Gameballs & Goats: Couch Triumphant

Browns fans reward success, particularly when it's against Pittsburgh. Tim Couch is showered with gameballs from Browns fans after the team's huge win.

The Week's Results

Welcome back, Tim Couch. Beat the Steelers and all (well, most) is forgiven.

Browns fans show that they are willing to reward on-field success with gameballs as Tim Couch is showered with over 200 gameball votes from Browns fans voting via Courtney Browns assembled over 100 gameball votes, and last week's whipping boy (the offensive line) came in third. Fans showed that they were unhappy with some decision-making in the special teams. Fans got some votes - both Steeler fans for their Steeler-fan behavior and some Browns fans for giving up hope following the Bengals game.


Player Gameballs
Tim Couch 202
Courtney Brown 110
---O Line--- 54
William Green 45
---Entire Defense--- 45
Andra Davis 21
Anthony Henry 21

Gameball Write-In Votes:
"Browns fans in Pittsburgh" (3), "The Orange Pants!"(2), "TIMAAAAYYYYY!!!!!" (or variants) (2), "Tommy Maddox" (2), "Entire Coaching Staff", "Entire Team", "WR Unit", "There IS a God!" , "All Corners", "GAMEBALLS FOR EVERYONE", "Thank you Butch for not playing prevent!", "Bill Cowher's sad upset looks","All the disappointed Steeler fans HAHA", "Brown and Warren... finally!"


Player Goathorns
Dennis Northcutt 87
---Special Teams--- 49
---Fans--- 22
Carmen Policy 15
Bruce Arians 14
Jerry Rosburg 13
---Officiating Crew--- 12

Goat Write-In Votes:
Steeler fans / "empty seats" (7), None (4), Hines Ward (2), Bill Cowher, Bill Cowher's Chin, "Joe Thiesmann, Pittsburgh, "Not having enough gameball spots to give everyone credit who deserved it", "The fans who continue to write off this team", "Next weeks version of the Cleveland Browns (which team will show up?)", ESPN Announcers, Lucky's Sports Bar (Athens, OH),  "Couch Bashers", "Run blocking", "The Steeler players that left the field without shaking our BROWNS hands", "ESPN cameramen"

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
maxtng If I'm Lerner, the whole freaking team gets a game ball. The game plan and execution was beautiful to watch and this was a LONG time coming.
jmatt19534 Tim Couch--AWESOME!! He played a perfect first half, then played a good second half to ice it. If he would have had an attitude about his benching, we'd be 1-4. He has kept his chin up and played his best game since coming here. He HAS to be the man from here on out. C. Brown--Finally played like the guy we saw at Penn St. He single-"hand"edly turned the game our direction in the 1st Q with his strip and recovery. O-Line--Tim could have had a picnic on some of those passes. When you give the QB time...that's what happens.
kkr112 Couch--Needs to start. Now. D--Everyone, period. Line forced Maddox into mistakes, C. Brown with the strip and recovery, D-Mac's TD, and Ward / Burress held to a combined THREE catches. O-Line--I can't believe it either, but it's true. I've never seen us pick up their blitz like that before, ever.
gregtng Couch was awesome, Green had probably the toughest 115 yards of his life and Henry virtually shut out Plaxico... Simply tremendous efforts by all three...
berniefan19 What a fantastic win for Cleveland!! The whole team played GREAT! It was nice to finally control the game from start to finish instead of playing catch-up. Tim Couch: what a game he had! Obviously enabled by the strong play of the O-Line, but Timmy on his own made the right decisions and looked like a general moving the team up and down the field. If play like this doesn't get him his job back, I don't know what will. Overall, Congratulations to the whole team. This is what Cleveland Browns football is all about!
dxdawg Couch-Great game all around. Looked like a good NFL QB. Lets roll with him for a while. C.Brown- Best game since the Bears game a few years ago. Had an effective pass rush and good awareness. William Green- 33 CARRIES!!!! Thats great. The hoggs need to get him in the endzone next week. He deserves a score.
sexco Another great game by TC, OL played really well good protection and finally opened some holes for Willie. The defense did a great job.
steediddy Couch shows who's starter
theoz Couch has generated 5 td's in two games. He should remain the starter. Jeff Faine held his own against the best nose tackle in football. Barry Stokes is a warrior. The number one rated pass offense was dominated!
rmaysfly Too many good performances to count. NICE problem
bendal Great win by the whole team. Everything worked; offensive line, defensive line, special teams.
