Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Lane and Dave were in the chat kennel last Thursday night talking wih the Dawgs, and here's the transcript. Takes on players, strategies, you name it - must reading if you want to know what's really happening behind the scenes!

ramllov Dave, the Browns signed a DB who was a third round draft choice last year. How big is his upside?
ramllov The newest FA
DavidCarducci Ram, I'm not sure. Usually a first-day guy should have some decent upside, but this is a guy who is already on his third team. I think it's one of those deals where it is worth taking a flyer.
Aqib Dave is this Couch start a temporary thing or is all right with the world again
DavidCarducci Aqib, I think it is temporary, but who knows. If he plays well, especially next week in Pittsburgh, he might keep the job. If he doesn't, it could seal his fate
clvrox Any changes in O Line other than Z starting?
DavidCarducci cvrox, only changes are Z starting at right guard and O'Hara moving from right to left guard.
redright Watching the LBs and at times Bentley looks lost and at times Taylor looks lost and BD seems to be working Thompson in....where?? What do you see for these three? For Coates? By the end of this season can we expect to see Gardner and Boyer only on Special Teams?
DavidCarducci Redright, it's so hard to say. Gardner is clearly getting more game reps in the regular rotation for Bentley. Bentley appears to be at least a little behind Davis and Taylor at this point. Chaun instinctively has made some nice plays, 2 specifically in SF, but he is still very behind in terms of his understanding of the scheme and the pro game. They'll continue to work him in for some spot play to get him some experience, in situations where he is only given one or two responsibilities to focus on.
ramllov Thanks Dave, the second question would be about the newest offensive line they just signed.
DavidCarducci Ram, again, I don't get a chance to see him and the last way to find out how a guy really is doing in Berea is to ask. If he is still around, the best way for me to get an opinion on him is to watch him in camp and in the preseason, considering we probably won't have any game film to review of him this year
howldawg Dave I asked this in the insiders but it will save us both time why would they activate Hybl if they do doesn't he have to remain on the active roster?
DavidCarducci Howl, I actually just replied to your post on the message board. I think Hybl would be in way over his head if he were to see action in a real game at this point. The release of Booty was very short sighted, and I'm not sure, but I think they could still release Hybl, then re-sign him to the practice squad at some point.
DavidCarducci Don't quote me on that Howl. Just something somebody said today
Lumpy Dave-he was released by Green Bay?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, and the 49ers
Hound09 is it the blocking or is Green's confidence down
DavidCarducci Hound, I think it's mostly the blocking, and penalties hurting the opportunity to run.
ramllov Ok, I guess I will keep my question to the more current starters and part-time players in the games
DavidCarducci Sorry Ram, with this team it is very hard. They are so secretive. Lots of teams let the media watch practice. And you know Butch, he's just not going to tip his hand on anybody
redright Dave: Butch doesn't tip his hand A. Cuz he isn't sure of what he wants to do? B. It really is super super secret?
DavidCarducci Redright, a certain B
DavidCarducci Only I would say Super Super Super Super secret
Aqib Dave we play San Diego in a couple of weeks and San Diego has in interest in Booty. Coincidence?
DavidCarducci Aqib, it's probably not completely a coincidence, but the Chargers are looking for QBs, having kept only 2 originally on their roster, in part to be able to keep an extra TE in Antonio Gates
ramllov Ok, I was just wondering if the new offensive lineman would have an impact at guard this year.
DavidCarducci Ram, I would doubt it.
Lumpy thanks Dave...Warren and Brown both seem to be playing better the first 3 games...any work from the team if they are feeling better about these 2?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, I think they are very pleased with Courtney. They have to be, considering I heard several people close to the team say that Butch didn't expect much from Courtney and wondered if he'd even help if healthy.
ramllov Dave when will Lehan be back healthy?
DavidCarducci Ram, Lehan has practiced full go the last two days
ramllov Thank you, what is the current status of Jamison, is he still look upon in a positive way?
DavidCarducci Ram, I don't think Jameson's standing with the team has changed. Haven't heard anything that would imply that. They are just very happy with Crocker's development.
redright Expectations for the offense this week?
redright What will we have for an offensive this week?
redright Duh.. super secret
DavidCarducci Redright, I'd guess more of the same. They'll continue to try to establish the running game. With the talent at WR and Northcutt expected back, I'd rather see the Browns take a cue from the Steelers and try to set up the run more with the pass.
redright Dave as best you are able to tell, How is Couch being received this week? What is Tim's mindset?
DavidCarducci Redright, I like the way Tim came across today. He does not appear to be a guy who feels a whole lot of pressure to make big plays to win the job back. That's important, because Tim doesn't have a good track record when he feels like he needs to press or he gets over excited.
clvrox Is J. White 100%% Seems the afterburners haven't been there yet
DavidCarducci clvrox, Jamel should be at or close to 100-percent, even after a tough preseason and an under-used first three games. I saw him at the end of practice today (when we were finally allowed in) working with Tim, and he looked very fast running patterns.
ramllov Dave, have we had any updates on Suggs and the WR/QB. Are these guys improving and could they be a threat to be active players after week six?
