Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Here's the long chat transcript from last Thursday night's Browns Uncensored chat. Dave and Ron were in the chat room on Thursday and covered a wide variety of topics with an active group of dawgs in the chatroom...

ramllov Hey Dave
DavidCarducci Hi Ram
ramllov How are you doing?
DavidCarducci Very tired. How are you?
Matt LOL :)
DavidCarducci I'm not looking forward to this weekend
ramllov I had a quick question. How close is Gonzalez for LT or RT? How much better will he be next year?
DavidCarducci Ram, I hear mixed reviews on Gonzalez. Some people I talk to say he has no real long-term potential. Some say he can be a decent NFL backup. My guess is that, while he is a hard worker and a favorite of Butch's, his best role is as a backup.
Matt You headed to SF, Dave?
DavidCarducci Matt, I am headed to San Fran on Sunday morning. Get in two hours before gametime
DavidCarducci I'm covering the KSU game at Penn State Saturday, then flying out
Matt Wow, not much time for site-seeing, then!
teco How was the mood of the team in practice this past week Dave?
DavidCarducci Teco, the mood runs hot and cold. I think they try very hard to keep from getting frustrated and to say the right things, but they clearly are not the same. There are also plenty of people upset with the way Booty was released and who feel that this organization doesn't show enough loyalty to the veterans
impulse dave whats the biggest difference between couch n holcomb??
DavidCarducci Impulse, I think there are several differences. Really, though, I think they both have similar potential to move this offense. While I don't think Holcomb has played well at all, I don't think the problems are all necessarily his fault, just as I don't think they were Couch's.
Guest17 David...Where do you think the problems lay with the O?
ramllov Dave? What has happened to Bentley LB?
DavidCarducci Ram, Bentley is just a young guy. It's hard enough to play this game at a high level most of the time if you are a 10-year vet, let alone a second-year player and first-year starter. He'll be a good player, but he'll have his off games. And Sunday was a very off game. That stiff arm he took on the first TD was ugly
artbtz CCDawg... thanks for the heads-up on Osika. That was great!
CCDawg49 np, I got it from a buddy in Green Bay - he's really the one to credit.
Ron Jantz HEY GUYS
impulse Dave i saw a lot of DLineman getting knocked down over or out of the way vs the ravens, why werent the defensive players able to keep themselves upright???!!!
DavidCarducci Impulse, there were some mistakes in fundamentals, but for the most part, like Warren said, the problem was gap integrity on cutbacks, etc., on the majority of the big runs. The thing that is so frustrating is, here we are five years later still bitching about gap integrity.
redright Dave, you mentioned that some of the players feel that the team doesn't show them enough respect, especially the veterans; did any of them speak about their own performance for the fans?
Ron Jantz red right the good thing...I guess it's a good thing...all the players that I talked to are embarrassed by their performance so nobody is pointing fingers
DavidCarducci Redright, there were several players who ripped themselves for their performance. Stokes said today that the fans have a right to be ""pissed off"". I think the way he put it was ... ""here they think this team is making strides after going to the playoffs. Then they see this start. I'd be pissed off too if I was a fan.""
YBD Bob, or Dave... I asked this Q in the Wc for Bob, but us Campo still issuing the yellow jersey on defense?
DavidCarducci YBD, I haven't noticed it in practice, but we aren't in there very often, and when we are, it's usually just for the stretching. I believe he said it was going to be a training-camp thing.
DavidCarducci One thing they are doing, though YBD, from a leadership standpoint, is announcing the captains at the start of the week instead of Friday, then asking those players to be leaders for the whole week
epbrowns Has anyone noticed the ""surprise factors"" in the browns games? There are always some things that the browns do in which we sit back and say ""Whoa; wait a second. wow"" Sometimes its good, sometimes not (sigh). Dave, Ron, Ladydawg, are you anticipationg any ""surprise factors"" on Sunday?
Ron Jantz epbrowns yea...I think they'll win
DavidCarducci epbrowns, nothing that really stands out. Maybe the surprise factor could be converting a third down.
impulse Ron if you cold describe the tempo of practice for the previous two weeks vs this current week, has the pace picked up?
Ron Jantz impulse talking to the guys today...they all say practice has picked up. They are approaching their practices like games now...they say. They feel that will make a difference
impulse did they mention why they hadnt done that before???
Ron Jantz impulse great question. I felt the same thing. They say they're feeling a ""sense of urgency""
DavidCarducci Like Ron said, the Browns have a habit of winning these types of games, when the fans are getting frustrated, thinking everything is going downhill fast, and against a team that should have an advantage at home.
