Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

David Carducci answered questions from subscribers in the chat room last night. The offensive line was a big topic, as was the quarterback position and the match-ups against the Chargers. Here's the transcript, whittled down the questions and answers...

ramllov Dave, what is the status of O'Hare? will he start on Sunday?
DavidCarducci O'Hara. Nope. He and Faine are both probably out until at least the KC game
ramllov We need a left tackle and a monster guard
DavidCarducci agree Ram
newdawg what are their problems? is it torn ligaments?
DavidCarducci O'Hara has a stretched ACL, Faine has a sprained MCL, which is technically a minor tear. O'Hara had a scope today, but it was negative
ramllov Dave what is your current opinon on Warren DT?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think Warren gets better and better
redright Dave, How is couch doing? Arians thinks? Butch thinks?
DavidCarducci Redright, Couch is doing very well, and it does not appear to be lost on Arians and Davis. While I think they ultimately do not see him as the perfect quarterback for this offense, they are happy with his play and appear to be considering keeping him in there even after Holcomb is ready
BrownsFEVAH according to WHAT WEVE HEARD COLUMN ...both not till Nov 9 KC game
VTBrowns Anyone notice Andra Davis has 66 tackles already
Wardy bad are we hurting now that they are out?
newdawg whew. it could be worse.
DavidCarducci By the way ... My family is from Boston, so this is a pretty nice night
DavidCarducci My mom's side, I mean
Aqib Hey DAve how much do you attribute Andra DAvis's success to the improvement of the guys in front of him
DavidCarducci Aqib, I think a big part of the success of Davis and Taylor (who I've liked more and more) has to do with the improved play of the front line, but also that these guys really are made for this type of defense. Both are fast, read and react well, and are very smart. High football IQ's
redright What is Couch missing to be a QB in the BD and Arians mold?
DavidCarducci Redright, it's a good question. To be honest, I think Davis doesn't believe quarterback is terribly important. Or at least as important as other positions and the system. They want a guy who will give himself completely to the system. That's my read on it, and they seem to have questioned whether he can do that.
ramllov Dave, I do not know if you missed my question on Lang, but is doing a good job compared to injured year last year?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think Lang's been very good. In the past, you'd see flashes, especially in camp and preseason that he could be an impact player, then he never really made a huge impact on Sundays. He is another guy who is playing better and better. He tends to dominate the guys he should dominate. Guys like Fordham.
Wardy Do you think William will get his 100 yards this week?
DavidCarducci Wardy, it's hard to guess with the inexperience he'll have in front of him at LG and the return of Fowler
browns28 david, do u think the browns defense will have to step up do to oline situation
DavidCarducci Browns28, I would guess it would. Any time you have a major question mark on one side of the ball, the other side needs to play better to compensate.
BryanK Who would you say is the perfect QB for their system?
artbtz Trent Dilfer
DavidCarducci AB, that's pretty much about right
redright What quality does Couch; Holcomb have to develop to be the right QB for BD?
DavidCarducci Redright, I think more of what Couch has been doing in recent weeks. Managing the game, taking what the defense will give you, but do it within the system. Make quick reads and get rid of the ball quickly in the short passing game.
Wardy How is the mood in the locker room changed since they started winning?
DavidCarducci Wardy, it's significantly better. It was never bad, but now it is much more upbeat. Like any locker room will be. A lot more joking around with us, which is nice. Always better to have a friendly relationship with the players than an adversarial relationship.
BrownsFEVAH DAVID: will Suggs play at all this season and could he make a difference at his stage of youth and rehab?
DavidCarducci BrownsFEVAH. It's hard to say. The rumor that they've dangled both James Jackson and Jamel White as trade bait might mean that they think Suggs can come back and contribute sooner rather than later. Suggs says he is ready, but the Browns haven't been willing to start the clock yet on his post-PUP work like they have with Bowers. Part might have to do with the question marks on the O-line, not wanting to be forced into a move too early.
Guest179 Dave,is the d-backfield playing above their collective heads,or are they better than anyone thought
DavidCarducci Guest179, I think it's probably more that they've come on quicker than people thought, and they've proven to be what they'd hoped. Like Henry, who has overcome his sophomore slump and is really starting to play well and understand the game. McCutcheon is becoming the leader on and off the field that Fuller was, only without the bravado. PLUS the D-Line playing well makes everyone back there look better
newdawg Dvae, do you have any idea how well the chargers's dline has played this season?
DavidCarducci Newdawg, I haven't seen much of them, but with Wiley and Fisk there is obviously talent there
buddog Would activating Bowers be an attempt to utilize FB to help the patched Oline? Can he help?
