More on the Kelly Holcomb Injury

Lane Adkins provides more information on Kelly Holcomb's injury this evening. Lane tells us what we've heard as of this evening, and shares his thoughts on the possibility of Holcomb staying in the starting role this weekend against the Bengals.

As rumors circulated through the local media today regarding the condition of quarterback Kelly Holcomb, all indications pointed to the Browns quarterback being lost for the next month. The only certainty to this story is Holcomb was injured in the Browns 13-12 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, and he played through the injury.

Monday afternoon, Holcomb and the Browns received word that he had suffered a small hairline fracture of the fibula in his right leg. Being that the injury has occurred to the fibula, the possibility exists for Holcomb to return to action after a minimal layoff - maybe as a soon as Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.

An area of concern that could hamper the injury is the swelling in the region, which we have been told late this afternoon is not as nearly as substantial as it was following the game. Holcomb will continue to be treated by the medical staff and the team is optimistic that he can suit up for practice on Wednesday.

Until Holcomb can get on the field, the Browns cannot positively determine if the quarterback can play. According to a member of the organization we spoke with early this evening, Holcomb was still suffering some pain and swelling, which would be expected, but added that Holcomb also believes that he will be able to play on Sunday.

According to Davis, reports indicating Holcomb would be sidelined four-to-six weeks are erroneous. At the same time, however, the Browns Head Coach would not provide a definitive time-table as to Holcomb's return. He did state that his expectations are that Holcomb should be on the field Wednesday to practice.

If Holcomb is unable, physically limited, or still experiencing significant pain and/or swelling on Wednesday (or Thursday at the latest), he will not play Sunday. This is a distinct possibility.

All we know at this time is Holcomb isn't out of the question for the game this weekend. This isn't a case of the moon and planets aligning, it is an injury that appeared worse than the diagnosis the parties received today. If Kelly Holcomb has a say in this matter, he said he would play on Sunday.

We'll know more on Wednesday, but right now we'll keep an eye out to see if Holcomb practices.

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