Gameballs & Goats: A Pox on Both The Lines!

It is that time of the week again... time to reward the worthy and goathorn the, um, less, er, worthy. There is plenty of the latter to go around this week and Browns fans let fly following the loss to the Bungles. The offense, defense, and coaching staff - none are immune.<BR> <I>(Adult language)</I>

The Week's Results

The fans aren't happy. Tim Couch, Andra Davis, and Kevin Johnson led the pack with any praise that was handed out, but entire units were dismissed by Browns fans via the awarding of goathorns. Teams need good play in the trenches to win and, according to fans at, that is where the problem starts. The coaching staff also came in for a lot of criticism and some attention is starting focus even higher, as Carmen Policy received more goathorns than ever before.


Player Gameballs
Tim Couch (2/QB) 137
Andra Davis (54/MLB) 79
Kevin Johnson (85/WR) 59
Dennis Northcutt (86/WR) 29
Jeff Faine (50/C) 28
Quincy Morgan (81/WR) 16
---Fans--- 12

Gameball Write-In Votes:
Nobody (5), Marvin Lewis, Jon Kitna, "Commish", "Me", Muni Lot Tailgaters, "For the true die-hard fans who will never give up on the Browns", "Robert Griffith as a linebacker"


Player Goathorns
---O Line--- 82
Quincy Morgan (81/WR) 51
---D Line--- 51
Bruce Arians(OC) 47
Butch Davis (Head) 46
Robert Griffith (24/SS) 42
---All Coaches--- 23

Goat Write-In Votes:
Everyone! (3), Carmen Policy (3), "A few select fans", "The O line, the D line, hell, the entire team", Penalties, "Carmen and all of the coaches(players get a pass)", "The entire 2003 season - it sucks!!", "Lack of adaptation", "Fans who will blame Couch for this loss", "Robert Griffith as a safety", Jamal Lewis, "The Fans - After the Game", "Butch's Ego", "butch davis dave campo and the entire team", "RB dump off passes all day long"

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
edgewater joe Despite the INT, this loss is NOT on Couch's shoulders.
ronsicker Couch play very well, Northcutt is a real gamer.
jbonafe1 A. Davis and G. Warren made some plays on D and Northcutt continues to be exciting whenever he touches the ball.
textbooksrus Northcutt was great in the return game.
cavtrooper I deserve a ball for watching 4 pathetic games from this team
theoz Couch played great.
swerb Andra Davis and Ben Taylor played well, and provide hope for the future.
hernacki Not too much good to say when you lose to the Bengals!
dp10451 I'm going to have to give KJ and Andra Davis each a "Season Game Ball". They just keep coming. And Timmy gave a great performance except for that one little blip at the end.
lukedawg12 How could ANYONE get a gameball for this crap!!!!
bendal I'm not going to blame Couch for this loss. He got hit at least a dozen times in the game thanks to the sorry protection he got. Davis was a force in the middle making tackles single-handedly. Johnson backed up his talk with some great catches, although he did get flagged for a penalty.
edwardson Couch came to play, but his o-line didn't. Another good game from Andra Davis and the WR corp. TC had a good game going, seemed to panic little more than normal but could have been from being rusty.
mbrake Tim did a nice job. I'm a BIG Couch guy. (I think I'm the only one).
e_1013 Couch played a pretty good game...considering all of the boneheads that forgot the snap count. .etc etc. Faine, as always, blocked well and was a warrior in the trenches...Andra...set the tone. .too bad the other guys were still hung over from last weeks win....
gbeachy NOBODY: For 3 weeks I've been trying to be patient and supportive and finding positive things to say. By the 4th game into the season, we should have all the bugs worked out. Too many mistakes, too many penalties, too many missed blocks. NOBODY deserves a gameball this week. Everyone is playing mediocre at best. The individual bright spots get cancelled by the damaging blunders by those same players.
spicydeigo Tim did a good job stepping in, he only made one mistake, it just came at a bad time. KJ had a good game, Morgan had one good play, Andra Davis was all over the field, he going to be a good one.
frumanchu Tim, last INT notwithstanding, you played an excellent game. Andra Davis is my hero...dude is always in on the play and he had ANOTHER "grab-the-guy-by-the-neck-from-behind-and-pull-him-down" tackle! Arians had some excellent playcalling in this game. A few receivers catch the friggin ball and a few linemen stop making stupid mistakes and we would have beaten these guys. Hats off to Marvin could see the sense of pride back in that football team. Kitna actually looked like an NFL starter today. Who knew?!?
porters Timmy had a great first half. Was so-so in 2nd but suffered from lack of protection and penalties. Andra Davis is playing with enthusiasm which I wish would rub off on others.
