Gameballs and Goats: Andre Davis Leaps to the Top

Andre Davis' two fourth-quarter touchdown catches earned him the #1 spot in the gameball voting this week. The Browns defense earned plaudits, as did Kelly Holcomb and KJ. On the other side of the ledger, the Browns' inability to score points generated the most goat votes as Bruce Arians, the offensive line, and the first three quarters of Kelly Holcomb's game got the thumbs-down from Browns fans.

The Week's Results

Andre Davis' and Kevin Johnson's fourth-quarter heroics, along with those of Kelly Holcomb, earn the passing game the three top spots in this week's gameballs and goats. Showing that Browns fans appreciate the other side of the ball as well, the remainder of the top seven spots go to the Browns defense.

Holcomb's performance during the first three quarters, however, earned him some goats as well, as he finishes fourth in the goats voting. The Browns inability to mount a rushing game remains a focus for both the team and fans. Bruce Arians and William Green finished in the top seven in goats voting, and three other spots are reserved for the offensive line. 

Finally, Browns fans who made the trip to California to support their team got eight write-in gameballs, the most this season for anyone not listed as one of the choices.


Player Gameballs
Andre Davis (87/WR) 173
Kelly Holcomb (10/QB) 156
Kevin Johnson (85/WR) 141
Andra Davis (54/MLB) 107
---Entire Defense--- 102
Courtney Brown(92/DE) 34
Dave Campo (DC) 14

Gameball Write-In Votes:

San Francisco Browns fans (8), RBs For picking up the blitz in 2nd half, 49ers,  "Tim couch, for being supportive of Kelly", "3rd down playcalling", "Kelly Fans", "Myself for switching bars at the start of the 4th qtr", "Dennis Erickson", "CBS announcers that might have actually researched the teams they were covering", "Tim Couch's Warmup Performance", "deeman22",


Player Goathorns
Bruce Arians(OC) 75
---O Line--- 60
Phil Dawson (4/K) 56
Butch Davis (Head) 55
Kelly Holcomb (10/QB) 40
Melvin Fowler (67/C) 34
William Green (31/RB) 21

Goat Write-In Votes:

"Nobody" or "None" (4), "49er Fans (2)", "Fans",  "The Entire Offense During The 1st-3rd Quarters", "Stupid penalties ( 12 men?!)", "Unimaginative and Predictable Offensive Play-Calling", "The TV announcers", "Playcalling till the final drive", "ankle injuries",  "Holcomb first 3 Qt", "The Media", "Running Game", "Everyone who already had written off the season!", "Phil Simms", "Dr. John McAfee", "Did I mention the O-Line?", "Butch Davis's Gut", "C. B. S.", "Me", "Medical decisions", "Tim Couch Fans", "To all Browns fans that give up", "San Diego Chargers", "Any one that wanted Holcomb to play injured", "first 3 quarters of Offense"

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
upperdawg Kelly Ok, you sucked during the first half but sacked up and got it done when you needed to very Tim Couch'like.
thorix Great final quarter for the O. Thanks for the great D for keeping it close this week. NO RED ZONE TD's ON THE YEAR !!!
lukedawg12 THAT's my boy! Tell these hatin' "fans" to suck a __! Browns win!!!! Holcomb leads the charge!!!! Injured!!!!
californiadawg23 The goal-line stance defense was great! They did a very good job. And while there were times that Kelly Holcomb stunk to high heavens, I will compliment him on that last drive. While it was an excellent drive. If he had not thrown that horrible interception in the previous drive....we would not have had to worry so..........
jmazzulo920 Andre Davis was also huge, but KJ made such great grabs all day long, Holcomb showed guts and toughness and hopefully silenced more of his critics (not just me) Dline had good pressure, and Ben Taylor and Andra Davis were awesome today.
evdebs Holcomb gets the job done. Andra Davis is the best MLB on the Browns in a long time. Andre Davis makes plays. KJ is a world class possession receiver.
losangelesdawg When the whole team deserved "goats" last week, they all deserve Game Balls just beat a team by more than a touchdown.
wardy Nice job by the D
edgewater joe (I'd throw one more in for Butch's stubbornness-turned-into-genius decision to keep Kelly in if I could.) That fourth quarter saved a LOT of bacon for a LOT of players ... and the D stepped up like men this week.
dp10451 Andra Davis does a great job of plugging the middle after Warren ole' s the runner. KJ is always steady and dependable. And even though I'm a Couch fan, Kelly stood up at the end and came through.
chrisrockins Andra Davis is starting to become a playmaking machine at MLB. He is becoming a player to be feared by opponents. Good to see Andre Davis with with some big plays. KJ, I love seeing a ball going your way, you just know he is coming down with it.
bendal Griffith and Word had some great stops vs the 49ers. Holcomb gutted out a sprained ankle and a massive pass rush all day to get those two TD's with the game on the line.
ytownbrowns The whole team really showed character when it counted. Great job of turning it around after the half.
fairwayseeker Finally it feels great to be a Browns Fan again! There were so many deserving of Gameballs today but lotsa love for KJ, who said he needs to be a bigger part of the Off. and showed why! Andre Davis showed why he is so valuable when healthy. Andra Davis for being so active vs. the run. Others I'd like to pat on the back: Crocker, Henry, Holcomb, Little, Taylor, & Campo
azheat Kevin Johnson is the best possession receiver in the nfl. It's too bad kj can't deliver some of that to Quincy Morgan!
