Brown, and Phil "The Human Battering Ram" Dawson. This trio, which we've dubbed "The Punishers", finishes atop the Gameballs and Goats voting in Week 6!"> Brown, and Phil "The Human Battering Ram" Dawson. This trio, which we've dubbed "The Punishers", finishes atop the Gameballs and Goats voting in Week 6!">

Gameballs: All Hail the Punishers

Devastating hits. Punishing runs. That's what comes to mind when you think of William Green, Courtney <I>"The Quiet Storm"</I> Brown, and Phil <I>"The Human Battering Ram"</I> Dawson. This trio, which we've dubbed "The Punishers", finishes atop the Gameballs and Goats voting in Week 6!

The Week's Results
Gameballs and Goats comments are always a lot more fun to read after a win, and this week was no exception. With few goathorns to hand out, Browns fans showed their usual inventiveness, particularly when finding appropriate epithets for CBS TV Announcer Randy Cross, who irritated many Browns fans last Sunday. The top three were pretty clear, with William Green, Courtney Brown, and Phil Dawson getting props, while the remainder of the gameballs were handed out a little less enthusiastically. Not many goats were handed out this week, with Steve Heiden's drop earning the most negative mentions.


Player Gameballs
William Green (31/RB) 153
Courtney Brown (92/DE) 123
Phil Dawson (4/K) 89
Tim Couch (2/QB) 41
---Entire Defense--- 32
Chris Gardocki (17/P) 21
---O Line--- 21

Gameball Write-In Votes:
Raiders / Raider Penalties(7), Cleveland Park - Park Bench Browns fans in DC!!!, Yellow flags, Line judge, Al Davis, Steelers (for losing), Crestwood 'Lil Devils 95# Football team, The "Just Sue Baby" sign that was mysteriously placed by "someone".


Player Goathorns
Steve Heiden (82/TE) 49
Quincy Morgan (81/WR) 27
Chaun Thompson (51/LB) 27
Bruce Arians(OC) 23
---Officiating Crew--- 21
---Special Teams--- 15
Paul Zukauskas (66/OG) 14

Goat Write-In Votes:
Teyo Johnson's bizarre act in the end zone after a TD(5), Randy Cross (5), CBS Announcers (2), Raiders (3), "Couch bashers" (2), Al Davis (5), Baltimore Ratbirds, Holcomb's injury & Couch playing well, Raider fans(3), "The stadium camera guys", "The guy behind me screaming 'Couch Sucks' repeatedly", Prevent defense, "Inside The Huddle TV Show", "Arizona Cardinals: win a freakin game already!", "The fan in the Darth Vader Costume", "Dorsett of the Raiders for being a BIG baby and throwing his helmet"

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
artbietz The Human Battering Ram. Rules. That is all.
cball1 Even though Couch's stats didn't measure against the past couple of weeks, he managed the game beautifully and showed poise throughout the whole game
edgewater joe What do you say about Green that two 100+ yard games don't say? Courtney is suddenly thinking Pro Bowl, and you gotta give the DBs credit for whitewashing the Raider wideouts.
kkr112 Green--can't say anything about his performance that won't probably be said by a million people, but he was flat-out awesome. Brown--really for the entire defense, but Courtney's looking a pretty good freaking player right now. Dawson--a 52-yarder for the second-leading rusher on the team.
dp10451 The whole team deserves a game ball for the win at home. But, just to pick a few, Willie had a great game. Just what we needed. Tim didn't stand out, but he didn't do anything stupid. And how 'bout "Awesome Phil Dawson"? Great game guys.
konfuzesion Another solid performance by the Cleveland Defense and C. Brown....
thejamdawg 1.The Officials get one for the make-up call (Where Rice was called out-of-bounds on 4th Down) at the end of the game. It was a make up for the Tim Brown Reception Out-of-Bounds that the Officials didn't even bother to review. 2.The Defense for shutting down The Raiduhs. 3.Jerry Rosburg gets one for having the guts to call that Fake Field Goal, which in my opinion was the turning point of the game. 4.Gardocki & Dawson each get a gameball for perfect execution of the fake field goal.
underdog71 Steamin Willie Beamin!!!!! He looked good again and the confidence is growing. Phil did a great job and had a career long. Nice run and excellent play calling on the fake. Courtney looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice game with another sack and pressure. The defense is really on a roll.