mdr Couch - had a good game, handcuffed by poor playcalling and dropped balls. Orpheus Roye - One of the few defensive players who shows up week in and week out. Fans: for putting up with this crap for now over 5 years.
james_t_h Tim did well when he had time, we need an O-line or KJ's gonna be slinging balls soon!! Andra is still the man on D!! Since it was hard to find 3 Gameballs I had to give one to Boyer since he actually made a tackle!!!
ytownbrowns Just because some players may have sucked less than others doesn't mean that anyone deserves a game ball for sub par play.
yogi8 Couch looked very good. Great downfield block by Faine to spring Q. KJ = Mr. Reliable
r22weiss Nice game by Couch. OL sucked so it was amazing how well he played. really only 1 bad throw, the INT. Had several drops but still had a good day.
fhanson Given almost no time to throw, a weak running game and dismally unimaginative playcalling by Arians, I thought Couch played as well as anyone could. He should never have lost his job.
thorix ARGH !!!! Again, I'll give it to Chris. One punt of 51 yds and 2 inside the 20. Why cut J. Booty then promote Hybl from the practice squad?
mmercurio Hail to the pre-Davis era players once again! Couch looked great pretty much the whole game. If KJ was in another city he'd be a super star. White needs more touches because he's a game breaker.
kkr112 Couch gets 1st for his play in the game, and 3rd for letting that guy have it after the game. Andra Davis is turning into a very, very good player.
optidawg Couch played well for the most part. He made a mistake on the int but the game was lost before that. He hung in there the entire game...gutty performance. Andra Davis played another strong game from his LB spot...he is looking better every week...
sinbad215 Shows he deserves the start, offense ran smooth
cornjob Tim Couch: Minus the bonehead interception at the end, this was one of the most solid outings by him I have seen. Willy Green: For being able to get some yards behind this god awful offensive line. I can only dream about how amazing he would be with some solid lineman in front of him. Andra Davis: Our only consistent defensive player.
footballguy01 Obviously the problem was never the quarterback. Torch him all you want for the INT at the end of the game, but he was on for that game. He never had time to throw the ball and there were no holes for Willie to run through. It's obvious where the problems are.
foghornlanghorne Anthony Henry showed excellent coverage, batting several balls away from receivers. Q & K. J. made some awesome catches, and YAC yards were impressive.
spenglmw The FANS - For sitting through this disgrace! Will the Browns ever win a home game again? The Bengals? Now way in HELL they should have lost this game!
jdbrowns Tim Couch played a great game. His one mistake late didn't lose this game. This game was lost at the close of the 1st half. Once again Couch was physically pounded behind the worst O-Line in football. We talk about all his weapons. First the weapons cant catch nor think. Secondly its hard to find them with D-linemen in your face all day.
whoknowsmore 22 penalties between both teams that is a full days work for the officials. Between penalties and the running game CLE net'ed -32 yards...Great Job guys.
rockymtndawg Jeff Faine...great downfield block to spring Morgan for the touchdown. Other than that I really didn't notice Jeff today. And on this offensive line, that's saying something!
award2403 I don't care who plays QB in Cleveland I just want wins. That being said Couch played great in the first half and more creative playcalling in the second half would have lead to a career day - and a win Instead he will probably be elsewhere next year. Andra was all over the field once again. He might end up with more tackles than Earl Holmes did last year.
commish Although I am filled with gratitude for Couch's INT, Holcomb's absence, and the #4 secondary in the NFL, I think I deserve the gameball for being so gracious in this long-awaited victory.
kyletp2 If he weighed more he would actually be good. Can't do much of anything past 10 yards. Supposedly is an awesome run support safety (should play linebacker than), instead just throws shoulders and never wraps up. Might actually be able to cover a fullback....Naah doubt it!!!!
browns_beer Tim couldn't of done anything else out there to put them in a position to win. The final INT sucked but it should of never come down to that one pass. KJ had another great game and that catch and run by Morgan early was great.
fgm Tim Couch- Yeah, the pick he threw near the end was dumb. But he had a pretty solid game overall. It doesn't help when your OL gets manhandled, you have no running game, your receivers drop or fumble the football, you have stupid, drive-killing penalties, and you have an OC with the IQ of a snowcone. Andra Davis- This dude is a playa! The best of three young LBs so far, and the only one who really showed on D yesterday. Dennis Northcutt- caught the ball when it was thrown to him and had some nifty punt returns. If only Andre Davis had some of your moves on kickoff returns.
appraiser Through 3 quarters, Couch deserves credit. He gets hit a lot, but comes through. Kevin Johnson is good.