sexco This game was won with a great showing by the defense. Can't wait until the grow together and perform like this week in and week out. The WR's really helped KH today, his passes were sailing too much but was still able to get the job done thanks to the great WR play. The coaches made all the right changes at halftime. The game looked totally different in the second half!
olaxo What can I say? Holcomb proved me wrong... I was convinced that he was a career backup, but he has taken a big step today. What a gutsy performance by Holcomb playing on a bad ankle. Kevin Johnson was just magnificent... catching every thing that was thrown his way. And Andre Davis gets the game ball for making that Dwight Clark type catch. What a catch that was.
rjesker our defense looked good. Holcomb played with a lot of heart, i am impressed. hopefully we can build from this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
weweber3 The Davis's played GREAT!
browniefanman Its a good day for Davis's all around. LB Davis was all over the place. WR Davis showed good hands. As for Holcomb, something must have clicked. Now lets see a touchdown in the FIRST quarter next week!
lundenberg Johnson played a great game. he got hammered plenty of times going up and catching the ball. very tough performance. the 49ers get a gameball too, for not showing up in the 4th quarter, after dominating us on offense, defense and special teams, for the first three plus quarters.
rmaysfly D played great, Kelly gave a gutsy (Couchesque) performance
dboots Kelly played with pain. Kudos to the defense!
clevelandfan Kevin Johnson - What a game. Constantly had to go up to grab Holcomb's high passes, and did a great job to come down with them. Hopefully no damage done from the end zone hit he took. Andra Davis - Awesome stops on the goal line stand!!!! Entire D - Complete 180 from last week. Looked more like the 'D' we saw against Indy. Came up big, in only giving up the 4 FGs! Fans - I was surprised at how many Browns fans were making noise. Seemed to be very loud cheering FOR the Browns at the end of the game.
gdawg2u Kelly Holcomb showed that he is one tough SOB but my GameBall goes to the WR Corp. KJ, Andre Davis and even Andre King had HUGE catches on the last 2 TD drives. Another gameball goes to the Brown Backers in the Bay Area for making Candlestick into Dawg Pound West
david.baynham It don't matter about speed or height, when it comes to clutch catches KJ is there!
gbeachy Entire D: Holding the 49ers to only 4 field goals? Pressure all day? Shutting down the run game and the pass game? Awesome 4Q performance when it counted? GAME BALL! WR Unit: Making sick catches all day -- and holding on to them? GAME BALL! Arians, for finally mixing up the plays and keeping momentum going? GAME BALL! And the Bay Area Dawg Pound -- you guys rocked! GAME BALL!
tupacalypseker Andra Davis is continuing to be a huge factor all over the field on D. He is putting up big numbers for only being in his second season and I'm thinking if he keeps it up he should get some pro bowl votes.
snesbit KJ is the best, he's Mr. Clutch. I hope we never think of trading him again. Kelly did a great job at the end leading them down. Andre Davis for 2 awesome TD's.... All 3 deserve top honors and the front 4 on defense did an excellent job all day getting pressure. They are the reason T.O. and Streets didn't kill us. Andra Davis is gonna be a Pro Bowl caliber LB in the near future. Steve Heiden played good too.
clevdawg Andra was all over the place. Great stops on the goal-line. The WR unit made some really great catches today. Many of the balls they were dragging in were off the mark but they still made the grabs all game long. I don't recall seeing too many catchable balls hit the ground and I saw a few non-catchable balls get caught. The ENTIRE DEFENSE ROCKED!!!! The Fans in SF showed their colors on National TV. Way to go.
spicydeigo i am really proud of the defense, they stepped up this week and keep us in the game so we can pull off a good road win. on the offensive side of the ball, its still not clicking. we need to draft some linemen and a tightend that can block, and a good blocking full back, b/c it doesn't matter who is at QB, if we can not establish the run, and pass block, we are going to have a lot of games like this. kelly likes a lot like couch back there, if Tim would have started like this, the boo birds would be out, its hard to be a good QB with out time and protection...
tobe_jim Andra Davis was critical during that important goal-line stand, he was mentioned on the last two of the three plays inside the ten yard line. Kevin Johnson had eleven receptions for over 100 yards, and the defense shut down the run and held the 49ers to twelve points on 3 field goals.
frumanchu Awesome to see Andre Davis back in action and putting up clutch scores. I'm ashamed to admit that, listening on the radio, I was calling for Couch at the half. I'll gladly admit I was wrong in light of those final drives. Defense was HUGE today. Just like Manning/James/Harrison you shut down Garcia/Hearst/Owens and kept the opponent to field goals.
dxdawg Holcomb- You have to hand it to him, after a terrible first half he rebounded and led us on to two great scoring drives. He proved today that he really is a winner. KJ- Great possession play when we needed it. He caught everything, and found all kinds of ways to get open. Great showing in the clutch!!! Fans at the game- UNBELIEVABLE!!! I could hear more cheers for the Browns then at the end of the game they showed the section of avid Browns fans that were there. Great showing. You all helped us win that game, you make me proud to be a Browns fan!!!
