Dennis Erickson Speaks...

And now, a dispatch from the enemy camp. 49ers Head Coach Dennis Erickson held a press conference earlier in the week, and our agents were there. Here's what the opposing general is saying about his troops going into tomorrow's battle on the West Coast...

Here are some notes from a recent press conference held by Niners Head Coach Dennis Erickson...

Did kickers go up to 3Com to practice?
"We practice special teams before we start anything on Fridays. They did go up to Candlestick. They are there right now. We just wanted Owen to go in there before he has to kick it. I don't know if it's going to be like it is today on Sunday, but it won't hurt having him in there."

Injury update
"Stone and Jeremy (Newberry) both practiced. Deese didn't. Holman is kind of the same. That might be a game day decision with him and Derrick."

Will Stone and Newberry play?
"Yeah. They practiced. If you practice on Friday, you're probably going to play unless you re-tweak it or something."

Will Deese play?
"I don't know. I won't know until game day."

Will Deese rotate when he gets back because of the nature of his injury?
"I just have to feel how it is. It's really hard to say right now. Clearly if he's healthy, he'll move right in there. If he isn't, we'll have to see what happens."

On being impressed with Newberry playing well on a bad ankle...
"He's a football player. He's a tough guy. He's a warrior. I don't know that there's any other way you could describe it. Some guys can play with injuries and so forth, some can't. That's just how it is."

On Newberry's knee:
"He did something. It's just a bruise. That probably bothers him more right now than his ankle. It's not anything real serious."

On Cedrick Wilson and what he did to secure himself the number three WR position:
"It started when I first got here in mini-camp, the first time he was out there. How he's practiced since day one since I've been here has earned him that position. There have been opportunities to beat him out, but nobody has. He's earned it. He played some last year, as you know, and did some good things. He's earned it as far as I'm concerned since I've been here by what he's done."

How did Wilson play Sunday?
"I thought he played well on Sunday. He'll get better. He made some big plays for us. That catch he made for us on third and long, and then we threw the interception on the next play, but that was a big play. He's making plays."

Was Wilson the only one open on the final play in regulation?
"No, Jeff stepped up and his vision just went to him. If you watch it on video, he steps up, looks and he's kind of looking to the right side and sees him flash open. Jeff does things like that. He'll throw it to somebody that maybe isn't the primary guy, if he's open."

Has criticism on Wilson been blown out of proportion?
"It's so long ago. It's in the past. People are going to say what they want to about everybody in this game. That's just how it is. Ced knows that. We just go play Sunday and see what happens. That thing is in the past."

On Neil Parry from San Jose State...
"I didn't realize what had to happen for him to get into the game. And you realize it has to be a punt, so you're rooting like heck for them to stop them so he can get an opportunity to get on the football field. What a courageous, courageous deal. I told our players this morning, you talk about will and what the mind and what will can do for you, it's a prime example. That's something special."

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