bfan99 tough to find three players in this game but Kevin Johnson continues to play well. Dennis Northcutt and Jeff Fain made some nice plays also.
dmcvey No Gameballs this week - nobody deserves it; this team could be one of the worst in the league; i remain a fan but it is becoming more painful by the week. I have watched every game since the expansion and i can't tell the difference between yesterday and 1999-2001.
browns19 Kevin Johnson - I trust him more than any other person in the organization. He does his job everyday, every time. Who else can say that? Tim Couch - He's never going to live up to his draft status and $, but he was not the problem today. Dennis Northcutt - Gave us a big punt return when we needed it.... only to be wiped out by a penalty.
thebattleship Couch had a good day off the bench. Ben Taylor made several nice plays.
jsinct Any fan that sat through 3 and a half quarters of this painful display of ineptitude deserves a gameball
deliriousdawg Andra's not perfect, but he's all over the field and has been a big improvement over Holmes. Northcutt did a good job getting us field position. Give a gameball to the officiating crew - they had a tiring day. Complain all you want, but the Browns are just plain undisciplined.
dagueh Andra Davis is rapidly becoming the only bright spot of this season. While he didn't play lights out yesterday, it's still nice to see a Browns' defender making plays and having fun doing it.
ohio210 Andra Davis is only getting better
samatlanta Couch played well when he had time to throw. While he may not have played well enough to keep Holcomb on the bench after he mends, he certainly didn't do anything worth rushing Holcomb back from his ankle injuries. Thompson is becoming a special teams monster. There's something exciting about seeing a 6'2", 250 lb. linebacker end up as the first guy down the field. Brant Boyer gets a gameball just because he plays well, no matter what situation h'e thrown into.
tbusse TC - Now we can all see that it's not the QB - it's Arians vertically challenged system. He played solid and it shouldn't come down to a final drive against the lowly Bungals. KJ- Solid if not spectacular. Should've had a TD. The Fans - Well, we are now in year 5 and still have no offensive line, defensive difference makers, or a clue on the part of mgmt. and the coaching staff. Yet, we the fans still endure this sad, sad excuse for a football team.
jeffdsp Tim Couch gets a gameball because he came in and performed well under a lot of pressure to try and win his job back and putting up with idiot fans that don't know anything about football and would rather see a CAREER BACKUP in there throwing interceptions...Bring back Holcomb so we can suck in Pittsburgh!!!!
invinsor Andra Davis - was pretty solid, despite a missed tackle. For an F-graded LB (by the Sporting News) he's played surprisingly well. Kevin Johnson - will suck one day, but not any day soon. Ryan Pontbriand - He's a really good long-snapper.
gooch923 Granted, he threw the game losing pick. But, I still think he handled the game well considering that he had absolutely no time to throw the ball. If you think Holcomb could do the same, you are probably missing a part of your brain.
redright one game ball and only one. Couch for running an offense without complaint and without support... O-line, penalties, dropped balls bad routes, dancing RBs, poor blocking, half hearted effort by pros playing without fundamentals; game plan and play calling.. can it get any worse?
strobedog Couch came out and led the team...he definitely looked more decisive than ever. Everyone catching the ball did a nice job of getting open and, well, catching the ball. The Fans were great in Couch's return.
sapphire Tim Couch gets a gameball just for surviving behind our horrid offensive line.
muskiedawg01 Not a lot of gameballs to give out after that debacle. Tim Couch proved that it doesn't matter which QB plays for this team, the offensive line is the problem. Couch put up good numbers until his last throw. Faine had a good block to spring Q.Morgan on the first TD. Fowler had without a doubt his best game of the year...yes, he was inactive and that's where he should be. My write-in gameball is for the tailgaters in the Muni lot...showing up at 6am and drinking hard all day...the effort/intensity is something the browns could use.
erol_tan Hard to find any players or coaches worthy this week.
ghettoman They still look like they just don't get it. This is the nfl not a college or high school game. What are they getting paid for.
dandm5413 Super block by Faine to start the opening drive in the First quarter on a pass to Morgan from Couch, Faine's down field block was a thing of O-line beauty.......
lundenberg couch and Johnson had solid games. that's it! Morgan would have had one to if he doesn't fumble inside the 10 or drop 3rd passes that would of been 1st downs
clbr99 Tim to KJ is a winning combination. However, a goat within a gameball--Tim, please don't toss the ball to Willy again at the 2 yard line--near disaster
stlewandowski way to go TIM, it takes a real QB to put numbers with this (expletive deleted) offense
bjthacker #2 played extremely well coming off the bench. the offense looked better in the first half than the previous 3 games. sadly, his only mistake came at an inopportune time. Cleveland fans will miss him if he leaves. Tucker - kudos for giving to the rowdy fans
gddawg Hey Terry, I have a great exercise program for Frisman Jackson: Have him run your resume up to CP's office for consideration for the offensive coordinator position. If he runs really fast on that hobbled foot, you might actually have a shot at getting more of the team's talented pool of receivers on the field. Have Arians take his H-back, 2 tight-end sets with him to Canada.
