Browns - Niners: Game Notes

Mike McLain brings us game notes first here on Included in Mike's report from San Francisco: Barry Stokes fires up the troops, Terrell Owens gets frustrated, and Carmen Policy is pleased...

SAN FRANCISCO - Barry Stokes stood up in front of his teammates during a team meeting Saturday night and challenged them.

"I said, 'When you go out there tomorrow, don't play for yourself. Play for Quincy Morgan. Play for Melvin Fowler. They're dedicating their lives to a job like this. Quit thinking about yourself and believe in yourself, Stokes said.'

"There was no doubt in the offense's mind that we were going to win that game," Stokes said after the Browns' 13-12 win Sunday at 3Com Park. "Last week I don't think we believed in ourselves at the end of the game. So that's a major step. Some guys don't think you have to make that step every year, believing in the guy next to you."

Stokes gained plenty of respect for quarterback Kelly Holcomb, who rallied the Browns to two fourth-quarter touchdowns while playing on two bad ankles.

"You can't explain the energy," Stokes said. "You have a guy look you in the eye and saying, 'We're going.' He got us motivated. I don't know what it is, but you know what … he led."

OWENS AGITATED: Terrell Owens, the 49ers Pro Bowl receiver, wasn't happy with the way the offense performed. Owens, who had eight receptions for 90 yards, walked off the field in obvious disgust more than one time.

"I didn't see him throw his helmet, but I know some of the routes he was supposed to get we took away," Browns strong safety Robert Griffith said. "As a guy who is a star player in this league, of course he's going to be frustrated."

LEHAN'S LIMP LINGERING: Michael Lehan continues to have bad luck. The rookie cornerback injured a calf against Green Bay in the second preseason game and missed the final two preseason games and the season opener.

Lehan returned last week in Baltimore, but he injured a hamstring when he was blocked from behind on punt coverage. He was listed as questionable this week and was on the inactive list for the game.

ROSTER MOVES AND INJURIES: Kevin McLeod, who wasn't active in the first two games, got the start at fullback. Aaron Shea started at tight end in place of Steve Heiden.

Holcomb had his ankles taped. He was scheduled to have X-rays. Receiver Andre Davis was in pain as a result of being hit in the wrist on his game-winning touchdown catch.

In addition to Lehan, out for the Browns were receiver C.J. Jones; offensive linemen Craig Osika, Paul Zukauskas and Enoch DeMar; defensive lineman Tyrone Rogers; Northcutt and defensive lineman Antonio Garay.

The 49ers played without third quarterback Ken Dorsey; defensive backs Rashad Holman and Jason Webster; Deese and Hietmann; tight end Eric Johnson; defensive tackle Ross Kolodzie and defensive end Andrew Williams.

PROUD PRES. POLICY: Browns president Carmen Policy was one of the happiest people in the Browns' post-game locker room. Policy spent a big part of his professional life working for the 49ers when Eddie DeBartolo Jr. was the owner. The team is now owned by DeBartolo's sister Denise and her husband, John York.

"I felt like I must be 45 years old," Policy said of his feelings as he watched the Browns' game-winning drive late in the fourth quarter.
The victory was important to the Browns, who were staring 0-3 straight in the face.

"I think it means a great deal for the team," Policy said. "We found a way to stop their running game, and they have a great passing game. We came in facing the team that was number one on offense and number two on defense, and we won."

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