cavtrooper Have to give a gameball to the Raiders Offense for melting in the 2nd half
thorix Back-to-back 100 yd. games 3 punts inside Raiders' 20 Leading tacklers Great Team effort guys
james_t_h Phil ran the ball like a champ, and he can kick to! Tim Couch 2-1, the guy is a winner...Willie Green with two consecutive 100 yard games!!!!
theoz Couch exercises the demons at home; Courtney Brown continues to impact games and Willie has back-toback 100 yard games. The OL looked good as well.
mmercurio Gardocki is absolutely incredible. Courtney again served up another round of crow for his critics. Dawson delivered not only on the long FG but also made the play of the game on the fake FG (even though he ran like he had a load in his pants!).
stov Yes Virginia there is a running game errrrr Santa Clause
dxdawg Willie Green- What a day!!! He carried the load and proved that last weeks 100 yard performance was not a fluke. C.Brown- All over the place. He has been impressive to watch the last few weeks. Dawson- He wanted the td and was not afraid of the contact. He is a tough mother and a hell of a kicker.
clanmeehan TC-a game, gutty performance. Green-slick Willie w/ 2 games over the century mark? Yeah, baby! Dawson-clutch play of the year, completely changed momentum of the game.
akrondawg The Defensive backs were outstanding today. Held the two future hall of famers down. Its becoming a standard for them to be blankets and was nice to see Lehan playing even if he scared me to death at the end.
bendal Tim did a good job managing the game, and let Green do the heavy lifting. Davis and the rest of the defense kept the Raiders contained all day.
darkcell Phil was great with the 2 field goals and the fake field goal run. Willy made up for his 1st drive fumble to give us the go ahead. Courtney Brown is playing very well (JUST STAY HEALTHY). Timmy did his part and didn't turn the ball over.
muskiedawg01 that was the loudest i heard it in the stadium in awhile
ludden007 You gotta give it up to the special teams for executing the crucial motivation changing fake field goal!!! Not to mention the incredible job pinning them within their 10.. Great class on defense constantly sending pressure as well... Interesting last call though -- we finally got one to go our way!! :)
lundenberg great defense today. William green had a great game. Gardocki had some beautiful key punts.
clevelandfan William Green - Willie is really starting to bring it on...144 yrds on 26 rushes...AWESOME!!!!! Keep it up Willie! Courtney Brown - CB is a monster!!!! He is bringing it big time this year. I think he is FINALLY healthy!!! Lets hope he stays that way, he is earning himself a trip to Hawii in Feb. (hopefully a pitstop in Houston the week before!). Tim Couch - Yes, the stats weren't the greatest, but this team is just playing better with Timmy in there. And what guts did he show to get out of that near sack, spin away, and throw the ball out to Heiden (who DIDN'T CATCH IT). TIM IS THE MAN, KEEP HIM IN THERE!!!!! ENTIRE D - Throughout the off-season moves and preseason this unit was supposed to be a weak spot of the team...WRONG! They have shown massive improvement over last years high priced underachievers. O-line - another gutting performance by the o-line. Barry Stokes is a true warrior to be in there game in and game out while injured. This unit is finally showing sign of gelling, and pass and run blocking much better than earlier in the year. Phil Dawson - Nice run on the fake field goal!!! FANS!!!!! - WOW!!!! Listening on the stereo, and watching on TV, I felt like I was in the Dawg Pound for as loud as the fans were. Great job getting to the Raiders!!! Keep it up fans, make it even louder against San Diego next week!!!!!
dawgyk Nate Hybl - GREAT JOB for a rookie QB's first game, but why was he wearing jersey no.2 ?! Green - Awesome job, great determination !! Brown - We are looking at a Pro Bowler !!