maheller71 KJ and Davis really stepped up with Northcutt out. I am so glad the season is not over at week 3!Andra Davis had another great game and was awesome on the goal line. Kelly saved it for the 4th quarter and the defense looked like week 1. AWSOME WIN!!!!!
bassline Both Andra/e Davis' showed up HUGE today. Gutsy performance from Kelly today, too.
mdnichols22 Kelly finally showed the poise and confidence he had at the end of last season. The D showed up to play today. There may be hope yet.
r22weiss Holcomb showed big heart in the 4th quarter. Playing injured he could have packed it in but he didn't and the offense responded. See what happens when you spread the field Arians?? Too bad they only did it for the 4th quarter. Nice job by the defense to only allow 4 SF FG's.
linnfamily KJ with the great catches, The D-line putting pressure on Garcia with a couple of sacks, great game CB, and teh Defensive Backs not giving up any big plays. Way to forget about last weeks loss.
mevins31 I thought Kelly Holcomb showed what he was made of today. Was not great but showed the true heart of a champion......made me a huge fan of him with his performance.
vtbrowns The fought their way back stopping this no.#2 ranked offense. They totaled 255yd today, and you have to give up to them for coming back strong.
pincushion Kelly deserved it on pure guts alone and KJ showed his leadership through his glue fingers. The Browns fans that showed up in SF get some love too for being louder than the Niner fans.
whoknowsmore Andre did fumble a punt return, however he made up for it with the 2 TD's. Great win!!!
maxtng Excellent comeback for the entire defense after last week's debacle. Could you believe how many Browns fans were rocking the house in San Fran?
jeff.opolka Gutsy performance by Kevin Johnson and Andre Davis. That leaping grab by Andre for the winning score was a fantastic clutch effort.
josh19 Kelly Holcomb is tough as nails, he didn't have the greatest game of all time, but he did what he had to to get his team the 'W'. Kevin Johnson was there, taking a big hit, but making the catch every time the Browns needed a play. Best game by a Browns receiver this year. Those 2 stops by Davis on their first drive were nothing short of beauty. Great job by Davis of finding Beasley, hitting him square, and not letting him in the endzone, had it not been for that, we very well may have lost.
browns_beer The DLine played the best game I have ever seen out of those guys. Our LB group made it look like they were all vets and our CBS shut down Owens as well as you can. KJ definitely deserves the MVP of the game though. I've never seen one guy go over the middle so many times in 1 minute. He gave everything he had and it showed when he went down on the final drive. Last but not least the Browns Fans of the bay were amazing yesterday. It made it look like it was a home game there were so many Browns fans there.
remember2002 Great play on D. There those receivers are. Also Props to Kelly, Bruce, Butch, William, O-line, linebackers, D-line, and the SF Browns fans. I remember now why I love this team. Go Browns.
weimer19 KJ caught everything thrown to him. Davis had both TD's including the Dwight Clark esque game winner and the D line actually showed up and TO was held to 90 yards!
craczkow Kelly Holcomb, hobbled by an injury, showed us how tough he is again and orchestrated a brilliant in the fourth quarter come back. He was quick delivering the ball and accurate, but until the offensive line can get us some running yards, opposing defensive linemen are going to continue to pin back their ears and knock Kelly around.
swede Two goal-line stands and a monster game.
dawgnc Andra...goal line. Nuff said.
theskaterx I still want to see Couch in next week!
dmcvey without the defense this would have been another loss given the offensive woes. the entire defense stood up after the horrific performance a week ago. Let's see if they can build on it. Get Chaun Thompson more involved
ccdawg49 André Davis - fantastic TD receptions KJ - caught everything thrown his way. browns have no offense without him Andra Davis - huge all day, especially on goal-line stand
impulse Brown gets another sack, KJ ton of catches, and A. Davis nice leap
jankem You've got to give Arians credit for making the blocking adjustments in the second half. Andra Davis is a b$@*# --- those two sticks at the goal line were as big as any plays all day. KJ showed why he's the #1 wideout we've got.
jsinct OK... Finally some originality on Special Teams. (great Job on the reverse). Kudos to the D for stopping TO.
jkmccart Thank God we kept KJ, and its good to see Andre back! The Defense really stepped up and looks fast and tough. Maybe Davis does know what he is doing.
dixiedawg NICE catches all day long. Keep it up WRs! Couch still showing class...
watersc Great game. Holcomb-Tough, gutty, heroic performance. Defense-What can you say HELLUVA game!! Andre Davis and Kevin Johnson making all the catches; easy and hard!!
pghdawg Dave campo in there for attacking Garcia early. Garcia looked more hurt than Holcomb at times.
dj11 KJ is a stud!!!!!!!!!! KH proved he is a leader Andra is all over the field
Dawgalong One BIG gameball to the WHOLE DAMN TEAM! What a gut check! Makes me proud to be a Browns fan.
spenglmw K. Johnson - His hands are like magnets. Great hands! Andra Davis - Wow! He looked great... I can't believe there was any debate between him and Barry Gardner!
shookdawg Andra Davis is all over the field and making tackles at the line of scrimmage (not five yards out like our linebackers from last year). Andre Davis came through in the clutch. KJ did what he always does catching everything thrown in his vicinity. Holcomb showed huge heart and made the play when he had to make them in the 4th quarter.