DavidCarducci Ram, no updates yet. I'll ask tomorrow though.
redright Is it fair to say that the tentative running of Green and White is related to lack of confidence in the O-line?
DavidCarducci Redright, I don't think it's so much a lack of confidence as it is no hole to run in.
MHill What do you expect to see in the future with our linebacking core? Who do you expect to see starting in what positions come the end of the year?
DavidCarducci MHill, by year end, I expect the same starters as the season opener. I don't think Chaun will be ready this year to take on anything other than a supplementary role.
redright Can Z make a difference?
DavidCarducci Redright, I'd like to say yes, but he has only offered me reason to be encouraged a few times at most. He is big, he has some talent, but for some reason he's never really come on in games. Again, Zuk's one of the really good guys, so you can't help but wish he'd finally make it. At some point, they need to just put either Zuk or Fowler in, let one of them play for 10 solid weeks and see what you have. With the constant changes, it's hard for anyone to really gel.
Lumpy Dave-Thompson has excelled on special teams IMHO....has Davis pointed him out much in that regard?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, Davis really hasn't said much about Chaun. He obviously has made some very nice plays on special teams, and he really surprised me with his reading and diagnosing the screen to (I think it was Barlow, but could have been Hurst) in the 1st quarter last week. They are still a bit disappointed with how slow he is coming along. They feel they can only use him in certain situations.
redright Did Fowler play himself out of reps and ""gel""
DavidCarducci Redright, Fowler did, but then it's tough for anyone in just a few games. It does take a while, and a commitment to let a young lineman grow. The false start Sunday in the 4th quarter I'm sure did not help his position with Butch.
Guest177 Dave - 2 years and 2 broken legs for Holcomb. Are the Browns concerned about his durability (not his guts)? Will this impact their long term thinking on Holcomb?
DavidCarducci Guest177, they could be, I guess with both Tim and Kelly. This is now eight combined injuries forcing a change at quarterback in less 19 regular season games
redright Could we need an offensive line?
DavidCarducci We could at that. I still like Tucker, and I like Stokes and O'Hara as role players, but they need some big time additions before this is a very good line. I'm sure Faine will be fine, but so far he has been average at best
Hound09 Dave I know the draft is a ways away but do the Browns have scouts out looking at possible picks
DavidCarducci Hound09, they certainly do. Out all the time.
Guest177 Is OL the biggest weakness on the team?
DavidCarducci Guest177, it could be a major issue going into 2004. Couch will not be here if he's the starter. Holcomb is oft-injured so far, and he's 30. Nobody being groomed. But Butch really does not seem to believe the quarterback position is all that important.
Guest177 QB could be a dilemma going into 2004
DavidCarducci Guest177, I'd have to say it is right up there, ahead of tight end, lack of a lead blocker (Davis admitted McLeod didn't work out like he'd hoped)
newdawg how do you think Griffith is doing? also why is Henry playing so much better now.
DavidCarducci Someone asked about Griffith... I'd give him a C grade at best. He's been great on a few run blitzes, great timing, in the right place, etc., then there have been times when he has been horribly out of position, and I've heard that has really frustrated some of the coaches.
redright Dave, is it silly to think that BD and CP would like to dump $8m in payroll, save some cap money, get an extra draft pick and then when we have more players find a QB?
DavidCarducci Redright, it's probably not silly at all. It's probably what will happen.
ramllov Dave, the Browns seem to hit the mother load on DBs in this year's draft and a college free agent. Is there a chance that they could get as lucky with the offensive line next year?
ramllov Or are we talking free agency for established Offensive linemen?
DavidCarducci Ram, no reason to think so on track record. I'm a firm believer that the past is the best indicator of the future. As long as Davis values versatility over a solid talent at one position, it's likely that the Browns may be in a similar position next year. Let's hope not
Hound09 Dave do you have any isea what the Salary cap looks like next year
DavidCarducci Hound, I haven't really studied it, other than the fact that they are OK right now. I think in today's NFL it's something you handle on a year-to-year basis.
ramllov The Giants offensive line coach is a master, I just wonder how the Browns line coach is rated?
DavidCarducci Ram, I'd rather not say right now. I've heard some very mixed reviews. It is something that I might write more about in coming weeks if the play up front does not improve
Hound09 Draft a LT and move Verba inside and that would improve the lime immensely for next year
DavidCarducci Hound, I agree. Verba would be a much better fit at guard
redright Dave I'm beginning to like stokes' play at least as much as Verba's. Is there much difference between the two?
DavidCarducci Redright, I think Stokes plays with a whole lot more heart, enthusiasm and more of a mean streak. He may not be as talented, but he impresses the heck out of me with his guts.
DavidCarducci Redright, to finish, I have a much higher opinion of him now than I ever did.