2xdoubleutothedoubleotothef Phil - Run, Phil, RUN!! Chris Gardocki - twice inside the 5 today...Sit, ball, sit!! Good ball!! Courtney Brown - he was in there all the time...just didn't show up in sacks Green - back to back 100+ games...that'll do, Will. That'll do, but your fumble gave Oakland their only score, so I'm putting you behind Courtney.
r22weiss Green had a great game! OL opened up some nice holes for him to run through. Tim played ok but not bad. Running game was the reason the Browns won today. Defense also came up big only allowing 7 points! Nice job boys! Dawson is the man!!!
dmnc94 The D-line had the third gameball until Phil ran like the wind, run Phil run.
pjs While Couch didn't have stellar numbers, he managed the game effectively nd helped the running game by getting so many offsides penalties with the hard count. When the Defense can't predict the snap count and are worried about penalties, it gives the offensive line an extra advantage and it showed. No one in the NFL has a better hard count than Tim Couch
frumanchu Way to go Willie!! How awesome was it to see you drag guys with you down the field?!? Dawson, you da man! Courtney is not officially ON FIRE! Fans were AWESOME in this game!! Couch with yet another good start (although he got lucky a few times).
jmazzulo920 Jump on his back and enjoy the ride, Line were a bunch of road graders , Defense was huge again, and I can't forget CB
btngladydawg One for Stokes... He ran down to the Dawg Pound after shaking hands with his arms wide open and leaped over that wall to all the Fans...That was the one thing that was sorely lacking in CBS ever since it opened...... It was the most beautiful sight I ever saw...Next to Chad Mustard in his #83 uniform.........You ROCK!
fgm Phil Dawson- first, the guy makes a 52 yard FG in the swirling wind. Then the guy has kickoffs consistently go to the goal line. Then he does his best Greg Pruitt imitation running for a 1st down on the fake FG, which ended up being the key play of the game. William Green- ran like a monster in the second half, and finally got into the endzone for the first time this year. He more than made up for that stupid fumble on the opening drive. Courtney Brown- maybe, just maybe, we are starting the see the player I fell in love with in college and who I was urging the Browns to draft 3 years ago. The fans at the stadium- That was one of the loudest crowds I've ever heard at that stadium. And I was proud to be a part of it, and partake in it. You guys made a load of difference today!!!!!
sofladawg best game of Gdub's short career. he & Courtney are on fire.
couch2 William Green - He tired the Raiders D, which sealed the victory. Courtney Brown - If you watch him, he is making plays everywhere - plugging holes, tips, slaps, bull rushes, and even pass defenses. Plus, he's quietly on pace to lead the NFL in sacks - just his style. Chris Gardocki - The league's best at hitting a ball a couple hundred feet in the air and having it land without bouncing. Field position was key in this game. The Raiders never really could get going because of it.
clevdawg WG is starting to come into form. Two 100+ games in two weeks. CB is starting to prove ME and all his critics wrong. Thank God, Warren you hearing this. The Entire Defense. Week after week in victory or loss, they have managed to stop the other team and keep us in. Shutting down Jerry Rice and Tim Brown for most of the game, deserves a game ball.
dawgnc 5 Penalties in a row by the Raiders. Bill Callahan should be ashamed...or maybe our home crowd is starting to make a difference...
walldog Congrats to the fans!!I could hear them the whole game through my TV. If the POSITIVE vibes continue the rest of the year ;CBS could truly be a daunting place for opponents again.
ghettoman That's what i like to see. The browns are starting to gel a little bit. Great running will. Keep giving him the ball
upperdawg William Green - carried the team offensively today. O -line - Opened holes and gave Tim time to throw. DB's - Shut down the Raiders geriatric unit today.
sapphiresmd The crowd noise shorted out all the Raiders' hearing aids and was directly responsible for at least half of the Raiders offensive penalties. Fans get a BIG gameball for being the 12th man this week.
porters Run Willie run . Great call by Coach on fake field goal . Phil 2 fg's and nice catch and run on fake. Courtney led defense was awesome. Go Dawgs ! !
pnadel O line and Green get the nod for tough grind it out football. Gardocki deserves some credit for the pitch!
naxos Phil Dawson was a big part of the reason we won, William Green was a pleasure to watch with some good hard running, and Courtney led our Defense that played a great overall game.
htown_dawg I can't believe I just gave our kickers 2 of 3 gameballs. LOL!! Kudos to the OLine for opening the holes for WG's 145 yards.
nebraska dawg Great game by Courtney Brown again. Keep it up and he is in the Pro Bowl. William Green, other than that fumble, great game. Keep ramming that ball down the other team's throat. P. Dawson, nice run on the fake. Lower the boom next time on that DB.
okibrown Breakout year for Courtney. Finally we get to see Cleveland run the ball to end the game. I can't believe I saw a defense that held Jerry Rice to 2 catches, none in the first 3 quarters. Hats off to the fans in attendance, I could hear you all the way in Yuma, Arizona!