theoz Couch is the man! Courtney owns Pittspuke!
swerb Maybe we just had to wait 4 1/2 and 3 1/2 years, respectively, for Tim Couch and Courtney Brown to blossom....
photocitydawg Tim Couch - OMIGOD Courtney Brown -OMIGOD THIS is the impact the first picks are supposed to have.
dawgnc Dave Campo deserves ten for getting this defense to 7th in the league with 3 sophomore LB's. A great total team effort.
dmnc94 Tim is the man if we don"t keep him I hope he goes to the NFC so he "ll only light us up once every four years
iwritesf Couch - is it humanly possible to play any better in one game? I don't think so. The Browns had amazing work in the trenches this week. Who were those guys? Dallas' O-line and Tampa's Defense showed up in stolen Browns' unis? Green - plugged away and worked his tail off the whole game.
gdawg2u This was the total team victory. Great job by the Browns and the Coaching staff. For the fans that showed up in Pissburgh you get a gameball for having to watch a game in Ketchup Field.
james_t_h Tim Couch showed a lot of heart and determination, you can just tell he wants to be the leader of this team. There was a point in the second half when Willie was a little slow to get up after a hit so they were about to bring in Jackson, but Green waived JJ off the field and proceeded to make a 12 yard run....I love that kid!!! Anthony Henry what can I say, he shut down Plax...who says we don't have a shu down corner??
jlac20 The Defense did the job today....they shut em down.....
naxos Tim Couch simply looked great. He had the protection provided to him by the o-line all game long and it let his decision making show. Good reads, nice passes, and a great game.
logdawg Barry Stokes had a great game playing on a bum ankle. Obviously TC and CB had great games as well.
dmcvey outstanding in all three phases; only 2 penalties for 10 yds is a key reason behind the win; why can't the browns always be that disciplined? for every positive play during the game i was just waiting for the yellow flag to call it back. Fantastic.
samatlanta Couch: Arguably his best game as a pro. May have made a case for keeping the starting QB job. Green: After early frustration over the (lack of) run blocking, he carried the load - as well as a Steeler defender - in the second half. Offensive Line: Suspect run blocking in the first half, but they gave Couch all the time he could have asked for in the face of Pittsburgh's complicated blitz scheme. Defensive Line: This much-maligned unit gave its best performance of the year, by far. Kept the heat on Maddox. Entire Coaching Staff: With the exception of special teams, the coaches had the team ready to play, and didn't let them get down after a few mistakes.
williamfedele outstanding game by Tim Couch ran the offense perfectly play calling got a little conservative in the second half but Tim made some big third down throws. William Green ran hard all night, took a pounding and still was strong at the end. Courtney and Anthony played outstanding on defense as well.
ddricheson Wow.... I think Couch could of had a picnic in the pocket as much time as they gave him back there. GREAT JOB GUYS.......
mevins31 We found our QB. Tim Couch has grown up.
frumanchu Tim Couch - Truly an awesome game against a tough Steelers team! You've shown your true potential. Courtney Brown - This is your year, man! Stay healthy!!! William Green - Clock control is everything and despite how few holes you had you worked your ass off and it paid off with a 100+ yard game. 'Cutch - HUGE INT return for TD! Coaching - Actually saw some innovative play calling even during a typical 'prevent' opportunity. Clearly the coaches planned out the weaknesses of this team and exploited them.
sapphiresmd Anthony Henry gets a long overdue gameball for once again shutting down a good receiver. After shutting down Marvin Harrison and then keeping Terrell Owens out of the end zone, Hank played tough again and limited Burress to only one catch.
spenglmw Tim Couch - WOW! He looked great. I have to admit I was pulling for Holcomb in the preseason, but Couch looks to good to pull out. Butch keep playing him!!! C. Brown - Keep it going Brown...he look's real good. I think he's gaining his confidence back and he's putting the injury worries behind him. William Green - 115 yards and he gained every one of those yards. Hard nose down running! When we needed the run he came through! Kudos to the O-Line for FINALLY some decent blocking (it wasn't great, but just enough)
pnadel Might have been the best all around performance, start to finish, since their return.
brownsxxl Up until yesterday, I was as depressed as a Browns fan can get. Today I am as happy as a Browns fan can get. THE BROWNS RULE! THE SQUEELERS SUCK! GO BROWNS!!! GO BROWNS!!!
