Bernie & Ozzie's Letter on the Class-Action Suit

Bernie Kosar and Ozzie Newsome recently wrote to fans who recently won a class action lawsuit filed against the former Browns. Here is a copy of their letter.

Dear Browns Fan:

Recently you received a Beder vs. Cleveland Browns, Inc., Election Form from Gilardi and Co. LLC as the result of entering and winning the class-action lawsuit filed against the former Browns.

Congratulations for having the courage to demonstrate your pride and passion for our Browns' Town. Now we are asking that you help the youngsters in the Greater Cleveland Community become the real winners.  You can do this simply by marking the box on this election form, and your portionof the settlement will be invested in the future of our children by supporting youth football and other recreational activities in northeast Ohio.

We know how important youth programs are to the community.  These programs can decrease truancy and crime, increase school proficiency rates, decrease teenage drug andalcohol use and reduce gang activity. United Way Services has been asked and has accepted theresponsibility to administer these charitable funds with oversight of a Boardof Trustees where we serve as Co-Chairmen.

Just as the former Browns players left a legacy here, now so can you.  Please consider this opportunity to demonstrate your continuing pride for the Browns and this Browns' Town by investing in the future of our children.  Under payment options section of the Election Form, please mark the donation option and make a difference in thefuture of our community.  

Bernie J. Kosar, Jr.                                                       Ozzie Newsome

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