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Insiders, question about White

: Since Jamel White is unhappy with his limited role in the offense and we have Suggs coming off the PUP list could we have a trade before the deadline? I thought I read the trade dealine is next week. Teams like Arizona, Tampa, and New England could use a proven back. What team is deep at tackle or guard could we trade with? Would Davis even entertain this? Thanks in advance for your response and enjoy the site.

Mike McLain: I'd hate to say there's no way that White would be traded and then he's dealt away, but I don't see it happening now.

Suggs is eligible to come of PUP next week (he says he's ready to go), but the guy is a rookie who hasn't practiced all year. I don't see him playing a major role much this season. Plus, I think it's important to make sure he doesn't re-injure his shoulder.

Suggs will be more valuable to this team next season. I think White will remain here for the rest of the season.

Future plans for Tim Couch

Moony: I am curious about the future of Tim Couch. As of 2 weeks ago, it was pretty much assumed that he would be released or traded by the start of next season. What would it take for Tim to regain his role as the starting QB? And what would it take and would it be possible for the front office to change its mind about the future of Tim Couch with the organization? Butch seems very hesitant to praise Tim's play, and many would assume his ego would be in the way of making another switch at QB. Personally, I feel that Kelly never really won the job outright, as Butch was forced to make a "gut decision". I grant that Tim's salary could be a factor, but what about the investment thus far? Why pay millions of dollars to develop a QB to succeed in another city? I welcome any additional insight or opinions you might have...

Mike McLain: If Couch goes on to have a good season, Butch couldn't rationalize getting rid of him, especially with an injury-prone Kelly Holcomb as the answer.

If Couch remains, he would take a base salary of $7.6 million and a cap figure of about $9.8 into the 2004 season. That's a heavy load to carry, which means that some restructuring would be done.

Carmen Policy said this week that if Couch stays, a deal would be struck that would be good for player and team.

Reason to keep Couch at least one more year?

I know that BD would love to have an addition 8 million of cap space with the cutting of Tim Couch. What I wonder is, who is to say if Holcomb could be the Maddox, Steeler QB of next year. Many people wondered why the Steelers did not sign Maddox to an extended contract for a lot of money? Well, they did not know how the league would react to him. Well through the first five games it appears that Maddox is not the complete QB he looked like the first few games last year. The idea of the league coaches and defensive coordinators get to look at each quarterback in depth. The funny thing is, the league has looked at Couch for four years. It appears Couch is the real deal. I like the idea of keeping Couch one more year at least. I would expect Tim Couch to start the remainder of the year, unless he has an injury. If he gets injured Holcomb gets some starts until Couch has recovered. It will be interesting how Holcomb plays till the end of the year. Is he a complete QB? He has not indicated that yet this year. Many factors could be part of that reason. I just don't know what those factors are? Any ideas Insiders?

Mike McLain: I agree that Tim Couch will run the show the rest of the season, barring an injury or a string of bad games.

I also think Butch will reconsider the quarterback situation at the end of the season and keep Couch. There are two factors working against Holcomb. One is that we don't know how good he can be over a full season. Secondly, he doesn't seem capable of playing more than few games without being injured.

I don't think you part ways with Couch and allow him to star elsewhere and keep an injury-prone Holcomb with who knows as his backup.

CB coming into his own?

After Watching CB this year, he actually seems faster than last year and seems to be getting more pressure in a consistant basis. Are we finally gonna see something from this young guy?

David Carducci : I think more than being faster, Courtney appears to be getting more and more comfortable with some of the pass rush techniques Davis talked about his trying to master in the past two years.

I always believed Courtney tried to rely too much on his speed in the past. Courtney is using his hands better now than he ever has, and he appears to be much more physical.

Too often, Courtney would try to beat his man to the outside, but on several occasions he simply fought through Ross and Fordham. The most encouraging and impressive play of the day was his pressure of Maddox on McCutcheon's interception. Courtney simply bulled between the double-team of Ross and Faneca.

I don't think anyone ever questioned Courtney's physical abilities, and anyone who has watched Courtney had to like his work against the run and getting off blocks, but for the first time we are seeing him try some new ways to get the quarterback and be more physical than ever in the pass rush.

Mike McLain: The key for Courtney is to put together a string of good games. He's had a history of following a good game with several games when he doesn't get near the quarterback.

I agree with Dave's assessment of using his strength. Courtney has the most-impressive upper body of any player I've seen in the Browns' locker room since Chip Banks.

Bernie can tell you about Banks. There was a time when the largest set of shoulder pads ever issued by the Browns went to Banks. That changed when some behemoth lineman named Thad Bosley was signed to play with the replacement team during the strike of 1987.

Brown needs to use his strength to his advantage on a more consistent basis. He might not become the player we envisioned in 2000, but if he comes close to being that player, Butch will be a happy man.

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