mark zickefoose And to think the Steelers PREFERRED to face Tim... Courtney showed up HUGE. Andra Davis is looking more and more like a stud defensive STEAL two years ago. And the O-line nutted it up and kept Timmy clean (mostly).
nmbrownsfan What a Treat! God Bless the entire team!
browns_beer Couch drops back in the pocket, he's still there, he steps up, still standing, he's still there, I go and get a sandwich, couch is still in the pocket, I go to take a leak, couch is still in the pocket, I read War and Peace, Couch still has the protection.... Maybe it wasn't like that but it definitely felt like it. The normally offensive offensive line showed up for the game. Amazing pass protection. Couch was great, the d was great, it was all great... and in the end Pitt still sucks..
porters What a great team effort . Tim is proving that he deserves the QB job full time. Courtney had pressure all game long and came up with the big plays. Anthony Henry shut down Plax.
darkcell Timmy played one of his best games. You want to be the starter that's exactly how to do it. Great 2 minute drill before the half. As long as the offense is playing like this, then let Couch play. Courtney played like we know he can (just stay healthy). 'Cutch put the game away with the Int TD. Beside the Falcons game last December, this was one of the biggest wins we've had since coming back into the league. Two thumbs up to Willie Green for running hard and not giving up. 100 yd games against these guys aren't easy to do and you earned it. Great team game all around, now do us a favor and WIN SOME HOME GAMES TOO!!! (starting with the Raiders this coming Sunday)
nybrownie Outstanding game all around. Players playing with an attitude and playing hurt (Green, Stokes) . No drive killing penalties...
ronsicker Great effort by the entire team and coaching staff. We needed it. God Bless those Browns!!!
estaller Tim Couch, Tim Couch, Tim Couch - By far and away THE player of the game. I have not seen a qb have as good of a 1st half as Timmy had. Tim has earned HIS job back, and there should be absolutely no question who should start the rest of the season....TIM!!! Great job!!!! Courtney Brown - Boy, does CB love to play the Squealers. Someone please tell him were playing Pittspuke every week!!! Awesome game from CB!!!! Entire D - From the pressure on Maddox the whole game to the great coverage on the receivers, this is the best I've seen since they came back in '99. William Green - 115 hard fought yard, 33 carries!!! I've said it before, just keep feeding him the ball, and he WILL get the yards! Orpheus Roye - This guy just keeps bringing it game in and game out, MVP of the D so far this year!! Secondary - Completely shut down the receivers, best game this year!! D-Line - Fantastic game by the front four, even 'Big Money' got on the stat sheet. O-Line - Really sucked it up, and played their guts out, gave Tim enough time to throw, and Green was able to get 115 yards.
pjewett Hey the whole team top to bottom. Well maybe leave the Not so special teams off.
taroli Tim stepped up and played well. William broke 100yds for the first time this season in spite of painful sweeps. Anthony and the rest of the secondary held Plaxico to 1 catch for 19 yds. And Daylon was in the right place at the right time to return a pick for a TD. It was a good game for everyone as a whole.
nwdawgfan AWESOME game by the whole team. It was an entire team effort all the way around!!!!!!!!
losangelesdawg Will the real Browns Team please stand up! Does the term "consistency" have any meaning?
segoette You're back and you da man....Nice decisions and leadership on the field. A. Davis -- if you're not a perennial all pro LB, I've not seen one. BIG PLAYS Oline - did aliens abduct our oline and replace them with dead hall of famers?
phelix17 Timmuh!
linnfamily As a Holcomb supporter, it is clear who the starting quarterback should be. Couch has moved the ball effectively and consistent. O-Line, great job giving Couch the time to throw those longer patterns, you da man Faine. Why not every player, defense and offense, too bad this wasn't last years playoff, but a win in Pittsburgh is a good win.
beandip_62 Courtney Brown - How nice is it to see this guy start to play like he's capable of. Great season so far, and an excellent all around game this week. Anthony Henry - Can you say shutdown cornerback? He has done nothing but shut down 3 of the better WR's in the league this year in Harrison, Owens, and Burress. Tim Couch - Showed that he still has more than enough left in him to be a playoff quarterback.
soberdawg C. Brown was an obvious choice, as was TC. The Steelers could not run the ball and that put the responsibility on Turnover Tommy to beat us and there was no way. Andra Davis sets the tone for our run defense.
esbyoda Not enough gameballs to go around. Couch played out of his mind, the line blocked well, on and on. Maybe the biggest jump in performance has to be accredited to Bruce Arians and the coaching staff for calling a complete, less timid game.
