EXCLUSIVE: What We've Been Told...

Our Insider subscribers want to know the real scoop on what's going on inside of Berea. It's our job to bring it to you. Here, now, is <B>exclusive</B> news on the team's thinking about the starting quarterback job, the prognosis for Jeff Faine and Shaun O'Hara, and some names that have been dangled in trade talks. All from <I>What We've Been Told</I>...

There is news developing in Berea that will be of interest to all Browns fans. We wish some of this was better news, but it's our job to bring info to Browns fans, so that's what we'll do. Here, without spin or padding, is What We've Been Told:

  • Team sources have told BerniesInsiders.com the current thinking on Tim Couch and Kelly Holcomb. Since Davis declared Holcomb the starter earlier this year, it was assumed that Holcomb would return to the role when fully healthy. This may no longer be the case. We've been told that if Tim Couch continues to play well and/or manage games appropriately (i.e., within Butch Davis' expectations), indications are that he will remain starter even when Holcomb returns to 100%.
  • When reports of Jeff Faine and Shaun O'Hara's knee problems first hit, it was hoped that the team would be able to re-evaluate their progress from week to week, indicating that there was a chance that the players might return for the New England game a week from Sunday. Now, we hear that it could take a bit longer. A team source tells BerniesInsiders.com that Shaun O'Hara had knee surgery done yesterday, and won't return until Kansas City (November 9) at the earliest. We're told that - if a percentage had to be put on it - there's a 75% chance that Faine won't play until the Kansas City game as well.
  • Regarding potential offensive line replacements, there is worry that the next wave isn't ready just yet.There is concern about putting Chad Beasley in the starting line-up at guard as well. The team "feels OK" about putting Beasley in, but also thinks that the converted defensive lineman is more of a tackle than a guard. The team is comfortable with Joaquin Gonzalez as a pass blocker, but feels that he needs additional work as a run blocker.
  • League sources have told BerniesInsiders.com that the names of James Jackson and Jamel White were dangled in trade talks recently. The Browns have a surplus at running back, with Lee Suggs coming off the PUP list and having to be activated sometime in the next three weeks, so trading one of the Browns back-ups would be a logical step. However, we've been told that no NFL clubs bit on the offer of running backs, so Jackson and White are still around.
  • Some good news: team sources are telling BerniesInsiders.com that Courtney Brown is as healthy going into the Chargers game as he has been all year. Coming off of off-season micro-fracture surgery, Brown's progress has continued to be excellent.

Bernie's Insiders will continue to bring you more on all these stories as they develop over the coming weeks...

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