jmmitchell Willie Green - Two straight over 100 yards, fantastic. Finishing games strong and chewing up the clock is even better. The O-line deserves some credit here as well. Tim Couch - Got over the hump of pressing too hard to please fans who love to hate him. He has the same kind of passion for the game that us Browns fans do. Defense - The statistics speak for themselves. If WG does not turn the ball over, our defense pulls a shutout (next week maybe?). Courtney Brown continues to stand out. Butch Davis - How dare we question this man. He got us to the playoffs two years removed from 3-13! We sometimes (ok usually) doubt some of his player moves, but he no doubt is a winner. The performance of his new defense backs his speed theory up. Let's keep this ball rolling next week!!!!! Go Browns!!
beandip_62 Brown is quietly having an amazing season. He isn't massing a ton of tackles, but he will have double digit sacks, and could have more than 5 forced fumbles before it's all over. The defensive backs were awesome, shutting down the Raiders passing game. Rice and Brown combined for 4 catches for about 40 yards. gotta love that. Run William, Run!!!!!!
sfdawg I give the biggest gameball to the line judge who called Rice out of bounds to wrap up the W for the Browns. Future Hall of Famer or no, his knee looked like it was out of bounds and the Line Judge was right on top of the call. Finally, a call that goes the Browns way in the final minutes! Things really might be turning around in Cleveland.
skylermorgan Is that a good thing when your punter is getting gameballs?
ricebuck Green was awesome, as was the line led by Faine. Davis keep up the motivation, and let's keep this winning streak alive. All other coaches, great game plan.
weimer19 Phil Dawson scored 7 and William Green scored the other 6 behind a great O-Line this week. Green must learn how to hold onto the ball, however with the help of the O-Line he led all NFL rushers on Sunday with 145 yards!
icucomp Loudest game I have been to since the return
appraiser three first round picks are really playing well. although total tackles may not favor warren, he was all over the field and very disruptive. Dawson deserves credit too, nice run Forrest.
logdawg Many of Green's big runs came behind Shaun O'Hara. He had a great game. Gardocki had 3 punts inside the 20, two downed inside the 5.
Dawgalong Good old Al Davis is my Gameball recipient this week for bringing a team in that has legs about as fresh as his. Keep up the good work Al and thanks a bunch.
boidawg Dawson had some key punts bury the Raiders deep. Plus, his fake field goal/run brought back memories of Bernie Kosar's speedy scrambling! The O-line is playing great, considering they are pieced together at the last minute and playing hurt. The entire "D" smothered the Raiders.
deliriousdawg C. Brown has to be the biggest plus of the season so far.
bfan99 Courtney could be comeback player of the year. Phil Dawson made the play of the game and also kicked a long field goal. Except for the fumble a career day for Green.
bart.quigley Holy smokes how good did Courtney and Willy look? O-Line, you guys got better as the game went on - sweet!!
jbonafe1 Willie Green looked like a pro bowler, C. Brown caused havoc again and Dawson chugged his way to the biggest first down of the game. All of that pales in comparison to the ineptitude of the Raiders, thank god they are the most undisciplined team.
cornjob Dawson probably collapsed when he got home because of all the action he got on field. The defense continues to amaze--everyone thought our D would be awful, who knew it would be one of the best in the leagues!!
browns_beer Green found his wheels for sure in this game, the o-line did a fantastic job run and pass blocking and once again C. Brown is finally showing us why he was #1. The crowd gets a game ball as well. The fans where insanely loud... it shows by the 50000 false starts that Oakland had.
jsinct Because the house was "ROCKIN"
chandlerken Coach Davis: Thank You for Coaching to WIN!!!!!!! "When you risk nothing, you gain nothing." Please, Please, Please Keep The (body part reference removed) Out! Couch: YOU are the leader of this team, as all the "W"s next to your name would indicate. Wizard Green: I was 11 yrs old the last time we had a back to back 100 yd rusher. Thank You! DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS! Go Dawgs!
swerb Great game management by Butch, continued terrific play from Ben Taylor, and a career day for Willie.
other bjk It's tough -- picking Green, the O-Line, and Dawson means I have to ignore a defense that really clamped down.
dabrowns31 i love life and i love the Cleveland browns and tim couch should start
weweber3 Rice, Brown and Gannon may be old but they still can light it up... way to go DBs.... Defense once again looked great, only giving up a TD when the Raiders were handed great field position... WAY TO GO DEFENSE!