saminc What looked so good about Tim is that he was comfortable in there and was able to audible more than I have ever seen him do at the line. When Tim can read the defense, that alone buys him additional time because the O-line is in the right scheme. He was not surprised all night!. CB seems to be more consistent this year with quality play in every game, and Henry is finally showing legitimate cover skills to be a starter!
blueky The entire team always deserves a gameball whenever the Squeelers get punked!
goofboy After last week - so much joy....
appraiser very strong performance by couch. the offensive line did a great job of providing protection. the defensive line really got after them.
indybones Very, very, nice job Tim! Andra Davis is a player. This guy looks like he will become the cornerstone of the D. Willie looks like he wants it bad. Great effort
whoknowsmore Great Game...if you are a Browns fan. Defense played very well. I was so exited that our 1st rounders stepped up.
vick That is the way a football game should be played.
thadrizzi Giving one to each of those first round picks. It was nice to see them all play so well together. Affirmation!
aqib Couch showed what all the Couch backers have been saying all along. This is the guy who won 7 out of the last 10 games for us last year. I am holding my breath for Courtney Brown, hoping this is the start of something good. Kelly did a nice job staying hurt so that Butch can't put him in.
dabrowns31 YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FEELS GREAT... TIM NEEDS TO START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
r22weiss Total Team win. This is the game we have been waiting for from the Browns this season. Couch played about as well as anyone could ask. The OL gave him the protection to find the open WR's. Green got some running room when the Steelers D got tired. Was that C Brown getting 2 sacks? WOW. Nice game by the underachieving DL. The Browns came to play!!! Need to keep this up with Oakland coming into town Sunday.
cornjob Tim Couch: His best game of his career so far. If only I had him on my fantasy team! DLine: Where did that come from??? See, good things happen when you put constant pressure on the QB. If we can do this to Rich Gannon next week, the Raiders are toast! Willy Green: Fantastic performance. 'nuff said.
pjs The entire team deserves a gameball aside from special teams coverage, but Couch turned the corner yesterday and will lead the Browns to another win against the Raiders next week
weweber3 The list could go on and on for this game! So many players took their games to the next level. Crocker, Henry, Willie, THE D LINE AND O LINE... AWESOME! Andra Davis continues to impress me every week.... GW and CB finally showed they are worth the $$$! WAY TO GO BOYS!
massillondawg Great game planning by the coordinators - Arians gave Couch opportunities to pick apart the D, and Campo brought the heat to disrupt Maddox.
mddawgfan Couch and the O-line looked like they were on the same page the whole night. Very Impressive.
wild_weasel3000 Courtney, and the whole D-Line had an incredible game!
thejamdawg most flawlessly played game since the return in '99. Absolutely Beautiful. and on NATIONAL TELEVISION against the Steelers.)
pincushion An unbelievable game for the Brownies. Walking into a hostile environment and dominating almost all aspects of the game. Couch had a nearly flawless game and Courtney Brown played like a stud. Also kudos to the coaches for getting the team up for a big game.
lazywaste brown - like to see he is making an impact couch - nice to see you finally show up for a game defense - way to stuff the pitt. offense all night long o-line - way to hold good protection
rockymtndawg Thirty-three tough carries. Kudos and a tube of Ben-Gay to William Green. The ointment, not the free agent.
voiceofreason Our OL must do with heart what others do with Talent. Barry Stokes personifies what our line is all about. Watching Couch play, I felt optimistic about the browns for the first time in months. Pitt could simply not block CBrown - Sort of like he was a #1 overall draft choice or something.
geedog My Gameball goes to Tim Couch. Maybe sitting him down at the start of the season was the best thing for him. Are the Browns sure they want to let him leave next season? That would be a mistake that the front office and team would regret.
tobe.11 The whole team gets a gameball for a win against stoolerville. ^_^ I could hug and kiss every defensive player for shutting Maddox & co. down!
snakeman Andra Davis 3rd-and-1 tackle on Amos z. at Cleveland 20 yrd line was best LB tackle i've seen since Clay was around...he absolutely FLEW to the ball
nebraska dawg Brown is going to the Pro Bowl this year with performances like that. 2 sacks. Forced fumble. Fumble recovery. Pressure that resulted in a INT for a TD? Are you kidding? He dominated. Couch played good, almost flawless in the first half, he could have easily had two more picks against him though. Green. That was the most earned 115 yards in the history of the NFL. Great job!
