Andra Davis Featured in Latest Issue!

The latest Bernies Insiders Magazine covers all the important topics: Browns beating Oakland, Marty's return, the team's progress and, of course, the unprecedented nasal insertion of a peanut on national TV. Here's more...

The latest issue of Bernie's Insiders Magazine, featuring Andra Davis on the cover, will be mailed to subscribers Tuesday morning!

This week's issue will cover the Browns win over 2002 AFC Champion Oakland Raiders, as well as other current news about the team, and will look forward to next week's return of Marty Schottenheimer to the Lake Erie Shores.

Bernie talks about Marty in his column, which leads off the magazine. Bernie and Marty won AFC Central Division titles during their first three years together, so Bernie has a number of tales to tell about their times together in Cleveland.

Chuck Murr offers Browns Trivia again this week, and the magazine also looks back at another Browns great: Galen Fiss. The Browns linebacker was with the team for eleven years, and suffered only one losing season during that time. Fiss also was a member of the great 1964 championship team, and has a lot to say about that team and what it means to be a Cleveland Brown.

Lane Adkins does what he does best: Bring Browns fans exclusive stories and scoops about their team. This week, Lane talks to people both inside and outside the organization about the team's performance in 2003, getting to the heart of the question about whether the Browns are truly improving in year #3 of Butch Davis.

Dr. Anthony Miniani, the Browns Head Team Physician, drops by to discuss the medical side of football, and discusses the health effect, diagnosis and treatment of of concussions which can be suffered on the football field. With over 250,000 concussions occurring each year in High School football alone, this makes for important reading for football parents.

On the stranger side of the news, webmaster Barry McBride talks about his - let's be honest here - absolute hate for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the glory of the Browns trouncing the "yinzers", a moment made even greater by a Steelers fan inexplicably ramming a peanut up his nose on national TV. Bernie's Insiders magazine is proud to be the only periodical to chronicle this important event.

That, and lots more, can be found in this week's edition of Bernie's Insiders Magazine!

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