section 527 dawg Crestwood is 7-1, baby!! We are coming after YOU, Warren Red Raiders!!! Good to see "The Battering Ram" get the ball again!!!
chitwnbrown gameball to the lone radio in the reception hall at my family reunion
tmac1 Gardocki - 2 HUGE punts downed inside the 10. Great job recognizing the front on the fake FG and making a good pitch.
mevins31 Green is turning into a superstar and Couch keeps on winning......
jacooper96 Willie Green makes up for his fumble in a big way. Dawson with the big 1st Down and the 50 yarder. Courtney is now playing where he belongs - the opponents backfield.
whoknowsmore This was a painful game to watch with 25 penalties, but I loved the outcome. Ben Taylor, C. Brown, Robert Griffith, and Rushing Offense get honorable mention. I love the way this team is playing right now. Defense...Defense...Defense
clbr99 No one has been able to block Courtney Brown for the past two weeks. That's the guy we drafted with the #1 pick. Casey Coleman says it best, "Awesome Phil Dawson", you rocked yesterday Phil. And Congrats to William Green. You're looking like a star, kid!
chrisrockins Loved the o line. I hope BC Willie buys them some beers this week. Courtney Brown is no longer so Quiet. He dominates out there. Brown, A. Davis, and Cutch are playing great right now. Kudos to Campo
oldeguard Couch: Great hard count. Good game management. No picks.
impulse run Phillip run !!!
pvtscratch This is the Courtney Brown that we've all been waiting for. He has done more than the stats show. Couch gets a gameball for just avoiding that sack and throwing a perfect pass to Heiden...could've been an ESPY.
buddycowley Green is a no-brainer, but I think Gardocki should get the number one gameball here. Were it not for the TWO punts he dropped inside the 5 yard line, one late in the game, the field position battle is lost.
mamadawg Great to see Northcutt rockin-n-rollin again. Hope he is well.
foghornlanghorne The fan's attending the game from what I hear, were sensational, with all the bad press they have had lately, it is good to hear positive comments from not only the coach, but the opponent's too. Raider penalties were very helpful, as this was not your average GOOD game played. The fact remains, you have to win the UGLY ones too.
jdbrowns Couch looks great. He had 3 balls dropped and made good decisions on throwing a couple away. With the dropped passes he also lost 40 + yards and maybe a touchdown. Give this guy a running game and protection and he will win. William green running hard. Hang on to the ball! Being more patient now than in earlier games. Brown, he is now playing like a first round pick. Keep up the intensity CB. Finally , did you all see big money Warren all over the field.
redright Couch--A QB needs better and more consistent help Courtney Brown and Warren---came to play! Phil Dawson-- 2 Field goals and a surprise run, gotta give a game ball to a guy running because he is told to run; especially when he looks like he is running for his life.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
cball1 Dumb penalties by Zukauskas kept Couch's stats from being better...
edgewater joe The special teams had a rough day. Green gets one for the fumble. And Randy Cross -- "The knee was in! The knee was in!" -- SHUT-THE-****-UP you Rice-a-Roni swilling know-nothing JACK***!
kkr112 Heiden--add in his 40-yard TD catch, and Couch has a great game instead of a decent game. Zukauskas--sorry Butch, you whiffed on this one. What a stiff. B. Davis--you're still on my sh-- list big guy...we're winning in spite of you at this point.
dp10451 The only thing I could find to complain about in this game was Chris Crocker. He has to be aware of where the ball is on kicks and punts. If you ain't fielding the ball, stay away from it.
miamiboggs Key drops by Morgan and Heiden let Raiders have a chance to win.
konfuzesion Not a whole lot to complain about.....They need to cut down on some of the special teams penalties and get out of the way when the ball is bouncing around.....
thejamdawg That was actually worse than Warren Sapp's so-called "Beyonce" pogo-stick dance. (PUH-LEESE! I'd rather look at Beyonce's booty than Sapp's.) What has happened to the art of the end-zone celebration? Remember Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, The Electric Slide, The Earthquake, The Six-Shooters, The Fun Bunch and Slaughter & Langorne's Flying High Five?
underdog71 Nice drop Heiden...
toad Quincy Morgan needs to be the #4 WR option. War Andre Davis(WR)......
westend Once again, I have decided to award 3 goathorns to Carmen Policy. I hate that b****rd.