chas dawg What a game! That was sweet, gameballs for every Brown!
dagueh Young Lerner needs to pony up and give every player on the active roster a game ball after last night's dismantling of the Steelers. The O-Line deserves the first game ball from this one though. Everything starts up front, and following a week of fan and media criticism our O-Line punched the Steeler's lauded defense in the mouth, play after glorious play.
brentburgess408 Couch proved he deserves to start for the Browns!!!
jlcts Say it with me... "Timmy, Timmy." Let's get back on the couch and say we're sorry!! WE LOVE YOU TIM!!!GO COUCH!!
sipedawg just maybe all the boobirds @ Cleveland will keep quiet this Sunday vs Oakland
gbeachy COUCH: That's the bare-armed, cut-off-sleeves, make-it-happen Timmy that we love to see. Keep it up! WR UNIT: Making plays all night! ENTIRE D: You guys rocked! Execution was nice. Tackles were still sloppy and missed too often. And the D-line still made Andra do too much work. But the D-line still kept pressure on Maddox which was critical. Excellent!
bart.quigley Bought damn time, Timmy! Mr. C. Brown, same! McCutcheon, please wait until you get into the end zone to celebrate. You do realize you're a cursed Brown, right?
robdawgie Three #1 picks as gameballers!! Expected!
watersc O-Line: What a game, great protection, thanks for making their defense look like a pee-wee league team. Tim Couch: Beautiful performance, I loved watching this game, a thing of beauty. William Green: Hard running, even when the holes weren't there, good game; the touchdowns will come. Bill Cowher, was anybody else glad to see him glaring and pissed off on the sideline?? Thanks Browns for giving me a great b-day present a day early!!!!
edgewater joe Couch rocked. What else needs to be said about him? The D line showed up and turned Maddox into the XFL refugee we all suspected he really was. Henry took Burress totally out of the game.
jankem That was the best Steeler domination since I witnessed the 51-0 opener in person at Three Rivers. The O-Line kept Couch clean and really seemed to be in sync on their pass blocking. (Run blocking is another story, but why bicker after a win like this.) Couch was awesome and in command --- let's support him next week at home. Anthony Henry had a great game and seems to be rebounding nicely from his 2002 struggles. Kudos also to Courtney, Andra Davis, and Andre King (for his block on the big kick return).
ericmc783 Who else but QB Tim Couch?!?! 20 for 25, 2 TD's, played an excellent game from start to finish. And who said he wasn't a good quarterback?! He's always been a good QB for us; the only thing is he just hasn't evolved as quickly as a Peyton Manning or a Donavan Mcnabb. Rookie C Jeff Faine handled duties against the Pittsburgh DL very well. Hats off to him. DL Gerard Warren really stepped it up and made some good plays that he hadn't made yet this year, including his first sack of the year. -FreakofGod83
s.trares The orange pants should stay. I'm a traditionalist so I like the classic colors, but the way the "D" was flying around it looked like we had 15 guys out there. I think the boys feel a little friskier with the orange duds. Young team, new generation, punking the Squeelers, lets keep em.
fgm Tim Couch - I've been pretty harsh on this guy, but I really notice a change in the way Couch has stepped up and lead this team the last two games. I think the benching has really helped him a lot, and I think he is finally showing what he is made of as a QB. Great job last night, Tim!!! Daylon McCutcheon - Did a great job on Hines Ward for most of the game, and the pick that was run back for a score was beautiful. Wish it would've happened during the playoffs, but oh well. Courtney Brown- That strip of Maddox and fumble recovery was awesome!!! Applied good pressure and run support all night. Somehow this guy saves his best games for the Steelers. But hey, what better opponent to have your best games against? Andra Davis - All I have to say is, "This is no man! This is a beast!"


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
jmatt19534 CPolicy--I said you'd get one after every win until Bernie is officially a part of this there! (As if you care.) DNorthcutt--You have to leave that bouncing punt alone! PDawson--Extra point? You've got to pop that sucker straight up! A blocked EP is always going to be pinned on the kicker.
kkr112 STs--The only blemish on this one...terrible coverage on both kicks and punts, people tripping over themselves, etc. and the blocked extra point. Merletti--Cracks me up that he's on the voting list, and I hate that SOB, so I'll vote for him as a filler. Davis--Not happy with how it seemed like he was going out of his way to not compliment Couch. Lose the ego Butch, you were wrong.