DavidCarducci Buddog, I guess it could help. I think Bowers is a hard nosed guy who is willing to stick his head in there for a block. They've never found the right guy for that job. I don't think he's going to be ready for a bit yet. Sad story what happened with Bowers. Hurt himself doing squats (on his final rep) right before training camp. I think that's the story
redright Dave, whom do you expect to form the O-line this week? TEs?
DavidCarducci Redright, I'm not sure what to expect because I haven't had a chance to see Beasley at guard other than the 3 plays from last week. He's a smart guy, and he's tough, so hopefully he can get by on that. The lack of continuity, though, could hurt. The most I've seen of Beasley in the last two years has been at tackle
ramllov Dave what has been your opinion of Roye and McKinley this year. McKinley challenging to start?
DavidCarducci Ram, I don't think so. McKinley has been very good, but Roye is still arguably the most consistent player on the D-line. Right now I think they are all happy with the rotation. Really, it doesn't matter who starts becasue they are all going to get significant reps
BrownsFEVAH I think the GreenMachine will have another great game!
Wardy William Green is the Start Of The Week on CBSsportsline's fantasy report.
artbtz I think they're nuts... with those changes on our offensive line, I wouldn't be putting too much on the Browns ability to wear down the Chargers in the second half.
redright It's scary
DavidCarducci It is scary redright, but I'm hoping it's the same kind of scary as it was in the season finale against Indianapolis a few years back. Remember, when they had to start Bundren and a bunch of other no-names because of injury at the end of 2000, and they ended up having their best game of the year
BryanK Can the D control Tomlinson? Can he do what Jamal Lewis did?
DavidCarducci Bryan, Tomlinson's a bit different than Lewis. A little more shifty. More like Priest Holmes according to Boyer today. I think this defense has improved to the point where you shouldn't expect that type of day.
BryanK Thanks, Dave. I sure hope you're right!
DavidCarducci I hope so too, Bryan
DavidCarducci Of course, you all know I'll be looking forward to seeing Antonio Gates.
redright What matchups should we look for?
DavidCarducci Redright, I think obviously Fisk vs. Beasley will be huge
ramllov Dave are you ready to publish your expectation of the game with a potential score?
DavidCarducci Ram, my guess is 17-6 Browns
T-Dog The secondary will have to tackle REALLY well to hold LTD and Boston to two field goals.
DavidCarducci T-Dog, my reasoning is a big turnover game.
DavidCarducci I have a hunch.
Guest42 putting both Couch & Kelly aside for a moment. What type of QB do you Butch wants for his offense Dave?
DavidCarducci Guest42, I think he wants a quarterback who won't lose the game for him. Who fits the system. Doesn't have to be spectacular, just efficient. A guy like Dorsey was
ramllov Dave what is San Diego's offensive line looking this year?
DavidCarducci Ram, they have tons of injury problems. Lost their third O-lineman of the year to the IR when Bob Hallen went down in their last game
artbtz If anyone wants a quick way to catch up on the Chargers, read this article:
Guest42 If that is true Dave why not sign a Mark Brunell for less than Tim and more sure than Kelly?
DavidCarducci Guest42, I think partly because right now Tim is starting to show signs that he can run this offense and is giving himself over to the system. Although, I think the reason for not wanting a ""star"" quarterback is in part because they think it's not necessary and better fits the salary cap. I think they believe Holcomb can be the type of guy they want until they groom a young guy to take over. He is already a system guy, where Brunell would have to learn the system
redright If Holcomb is a system guy, why was he so dreadful in the first three games?
DavidCarducci Redright, I think anyone is capable of being dreadful at any given time. I still believe Couch is the better option, but I also believe you can win with Tim and you can win with Kelly. They are lucky to have both
Aqib But Dave didn't the fact that HOlcomb had only one good drive in three games convince them otherwise
DavidCarducci Aqib, I don't think so. Just as Tim's struggles at times last year shouldn't have convinced them that he can't do it.
T-Dog Dave - do you know how O'Hara was injured? Was it leaping into the Pound?
DavidCarducci T-Dog, I'm not sure. O'Hara hasn't been available this week, in part because of the surgery.
buddog Are there no veteran Oline FAs left out there?
DavidCarducci Buddog, Davis said there aren't any players they could have learn the system and be as effective as the guys they have now to make it worth their while
ramllov Dave do you have an update on Z....? Is his injury a concern? How do you like his progress since he was been a starter?
