Couch to Start on Sunday

Following assertions on Monday that Kelly Holcomb had just the smallest of small fractures in a "non-weight bearing bone", Browns Head Coach Butch Davis admitted that Tim Couch would start for the Browns on Sunday. More...

Despite his Monday news conference where Browns Head Coach Butch Davis minimized the effects of quarterback Kelly Holcomb's injury, the team has elected to start quarterback Tim Couch this Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Butch Davis stated via the team's web site this afternoon that the team would determine Kelly Holcomb's role based on what they see in practice over the next couple of days.

A tendency to minimize the seriousness of injuries has been a trait of the Cleveland Browns since their return in 1999. When reported this story on Monday, we offered that our sources informed us that it was more likely that Holcomb would miss 1-2 weeks due to the injury. Davis' statements were also greeted skeptically by other members of the local media.

Our sources are telling us that there may be additional moves by the team prior to the weekend, particulary around the offensive line. Stay tuned to for details as they emerge...

- AB

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