brownsbacker Tim Couch - Besides a few bad decisions he had a pretty good day. Better than any day I have seen with Kelly Holcomb this year


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
edgewater joe Anytime you want to motivate and game plan for a one-man team, DAVE, be our guest. It's one thing to make Jamal Lewis an All-Timer, but when you make John Friggin' KITNA a Pro-Bowler, you are doing something special in the land of suck!
phelix17 Bruce Arians continues to be the laughingstock of the NFL. Pathetic. Q needs to shut his big, fat mouth until he can go two weeks without making game-losing errors. Gerard Warren is so soft his face should be on Charmin Tissue packages. He should advertise down comforters. He should be telling audiences that Dove is 1/4 clensing cream.
californiadawg23 It sounds as if the defense gave-in once more...along with special teams....I firmly believe tho' that Butch Davis and his "Merry Men" (the coaching staff!) have got to get it together....THERE ARE WAY TOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY PENALTIES!!!! THAT'S WHAT'S KILLING THIS TEAM! PEOPLE (PLAYERS) ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!!
ronsicker The coaching was terrible. Davis must go!! Campo letting a bomb to end the first half was the game. The Browns never recovered
jbonafe1 That last pass was just plain awful, Griffith missed tackles and watched C. Johnson blow right by him and the O-Line couldn't push a infant off of the line of scrimmage.
rdmccord We need to remember that Butch Davis has never been a pro head football coach before he joined the Browns He may need some time to learn the job
textbooksrus Morgan had a fumble that caused us to have to accept a penalty instead of him having a big play. His holding penalty hurt and of course his dropped pass.
cavtrooper Defense made John Kitna look like Joe Montana instead of the beer truck driver that he really is. This offensive line sucks...Nothing more you can say about that....... Way to scheme a team that has lost it's only offensive starter.......
jeremychapman The offensive and defensive lines are terrible. The sheer ineptitude is disgusting. This team is a very bad team and is looking at having a terrible year. The problems start from the top down and I'm afraid that I'll never see a championship caliber team as long as Policy and crew keep making mistakes. Disgusting!
theoz Griffith is washed up, Davis needs to build an offensive line.
swerb Now five year into the new Browns regime, the team is amazingly still very poor in the trenches. The Browns may have the worst offensive line in all of football, and will once again finish near the bottom of the league in sacks of the opposing QB.
hernacki Couch actually played a decent game. But that pick really, really, really hurt. The TD was nice, set up by some terrific blocking, but Morgan's drop past the first down marker on the second to last drive was huge. And the secondary let the Bengals, yes, the BENGALS, pass all over us.
dp10451 I still can't figure out Butch Davis. (Butch,watch KJ and Andra.) The offensive play calling is just that. OFFENSIVE! And we gotta get an O-line. I don't care who the QB is if the defense beats the ball into the backfield.
lukedawg12 Pure disgusting. I can't even single out Couch or anyone else...we just plain sucked today fellas. If we were waiting to get would be the time to. We aren't supposed to lose to the damn Bungles...NO ONE IS!
bendal Offensive line couldn't runblock or pass protect. Defensive line couldn't pressure Kitna at all. Coaches get the goat for their sorry playcalling and especially Davis for switching the offensive line, disrupting the pass/run blocking schemes.
thespazdawg how do i vote for arians 8 times
edwardson Winning starts in the trenches. The d-line picks are busts, and this team has neglected the o-line since 1999 (for the most part). They were outcoached too - too many penalties, and the other team made the adjustments at the half. Butch is now the worst coach in the AFC North.
mikehey the whole team played bad that defense sucks under campo and the offense sucks under Arians
sexco Both lines of the ball played pretty bad. No pressure on their QB and no holes and too much pressure on ours. The coaches came out with a good plan and failed to adapt during halftime. Consistency Consistency Consistency
thepredator God help them the Defense just cannot rise to the occasion on a consistent basis. To allow Cincinnati to drive down for a Touchdown on their first possession, then allow that debacle TD before half was horrible. But then to let cincy come out at halftime and not only get a TD but take so much time off the clock is inexcusable. Lest we not forget, not ONE sack. If there were a Super Bowl for defenses who like to look like fools in front of the whole NFL, ONLY THEN our team would have a championship.
mbrake I could have picked 4 or 5 more!!!!!!