RedDawg INSIDERS, how far away is Thompson from helping us on defense? Which LB would be most likely to lose his job to Thompson as of now?
DavidCarducci RedDawg, he appears to be pretty far off right now. he's still pretty lost in some ways. He still shows great athleticism and potential, but the NFL game is a bit harder than he had thought.
Ron Jantz you know what guys...think of this...they beat the niners and come home to the could be 2-and-2 and wouldn't that change things
howldawg Honestly Ron do you feel that would change things?
Ron Jantz howl dawg yea...I think it would change things. I don't believe this team is as bad as they played last week.
epbrowns Big time, ROn; THAT would be the boost we need
ramllov Dave/Ron How far away are Lehan and Bodden. Does it look like 2005?
DavidCarducci Ram, unfortunately the injury to Lehan appeats to be a bit more serious than they thought. He's going to be downgraded on tomorrow's injury report. I do like his and Bodden's potential. And, I'm changing my opinion on Crocker. I had seen a lot of Crocker covering MAC games over the years, and never noticed much. But I think he is flourishing in this system and could end up being something special.
YBD I don't want to knowho was the captain last week. that was just too much.
DavidCarducci YBD, I can't remember who the captains were off the top of my head, but I can look in my notes if you'd like.
howldawg i mean it bats being 0-4 but it sure doesn't spell playoffs just yet
Ron Jantz howl woldn't speak playoffs...but It would help them believe. KJ said today we can't make the playoffs one year and then take steps back. He was dead serious.
redright Dave, without any specific question what can you say about Kelly---last week---this week? Himself and the team?
DavidCarducci Redright, I think Kelly simply wasn't ready for how different it is going from backup to starter. There was a lot of truth to what FUller said. I still think he's a good quarterback and the Browns can win with him, just as they can with Couch. Like I said, I think people have been too hard on Couch over the years, and I'd hate to see them now be too hard on Kelly.
DavidCarducci Kelly has to do a better job of going through his progressions. I can think of five times when he failed to look to his second and third option, then made a poor decision despite having wide open receivers
DavidCarducci That is part of why Butch and Kelly have hedged on what they said about not having receivers open. I can think of 2x Quincy was wide open, once with KJ, and 2x when he had Green for big plays, one a sure touchdown, and didn't make the throw because he was locked in to one half of the field.
Matt YBD, I'll do a quick recap of questions from people that may have been missed: Fowler's potential, number of snaps Couch gets in practice
WestSideBob I thought I heard Couch was taking about 35%% of the snaps, but I could be wrong
Ron Jantz west side thanks for picking up the ball on the back-up...sometimes the questions get lost in the flurry. Yea, back-ups ""generally"" geta third of the snaps.
RedDawg Dave, harder then he had thought? So Campo's interview with Chuan that convinced him that he was a cerebral LB and would fit well in the scheme was wrong? Are they privately making noises that Thompson isn't turning out to be the type of guy they thought he was when he was picked in the second round?
DavidCarducci RedDawg, I don't think that's the case yet. You can be a cerebral guy and still take a while to adjust to the NFL game. He does have all the tools. Taylor is also a cerebral guy, and he is still adjusting in year two.
RedDawg OK dave, but why have FOUR promising young LBs on your team when you have ZERO promising young OGs or OTs? I just don't freaking get it.
DavidCarducci RedDawg, I'm not sure, to be honest. I don't agree with the philosophy, but that doesn't mean Chaun won't be a good player one day.
redright The BIG Question, is Kelly up to Couch? when will he be there? Are we grooming a backup into a 2005 starter?
Ron Jantz redright I think the Browns made him the starter because they feel he's better than Couch right least in moving the ball. I think Butch will look bad if he pulls a quick trigger. Boy will he be tempted though if things don't start well on Sunday. It's nice to know that they have Couch as a back-up though isn't it.
howldawg David i may have missed it Why did the Browns cut booty?
DavidCarducci Howldawg, it was one of those decisions based on statistics .... few No. 3 quarterbacks get in on gameday ... and the perceived need of an extra offensive lineman they liked. But again it's another center-guard combo guy. I wish they would finally draft and develop a stud, power blocker on the inside, rather than trying to convert centers and use combo guys as starters
redright I think he lacks the toughness and he is not as mentally prepared as Couch
Ron Jantz redright Holcomb looked out of character on Sunday. He looked tenative...unsure...almost like he didn't want to throw a pick. I think he learned his lesson.