bfan99 Kevin and Kelly made the plays when they needed to. Andra is starting to look like the real deal
bart.quigley Hey, nay-sayers, how you like him now?
bafridley I'll take the win and Holcomb had courageous performance and a good quarter... one quarter out of three games. The Jekyll and Hyde defense was great again. What will we get next week?
teco Little was huge on his mega pop of Garcia at the goal line--That set the tempo for the D for the remainder of the game IMHO
optidawg KJ was a man out there and the Davis Brothers both look like keepers
gotbeatdeep Honestly, it's hard as hell to not give the offense props for the comeback, but hell, if they'd put more up before then, the comeback wouldn't be needed. Mad props to Campo for getting this defense where it needed to be, and to Courtney Brown who still rocks the run and is quietly going to have an 8-12 sack season.
brent_mar23 D played well, and the receivers got it done!!!!!!
phelix17 Andra Davis was everywhere. Andre Davis won us the game. KJ made one clutch catch after another.
redright Andre: Two miracle touchdown catches K.J. : Gutsy clutch catch after gutsy clutch catch Defense: Worked hard and together; never gave up! Saved the day.
appraiser nice win. a large group of browns fans in the stadium made this even more special. defense, this is the way to play.
invinsor Andra Davis doesn't look so much like a "young" and "unproven" Linebackers as much as he looks like a Pro Bowler. He was all over the field and his tackles in the red zone proved to be the difference. Mr. Kelly was gutsy yesterday. I've never seen such determination. He could not and would not be denied. K.J. almost single-handedly took them down the field for the game winner. He has some of the sweetest hands I have ever seen.
ronronandronniedawg Its hard to ignore the defense but the KH, KJ and AD came up so big at the end!
snesbit Mr. Clutch (KJ) catches everything. Holcomb plays the whole game with a hairline fracture in his ankle and leads them to a game winning TD.. The Davis boys are both awesome. Andre should be starting in place of Morgan. Andra is gonna be a Pro Bowler some day.
goofboy The D-Line did exactly what they were supposed to do and controlled the line of scrimmage all day - the yutes at LB ran fast and free and the secondary had TO pouting and mumbling to himself, holding a team as explosive as SF to 4 fields goals while your O is routinely going 3 and out is awesome. Kelly did what he needed to in the 4th qtr, after sucking big time the first three, scary how much he is performing like Couch. The other A . Davis stepped up big with 2 clutch TD catches.
mamadawg What a tough kid Kelly is. When the pressure is on...he lights up the field like the Griswald's home at x-mas. You go Kelly! You earned it.
shanebrowndawg Andra- The guy is the future of our D. Forget about Courtney or Gerard, this guy is our leader!!! Kelly- The guy struggled at times but he came through when we needed him. AD/KJ- The two have gotten off to a slow start but maybe now our O can start rolling.
endzoneeddie For sticking with him and not giving up
jmatt19534 Kelly--I'm a big Couch supporter and you looked like Couch. The reason I like Couch so much is because when we HAD to have it last year, he got it done. Well, you did today. Congrats! Now go rest your ankle! KJ--Your hands are covered in glue. You are the heart of this team, and you have been since 1999. You are to this Browns era what "Web-Star" was in the 80's. AD--Way to get into the endzone twice, when the first time you had no business getting there with how you had to contort your body, and secondly catching a game-winner that you had no business catching. Remember that game you cost us vs. Indy last year by running the wrong route? I don't because you just made me forget about it!
hernacki Gutsy game Kelly, and way to turn it around D. KJ had a great game too.
kodiak Andra Davis was all over the field Andre Davis for the TD, beautiful catch KJ, just cuz he made several tough catches and the defense, awesome, the goal line stand, holding SF to FGs, how about they play like that every week
clbr99 All offensive gameballs this week, but the defense definitely deserves some props!
mmercurio Defense allowed Holcomb saving grace to a horrible game of 3 quarters. Either our defense hasn't been motivated properly or this was a smoke and mirrors performance. Special game ball goes to Dennis Erickson's ineptitude to blitz but not play bump and run!
other bjk Even with voting for the Entire Defense, still meant I could only vote for two on offense, and Kelly, KJ, and Andre Davis were all deserving. Since Andre did fumble, I guess he's out
thebrownsrule All you people who jumped on the Holcomb bandwagon, then back off this season, can stay off. Bunch of pansies! Stick with your QB through more than 2 games. Would like to see us get an O-line though.
seibu1 Holcomb - This guy's got guts. KJ - Played like the sure-handed vet that he is. Dre Davis - Way to play AD. Clutch, baby.
brownlee Holcomb -- Gutsy performance after being beaten to a pulp. Andre Davis -- Unbelievable catch! KJ -- Just keeps catching tough passes.
thespazdawg Mark Word was constantly step for step with Garcia's drops in the backfield on passing downs, he is an underrated advantage
sockhatabe It's funny how it takes Holcomb to be injured for him to finally play decently.
ghettoman Linebacker Andre Davis is better than a lot of people think. He seems to be around the ball alot.
jacooper96 The wide receivers went out on Sunday and made plays. Davis makes up for his fumble in a huge way. Gotta give someone on D a gameball, and Anthony Henry seemed like a good choice.