dxdawg Northcutt- PETER!!!! PETER!!!! PETER!!!!! Warren- Seemed invisible to me. Griff- Bad tackling as usual.
sexco Dennis made a real bad choice to even bother with that punt. Otherwise a good game by everyone!
theoz Hines Ward for leaving the field during the game, ashamed of his teammates. Phil Dawson seems to miss a kick a week.
rmaysfly Kick coverage a little shaky
bendal Only the playcalling in the second half deserves criticism. The Browns were way too predictable on first down, and often had to wait until 3rd down to make a yard.
swerb Tough game to pick goats. I guess one goes to Northcutt for the asinine fumble, one to Dawson for the missed PAT, and one to Policy for shutting Kosar out of a role with this team.
photocitydawg Northcutt did his best to reverse things whenever we got momentum. The officiating crew gave us a few breaks at critical times.
dawgnc Too many big returns against the ST. One was called back but every time Randel-El touched the ball I cringed.
dmnc94 He (Theismann) was one of the media all over Timmy last year. ... And then said he still should not be the starter
iwritesf I'll put a goathorn on myself this week. I was ready to throw in the towel after a month of mostly listless performances on both offense and defense. But everything came together this week.
james_t_h They could have at least made it a game!!!
jlac20 No GOATS in my book with that win.....everyone played great.....only 2 penalties......that was amazing....GREAT GAME
naxos Policy will continue to get a goat from me every week until he either leaves or takes his head out of his...
logdawg Cutt shouldn't have tried to field that punt and Dawson with the missed PAT. Both go on ST, so the coach gets the goat horns as well.
dmcvey My Butch Davis goat pick is for next week if he starts Holcomb. If Couch can lose his job to injury why can't Holcomb? Couch has put together two solid performances and if he can perform to that level v. Oakland in a third straight start, Couch should be the starter.
samatlanta Northcutt: What were you thinking? Say goodbye to your humongous contract. You'll only get a large one. Special Teams: A blocked PAT? I know Randle El is a dangerous returner, and so should you. Kick coverage teams must stay in their lanes against a guy like him.
old mill dawg Even though Northcutt and the special teams deserves a look here, there are no goats to give. The was a well played game by the entire team.
frumanchu Steelers fans - WTF? Throwing balls on the field? Throwing stuff at the Browns bench? You guys didn't even have a game-determining blown call to bitch about...just a sorry-assed performance by an overrated QB and a shoddy secondary. You should be throwing crap at The Jaw and the yellow and black bench.
sapphiresmd Dennis Northcutt is wearing BIG goathorns this week. Besides his muffed punt disaster, Northcutt constantly runs side to side on returns to avoid getting hit. For every good play he makes, he nullifies it with something stupid.
spenglmw Steve Heiden - His blocking is terrible!!! It's actually not blocking. He should have red blanket, he look's like bull fighter. Defenders are either running right by him or he's on his butt!
pnadel This is a cheapy vote, but what was he (Northcutt ) thinking on that punt?
brownsxxl When you drive and you come up to a stop sign you stop. When the ball is punted to you and it hits the ground and bounces up you LET IT GO! There is no excuse for Northcutt to make a stupid mistake that any pee-wee football player knows not to make.
mark zickefoose Northcutt played well for the most part, but that was a REALLY DUMB move to tip the ball and give it back to Pitt. ST overall tried to keep the Steelers in the game, and Steeler Fans get goathorns because it can't help but IMPROVE their looks. That and one shoved a peanut up his nose on NATIONAL TV.
browns_beer Northcutt played great but that punt could of really hurt us if our D hadn't been playing so well. I understand he wanted to make a play but we were up 13-0 and it wasn't the time to make a bone headed play like that. Special Teams- How do we get an extra point blocked?? Christ... and to Carmen Policy.... I still hate you.....
porters Browns fans who gave up on the season and all who have boo'd individual players. ( Couch ). Northcutt's bonehead play and special teams in general need to improve.
darkcell This is an advance Goat award if you let us down at home next week.
nybrownie Some poor special teams play..
