Browns Uncensored Transcript

Here's the transcript of last Thursday's Browns Uncensored chat. All but direct Q-and-A with Dave has been lovingly removed by hand. Enjoy...

ramllov Hey DAve, Z has played RG two weeks in a row. Is the job his permanently?
David Carducci Ram, I think it is for now, and possibly for the rest of the year unless they eventually decide to try to move Stokes back inside, which I think would be a mistake. A lot of people doubt Zuk because he's a bit topheavy (bit upper body, small lower body) and he's taken a while to feel comfortable in the NFL, but I think he has that toughness that will make him a pretty good blue-collar lineman
DocGonzo Is Dave a KSU grad?
David Carducci Gonzo, I'm went to KSU for graduate school, Hiram College for undergrad
David Carducci why do you ask?
DocGonzo Dave, I keep hiring KSU J-school grads ...
David Carducci Really? It's a good journalism school.
Lumpy Dave-I was surprised to hear the staff wasn't all that thrilled with Faine so far this season...Lolley last wk pretty much hinted Hampton would have his way with him...I didn't hear Hampton's name over the loud speakers much Sunday night...what are they saying about Faine now?
David Carducci Lumpy, I thought Faine had one of his best games Sunday. He's going to be up and down like any rookie. The one thing the team would like to see is a consistent hard-nosed approach, and I think there were a few games where he didn't have that
Ladydawg Dave how's the arm doing?
David Carducci LadyDawg, the arm is doing much better, thanks. Not a tear, but a bad sprain. still hurts.
Guest57 Is Courtney Brown for real?
ramllov Dave, it looks like C. Brown is now the real deal, when does Warren become the real deal, or is he a bust?
artbtz Two questions on the floor about CB... from Ram and G57
David Carducci Courtney is doing much, much better than I had expected. I've heard for so long about how he's been working on some very high-end defensive moves, and I guess the injuries have kept him from really developing them and taking them to the field. He is using his hands so much better than ever before, and he is relying on his power as well as his speed. That split of Ross and Faneca, pressuring on the INT by cutch was pretty great
David Carducci Too often in the past, I thought he would just try to beat a tackle around the end with his speed. Not doing that onow
ramllov What about G. Warren?
David Carducci Ram, I think Warren is getting better as the year goes on, too. He talked a lot this week about how it takes some people a while to come out of their shell, and they think they'll be gangbusters right out of the gate as a rookie. But he didn't do that. What he is finding is that he is mentally getting better, understanding the game, and that's starting to pay some dividends. He might be a guy who breaks out towards the end of [msg continues in 22 sec
David Carducci the year and early next [msg complete]
ramllov Dave are you of the opinion that this defense will be pretty good after the bye week?
David Carducci Ram, I've always thought it would take a while for the defense. That it would be better towards the second half (easy opinion to have). But I've been encouraged by the strong play from time to time. They have played better in spurts than I had ever imagined they would. I'd like to think they would start seeing some of that consistency Butch talks about in the 2nd half of the year
Guest57 So if we keep Couch, Brown, and Warren next year how are we going to manage the salary cap?
David Carducci Guest57, that's a great question. I have no idea. I think it would be much easier to renegotiate with all three, especially Couch, if they all have secure positions on the team. If Couch is the starter, he will probably rework his deal.
ramllov Thanks
David Carducci My guess is though that Couch might not be back, though
KJ Couch leaving is a MAJOR mistake
David Carducci KJ, I agree. Still might not happen.
newdawg Dave, I notice that the dline in general and CB in particular are not racking up many tackles. is this a characteristic of Campo's defense?
David Carducci Newdawg, yes a bit. I think this defense more than the past has the D-line trying to eat up more blocks and keep the backers free to make plays. I think they'd still like a bit more production up front
ramllov Dave did you enjoy the Manning game on Monday night?
David Carducci Ram, great game. I probably wouldn't have watched til the end, but fortunately I was TIVOing the game
blance3459 Dave anything in particular that brings you to that conculsion about Tim?
David Carducci blance3459, just a feeling I have. I may very well be wrong. I've been wrong before, as you all know
dobie7 Dave, How is Couch's hand?
David Carducci Dobie7, I was there on Wednesday, but not today, so I haven't heard anything about his hand.
Lumpy D Line couldn't have been much better Sunday night...same for the O Line...are they coming together or is it a fluke?