james_t_h great game...just win baby!!
theoz Its time for all fans to support "the Deuce".
mmercurio Randy Cross was pulling for one of his Bay area teams on top of being as bad as usual. I'd rather hear an ex-Bingle announcer do our games. Nothcutt loves to fair catch inside the 10 yd line - he has at least 1 boneheaded play every game. If yellow flags were going to be throw so often, surely one should've been thrown on Al Davis' wardrobe. NFL officials suck. Heiden has no talent and his only fans are his family and Butch.
stov A great win, but hand the horns to special teams, Heiden, Sanders and Chris" getaway" Crocker
dxdawg Crocker- Don't touch the damn PETER!!!! Zuk- Stop holding, you kill drives! Heiden- How do you miss that pass? Where was Flemister???
akrondawg I'd goat Couch cause he still holds onto the ball to long, but we won so i won't. I'll give one to Al Davis just because he can bite the hand that feeds him and get away with it.
bendal No goats this week!
darkcell Arians calls many bad plays that puts us in too many 3rd and long situations. Lets speed it up because that seems to be the times the offense gets in a rhythm. Special team coverage sucks. Holding penalties are pretty much expected on every decent punt return. Excluded from this goat award is Dawson and Gardocki who both played awesome. Lets have the offense from the Pitt game back on the field against the Chargers. It'll take consistent line play and intelligent play calling.
ludden007 Hold on to that ball there Heiden!!! You can't drop passes like that...
lundenberg play calling was way to conservative. o-line committed too many penalties. it seems like we were 2nd & 15, 3rd & 12 all day. Heiden catch the ball when it is thrown to you.
clevelandfan Steve Heiden - The ball was in his hands and he did not catch it...inexcusable!! Bruce Arians - Please throw out the screen play to Morgan, it has only worked once, and has not since then. Start throwing the ball down field more. Stop running on 1st down 99% of the time, mix it up for change!!!! Officiating Crew - while there flags help the Raiders shoot themselves in the feet, if it really necessary to throw a flag after every kickoff???? Raiders - What happened to this team? 8 1/2 months ago they're in the Super Bowl, now they look more like they're ready to enter a retirement home. Ratbirds - Why couldn't they lose to the Card??? I know the Cards suck worse than the Ratbirds....oh welll, Stillers at least lost again!!!!
evdebs The moron announcers completely messed up in their analysis of the replay of the Rice reception with 23 seconds to go. They failed to note that there was an official right on top of the play who made the call. They also failed to note that there had to be clear evidence to overrule the ruling on the field. There most certainly was no such evidence in the replay. the announcers were, in short, total morons. Two drunks on a barstool could have done a better job.
photocitydawg Northcutt gets goathorns for running out of bounds on the 3rd down play at the end of the game. If he stays in bounds, the clock goes all the way down to the 2 min warning.
dawgyk Couch - Poor showing, 2nd Half of Bengals game. Poor showing, 2nd Half of Steelers game. NO SHOW, the whole Raiders game !! Facing the worst defense in the AFC, and they prove it by dropping 5-7 interceptions !
2xdoubleutothedoubleotothef Crocker - nearly gave Oakland the ball at our 30 on that punt Heiden - catch the damn ball!! that one could have been a touchdown!! Couch worked so hard to get that ball to you!! D-line in the 4th quarter...the Raiduhs can't run. Why didn't our D-line know that? CBS announcers - just go marry Rice already
dmnc94 Al Davis just sucks. The wide outs get the goat along with Robieski cause Timmy could have lit up the raiders if someone other that Jamel was open
jmazzulo920 Just what we all needed right?
btngladydawg I just can't do it......I can't ......It was a Beautiful Day and I wish I could relive it... But there is next week with the REAL Kardiac Kids in town... Look out Sipe Baby!
fgm Steve Heiden-Catch the freaking ball when it's placed perfectly in your hands!!!!!! And your blocking still needs some work too!!!!! Paul Zukauskas-Although you did have some good blocks today, quit holding already, will ya?!!!!! Bruce Arians-Again, too much conservative playcalling. Open up the offense! Throw downfield once in a while!!! God, I sound like a broken record!!! Al Davis-for still being alive. He and Art Modell should have side-by-side gravestones.