RedDawg Dave/Ron, do you have any insight as to why Butch's ball control, field position philososphy completely conflicts with the fact that we haven't made a committment to seriously upgrade the Oline? Is this a vestige of the SF belief in making an oline with low draft picks and the occaisional older FA pickup?
Ron Jantz the browns have been swinging and missing on the o-line for years now. really they have. I remember us all calling for the team to make a commtiment to the o-line when Kosar was qb and he was getting beat up
DavidCarducci RedDawg, it might be that, and it can work in some situations. Like I've brought up before, you can make an undersized, undrafted lineman look like a pro bowler in the right system. Look at what Denver does. But we don't run those blocking schemes. Arians talks about wanting a power running game, and with the interior of this team, it's hard to blow guys off the ball
WestSideBob Come on.....I still dont get why y'all have issues with this ""center/guard"" thing
DavidCarducci WestSideBob, I just don't like it in this type of system, like I said. I don't think it fits.
YBD Actaully, I already ordered a case and am supposed to be cooking them Saturday.... WHen she'll be delivering! Oh well.
WestSideBob I'm still sticking with my master plan theory......
redright Cerebral Guys; Courtney Brown, All talking softball Warren, Thompson, Taylor.... maybe we can send them to Parcells to unsmarten them and get them to play. lol
* howldawg (Plays Sound: babyc.wav) get ready grandpa
WestSideBob red: If you want the DL to go nuts, you've got the wrong DC
Guest17 Why did Green only get 17 carries against Balt. We weren't down by that much till the 4th.
WestSideBob You've got a coach who wants to hold the line of scrimmage and occupy linemen
WestSideBob And while the timing stunk, Butch was pretty much dead on with the compliments to Lang and Warren
YBD Sweet music! Thanks, howl..... and yes, Dammit I remember you. I remember everybody!
* Matt MOTIONS/smirk.gif Hey Dave, can you ask Butch when he'll pick up another center so he can field a whole line full of them?
Guest17 redright...I disagree..remember these are his first games as a starter.
impulse sometimes i think we ought to do a cleveland browns read n recognition test for the qb's...
redright Yes but he in not starting on JV high school thisis the Not For Long league
BryanK Is there a better option than Fowler at LG?
sexco 17 he started last year, i think the thing teams are gearing up for him and pretty much stopping him in his tracks
RedDawg WestSide Bob, I disagree. I don't think that's Campo's philosophy. Insiders, is the role of our DL to attack and penetrate or occupy lineman and hold their ground.
howldawg we only need 7 mor and they can play every offensive position
artbtz Hey Butch used the ""V"" word with Osika today.
WestSideBob An offensive lineman by and large is an offensive lineman
Ladydawg Venereal?
WestSideBob I'd agree David.....the guys they have are built for finesse blocking
artbtz Hee hee... I hope not, Dee.
redright lol
sexco Insiders, grade cards for the players?
DavidCarducci Sexco, which players in particular?
DavidCarducci You mean how they graded out on the line?
sexco well mostly the starters, when you get the grades could you post them somewhere?
sexco or do you guys have to ask about certain players?
DavidCarducci Sexco, I actually didn't ask because the way players grade out doesn't always jibe with the way they play, in part because every staff uses different criteria. I will ask this week, though
sexco cool thanks
RedDawg sexco, they won't release that to us. Would you want your work evaluations made public at your work place, much less the public? I think grading is very hush hush and personal.
RedDawg from my experiences anyway sexco
DavidCarducci Sexco and Reddawg, there are ways to get them occasionally
DavidCarducci Usually amounts to asking each guy
howldawg Is it just me or is Griffith still look like a bust in this defense
Ron Jantz howl I know some people in this chatroom will disagree with me...but I've always thought Griffith was overrated...have never thought he was a good tackler...just a guy that was waiting to put a hit on with no wrap and watch them bounce on by
WestSideBob Ron: That's pretty much the DB mentality though
Ron Jantz Bob we need to change that philosphy
DavidCarducci Howl, Griffith has been up and down (at times very down), but the way he played against Indy is still a bit encouraging to me.
YBD Dave... do you think the ""V"" (versatility) system is a hindrance to Butch? Covering his inability to pare to 45 players?
