Berea Update: Players Critical of Unruly Fans

Fans are not the only ones frustrated, as Butch Davis pointed out to the press today. Ryan Tucker talks about his involvement in one of the post-game imbroglios. Mike McLain brings us Tucker's thoughts, and highlights of Butch Davis' Monday press conference.

BEREA - Ryan Tucker held firm Monday to comments he made about the behavior of some unruly fans after the loss to the Bengals.

Tucker and quarterback Tim Couch exchanged words with fans that used abusive language to them as they walked off the field.

Afterwards in the locker room, Tucker was critical of the small faction of fans that use abusive language.

"I told him to (expletive deleted) off," Tucker said. "You call yourselves Cleveland Browns fans? No way. You're a disgrace."
Tucker went on to say that playing at home isn't the pleasant experience it's supposed to be.

"Sometimes you feel like you're playing on the road, at home," Tucker said. "We're out there trying to win. It's not like we're out there lying down. If fans want to act like that, send me a letter and I'll buy back their season tickets. I don't want them at the game."

On Monday Tucker said he regrets confronting the fans, but his message remains the same.

"I know how hard we try to work, and I know Cleveland loves football and how much they missed it when it wasn't here," Tucker said. "Now that they have it back, for people to do that blows my mind sometimes.

"I shouldn't have done what I did. I should have been a bigger man. I was hot. I was emotional. I was upset. After a game like that I say a lot of things I shouldn't say. After thinking about it and talking it over with my family, there's no way I should have acknowledged that."

Browns coach Butch Davis understands how fans can be frustrated.

"The sad thing is that we're frustrated," Davis said. "The team wants to be playing better. These guys have high expectations of their own abilities to play and to perform. I understand everybody's frustrations. Nobody is more frustrated than the players and the coaches."

O-LINE UPDATE: The situation on the offensive line could worsen if Barry Stokes' injured ankle doesn't improve. Stokes hasn't been 100 percent since he suffered a right ankle sprain against Indianapolis in the season opener. He's missed Wednesday practices and has been limited in other sessions.

"He needs to get to the point where he's back in there practicing," Davis said. "He's obviously been struggling with the ankle. Hopefully, he's not as bad as he was last week."

Barring more injury problems, Davis doesn't anticipate any changes on the line this week.

NO CHANGE AT QB: If Kelly Holcomb is physically able to practice and play Sunday in Pittsburgh, he will get the start. Davis felt that Couch did a good job against the Bengals.

"I don't know if it was any different than any of his performances last year," Davis said. "He had a good week of work. He had a good idea exactly how they were going to line up and how to attack them. He felt comfortable early in the game and made some good throws."

WANTS IMPROVEMENT: Davis wants to see better production by the kick-return team. Although Andre Davis appears tentative, Butch said there's no plan to use someone else in the role.

"There just hasn't been any place to run," Butch said. "The saddest thing about football is that it's the ultimate team game. If one guy misses his block, the guy flies down there and makes the tackle. It's a different guy on every, single one of them."

Butch's main concern with the defense at the quarter point of the season is the struggle to get off the field on third-down plays. The offensive concerns are penalties and the lack of a consistent ground game.

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