David Carducci Lumpy, I don't think it's a fluke, but I also don't think they are necessarily coming together yet. I think they can come together, but they are far from where they were at the end of last season. Stokes approach continues to impress me. I still think Faine will be very, very good. And I really like Tucker. O'hara is a much better fit, in my opinion at LG than RG, and I like Zukauskas' physical play. He still has a lot to learn, though. And this group needs more time to really gel
ramllov How much of the front four production was due to a weak Pittsburgh offensive line?
David Carducci Ram, Pittsburgh's offensive line play was dreadful, but the front four still made plays. You have to give them credit for that. Just like the Steelers secondary has been dreadful, and both Couch and Holcomb still deserve credit for making plays against them.
ramllov Dave do you see Kevin Johnson reestablishing himself as the number one receiver? It looks like Morgan is taking a step back.
David Carducci Ram, I still am a big believer in Morgan. I honestly don't believe he is taking a step back. There are just four WR on this team capable of making plays. KJ can be a No. 1, but so can anyone in this group with this team.
Lumpy thanks do you see the D Line...and what is the staff saying?
David Carducci Lumpy, the staff isn't saying anything they wouldn't normally say. I think it is encouraging that they made plays when they were there to be made, and they really did it up front with little blitzing behind them. They are determined to create natural pressure from the front four, and if you can do that, you can be a devestating defense. They have to show they can do it consistently. More Pittsburgh games. Fewer Cincinnati games
DocGonzo So what's the team's most pressing need in the 2004 draft? OG? OT? DT? TE? CB? ... or dare I say, QB?
David Carducci DocGonzo, I still think it's either OG or OT.
Guest57 Weak spot on the defense is Robert Griffith - agree?
David Carducci guest57, I guess I'd have to right now. I hate to say it, but he still isn't what they hoped when they signed him
KJ Dave, do u see Verba playing another down in Cleveland at 4.6 million in 2004?
David Carducci KJ, I think he would have to rework the deal.
buddog Will Crocker ultimately be a CB or safety?
David Carducci Buddog, I think it depends on a number of things. He can do both. I think Sanders could end up being an option at strong safety next year if they part ways with Griffith. He has the size and the speed to be very good there. That could mean Crocker moving more to CB. That's what I'd like to see, not necessarily what will happen.
chitwnbrown how bout Suggs, when will we se him can he make an impact?
David Carducci Chitwnbrown, Suggs is ready to go. That doesn't mean he is ready to make an impact yet. He is still a rookie who hasn't had enough time to absorb or practice in the offense to really make an impact yet. Plus, he needs to be able to play special teams to make the active 45 with White and Green already there
ramllov Is Sanders strong enough for SS safety?
David Carducci Ram, I think he does. The way he plays on special teams makes me think he'd be a really nice fit there.
BryanK Dave, what was your opinion of the play of Darnell Sanders?
David Carducci BryanK, I was pleasantly surprised by Sanders last year. So far this year, I haven't seen anything that makes me think very hopeful that he can add much
dobie7 Dave, Why wouldn't Jameson play SS, if Griffith leaves?
David Carducci Dobie7, I like Jameson a lot, and he could very well be that guy. There is just something about Sanders size and strength that makes me wonder what he could do at safety. Doesn't mean it will happen or that they will even consider it.
blance3459 Could Suggs end up being JJ's replacement?
David Carducci blance3459, he certainly could
ramllov Dave how have you liked the Henry DB this year, has he improved enough? Does he still have an upside?
David Carducci Ram, I think Henry has improved tremendously in terms of his understanding of the game. The way he played Plaxico the other night was almost perfect. He has the tools, the only question was his grasp of the game. He appears to be getting it.
Ladydawg Hey Dave did you get a chance to talk to the Mustard?
David Carducci Ladydawg, I haven't talked with Mustard since training camp. It's tough. We are only in the locker room 15 minutes or so a day, and you have to have a gameplan of who you want to talk to with who is available
DocGonzo Dave, what's your gut instinct on this Sunday's game? Letdown, or does Cleveland's youth and speed pulverize the aging Raiders?
David Carducci I don't know about pulverize, but I did pick the Browns in my newspaper this week. I guess I just figure they have to win a game at home sooner or later, and at some point they have to put together two good back-to-back performances. The Raiders are struggling, and their run defense is very very average. That could help this offensive line continue to gain some confidence.
