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The players may have had the day off on Tuesday, but the organization was still open for business. Being said, we have some of the thoughts on the Browns victory Sunday and what to expect against Jacksonville.

CLEVELAND, Ohio : The win by the Browns Sunday is looked at as taking another step in the progression of the team.

Players were excited and reserved, the coaching staff was pumped but expecting. The fans were ecstatic with the performance of the team.

Tuesday, the excitement and expectations remained but a look towards the Jacksonville Jaguars was on the agenda.

This isn't the same Browns team that was humiliated 48-0 by these Jaguars last December 3rd at Alltel Stadium.

Much has transpired since that uneventful date. The Browns closed out the 2000 season with losses to Philadelphia and Tennessee, a controversy ensued concerning a statement made by Carmen Policy on the status of then coach Chris Palmer.

At the time, Palmer believed that he was in a process of building a football team, little did he know a few short weeks later he would be fired by the Browns.

The play of the team was embarrassing, the fans showed support, but hardly expected the team to be competitive. Managing a score in a game became a major hurdle.

Today the Browns are 1-1, the same record they had at this time in the 2000 season. The expectation level is obviously much higher and the team appears to play with much more confidence.

A new coaching staff has instilled an attitude which hasn't been attributed to Browns football in years (including the Bill Belichick era).

Bring on the Jaguars. Remaining veterans still feel the sting of the thrashing laid upon them by Jacksonville and vowed at that time, never to forget.

Butch Davis, the new sheriff in town wasn't here, but has joined them in feeling that pain. How surprising.

This is a game that the players have wanted and Davis knew would be very important. The Browns team that has been viewed during the first two weeks of the season will have a different look this Sunday.

The team while being focused on playing good football and winning, they have had this game circled as a benchmark opportunity.

Despite not showing consistency or a serious threat as an offensive team, the feeling is that the offensive has improved leaps and bounds and will show a different look to the Jaguars.

Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians hasn't let the entire play-book fly, but this Sunday could be the day that we see much more of the passing game.

In the game against the Lions, the Browns expected to throw the ball more, actually much more. A majority of the game-plan went out the window with the performance of rookie running back James Jackson.

The offensive line controlled the line of scrimmage for most of the game and Davis kept handing the ball to the hot hand. The call was very effective, Jackson ran strong and the Browns kept the clock moving.

Defensively the Browns expect this to be their toughest challenge to date. Quarterback Mark Brunell and receivers Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell have caused the Browns fits for the past two seasons.

The defense will throw a few new looks at Jacksonville Sunday and remember Fred Taylor will miss the game with a partially torn groin muscle.

This is a game that the Browns defense has an opportunity to make a statement that they are one of best in the NFL, and the offense could be unleashed.

Though being 2-0, many believe that the Jaguars are not that good of a team and have been the beneficiary of playing a weak Steelers team and a banged-up Tennessee ballclub.

For thing is for certain, this isn't the same Browns team that was beaten last December.

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