naxos Great game.
cball1 The West Coast Dawg Pound had more life than Cleveland's version has since The Return! Cleveland should take note of how they supported the team and do likewise each and every Sunday!
antijeff Andra Davis played huge in the middle, the DL brought pressure, and the DB's shut down a deadly passing game and came up big on the run as well. No offensive gameballs when you only score 13.
fgm On Kevin Johnson- Even though Andre Davis scored both TDs, without KJs hands being a walking advertisement for super glue, Davis's TDs might not have happened. On the D- A solid job of limiting a very good Niner offense to almost no big plays, and keeping them out of the endzone. The D atoned itself greatly after the humiliation they suffered last week in Baltimore. They actually played with a lot of heart and pride. I'm proud of these guys. On Holcomb- Played most of the game on two bum ankles and sheer guts. He hung in there and delivered when it mattered. On the mini Dawg Pound- Big props to the Browns fans who were there in SF. They were loud as hell during that 4th quarter. I could hear them real clear on TV. Way to come out and support the team!
hogan C. Brown is coming along after a major surgery. I am proud of his effort. Kelly - definition of guts in the dictionary. Don't think he didn't know his season was on the line. Coaches - NICE ADJUSTMENTS in the second half. Finally!
tobe.11 it's all about the W. 'nuff said.
robdawgie I don't know how many of you realize it, but Andra Davis should be the defensive player of the week and Anthony Henry did a TREMENDOUS job on Owens.
superbrown I've got no goats this week, I was pleased with the performance of the entire team. Kelly played his heart out, and it was nice to see Courtney Brown coming on. I chose to give Tim Couch a vote not as any sort of protest to Kelly, but because it really warmed my heart to see him cheering Kelly on the sidelines when this easily could have been a better situation. Like or hate either of our QBs, you have to admit they've both handled this situation with uncanny class and aplomb.
bull Andra Davis came to play and Kevin Johnson was the man.
chandlerken DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS! my hat is off to the entire defensive unit. YOU put the D in ClevelanD! Receivers- WON the game for us-'Dre Davis is awesome and KJ is the man! Stokes has me STOKED! Plays hard, plays hurt, playing his way into one of my favorites! Dawg 'til Death!


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
thorix Blocking was a serious problem again this week. It's hard to run or pass with 3 defenders in the backfield a split second after the snap. Bruce - learn to call plays before the 4th quarter. The short passing game was there most of the game.
lukedawg12 Read my post in the Watercooler...doing what i promised...i TOLD YOU ALL D****T YOU ARE DISLOYAL!!! GO BROWNS!!!! THIS FAN NEVER EVER LOST FAITH!!!!
pvtscratch Davis leaves Holcomb in while hurt and playing poorly, for fear that Couch will do well and it will make him look bad. wouldn't have been as close if Holcomb wasn't acting squirrelly under center in the first 3 quarters.
jmazzulo920 Arians is awful, his miscue with the players on the 2nd and 1 in the 2nd quarter cost us a FG at least, he constantly has bad play calls, and is not using Q Morgan enough. Kevin Bentley looks to have been benched for Barry Gardner and has shown nothing thus far this season. I am sorry I know he is a great guy but Jamel White was not worth the money and has been awful thus far this season.
evdebs Fowler is just in way over his head. Let's get Stokes back of OG and give Gonzo a shot at LT, or give one of the back-ups a shot at LG.
wardy Steve Heiden is horrible at blocking and boy do we need some guards. Every time there is a negative play one of our guards is watching it. Why does O'hara think throwing himself on the ground is blocking?
edgewater joe For NOT doing this last week against the Rats. NEVER FORGET - NEVER DUPLICATE!!!
dp10451 Bad,bad,bad coaching starting at the top. The offensive line is really struggling to block for run or pass. Is it the linemen or is it the coaching? Who cares? Just fix it!
japaninu The O line played well enough to win today, but Holcomb got so banged up it could effect future games.
chrisrockins Dawson made us work a lot harder for the win. Arians, you got lucky the Browns offense wanted it more than the 49ers
bendal Heiden was more like a matador than a pass protector. Arians almost blew that game with his stupid play calling and pass protection schemes, and the WR's just never seem to get any yards after the catch. It's almost like they run to a spot and wait for the ball; no wonder the QB's throw INT's that way.
fairwayseeker Hard to find much fault after such a win, but Fowler - You will have to be replaced sometime for us to move on. (hurting more than helping) G. Warren - When are you going to really show up? You're involved, but never making a real difference. Arians - I can't stand your play-calling! I wish we were always running the no-huddle & let the QB make the calls.
garkris Come on Butch admit when your wrong and Play Couch! Also we can only hope that Lee Suggs can find a hole because Green Can't.
sexco Well KH had a great final quarter but struggled til then. Need to play like the 4th quarter all the time. The O-Line still having a hard to open holes for Willie Green and didn't do a great job in the first half stopping the blitz. This was a good team effort though, good job Browns!
olaxo Where was the offense during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters?
weweber3 O line was horrible in first half... they did turn it on in the 2nd half... might not have been down 12 in second half if gave Holcomb time.
browniefanman Offensive line, particularly the right side, were, well....offensive. Other than that, no complaints.