DavidCarducci Ram, no update other than he is playing. It doesn't seem to be a concern, although if the Red Sox lose tonight, I'm sure he'll be in a foul mood. Z is a huge Red Sox fan. I think he's been up and doewn, but I like the attitude and aggression he's brought to the position. I always thought O'hara was a much better fit as a LG.
redright Is the desire to get a QB that will better fit the system part of the quest for Butch to get his guys? It seems that Couch can do everything thing this system needs
DavidCarducci Redright, I think that is actually very close.
T-Dog Isn't Osika a Center? Will he be activated off the pratice squad for the Charger game to back up Fowler?
DavidCarducci T-Dog, Osika has played center. I don't know what their plan is there. They've played it pretty close to the vest. They said they might make a move in the next day or so. I believe they have until 4 p.m. Saturday
ramllov Dave, when the comparison of holcomb and Couch, will it finally get down to the cap amount?
DavidCarducci Ram, it very well could come down to that. If they think Holcomb is the better option, I'm sure they won't keep Tim around at that cap number, and he certainly wouldn't renegotiate, nor would the Browns want him to.
redright If I'm couch, I want to be number 1 or I want out.
DavidCarducci Redright, I'm sure he will ask out at the end of the year if he's not No. 1
ramllov Dave based on what you have seen on Tim Couch this year, how interested will he be in the free agent market this year?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think Tim would get a lot of interest, but they'd probably deal him rather than release him. My guess.
redright Where can BD find a TE?
BryanK At Miami Univ
DavidCarducci Redright, it's a good question. Winslow would look great in a Browns uniform, but then they have so many other nees should they have an early pick, and they won't get Winslow mid to late Rnd 1
ramllov Dave I did not think his contract would allow a trade?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think they could work it out.
newdawg won't he be hard to deal at the cap number he is at?
DavidCarducci Newdawg, they can work something out, work with the numbers
redright If they deal Couch, what happens with the Cap? can the next team renegotiate a new deal for Couch?
DavidCarducci No idea what they'd get in return
DavidCarducci I'm still of the opinion that they won't trade Couch or release Couch.
DavidCarducci My bet is that Couch ends up re-claiming the starting job.
newdawg dave, what is the REAL story behind the release of booty?
DavidCarducci Newdawg, I've heard several things. Part of the problem might have been that when they released Booty, he was playing golf at Firestone Country Club. They like guys who spend their off-day in Berea
BryanK Did San Diego sign Booty?
DavidCarducci Bryan, he worked out there, but didn't sign
VTBrowns YOU never know people, the oline may play good
VTBrowns we're all assuming they will suk.
DavidCarducci They may VTBrowns. I'm a big believer, after 6 years covering the NFL, that just when you grow to expect something, you should expect the opposite. A betting man would believe the O-line will get abused this week losing two more starters. But then there is always that Indy game to remind you that the right scheme can make unknown players play well
T-Dog Any peep, murmers, or hints on Northcutt's contract negotiations?
DavidCarducci T-Dog, nothing new
ramllov Dave have you firmed up your opinion on the offensive line coach?
DavidCarducci Ram, I haven't in part because it's hard to form my own opinion not seeing him coach in action other than in camp. It's a situation where I need someone to move on (either the coach, or a lineman I have a good relationship with) to get the real story.
redright Have you been able to see any of the new O-line members work? What can you tell us about all those that are listed on the depth chart as 0-line but we never see?
DavidCarducci Redright, not being able to watch practice, it's hard to say. I've talked to a few people close to the team who have said the Browns absolutely love Beasley, and are anxious to see him develop. They think he could be the LT of the future. But then they loved Qasim for a while too, then released him. And if Beasley is the LT of the future like they thought, why move him from T to G several weeks ago?
newdawg dave, what's with these guys trying to build the oline with players from the scrap heap???
DavidCarducci Quickly to get to Newdawg's question
DavidCarducci I think they believe they can build an O-lineman. Davis has been successful in the past doing that on the D-line.
DavidCarducci They've tried to save money and draft picks by trying to find scrapheap guys with some experience or young backups like Ross and the guy from Indy, what was his name, who they signed?
Aqib Waverly JAckson Dave
DavidCarducci THAT'S IT ... WAVERLY.... Boy they missed the evaluation on him, just as they did Olver Ross. Both are now worthless
DavidCarducci Ross meaning from the Steelers, not Ross Verba
DavidCarducci OK, good night everyone
newdawg glad we didn't get ross. he isn't doing well.
DavidCarducci Exactly newdawg. Had they signed Ross, they never would have gotten Stokes
teco Stokes is a stud
DavidCarducci Teco, I'm actually likeing Stokes more and more for his grit
newdawg they have don't pitifully in their evaluation of vets. why is that?
newdawg they are far better with rookies.
DavidCarducci Newdawg, I wish I knew. They have a very poor record in evaluating free agents.

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