What We've Heard on OL Injuries

Local radio is reporting that two offensive linemen will be out next Sunday. Here's what we've heard...

Earlier today, WTAM radio talk show host Mike Trivassano broadcast the news that Jeff Faine and Shaun O'Hara would be out this coming Sunday. This has been reported in the Watercooler and the Tipline. Because of WTAM's relationship with the team, as a broadcast partner and frequent provider of positive coverage, they are sometimes privvy to news about the team.

As of now, however, BerniesInsiders.com cannot confirm this report. Our sources tell us that Jeff Faine is indeed problematic for this upcoming weekend, but we haven't heard anything about Shaun O'Hara's condition to date. We have, however, heard that the other guard, Paul Zukauskas, may be questionable for the upcoming game against the Chargers.

BerniesInsiders.com will be back in Berea tomorrow when the team holds practice again. Expect that we will report on the injury status of the team's offensive linemen as early as possible, starting with the release of the Official Injury Report at 1PM. Also, keep an eye on the Ask the Insiders forum if we learn anything else.

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