lundenberg butch Belichick lived to coach another day. Nice job leaving an injured Holcomb in the game to get hurt some more. your gut feeling is really hurting your brain. it seems he will do anything not to bring couch in the game. even risk his "QB" health. the offense played like shit for 56 minutes. very lucky to leave s.f. with a win.
rmaysfly Arians still looks lost
dboots Griffith misses too many tackles. Tucker's only gear in the 1st ahlf was reverse.
clevelandfan Kelly Holcomb - Had a nice final drive in the game, but still just looks lost in there. Holds on to the ball to long, stupid decision lobbing up the ball while getting sacked (could have been intercepted, or int. grounding). Yes, he played hurt, but he is really hurting the team with his lack of production, time for Timmy to come back in! Butch Davis - All around I just can't figure this guy out anymore. From the poor 'game day coaching', to the crap of letting Kelly stay in there while hurt, he needs to cut the crap. Bruce Arians - Very poor play calling so far in the first 3 games (lucky they won today). Andre Davis - HOLD ON TO THE BALL on punts!! Other than that NICE GAME!!!
gdawg2u Arians will you come up with better plays to call in the redzone. If it wasn't for great plays by Andre Davis I am not sure the Browns would have scored.
gbeachy Heiden: You know, you were just standing there at the end of too many sacks with a 'Wha happen?' look on your face. Pick up those blocks -- we only have 2 QBs now.
kevdawg KJ for the drive stopping crack back block.
snesbit I'm starting to wonder if Arians knows what he's doing?? I think he's a big part of the offensive problems. We aren't playing like we need to on offense, to rebound from this 1-2 start. Watch out for the let down against the Bengals next week because no doubt we are on a high now. The Bengals are overdue for a win with how well they've played this season. All I gotta say is we better be getting nothing but offensive lineman and CB's in next years draft and free agent market.
clevdawg Gerard Warren tied Ryan Pontbriand for tackles today to bring his season totals to 4 - no sacks. What happened to the season he predicted?
spicydeigo the team came out with a lot of heart, but offense still needs work, and the offensive line, tightend and backs need to do a better job block and picking up blitzes, also need to stop making stupid penalities, that killed a lot of drives and turned first downs in 2nd or 3rd and longs.
steediddy Holcomb was terrible for 3 quarters today...lets not forget that
frumanchu No goats in the first win of the season. Too happy to find anything negative!!
dxdawg Butch Davis- Can you ever have this team polished enough to get rid of all of the penalties. It makes me sick, every time we are driving a costly penalty occurs. Fix it. Special Teams- Fumbles, Fumbles, Fumbles, I know Cutt was out, but man you guys deprive the D of some nasty stops. We were supposed to have one of the best special teams units in the NFL, what happened? Coverage is good, but not returns. Phil D- Horrible kick!!! That could have cost us a lot. You are hardly ever called upon therefore you damn well better be able to do your job better when you do get in. I know you are the man, show me something.
maheller71 No big complaints. Just the weekly Warren goathorns!!!
bassline Heiden, you IDIOT. You do NOT just GIVE UP on a block when your QB still has the ball. You are PERSONALLY responsible for two drive-killing sacks. Gardner kept SF alive with a late hit on the QB. The offensive line as a whole let the SF D beat the snot out of Kelly. STOP DOING THAT.
joekondas1 running on first and second down all the freekin' time is getting pretty predictable for every team that scouts us!!!!!! i'm getting sick of third and long!!!!!!!!
r22weiss O-line still needs some work.
linnfamily Butch, for not putting in Couch when Kelly was obviously hurt, If KH hadn't have led the dawgs down the field, we would have been left wondering. The O-line not getting any pressure off of Kelly in the first half, Second half was better. Andre, he may have had the great catch, but the fumble on the punt return hurt.
mevins31 Need more out of Warren, more out of the OL and more out of the running game.....more carries for William green, give him the ball 25 times and he will get the 100 yard games
whoknowsmore Somebody needs to pick this offense up.
maxtng Is it me or is Butch too stubborn to pull Holcomb even after he was obviously hurt and ineffective early in the game?
jeff.opolka Finally the play calling started utilizing the Browns effective short passing game in the second half. Why can't we make that more a part of our standard game plan?
josh19 Melvin Fowler is the worst offensive lineman I've ever seen. They might as well just not have a LG the way he plays. The 49ers fans were pathetic. over 2,000 miles away from Cleveland, the Browns fans were much louder than the 49er fans. How sad. Phil Dawson is supposed to be automatic, I know this is a bit of a stretch, but all in all, we did what we had to to win.
browns_beer Shaun O'Hara you suck ass. If I see this guy come around the end on a sweep one more freaking time and totally miss his block I'm going to go insane. Holcomb looked terrible almost the entire game. He bounced at least 4 passes off the turf. Three of those passes he didn't even have any pressure on him. Also the guy is holding the ball way to long. Everyone complains that Couch does this. At least when couch gets hit the first time he gets rid of the ball right away.
weimer19 The O-Line needs to get better and pick up the blitz. Any opposing D that watces this tape will exploit that weakness. I did not see Melvin Fowler block anybody today. And I hate the fact that the media would write stories about Butch losing his players 2 games into the season.
craczkow I'm voting for Couch for the sake of all the morons who gave him a gameball last week.