Guest57 Who is the favorite now to win the AFC North?
David Carducci Guest57, I have a hard time picking a favorite right now. They are all so Jekyll-and-Hyde. I still think the Steelers have the most talent, but they had the most talent three and four years ago too, and fell apart.
chitwnbrown dave, 3 mil$ Q....if Tim plays well Sun does BD stick with the hot hand or go to the guy who won the job
David Carducci chitwnbrown, I think the opinion of most of the people in the media is that if Couch plays well again and beats Oakland, Davis has to stick with Couch. My gut feeling however is that he will go back to Holcomb
buddog If Couch regains the start and renegotiates after the season, shouldn't both qbs stay?
David Carducci buddog, if they can make that happen, yes. That's a strength of this team, having two very capable quarterbacks
Guest57 Couch has looked very good so far, perhaps the experience, the benching, and the loss of weight has made Couch blossom.
David Carducci Guest57, it might have been a help. Sometimes it helps a player to take a step back. I don't think that was the plan of the coaching staff, but it might be the result
newdawg do you think the new te will add much?
David Carducci newdawg, hard to think he will
David Carducci maybe in the run game.
blance3459 the new TE just our latest weekly street player signing?
David Carducci blance3459, that's the way they do things. They like to tinker with the bottom part of the roster, see if they can catch lightning in a bottle.
Guest57 Has anybody signed Andy Groom to their practice squad?
David Carducci believe he is on the Bucs practice squad, but I haven't checked
Lumpy Dave-are all practices closed to you media guys?
David Carducci Lumpy, they are
ramllov Holcomb is signed for two years. So that gives us 2004 with solid QBs
chitwnbrown oh that would be a sticky situation
ramllov no
chitwnbrown 250lbs or so
artbtz Gonzo, the Steeler fan with the peanut up his nose is more reflective of the Steelers real state of being, IMHO.
newdawg he's not a blocking te.
newdawg for that we have mustard.
David Carducci Newdawg, I don't know a thing about him. Never seen him play, and haven't been able to watch him in practice.
artbtz Reading the reports on Warpath Insider, I got the sense that Flemister wasn't one of the new regime's ""guys"", so he lost out to someone they drafted.
artbtz He got a look-see from a couple teams, but I haven't seen him signed.
ramllov I read he had tryouts in Cincy and Detroit
buddog Any chance of getting a true fullback next year?
David Carducci buddog, there is always a chance, but it is clearly a position the coaching staff undervalues
BryanK Has Aaron Shea played his last game with the team?
David Carducci BryanK, my guess would be yes, simply from the fact that he can't stay on the field. He suffers a major injury every year
artbtz BTW, buddog, the Browns tried out someone on Tuesday who was a LB at college but converted to TE and then FB. They're still looking.
artbtz Dave, do you think Ben Miller might be that fullback?
artbtz Edmonds, yes...
KJ their ya' go Art
David Carducci Edmonds, maybe before the next game against Cincy :)
David Carducci AB, it's possible. I know they like Miller. They've been patiently waiting for him, so it's very possible
artbtz I guess drafting a fullback is out of the question...
David Carducci AB, never out of the question, but it just doesn't seem like they really value the position enough. They never have settled on an Hback or Fullback. They keep playing tight ends when they do use a fullback. That leads me to believe they think they can get fullback play from someone who doesn't specialize, and that they'd rather look in other areas in the draft.
ramllov Dave do you still see the highest priority for next year's draft at LT?
David Carducci Ram, yes. LT, or if they get a LT in free agency, then a earth-mover guard
newdawg when boyer is playing, is davis the guy he replaces?
David Carducci Newdawg, I think Boyer has replaced both Davis and Taylor at times, but usually Davis, depending on the package.
KJ there ain't a 6' 6"" TE in the league that can get the leverage a 5' 10"" 250 FB can...
David Carducci KJ, I completely agree.
Lumpy Thanks Dave and other mods....Good night everyone....GO BROWNSBEAT THE RAIDERS !!
David Carducci Guys I must run
Guest57 Thanks a lot Dave
BryanK Thanks, Dave. Score prediction?
ramllov good night
ramllov Thanks
blance3459 Thanks Dave, Have a good evening
ramllov 30 17
David Carducci good night everyone ... and 27-13 Browns
Guest57 yess
BryanK Cool!

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