Berea Report: The Day After

Mike McLain brings Browns fans the first report from Berea, where the team spent the day watching film and trying to figure out what went wrong. Prominent among the players trying to figure it out: Tim Couch, who may have blown an opportunity to reclaim the starting job...

BEREA - The film didn't look any better after a day of rest for quarterback Tim Couch.

Couch didn't have a performance to remember in the Browns' 26-20 loss to San Diego on Sunday. Prior to being benched for Kelly Holcomb, Couch completed 13 of 24 passes for 102 yards and two interceptions.

"I didn't play well," Couch said. "I made two bad reads that cost us a lot and hurt us in the game. I wasn't surprised (that I was taken out). I wasn't upset by it. I just have to play better when I get another chance."

It's not known if Couch will get a chance for redemption when the Browns play in New England next Sunday. Holcomb would be the likely starter, but he still isn't 100 percent healthy.

Coach Butch Davis blamed some of Couch's problems on breakdowns in pass protection and a mistake on a pass route that led to the second interception. Still, he was far from pleased with Couch, who admitted he failed to recognize a coverage change on the first interception.

"You don't like interceptions," Davis said. "Two turnovers are tough to overcome. You can't instantaneously in six seconds put six points on the scoreboard for the other team. All interceptions are tough, but ones that are run back for six points are especially bad."

CHANGES IN THE WORKS: Davis said there could be some lineup changes this week, but don't expect anything major.

"You have to look at who's making the mistakes, why are they happening and who's making them?" Davis said. "If someone habitually isn't doing what he's supposed to be doing, down in and down out, whether it's blocking or catching or whatever, if you have to make a change, you have to make a change."

WALKING WOUNDED: Running back William Green wore a sling to support his right shoulder on Monday. Green suffered the injury when he was speared by the helmet of a Chargers defender early in the game.

Quarterback Tim Couch said his left ankle feels okay. He had X-rays taken after the game that came back negative.

Davis said he won't have anything definitive to say about any of the injuries until Wednesday.

UP NATURALLY: Davis can't understand any statements that were made about the team not being emotionally ready for last Sunday's game.

"My philosophy is you prepare your team Monday through the time you walk on that field," Davis said. "You put on that helmet, you have to rise up and play. The smartest thing I ever heard a coach say is if there are 90 seconds of things you can talk about prior to the start of the game that would make everyone play good instantly, you don't need to practice. If it takes a pregame speech to get guys to play well, they're probably in the wrong sport."

MORE FROM BUTCH AND ANDRA: Four times the Browns came up short of a first down by 1 yard on third-down plays against the Chargers.

"That's unforgivable," Davis said. "You have to know where the down markers are."

Linebacker Andra Davis didn't exactly slap San Diego quarterback Drew Brees hard on his helmet, but it was enough to draw a penalty for roughing the passer on a key fourth-quarter possession.

"If you hit somebody in the head with your hand, they're going to call it," Davis said. "They're living and dying with the fear that marquee quarterbacks are going to be knocked out of the game. Even if it's in the gray area, they're not going to give any defender the benefit of the doubt."

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