swede Playcalling. You don't HAVE to run on first down.....thank God you figured that out in the fourth.
alfoth The single biggest obstacle to this team's success. It has been since 1986.
thebattleship Nice drive at the end. But Holcomb was horrible all day long.
sfdawg Has Arians inserted a screen pass or two in the playbook yet? When the forty-whiners were blitzing every freaking play in the first three qtrs, I would think a screen play or two would be an effective counter. Instead Holcomb had to stand back there and get pounded every passing down. The 4th qtr was great, but I'd like to see us put some points on the board before the final 10 min.
dmcvey the offense is far from good at this point and without the defensive performance the browns are 0-3; if we had anything remotely looking like an offense the browns could be 2-1 and atop the division; whatever happened to building on William greens performance at the end of last year?
ccdawg49 Dawson - has to hit the big FG in low scoring games Faine - needs work on shotgun snaps Simms - is there a more annoying announcer
impulse Holcomb-- played like Couch Missed FG and other hitches on ST, Fowler looked terrible....
jankem Jeff --- the game is exciting enough without every shotgun snap being a freakin' adventure.
jsinct Carmen... This game is actually not all about you.
jkmccart Fowler is really struggling and is often overmatched. Qasim because he was supposed to solve this problem. Jamel, where are you?
dixiedawg Tough to give goats after a win, but Dawson gets one for the missed FG, Gardner for the roughing and Jamel for the missed block that led to a sack.
watersc Offensive line-Not a terrible game, but certainly not a great game, gotta create more lanes and more room for the running game
pghdawg sine im sure everyone will give Holcomb a gameball for his fourth quarter performance, i thought id balance it with goats for each of the first three quarters. Holcomb's game grade: F + F + F + A = D.
rambodawg The niner fans are STILL totally lame. After ragging us Browns fans during the entire time we had no team, it is totally lame to slink away just because we beat them. Oh but not before offering some lame excuses as to why they are still the better team. After these last two games of theirs go figure that.
willisadams My cardiologist -- he's made a fortune off me last couple of seasons.
Dawgalong No goats this week. A.B., Please sign me as Dawgalong.
spenglmw Fowler - He is the weakest link! Arians - Why did it take 10 quarters to figure out you're going to have to pass to set up the run?
shookdawg The O-line still isn't making holes for Willy to run through and Willy isn't blowing people up and making them himself. Gerard Warren continues to play paddy cake at the line of scrimmage. watch him on every play.
bfan99 dumb penalty by Gardner that could of cost them the game. Heiden drops too many and Fowler has to play tougher.
bafridley We were lucky to get the win. With an obviously hobbled QB (who hadn't moved the offense in two and a half games) and a 49ers D that blitzed continuously, Butch Davis is too stuborn to make a change that will help the team. Holcomb should have come out of the game and now will be hurt for much longer than necessary. Butch Davis' gut and his stubbornness are going to lose a lot of games for the Browns.
teco There were several horrible shots that Kelly took that were clearly roughing the passer penalties...
optidawg Arien's offense is unimaginative and predictable. BD will get my goat until he starts drafting OL. This line got Holcomb killed today...they'd better sign Booty back cause he'll be playing in the next couple of weeks.
mbuce BD & BA...from my couch watching the games, I can anticipate the play ahead of time based on the formation with pretty good regularity.....Let's get a little more creative before the final quarter and maybe we wouldn't be behind for all but :29 this season, and willie green might be a couple hundred yards closer to that 1000 yard season we have been deprived of.......huh..didn't everyone used to say similar things when couch would be non-existent for 3.5 quarters, then win the game in the final minutes?????
gotbeatdeep Pretty much the interior line. Hell, Faine isn't playing horribly, but a centers got to snap, and this aiming at Holcomb's knees s**t isn't gonna work.
brent_mar23 Holcomb looked terrible for the first 52 minutes of the game.
phelix17 Arians is the worst. As hot as it was in the stands, the fans were hotter over the play calls from Brucie. Horrible. Only when faced with a loss will he try to advance the ball. Otherwise it's run the ball up the middle for one yard regardless of the defense. We have the horses, but the the man with the reins just doesn't have the ability.
redright Holcombs poor passing could have killed Andre and K.J. The receivers saved the game and maybe Kelly. CBS: I don't want you pimping between plays. I won't watch survivor or raymond. I want to watch the game!
appraiser I feel too good about giving one to anyone at the game. may need you soon, so don't take it personal, like the last time.
invinsor Will needs to produce. He had a good hard run on the first scoring drive, but that was essentially it. He's a first round pick, and that simply isn't good enough. Clinton Portis we hardly knew ye. Although he went from goat to hero, I have to look away every time Andre Davis goes back to receive a kick. Phil Dawson needs to make FGs while the team figures out how to get into the endzone. The O-line adjusted well to the 49ers blitz packages in the second half, but couldn't give Green a lane to run up all day.
ronronandronniedawg Andre gets it for letting a punt bounce in front of him and rolling 20 yards! By doing so he gave up excellent field position to start the O's first drive of the second half......Jamel White who could not out run a linebacker and then gave a weak effort to prevent the interception.....Gardner could have cost us the game by lowering his head on Garica.