e_1013 Hey Q...if it hits you in the hands...that's a GOOD thing! CATCH IT...Phil...what the F*** is up with you!? 36 yards!!!!??? My 10 year old could've made that! ....Will the REAL "D" please stand up!..boneheads~
gbeachy ARIANS: I take back the gameball I gave you last week. I realized that it was luck, not your skill that won the 49ers game. This week as awful. DEFENSE: Entire defense played poorly, with only a few redeeming plays. No penetration on Kitna, very poor downfield coverage, and sloppy tackles everywhere. HEIDEN: I'm still very disappointed with Heiden's play. Still missing important blocks. He makes a random catch here and there, but not carrying the blocking load he should be.
spicydeigo were to begin??? defense has to be better on 3rd downs, at one point there were 7 out of 9 on 3rd downs. but the biggest problem is not the defense, its our blocking, they need to hold there blocks longer and pick up the blitz better, we need to shop the free agents next yr and draft a stud, i think Faine will be good he had a couple of good blocks but he had is share of rookie mistakes. also i starting to question Davis, and some of his choices. things always look 10x worse when thing just aint going right and it easy to start pointing fingers.
ikickcats 1. Pete "can't find talent in a paper bag" Garcia. 2. Bruce 'game plan by etch-a-sketch" Arians. 3. Butch "play not to lose" Davis. Our team buckles like a fat lady on narrow stairs... it's just ugly.
frumanchu How many friggin' false start penalties can one line generate? And how the hell is Green supposed to run...up your back and over your head?!? Morgan once again showed why KJ is still with the need to CATCH THE DAMNED BALL!!!!! I better not hear another word out of your sorry mouth about why you don't get the ball enough. can't whiff like that against these guys. T-A-C-K-L-E.
porters Off and def lines were beat at the point of attack which is being to common.
mdr The coaching staff and front office. Once again, this team was outcoached and outplayed. Leave Butch - dump Policy and start all over again. Spin this Policy!
james_t_h Butch you had better instill some discipline in these guys, or we will never win again. Daylon is supposed to be our best corner...not today he wasn't! The F*&^ing O-line looks like s*&^, and plays worse!!!! they all need to go!!!!!!
ytownbrowns Morgan may have had 1 big play for a TD, but he cost us another TD with a stupid penalty, and dropped, fumbled, and otherwise blew the rest of the plays coming his way in the game.
dawgyk Couch - Skills diminished from first snap to the last snap, same old Couch. Tripped and fell down and fumbled how many times, twice on one play !! This dude is still below average.
yogi8 OL is gonna cost us the lives of about 6 QB's this year. Butch handcuffs the O for 3 Qtrs OL coach should be thinking about a new profession
upperdawg Butch - sack up and be a man. Admit when you have failed. You cannot judge talent, give up the GM responsibilities. Your "jack of all trades, master of none" offensive line experiment has failed miserably. Go get a true tackle and a couple of guards that can run block. You don't need average linemen that are not highly skilled at anything but can play all positions.
r22weiss Davis and the Browns coaching staff got out coached again in the 2nd half. Too many times so far this season they don't make the adjustments on both sides of the ball. The OL couldn't protect a high school team blitzing. At least they could try to stop them. But then again, where was the adjustments by adding some extra blockers? The DL couldn't get pressure on Kent St and made Kitna look like a pro-bowler today. Do they teach them to go after the QB or just act like they are tryin? Warren was absent again. Does he play on every down? The DB didn't do much better. Griffith needs to step it up. Morgan wants to be the man but until he stops dropping balls and fumbling he won't get the ball much. Davis needs to get it through his thick skull that they have to blitz on defense more than they have been. Also thy need to make better adjustments. Also stop blaming the officials. Yeah they were pathetic, but there were way too many stupid penalties the Browns made that cost them. Next week is a must win or it's off to 1-4 and sitting in last place.
r22weiss When are the Browns going to start winning at home? They have to win at home in the NFL. Is the new stadium cursed or something?
fhanson It's unbelievable that no adjustments were made to offset the Cincy pass rush. What are our coaches watching during the game. Quincy just HAS to make the third down catch for a first down in the 4th Q. Perfectly thrown for 1st down yardage and he drops it.
thorix 22 running plays out of 58 plays for a total of 69 yards. Terrible play calling and no adjustments.
mmercurio Griffith looks like a rookie...we shoulda grabbed Doss in round 2 and cut our losses. Lil' Cutch looked worse than ever. After the first play, Quincy looked ready for the autopsy table.
s.trares The difference in the game was our O- Lines continued failure to block at a professional level. Couch given time looked good, but without a running game and with little protection took another beating. O-Line you sucks. The D-Line shut down the run, but the pass rush was a joke. Kitna could have " eaten a sandwich" with the time he had. This unit, without a doubt, is the biggest underachiever on the team.