funky What a JackA**!!!!!!!!!!!  (Randy Cross)
couch2 Coaches - Why do we have to fall into such a conservative mode, trying to hang onto a 6-point lead? Couch had 52 passing yards in the first quarter and only 127 on the day. Man, put them away when they said uncle in the third quarter. That last defensive "stand" looked an awful lot like "Foge" Football. Steve Heiden - Normally rock solid, he dropped a key first down pass (through his arms) that would have probably led to another score.
clevdawg The only two undefeated teams Chiefs and Panthers, have great return games. Where is ours. Northcut had a 4 yard average? That is picky, I know.
dawgnc You have to make that catch Heiden...
ghettoman Why does griffith keep getting beat for Touchdowns? And where is the special teams at. They need a little work.
yogi8 Could only come up with 2. Heiden and Morgan have got to stop dropping key passes.
upperdawg Special teams - do we have to get a flag on every other kick? I think we need to work on the 'get the f away from the ball' drill.
upperdawg Do not ever show the other teams fans unless they are being pummled by Browns fans at the time.
sapphiresmd I found it funny that there were so many mouthy Raiders fans in the stadium before the game, but on the way out after the game, all the Raiders fans had mysteriously disappeared.
porters Penalties are still hurting offense. Chris Crocker had the only bonehead play .
pnadel It wasn't the officials fault that the Raiders are so undisciplined, but try to keep that flag in your pocket, would you?
naxos The game could have been more exciting but the Browns did what the needed to win. No goats other than Policy.
bernie sipe For chuck Pagano - Why is Michael Lehan covering a hall of famer with the game on the line. For Butch - That looked a lot like "prevent" at the end of the game
htown_dawg Jerry Rosburg for our horrible punt return and kickoff return teams. Quincy for not blocking worth a crap downfield. The Officials for throwing nearly 30 flags. Of course, the 19 for LaOakland were all legit, LOL!!
nebraska dawg Heiden. WTF kind of catch was that? If that was a catch and you took it to the house, that would have been the play of the game. Special teams need to cover better on kickoffs and punts. We will get burned on kickoffs and punts if we don't get much better at it. Policy, you are still a F-in snake.
okibrown Once again Quincy drops the ball. Chaun has got to play better on special teams. I hold my breath every time we kick off.
dougl we won. No Goathorns.
jmmitchell Steve Heiden - Nice catch, right in the numbers. Quincy Morgan - You say you want to be a #1, go to receiver, but your play on the field says otherwise. Hang onto that pass (like a #1 receiver would do) and Willie punches it in for 6 and we don't have to sweat out the ending. Fans - Why boo? Handing the ball to WG has proven to be a key to this offense. Stupid Endzone Dance - What was that guy doing? Waiting for one of his teamates to mount him?
swdcorp Both goats are for all of the holding calls which messed up drives or gave poor field position.
sfdawg Heiden's drop on a perfectly thrown ball by Couch would have taken on Northcuttian proportions if the Raiders had scored on their final drive. Couch couldn't have placed it in their any more gently. That ball must be caught.
skylermorgan Coach Davis needs to draw a map to the QB for big money. I did not see him take a lot of double teams on Sunday
ricebuck Crocker run away when Northcutt yells "fire." Zukauskas, I like the physical style of play, but eliminate the stupid penalties, those could hurt down the road. Griffith, don't let a rookie punk you like that, knock him on his ass.
weimer19 Thompson and Zukauskas for repeat penalties, and Heiden for missing a perfectly thrown ball from Couch.
icucomp Quincy is killing me in fantasy football with those drops
appraiser Lehan was toast on the overthrow at the end of the game. can not let a receiver get by you like that. Morgan just continues to drop passes, critical ones too. yes, he got drilled, but that is why they get paid.
logdawg Heiden dropped a key pass that would have been a TD. Morgan talks a big game, and says he wants to be a #1 WR, but if he is going to be, he needs to catch the ball. Thompson- two penalties on ST, can't have that.
todd.gore Scoreboard Teyo. And that was a great push off by the way.
