Faine Talks About His Knee Injury

As he walked off the field last Sunday (pictured), Jeff Faine's knee was barely holding together. Today, Jeff talks to David Carducci about his injury and how his precautions are paying off for the rookie center.

Jeff Faine heard the pop in his left knee during the fourth quarter of the Cleveland Browns victory over the Oakland Raiders Sunday and knew something was wrong

Fortunately, the rookie center was wearing the knee braces he habitually worn ever since his high school days in Sanford, Fla. Without a brace on his left knee, Faine probably would have been out for a much longer time than his current "week-to-week" basis.

"I would have lost all three (ligaments in the knee) if I wasn?t wearing my braces, without a doubt," said Faine. "When it happened, I knew exactly what happened. I thought it was my MCL. My ACL I thought was fine."

The injury took place on the Browns' long march to a field goal in the closing minutes. Faine refused to leave the field, even when the coaching staff tried to send in a replacement.

"The brace held my knee together," said Faine. "Without that brace, it would have been popping in and out. It was definitely loose ... Without that brace it would have collapsed."

Faine is one of the few NFL linemen who wears knee braces regularly, even without an injury.

"A lot of guys think it slows them down," he said. "I'm of the opinion that you'll be pretty slow if you don?t have your ACL or your MCL. You aren't going to be able to walk. I'd rather take the risk of maybe running a 4.95 instead of a 4.92."

Assuming Faine can not play Sunday when the Browns host the San Diego Chargers, second-year lineman Melvin Fowler would return to the starting lineup in his place. The Browns will also most likely be without left guard Shaun O'Hara, who Faine said is also "week-to-week" with a knee injury. Chad Beasley would start for O'Hara.

"We have to move on and the backups have to get it done," said Faine. "One of the guys coming in was a starter at the beginning of the year, so that helps a lot, and Chad Beasley is very capable of getting this job done."

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