toad AS far as I'm concerned, all goathorns lead back to Butch Davis. The current regime' needs to learn how to evaluate talent better. Your second round pick should be on the field, period. Otherwise, it's a wasted pick. Be a MAN, Butch, and come clean with your mistakes. REPENT!!!!!
kkr112 Fans--Browns fans suck, plain and simple. I've tried to think positive about us after the buzz from concussiongate died down, but here we are almost a year later, and Browns fans, at least the ones that end up in the stadium every Sunday (sometime in the middle of the first quarter), are still the biggest group of classless losers I've ever seen. Davis--will be on my list every week for the foreseeable future. O-line--do I really need to explain this one?
appraiser stupid penalty and a critical dropped pass for Quincy. Heiden missed a huge block that led to a sack, and Tim threw a stupid pass at the end.
hamster Davis can't continue to push the blame on everyone else while claiming to be exempt from guilt himself. He is the head coach and needs to take responsibility. He ultimately bears responsibility for the bad play calling, poor game time adjustments, lack of discipline and the lack of overall talent on the team.
optidawg OL got no push, created no holes, were beaten on almost every play. DL got no pressure all day...poor at stopping the run. Arians offense is unimaginative. Runs on 1st & 2nd downs with Couch in the shotgun with no backs on 3rd down. The problem isn't the QB''s the OC Arians
sinbad215 No pressure on Kitna the entire game
cornjob O Line: Truly horrific. Doesn't matter who is the QB--nobody is going to look good behind these guys. Fans: For overreacting to this loss and giving up on the team. Some of the posters on the board make me sick.
wmg69 How about Blitzing once in a while DC
footballguy01 Quincy, don't complain about not getting the ball if you're not going to catch it! Especially when the game is on the line.
foghornlanghorne D- line was pathetic, with no pressure on an offensive line that is not that good. Couch of course, threw his patented INT that ended the game. Robert Griffith got burned and ran over on numerous occasions. He did however make a great play to stop a third down conversion in the 3rd quarter, so maybe half a horn.
smooney73 Quincy, you wanted the ball so damn bad, catch it when it counts.
apvic Griffith has got to go. for every good play he makes he has a another whiff to go with it.. does the sob close his f---ing eyes??? early in the game he has a chance to make a statement and he provides another whiff. And what happened to our pass rush?? we didn't have much but at least we had something. we made Kitna look all pro, he had all day to pass. Quincy Morgan needs a kick in the balls, what a jerk.. he needs to sit his sorry ass down. Butch better make a statement to this team real soon. the f---ing Bengals !!!! God what a disaster.
spenglmw The Entire Coaching staff - This was a must win for the can't lose to a team like the Bengals! O-Line - Simply Pathetic! They couldn't block a guy laying on his back! How did Green ended up with 47 yards rushing? Again pin this one ignoring the O-line in the draft...this goes back to good ole' Dwight Clark....all those extra picks and no O-Linemen??? D-Line - Where's the pressure??? Gerard Warren is terrible!!! He should go down to the Flats and drink and party, because it doesn't matter!!! You stunk when you did party and now that you don't party you still STINK! So you might as well have some fun!!!! Overpriced D-Line!
jdbrowns We have the worst O-line in pro football. Defense is sorry, I mean really Sorry. The top 10 college football teams in the country could beat the browns.
whoknowsmore CLE just got flat our man handled up front in the 2nd half. CLE's oline looked like terrible. We couldn't run, we couldn't pass. The team didn't respond to Couch, proving that Holcomb is the man. But, I don't blame the loss all on Couch. Green and the Oline need to figure it out
sirpaul bad coaching, bad defense and bad fans...this sucks, at least in 1999 we had an excuse for the line being this bad
award2403 First and foremost Arians must go - the play-calling on third down was too vanilla. Everything was a slant or a quick out to the slot receiver. These routes are easy to stop b/c all you need to do is eliminate throwing lanes. The O-Line couldn't open a hole for their life and Willie is begging for daylight. NO PRESSURE on Kitna and even after Dillon left the Bengals running game was still effective Kenard, Gerard please stand up. The fans after the game were ridiculous - leave the players alone - better coaching would have won the game.
commish Quincy was Not Very Nice in scoring a 71 yard touchdown.
kyletp2 Can absolutely never cover anybody past 10 yards. Has been burnt before just the team has never capitalized. Only good at throwing shoulders not at wrapping up!!!