DavidCarducci YBD, I think it is a problem. He seams almost paranoid, reciting stats of how often certain players are needed, etc. Then ignoring what I think are some key needs because one guy is capable of doing several jobs. Unfortunatley, sometimes (as in the hback position being used as a lead blocker) that guy just doesn't do one of those jobs well.
DavidCarducci In short, what I think he ends up being shortsighted in an attempt to be longsighted (if that is a word).
WestSideBob Ron: I'm with you there, but it's the nature of the game......make a bit hit, get on SportsCenter
Ron Jantz bob Eric Turner would always drive me crazy...coming up to make a big hit and get beat. Guys like that have a LB mentality that doesn't always work with their position
howldawg David or Ron has Couch been giving Kelly tips on how to tackle without getting knocked out?
DavidCarducci Howldawg, I hope not. Couch does seem to be great with Holcomb though. He has handled this whole thing admirably, from start to finish. He came in and worked his ass off in camp after working hard all summer. DIdn't whine about competing for his job, and he hasn't been a distraction to the team since losing the job
redright Dave, Ron, ART, When will we find out what really happened to Booty? Was it that he was not seen as a good 2005 qb?
redright Hybl in 2005?
DavidCarducci redright, I don't think it was that. I think it was just a decision that had to do with the direction he wants the roster to take.
Guest17 Hello? Anyone going to answer my ? on Green's carries?
DavidCarducci Guest17, missed the question. What was it again?
Wardy Why did Green only get 17 carries against Balt.
Ron Jantz guest 17 good question. Stokes toaked a little bit today about the ""imbalance"" in the offense. I believe the guys believe they've gotta get willie more carries if they're going to win.
Ron Jantz I mean Stokes talked not toaked
Wardy We were in the game until Holcombs pick
DavidCarducci Wardy, I think a lot of it had to do with what they thought they could and could not do in the gameplan in part, and also it had to do with the way the game changed. I'm sure the Browns came in assuming they'd have to set up the run with the pass, and then when it got to the fourth quarter and they needed to make something happen, they were forced to go away from a running game that already was struggling
DavidCarducci Wardy, and like Ron said, Stokes and several players are concerned with the balance of the offesne.
Matt WSB, Ron, is Ray Lewis a guy with good form who punishes runners, or does he just hit them so hard they have to go down?
Ron Jantz Matt an answer to your Ray Lewis question...BOTH.
Wardy Why do we always run to the right? It seems that when we run we go right. Am I the only one who noticed that?
DavidCarducci I think they like to run to Tucker's side in part because he is a very good run blocker, and the best lineman on this team. Also, a lot of teams are right handed, like WestSide said ... beat me to it... That's part of why you always want that big right guard, the type they hoped Qasim would be.
RedDawg Know any reason we passed on Doss? Especially with an older, high priced starter currently on our team?
Ron Jantz red dawg I'm working on your Doss question
DavidCarducci RedDawg, it's a good question. I think Doss' coverage skills probably had a big part in his dropping on their chart. And the Browns always go with a combination of need and where a player ranks on their board. They rated Chaun higher.
Ron Jantz red dawg doss says he thought he was going to the Browns...they talked to him a lot before draft and he was shocked when he wasn't taken. Never given a reason why. He was glad to play them in the opener to show them what they've missed. I believe he leads the team in tackels. I've covered the kid since he was in HS and he's always made plays. too bad
Fairwayseeker Ron or David, did we give up on Q. Mitchell too soon or was something not said which was the real reason?
DavidCarducci Fairwayseeker, they may have. But there is part of me that has a feeling they were unhappy with his work ethic. Several things Butch hinted to. If you don't like the effort a guy is putting forward to learning the job, then I can see why you might just figure the effort of trying to develop him isn't worth it
redright Dave is this team tough enough? Will it get tougher against the 9rs?
DavidCarducci Redright, I think this team is tough enough in some areas and not tough enough in others. They don't come much tougher than Tucker and Stokes. Lang, Griffith and several other players on defense are tough too. But like I've said before, you can be tough and try hard play after play, but if you are putting your effort into the wrong areas, you end up spinning your wheels.
Ron Jantz doss second round 56th or somewhere near there
Lumpy a lot of teams passed on Doss
DavidCarducci I would have preferred Doss, but down the road I think we'll all really like Chaun. It was not a good pick in terms of need, however, and with a team that had so many holes to fill coming into the draft, I don't think they could afford as many reaches as they made ... By the way Pontbriand really struggled Sunday
Matt What's the issue with Thompson, specifically? Knowing where to be on the field?