estaller Dennis Northcutt - His special teams play was crap. Get C.J. Jones activated to play special teams! Special Teams - All around, special team was crappy most of the night, missed extra point, horrible kickoff coverage, plus the Steelers muffing kicks, and the Browns should have been all over and the Steelers ended up getting anyway. This unit needs massive improvement. Although the lone bright spot was the run back by Davis. Bruce Arians - What is with the WR screen to Morgan with 3-4 defenders around him???? Throw DOWNFIELD, not to the side!!! Steelers Fans - WOW, a lot of people slipped into early Halloween costumes of Yellow Seats in the 4th qtr. Steelers - Usually I have some respect for this team as they usually come in prepared, and fight us pretty hard, but it seemed that they just.......... SUCK!!!!!! GO BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nwdawgfan The team played as a team and if we play all year like we played last night, we're going to the SuperBowl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
segoette Fans were quiet in front of a national audience. Sucks to be south of C-town today. Northcutt - you're not that tall. Carmen because he's not going to pick up the option on Couch next year. What a freakin mistake after investing so much in Tim and now showing that he can play with the elite.
phelix17 Arians is still the worst. Thank God Couch was on and the Steelers were not because the play calling was terrible. Any other OC (other than the guy in Chicago) and we win by 60. Any other OC and we're 4 and 1.
linnfamily There are no goathorns this week, with the win against Pittsburgh everybody deserves gameballs. But if I do give a goathorn, might as well give it to the Steeler Fans.
beandip_62 The special teams were horrible. Most of the punts were fairly short. We had an extra point blocked. Our kick/punt coverage was absolutely pathetic. Just a horrid day all around. Ryan Pontbriand - For getting completely waxed by Chris Hope on that punt coverage.
soberdawg Actually, Northcutt has a decent game outside of the muffed punt, but that misplay had the potential for turning momentum.
esbyoda In a game where few of these should be doled out at all, lets give one to Northcutt for the boneheaded touch on the return. That's high school stuff, and JV at that. The special teams were great on some things and trouble on others. Our coverage teams should be better with the speed we've got.
saminc Pitt fans left early, and for a 2-2 team, too much booing by halftime. Our special teams was bitter-sweet. We played poorly on kickoff coverage at times, botched the extra point, and Cutt grossly misplayed the punt that could have changed the game entirely. Cutt gets a goat for that!
kevdawg I'm referring to Steelers fans. I heard that some on their discussion boards were lamenting letting Kordell go. Wow, & I thought Browns fans were goofy.
goofboy I'm going to stick with - we would have scored in the 40's if we would break tendency and throw on first down once in a while.
appraiser missed tackles and penalties. don't understand why we were kicking the ball to Randal el...way to dangerous...lets learn this lesson before Kansas City.
indybones Hines, you're so much prettier when you smile! Goathorns to the Steeler fans for leaving early. You owe it to the world to stay and suffer.
wmg69 Special Teams need more control-can't go running down the field and over extend your self.
whoknowsmore It was a great day to be a Browns fans, however there was nothing special about special teams with a blocked X point and a muffed punt return. Couch bashers take that...No QB problem in CLE, CLE just has two starting QBs.
aqib It was a complete win in all facets, but judging by how Couch has played since he has been in there I am giving Butch a goathorn for not starting him earlier. Butch you should have known what you had a QB all along, next time you get a gut feeling take Alka-Seltzer.
r22weiss Only because he still can't tackle. Steelers fans, but then again does that surprise anyone?
cornjob My only beef this week is with the fans who tossed in the towel after the Bengals game (that means you, Doc Gonzo). I've never been more disappointed with Browns fans after that loss, and feel many of you are not as loyal and as passionate as the rest of us. No matter what happens, you can't give up!!! The thought of abandoning the team is ridiculous. I hope you all learned you lesson.
weweber3 Special Teams stunk! Except for the kick return for 69 yds by Davis... which only happened because Pitt had a penalty. Need to win the game of special teams EVERY WEEK!
massillondawg Not much to goathorn this week!
thejamdawg 1. Steeler Fans sitting behind the Browns Sideline were throwing objects at the Browns. I'm sure many of these clowns have criticized Browns Fans for their behavior in the past. 2. Did you notice that halfway through the 4th Quarter, a lot of Steeler fans were disguised as empty seats? I thought these were "The Greatest Fans in Football".
fkaferrell2 Are you kidding me??? No one deserves any "goathorns" for this effort. This was as complete a "team" victory as we've enjoyed since the Browns return! I'm sure some bullheaded fans will vote "goats" to Dennis Northcutt for his misjudgment on the punt, but his marvelous concentration on the 4th play of the initial drive allowed us to continue on 3rd down & ultimately take much of the steam out of Porter & Co. by driving it down their collective throats on our first possession. Let's revel in this one for a few days & then get on a win streak...this is a pretty good young football team, despite the slow start!