browns_beer The D lost us another one. How can a team go from one week punishing San Fran to the next looking like a Jr. High D playing against the Bungles? I don't get it. Kitna looked like a Pro Bowler just because of the terrible D. There is no reason that Taylor should of gotten burnt that terribly in the freaking end zone. That was just ugly.
dboots The O Line couldn't even hold for 1 steamboat!
fgm Bruce Arians- His play calling is more conservative than Dan Quayle, George W. Bush, Jesse Helms, and Bob Dole combined. Offensive line- To quote the narrator from the Grinch,"Stink. Stank. Stunk." Revolving doors can protect better than this line. Defensive line- Again, to quote the narrator from the Grinch,"Stink. Stank. Stunk." My massotherapist applies more pressure on my back than this pathetic line does on QBs. Robert Griffith- Davis cut Corey Fuller and kept this guy?!!!! He drafted Chaun Thompson and passed on Mike Doss?!!!! The fans- get a freakin' life. Couch was not the reason the Browns loss. Look at the OL and DL and the coaching staff. They're the real culprits.
appraiser Can we get a tight end? Can we get an offensive line? Can we get an imagination on play calling, or is it that our line is so bad we can't call any plays that take longer than 2 seconds to develop.
bfan99 where was the defensive line? we know where the defensive backs were, getting beat. Phil Dawson has to make those field goals
section 527 dawg No running game, no pass rush to speak of, Hey O-Line....there's a new concept out there - its called BLOCKING!! I heard that McCutcheon and Griffith checked themselves into the Cleveland Clinic last night, suffering from 2nd degree burns! GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASS ALREADY!!!
dmcvey Unreal; i don't know whether to point the finger at the coaching staff or the players. Would a Bill Parcells coached team ever have that many penalties? I am beginning to think Butch is part of the problem along with his coaching staff. Let Robiskie call some plays.
scott.a.carpenter An absolutely miserable job of coaching. Not only this game, but this entire season so far. Carmen, you need to tell Butch and his incompetent crew of has beens and never beens that their jobs are on the line. The Browns have been out coached in virtually every game since Butch got here. And before I forget, Couch, YOU SUCK!
browns19 Robert Griffith - When he's good, he's good. When he's bad, he is an abomination. Defensive Line - This could've been touch football and we wouldn't have recorded a sack. Warren and Courtney are busts. Get 'em outta here. Offensive Line - Offensive. Yep, that about sums it up.
hangonsloopy Davis is wasting William Green. I'd love to see some imagination on Offense. The 500 false start penalties this year are getting old too. Hey Butch, discipline, look into it.
cbus7 Q needs to stop "asking for the ball" and start to worry about other things like: not fumbling and holding all the time.
thebattleship Phil D. has been horrible for two games Griffith missed way too many tackles. Including on third down on the very first drive of the game for the Bengals. The coaching staff got conservative at the end of the first half and the team was not focused. They did not appear ready for this game.
jsinct What the heck happened to Phil "battering ram" Dawson? Phil, "come out, come out wherever you are."
deliriousdawg So many to choose from. KJ is going to break the record for most penalties against a WR in a season. Griff continues to whiff - he tackles like Russell Branyan hits. Warren should be our 3rd QB - he'd be more productive holding a clipboard.
dagueh Recipe for beating the 2003 Browns: place any 4 warm bodies against our piece meal o-line, stand back and watch as the line collapses causing either of our mediocre quarterbacks to dance and panic in the crumbled pocket. For best results, insert any serviceable defensive backfield to enjoy the rewards of Browns' quarterback miscues.
vadawglb Davis must get this team (his team) to play with their heads and as a team. Warren was his pick and that pick looks worse than Couch. Campo is suppose to be a defensive wizard, NOT!! This defense looks worse than the 99 and 00 teams. Policy is messing this team up just like he did in San Francisco with the salary cap and poor business moves!!!
ohio210 Bruce Arians is a complete dumba$$!
samatlanta Griffith continues to play poorly. I can't believe he continues to miss so many tackles. O Line - Guys, you're really playing lousy. Really.
tbusse Warren - C'mon Butch, admit you made a mistake. What a waste. Way to pressure the QB, Small Change. Arians - this is also for Butch. What a terrible dink and dunk system. Can we at least try to stretch the field? I don't want to hear about Cover 2 - all that says is that the Browns are not good enough or smart enough to come up with ways to beat it. O Line - My god, where did we get these guys? I don't want to hear about the loss of Verba - he was far from a Pro Bowler. Got Holcomb killed and will get Couch killed. We will see Hybl this year.