DavidCarducci Matt, I think reading and reacting. he doesn't diagnose the play well, and part of that is inexperience. He does have some instincts, but instincts are not always right at this level
redright Dave, Ron have you seen anything positive from our TEs? Blocking, Receiving, Routes?
DavidCarducci Redright, to be honest. Not much positive at all.
Ron Jantz red I liked how they used them in the first half of the Indy game (finding them over the mid)...then they went away from it. Other than that The team needs the TE to be a legit option
Matt Dave--does Arians have the right people for this offense?
DavidCarducci Matt, I think he has some of the right people, but tight end needs to be addressed, as does the offensive line. The guys he has now can play, but they are not necessarily in the right role.
ramllov Dave/Ron? do you see all the Browns offensive playmakers trying to be the guy who has to make the play? Is this a problem?
Ron Jantz ram yea...I don't see anyone trying to be the guy. It seems Kelly likes Northcutt like Couch liked KJ
BryanK Why not keep the FB active for a game?
DavidCarducci BryanK, good question. From some of Davis' comments, I don't think they are convinced McLeod can give the team much more than Heiden or Shea as a lead blocker. If that is the case, why was he not the odd man out instead of taking a chance with 2 qb's and releasing Booty? Doesn't make much sense. Is there all of a sudden a game when Davis is going to say, you know, this week we may just need a lead blocker? That seems to be a crap shoot
WestSideBob The problem is that Heiden and Shea and Sanders are all on one of the special teams
BryanK I agree, Dave. Why have him on the roster...
DavidCarducci Also, doesn't make much sense to me to release the No. 3 qb in a week when you have your second starting left tackle struggling with an injury ... although Stokes appeared to be much better today
WestSideBob If Butch is gonna activate McLeod, he's gotta deactivate someone who's playing
Ron Jantz west side and that's so important in BD's philosophy on who he keeps on game day
WestSideBob Ron, Dave, did you guys happen to look on the board at who all's on the special teams?
WestSideBob I glanced at em, but I really wasnt looking to see if Shea, Heiden and Sanders are on all of em, but I'm pretty sure they're on most
DavidCarducci WestSide, I have a decent idea of who is on what team. I believe all are on most. I know all are on kick coverage.
Matt Here's a question: Teams seem to have adjusted to Holcomb and confused him, but he looked good in preseason. Do many teams not run the cover two, and the Ravens just saw the Colts' success, or didn't teams want to ""play their hand"" against him in the preseason?
Ron Jantz Matt I've always'll be interesting to see how Holcomb plays when defenses prepare to face HIM. That's not a knock on Kelly...just a fact whenever you have a bck-up that comes in and performs so well
Fairwayseeker Another question David, Why do we bunch our wideouts so much rather than spread the field - it seems he might find the open WR better rather than throwing into double coverage
DavidCarducci Fairwayseeker, there are some things you can do with picks, etc., from that alignment. They also spread them.
impulse Dave, who gets cut when frisman comes off the PUP list
DavidCarducci Impulse, I'm not sure at this point. We have three more weeks after this one until he can come off. He still may not be ready at that point. Remember, he hasn't done a thing
Lumpy Dave-you said earlier that Stokes looks ready to is Gonzalez doing? Any thoughts?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, I've heard so many different things about Golnzalez chances in the NFL, and the most common is that he's a guy who will always work hard, but he probably will always be a backup. We don't get the chance to watch practice, unfortunately, so its hard to see if he is improving. One of those things where you just have to watch closely each training camp to see if he is improving.
RedDawg How are we going to stop Owens short of a sniper perched on the roof?
Ron Jantz red McCutcheon was asked that today...will the Browns have a scheme for Owens like they did for Marvin...Cutch just smiled.
redright Dave what offense would you like to see in SF?
DavidCarducci Redright, actually, I think the best offense against a SF style defense is an SF style offense. They play a lot like the Steeles, run a lot of 3-3 with 5 DB's. You need to throw quick routes, lots of slants, etc., to beat the pressure from the outside.
Ron Jantz gotta go guys good luck on sunday...enjoy a Browns win!
RedDawg thanks Ron. Great job!
Lumpy thanks Ron
Ron Jantz I think they'll win. I really do. see you!
DavidCarducci Guys I have to run as well. Girlfriend wants to watch a DVD, and this is my last night here for the next five days ... off to Penn State tomorrow, then to SF on Sunday ... then PEBBLE BEACH on Moncay ... woo hoo
impulse take care dave

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