lazywaste Northcutt - learn how to hold onto the ball. there have been too many special teams fumbles this year. green - yeah you may have over 100 yards but get it going - you got 60 of those in the second half. couch - for making 7 million and taking so long to decide to play the game of football. it took losing his job to play good? how much sense does that make.
rockymtndawg Special teams. Why do we have such terrible luck recovering fumbles? Is it practice, or just numbers and we can expect a wealth of turnover riches later in the season? Of course I keep expecting my luck to change on the golf course also, and that hasn't happened either.
voiceofreason Dennis played tight in the return game. A really stupid muffed punt and a failure to fair catch at the 8 yrd line were mistakes that could have hurt. Steeler Fans - At least have the guts to stay until the final whistle.
geedog I'm not sure there are any Goat's in this performance. What a complete game. If there is one, it would have to be NorthDrop. Fumbling that punt could have been just what the Stillers needed to get back in the game. He's not worth a fat contract at the end of the season. Bring on C.J.!
tobe.11 No goathorns! We are not worthy!!
nebraska dawg Northcutt. WTF are you doing out there? Are you just confused? Don't touch a football after two hops. Just don't. That was stupid. Policy, you're a snake. You get horns from me for 5 weeks in a row. Chaun- can you crack the lineup yet please?
chas dawg No Goat Horns! It's a team game and the Browns beat the freakin' Steelers, 'nuff said. (For the pessimists, 'Cutt made a few boneheaded plays, but his drive sustaining catch on the tone setting opening series earns him a free pass.)
dagueh Reluctant goat vote for Northcutt. Yes, it was a bone headed play on the punt return, but you can't ream a guy to much for being aggressive and trying to twist the dagger a little deeper into the Steelers. I'd much rather see the Browns mess up once in a while due to aggression then fade conservatively.
dave63 There are no goats when you smack the Stoolies at their home by 20.
sipedawg we still like ya dennis i realize you being aggressive, but have to give you a goat
gbeachy ARIANS: The team won this game in spite of you. It was nice to see a few trick plays to keep them on their toes, but it was still the superhuman effort on the field that made it happen. OFFICIATING CREW: Steelers were lined up in the neutral zone all night, but you only called it once. That was a bad interference call, too, but we'll take it.
ganjamandawg Run your loud punk ass mouth all night and then leave the field and hide before the games over, you little egomaniac ! take your beating like a man ! what a puss
bart.quigley Andra, when the ball lands in your hands...catch it. Tackling was a little spotty at times.
robdawgie The run blocking was absolutely horrible.
watersc NO Goathorns for the Browns this time, just for the unsportsmanlike attitudes of the Steelers that left the field before the game was over, get over it you pansies!!! You got beat by the greatest franchise in all of sports!!!!!!
edgewater joe Bad day for the punting units on both sides, and Cutch had a tough time on that one drive with Hines Ward. But aside from Cutt's problems, no real complaints -- WE BEAT THE SQUEELERS BY 20 IN THEIR HOUSE!!!!!
jankem I was going to goat Willie for dancing around so much and not hitting the hole hard, but screw it --- we won and he hit 100+ anyway. The kick coverage teams were brutal. The field looked slippery, but we were constantly losing containment lanes and having to chase these bastards down.
ericmc783 WR Dennis Northcutt - 2 very stupid plays on special teams, in about 5 minutes. YOU'RE not a rookie anymore, Dennis! ALMOST ALL CLEVELAND BROWNS FANS EVERYWHERE, for being totally pessimist and not even giving the Browns a chance in this game despite the fact that Pittsburgh (up until this game) has had their own fair share of problems as well. I at least figured the Browns had a chance and didn't count them out. I hope all you Pessimists burn in football hell and are replaced by more positive thinking fans like me. -FreakofGod83
weimer19 ESPN cameramen or the city of Pittsburgh. Everytime they showed a person in the crowd it was some fat ugly guy. Does the city of Pittsburgh have no women in it?
fgm Steeler fans- I was watching the game at a local Youngstown sports bar, and shortly after the game was over, this idiot Steeler fan started yelling "The Browns still suck" over and over. I started arguing with him and eventually told him to go (expletive) himself. Man, what a sore loser this guy was! To all you classless, cocky, spoiled Steeler fans out there: quit your whining already! You guys think you can win every game over the Browns? Are you that spoiled? Are you that classless? Are you that retarded? Get a freaking life!!!!

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