Dawgalong Morgan turned in another lackluster performance. The coaches have got to quit playing so close to the vest, especially with Marty coming to town. Mix it up this week or San Diego will beat us. Last but not least, I'm getting tired of having a coronary every Sunday. I love it, but one of these days I'm going to stoke out.
boidawg Man, what an undisciplined team!
deliriousdawg O-Line penalties really stalled some drives. Special teams penalties are way too common.
bfan99 Again Heiden and Morgan dropped catchable balls that killed drives. no wonder they stayed on the ground for the final drive. If Thompson is only going to contribute on special teams the least he could do is not cause stupid penalties.
bart.quigley Butch - gotta go for the throat and put the game away yourself, not hope and pray that time runs out. Should have gone for the touchdown. HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU NEED TO DO THIS?!?! FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, JIMMY AND SAMMY TOO!!! Couch - I wish you would have followed up last week with another solid performance. You played like you did when you lost the job. Hope you get better real soon. Dre Davis - don't drop first downs, please.
jbonafe1 The officials called a ton of penalties robbing the game of any rhythm. (although most were obvious against Oak.) Pontbriand was a 5th rd pick and hasn't looked nearly perfect, he was saved by Gardocki today. Thompson committed 2 penalties on special teams.
dixiedawg Rice, time for you to go take your nap and stop whining.
cornjob Griffith continues to get beat. Arians sometimes calls plays that make no sense given the situation the offense is in (throwing a screen pass when we need 10 plus yards) and the officials showed they were lost throughout most of the game.
dave63 Cross cheered so much for the Raiders I expected to see him on the sidelines in a Raiderette costume.
browns_beer We had to many dropped balls on Sunday so the Wrs are getting horns, along with Carmen just because and who ever decided to have our corners play 8 yards off there guys on that last drive... I HATE PREVENT D
jsinct Because. Carmen.... it's still not all about you and Al Davis... time to get out of the spotlight buddy.
chandlerken First Home Win of the Season! Who needs the negativity? ALL DAWGS GET GAMEBALLS!
swerb Two penalties for the very raw Thompson, Bentley continues to be inconsistent, and Policy gets one for neglecting to find a spot in this organization for Bernie.
omudude "Just Sue Baby"
dabrowns31 Robert Griffith is rather useless
section 527 dawg The Butchie Davis cheerleading TV show SUCKS!!
chitwnbrown Lehan: lets not let an aging superstar get a step on us EVER again
tmac1 Heiden - terrible drop of a pretty, pretty pass.
mevins31 Arians is still too vanilla for my liking.
jacooper96 Heiden and Morgan - Huge drops. We can add poor receiver to compliment poor blocker. Something was either wrong with the play calling or the pass-blocking yesterday, there was no time or no effort to throw downfield ... and the defense was able to drop back lineman/backers and have more in coverage than in the routes.
whoknowsmore Morgan needs to step it up. He cannot keep dropping passes on 3rd down if he wants to be considered as a #1 WR in this league.
clbr99 A goat to all the Raider fans who thought they would turn CBS into the Black Hole. It's funny that you all ran your mouths before the game but were nowhere to be found when the game was over.
losangelesdawg Am I the only one that thinks Q bobbles every ball thrown his way....if he wants the ball, he better hang on to it.
chrisrockins We have to have more production from our TE. Tough drop on a great throw by Couch. Thompson showed some rookie jitters with two flags. Halloween came early in Cleveland with terrible outfits worn by Raider fans. they look ridiculous and hid in shame while BC willie ran the ball down there throat.
oldeguard When you've run the ball successfully 5 or 6 six times in a row don't you think a play action pass might be appropriate? Worst end of first half play calling/clock management in the league. When do we get to see C. Jones returning Kick-offs?
impulse hmm Steve, paging Steve Heiden's hands.....
pvtscratch Heiden needs to learn how to catch the easy ones. Arians still needs to use the spread offense more.
mamadawg I'm still seeing yellow from all the flags thrown.
foghornlanghorne A win doesn't have to be pretty to be pretty......
jdbrowns Morgan Please catch the dang Ball. The ball that he lost on the hit at the 3 yd line was due to the ball cradled in his arms and not tucked away. Man you know your going top get hit over the middle. Hang onto the BALL. Crocker get away from a live ball and stop dancing around the dang thing. Think! Heiden if you want to be around next year you better start making some plays and not dropping balls right in your arms. Man he had his man beat and could have gone all the way. Couch could not have thrown it any better.
redright 1 Chaun Thompson: He's special : faster than Rudd; stronger than Rudd; dumber than Rudd
2. Heiden: couch gets out of sack; out of a 2nd sack; runs right to left and looking like Bernie drops it into Heiden's arms, bread basket, knees, oooppps
3.TE's for letting Heiden be our best TE.

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