invinsor Robert Griffith - Griff is a bust. Flat out. D-line - Gerard "Big Waste of Money" Warren, and Courtney "The Silent Storm" Brown, need to pick it up. None of them managed to generate any real pressure on Kitna. O-line - You can't blame Green when there's nowhere to run. Look at how banged up our QBs... Yeah hi, it's week 4 and Holcomb is now walking like my Grandmother, and after yesterday Couch was still picking grass out of his arse on the drive home from the stadium.
gooch923 Hey O-Line, where the hell were you. Hey Defense, next time there's 35 seconds left in the second half, try dropping back and playing some F#@$%ng coverage!!!
redright lack of quality and depth, thanks Carmen and the coaches don't have a team steeped in fundamentals: blocking, tackling, penalties, Runners dancing, Receivers not looking balls into hands and running sloppy routes. (Morgan) DBs lost in coverage Lines weak. LBs lost. awful coaching. looked like a preseason squad! If there is a plan....tell the players! make em do it!
strobedog Campo, it's the Bungles, get a clue. Ever hear of a blitz? The DBs made Kitna look like Montana. D Line definitely under-achieved after last week's great performance. Kitna had all day to pass.
sapphire Quincy Morgan strikes fear in the hearts of both opponents AND Browns fans.
tobe.11 We simply failed to put any pressure on Kitna yesterday. Any NFL quarterback will kill a secondary when given that much time. We also shot ourselves in the foot on offense with penalties (sometimes on defense, but not as many times).
muskiedawg01 At some point Davis is going to have to check his ego at the door and reevaluate the highly priced D-Line. It's inexcusable that Kitna was not touched all day. Small Change (Big Money) did absolutely nothing except look fat per the usual. Robert Griffith never wraps in the open field and did the unthinkable of giving up a 55 yard TD with 28 seconds left in the half. You're taught in Pee-Wee league that nobody gets behind you with such an obvious passing play near the end of the half. Maybe we can trade our entire D-Line and O-Line for a 6 pack of Bud Light and a player to be named later...good deal in my book
ponchdog Griffith's tackling seems to be catching on with the rest of the team...I think they're closing their eyes. How else do you explain all the missed tackles? WHY OH WHY didn't Butch get rid of Griffith with the rest of the cap casualties? Butch once said Jamel White would be tuff to cover in a phone booth, we all know Griffith couldn't!
erol_tan Is it just me or does everyone else feel extremely nervous whenever Quincy Morgan carries the ball?
ghettoman It starts from the top they have to light a fire under this team.
dandm5413 Boy oh' Boy.........The Defense sure did make "Kitna" look "Good"...Where was the D-line? The Secondary, made him look like a winner, Please, we get a shot @ these Bungles again. Please remember this game for future film's or Not, He'll probably look better the next-time!
lundenberg was our d-line even on the field. i didn't see them and neither did kitna. i seen kitna drop back, set up a picnic, eat, read the paper, and take a s--t and still have plenty of time to throw the ball to wide open receivers. our o-line is garbage. they can't block to save their lives or the qb or green's for that matter. i am tired of our return teams running like pansies. we lost to the bengals. how does that happen. with play like that we should have the first pick up the draft, so we can draft a position we don't need like we always do.
clbr99 The entire defense should be wearing goathorns this week for absolutely giving up a minute and a half prior to halftime. Apparently, the half starts early for our defensive bozos. And Quincy, next time the ball hits you in the hands--FREAKING CATCH IT! Does Gerard Warren play for the Browns or are they just handing him a paycheck?
stlewandowski nice job butch, way to change that o-line. what body part gave you that feeling, or a$$!!
theskaterx I'm sick of losing!!! I hate the Bengals, if this team can't beat the Bungals, than I just want to give up. I live in Cincy, and proudly support the Browns, but c'mon!
bjthacker I remember a time from 1994 to 1999 when there wasn't a browns team and football sucked. those fans need to suck it up and realize that they can't live vicariously through the players. their attitude is pissing off the players, making it less likely others will want to play for the browns, and possibly chasing away Couch, the best QB this town has seen since Kosar.
gddawg Butch's third year and we're already in salary cap trouble. Not good, Carmen. 5 players remain from the first two drafts: no good. Zero pro bowlers on the roster: lousy. Fat, undisciplined, underachieving defensive lineman that couldn't generate a sack if they appeared in an episode of trading spaces: bad. Overall, I can see why you deserve a contact extension: a mother-in-law suite addition on your home? Horrible.
gddawg Stop trying to blow guys up with your wicked hits and start tackling. Your a safety. Start tackling like one and earn your paycheck. Oh, and remember, when time is running out and the other team needs a late score, they probably will throw deep.
brownsbacker Whoever it was mixing words with TC and Stokes is an idiot. Real fans don't make a mockery of themselves and their team like you did. Thanks a lot pal. Hope next time one of them knocks your head off.


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