DavidCarducci He was in a boot and did not practice on Wednesday. Back out there again on Thursday. He just keeps gutting it out, and with very tough assignments in SF and the next couple of weeks. He is clearly in pain, but he has a great warrior attitude
ramllov Is Gonzalez getting attention and practice at LT?
DavidCarducci Ram, I'm not terribly hopeful of Gonzalez being a big help. I would assume he played LT in practice on Wednesday. That was the case last week.
Guest177 Where's Darnell Sanders?
DavidCarducci Guest177, He hasn't continued to develop. I think right now he is a disappointment.
Lane Adkins Hello everybody
ramllov If Darnell Sanders TE did something, last years draft would really be something
Lane Adkins The Browns under Davis draft for special teams :-)
redright They draft for special teams and then play geezers like Boyer and Gardner. ;-)
Lane Adkins LOL, hey Boyer is serviceable
artbtz What do you think is the weakness in Sanders' game right now, Dave?
DavidCarducci AB, It's hard to say. He just doesn't show up on film when he is inserted into game. It's like trying to find a vampire in a mirror... More importantly, he doesn't seem to do anything on special teams
ramllov Lane, is BD method to draft players and see them prove themselves through special teams and graduate to starting positions?
Lane Adkins You could say that has been somewhat of a pattern, I do know that they believe it improves discipline and experience
Lumpy I have been focusing on Faine watching tape. He seems to be coming along very nicely for a rookie center (except for the shotgun snaps)...what are the opinions from the staff and other players on Faine?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, I hear he's been only average on protections and his recognition. He's just been average so far, but it takes a while.
Lane Adkins On Faine....comments from inside believe that he is not imposing his aggressive nature enough, yet
redright Do we have any TE that looks to be a first stringer on a winning team? Who? at what?
Lane Adkins No, there is not a standout TE on this roster.
DavidCarducci Redright, I don't think so. Heiden, nice 2nd TE. Shea, I like the guy, but he hasn't done a thing. Sanders, isn't doing anything to encourage me
Guest177 What is Dillon's status for Sunday?
Lane Adkins Dillon will play on Sunday
Lumpy Is Cutt ready to go?
DavidCarducci I think Northcutt will play.
DavidCarducci He practiced today. I saw him right before practice, and he looked fine, running out.
ramllov Lane/Dave, Dallas has been in the news that they are looking at a few trades. Could they be trading with the Browns?
Lane Adkins Not for Tim Couch and I haven't heard of any other interest lately
redright Is Andra the real deal or is he a beneficiary of Campos scheme?
Lane Adkins Davis has progressed further than expected at this time and they believe that he ""doesn't get"" it all yet. He is playing faster than they envisioned
newdawg why is Henry playing so much better so far this season?
DavidCarducci Newdawg, he played a great game Sunday, best I've seen from him, but he's been up and down really this year. He continues to be shaky on tackles. He does appear to have a better understanding of what is going on, what the defense is trying to do, scheme, knowledge of opposing receiver, etc. That's something that comes as players grow in the NFL. They learn to study film better. they are better prepared.
newdawg Henry still isn't a good tackler, but he has thrown his body around and at list try this season.
DavidCarducci Newdawg, you are right. Sunday was probably his best tackling game this year.
Lumpy How ready does this team look for Sunday?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, I don't see anything negative right now in the locker room for Sunday. They are not feeling too good about the win over SF. They know they still have a long way to go to improve.
Hound09 How true are the rumors that Davis is losing the team
Lane Adkins I wouldn't say that he is losing the team, but there are issues within the ranks
DavidCarducci Guys, I must run. Have to finish another story for the weekend.
redright Thanks Dave
Hound09 how true are the rumors that Davis is losing the team
Hound09 players or coaches
Lane Adkins On the losing the team issue? The Holcomb starting situation has nothing to do with it, though many do believe that Couch was destined for failure in the way that competition was played out
howldawg Is Quincy Morgan getting down with his lack of production, he seems better this year his hands and concentration seem improved
Lane Adkins Quincy wants the ball and that is absolutely what you want from a bit-time receiver. He is not happy that he/the offense hasn't been more productive
chitwnbrown lane would Davis insist on starting Kelly if Tim plays good ball for two weeks?
Lane Adkins If Tim plays lights out, we may have a situation, but right now they are committed to Holcomb
blance3459 Lane, any idea why Hybl instead of Booty???
Lane Adkins The team opted for Hybl because he is still here and they really do not believe they need a third QB in the long-haul
redright Kj has a great arm. Right?
Lane Adkins Yes on KJ
redright Seems a number of receivers wanted Kelly so they could get the ball and are sorry they got what they wished for. comments?
Lane Adkins According to those I spoke with, no. The general feeling is that the offense is in a funk and they all have had a hand in it. Personally, Holcomb has become less aggressive after making some mistakes and that has hampered this team
Lumpy Lane-do you get any impression that the FO will find a couple decent offensive line players next year?
Lane Adkins Lumpy........they better look in that direction, the OL is a major issue
Lane Adkins OK guys, I must along, thanks for the chat
redright Thanks Lane
blance3459 later Lane

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