Magazine Preview: Steel Kickin'

A pummelling of the Steelers, new commentaries by Bernie and Pete Franklin, and lots of great info on the resurgent Browns. It doesn't get better than this!

The latest issue of Bernie's Insiders Magazine has been mailed and is on the way to subscribers.

This week's issue focuses on the sudden and unexpected resurgence of the Browns coming off a stunning 33-13 win at Pittsburgh. The game recap focuses on Tim Couch's performance, and has all the stats and quotes Browns fans need to get caught up with the season to date.

Bernie leads off this issue with an examination of how fans and players interact, discussing the emotional state that football players need to be successful, and how fans can help players rise to the occasion. Although it's hard to recall after his many successes, Bernie also had to deal with angry fans, and discusses the challenges that players face.

Mike Tomczak has a unique perspective on the Browns Steelers rivalry, having played with both teams. Mike also played for Ohio State against Michigan in one of college football's greatest rivalries, and also played on both sides of the Bears-Packers rivalry! Bernie's Insiders catches up with Mike and finds out what he's been up to since his playing days.

Also, Cleveland sports radio legend Pete Franklin weighs in with his thoughts on the victory over "Pittspuke" and the Browns progress so far this year. For fans who listened to Pete as he dominated the local airwaves and redefined sports talk, getting to hear from him again is a real treat.

Also, look for exclusive scoop for Browns news-hound Lane Adkins, who gets thoughts from inside the organization on the young Browns progress. Has the team been taken by surprise by the team's early performance? The answer may surprise...

Finally, Chuck Murr offers some more trivial, there's a look forward to the Oakland Raiders contest, and they even allow Ward Cleaver impersonator Barry "Art Bietz" McBride to talk about why the Browns struggle at home - and offer a suggestion to the team's management about how they can help the Stadium feel more like home.

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