goofboy I deserve the only goat, after being down by 12 going into the 4th Qtr - I lost my faith. No way the O, after only scoring 1 TD in 11qtrs was going to score 2 tds to win. Yeah, Right...
mamadawg I was very concerned about Kelly's ankle. The pain, level of being uncomfortable and ability to move around was greatly restricted. What a tough player!
he_rents_it William is still running tentatively. He finally hit the line of scrimmage with some authority but it took him until late in the game to do so. I would like to see him explode INTO the line and crack some skulls.
shanebrowndawg Dawson- Gotta make the FG's. Arians- 3 quarters of not opening up the offense. Maybe he should go 3 and 4 wide the whole game. Carmen- I couldn't think of anyone else, so Don Carmen gets one this week for gloating after the win.
endzoneeddie For hoping Kelly would do poorly and criticizing his every move
jmatt19534 BD--If our QB's are so close that you have to wait until week 3 in the preseason to announce the starter, why the heck wouldn't you put Tim in that game yesterday. Yes, it worked out, but it could have been easier with Tim. CP--Where's Bernie? After a game like that, it's hard to find goathorns, so get Bernie involved with this team or you'll get goathorns after every win. Hopefully, 13 more this year. Officials--Don't get me wrong, I'll take the win, but they blew that call by not giving the RB the TD when he dove over the line. He was in...but FINALLY, we get the break!
hernacki It feels good to get the first one. Lets keep it rolling.
clbr99 for not beating the crap out of the Ratbirds.
fkaferrell2 I hate to even give a "goat-vote" coming off such a scintillating win, & despite Holcomb's brilliant performance on the final drive, I thought Coach Davis should have switched to Couch when it was apparent that Kelly was both hurt & struggling in the first 3 quarters. That said, it was still a GREAT win, & if healthy, Kelly deserves to continue as the starter, at least for the present...maybe the "light" came on!
mmercurio As they say, Kelly - it's better to be lucky than good! Be sure to send 49ers flowers for allowing you save your job! Bruce and Butch show - way to waiting for prevent defense! Next time be proactive. BTW, your play calling in the red zone continues to be horrendous!
seibu1 I'm just glad we're not 0-3. No goats this week. Gardner -- Roughing the passer penalty could have cost the game. Fowler -- Scott Rehberg-like performance. Faine -- Learn how to do a shotgun snap.
thespazdawg Dawson, buddy...please put that last kickoff through the uprights, no return. Please? c'mon. Officals were ultra not consistent. I cannot believed they called roughing the passer crown of helmet crud-o-la for the itty bitty two hand touch...then DONT call the jab kelly took to the chops...darn zebraz
jonsheep O'Hara was blown up all day! I remember a couple of instances as the pulling guard that he was on his butt a second after first contact.....
sockhatabe It was a moronic move to allow Holcomb to play hurt. Now maybe it's just me but they want Holcomb to be their starter for the rest of the season.... so why risk losing him for a long time just to save Butch's pride? Or i should say "gut".
bygdaddy8 i saw some poor blocking by jamel white and shaun o'hara. jamel better tighten up before suggs heals up or he's off to detroit or some other thirsty-for-a-rb town.
ghettoman Offense still looks a little sluggish and still needs to get on track.
jacooper96 Great last drive, gutsy performance, but one drive doesn't make a QB. For a while there I thought we had John Kitna for our QB, especially when he flipped the ball forward while being sacked and was rescued by the officials. Butch, I don't know who the QB should be, but don't sell us this line of BS about John Wayne, and what champions are made of, if the decision was correct the results will be clear!!!
antijeff OL has to start opening some holes....
westend Is that OK? Can I vote for Carmen Policy three times? I hate that bastard. His association with the Browns, the greatest football franchise ever, is an embarrassment. Who cares that he went back to San Francisco? Does anyone know if he even came back to Cleveland. I sure as hell hope he didn't.
fgm On Phil Dawson- His kickoffs were adequate, but come on, Phil. You need to make that field goal. I don't care how long it was. On Jeff Faine- How hard is it to snap the ball from the shotgun formation? Apparently, they never taught you how to do that at Notre Dame. Also, you need to call the protection schemes better on blitzes. You almost got our QB killed! On Jamel White- Is there some reason why you didn't play defensive back on that INT? Is there a reason why you couldn't pick up a first down on 2nd and 2 when you had open space in front of you? On William Green- Pick up the damn blitzes!!!!!!
hogan Faine - are you practicing your shotgun snaps right now? You had better be. Fowler - You are being gift wrapped a chance to start in this league - step up - versus all the sitting down I see after you get pushed on your rear. O'Hara - you can pull, you are versatile, but can you block? Beat someone off the ball please!
tobe.11 KJ and the O line get goats as people I remember getting drive killing penalties...if I could do another write in goat, it'd be the penalties
robdawgie The entire offensive line was absolutely horrible.
bull Coach Davis should remember that he has 2 Quality QB's on the team.
chopper9 The O-Line did a horrible job in protection and gave Green no holes to run through... this is our biggest area of concern.
chandlerken K.H. almost lost the game. The RECEIVERS won it. BRING BACK COUCH! E.Little- Shut your mouth! Talk when we win the SUPER BOWL! Davis- see above- PUT COUCH IN Dawgs 'til Death


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