamal Lewis break the NFL rushing record, the theme for the Browns defense this whole week has been "consistency, and going out and being alert."

"(San Francisco) has notoriously always scripted plays," said Davis. "They have always scripted the unusual in their plays. Historically, you'll get empties, you'll get reverses, you'll get some special plays where they are trying to check out all your adjustments. You have to be very smart, very alert and very consistent. That's been the thing that hurt us the most last week."

US AGAINST THE WORLD: Davis is starting to hear the frustration of Browns fans after a disappointing 0-2 start.

At the taping of the Butch Davis Show on Monday, fans chanted "Couch, Couch, Couch", in the hopes that Davis would shake things up again be re-inserting Tim Couch.

The disappointing start has led to more and more criticism this week on radio talk shows and on the internet.

On Friday, a reporter asked Davis what he thought about fans getting down on the team.

"They need to get a life," he said. "I'm not down on the team and the players shouldn't be down on themselves."

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