Gameballs and Goats: Bow to King Courtney

With Tim Couch and Andra Davis awarded goathorns in Week 7, Courtney Brown has emerged as the team's MVP to date - at least in the eyes of Browns fans.

The Week's Results
If you're name wasn't Courtney or Kelly, it wasn't easy to get a Gameball handed out by a Browns fan following last weekend's loss to the San Diego Chargers. We usually list the seven top finishers, only five players got more than ten! Goat horns were spread out widely among the team, with Tim Couch's lackluster performance earning 71 horns. The team's WRs got horned as well, led by butter-fingered #2 WR Quincy Morgan.


Player Gameballs
Courtney Brown (92/DE) 106
Kelly Holcomb (10/QB) 82
James Jackson (29/RB) 24
---Fans--- 14
Anthony Henry (37/CB) 12

Gameball Write-In Votes:
"Gameballs?? Who the hell deserves one?" / Nobody (3), "(God forgive me) The Bengals", "Cleveland Park - Park Bench Browns fans in DC!!!", LaDanian Tomlinson (2), "Marty Memories(what a difference having a coach makes) and the Kardiac halftime", "New players"


Player Goathorns
Tim Couch (2/QB) 71
Quincy Morgan (81/WR) 41
---WR Unit--- 34
Andra Davis (54/MLB) 30
Bruce Arians(OC) 24
---O Line--- 23
Robert Griffith (24/SS) 21

Goat Write-In Votes:
Referee "In-Your-Eye!" Triplett (2), Injuries, Tackling (2), CBS Announcers, Orange jerseys (6), "Couch lovers", Browns gameplan, Steve Bartman, Ben Gay, "The entire freaking team minus Courtney Brown", "BTNG Staff for removing the 'body part reference' from my comments, although I don't blame them for the same 'body part' being removed from our football team" (I'll take the rap for that one - AB), CBS Security

Year-to-Date Totals

  Gameballs Goats Grand Total
Courtney Brown 494 0 494
Tim Couch 424 71 353
Andra Davis 265 30 235
---Entire Defense--- 232 0 232
Kevin Johnson 215 0 215
William Green 223 21 202
Andre Davis 173 0 173
Kelly Holcomb 238 166 72
Phil Dawson 118 56 62
Kenard Lang 55 0 55
---LB Unit--- 43 0 43
Kevin Bentley 40 0 40
Anthony Henry 33 0 33
Fans 53 22 31
Ben Taylor 29 0 29
Jeff Faine 28 0 28
Barry Stokes 25 0 25
James Jackson 24 0 24
Chris Gardocki 21 0 21
Dave Campo 14 0 14
Jerry Rosburg 0 13 -13
Paul Zukauskas 0 14 -14
Carmen Policy 0 15 -15
Gerard Warren 0 19 -19
All Coaches 0 23 -23
Chaun Thompson 0 27 -27
---Entire Offense--- 0 27 -27
---Officiating Crew--- 0 33 -33
Melvin Fowler 0 34 -34
---WR Unit--- 0 34 -34
Dennis Northcutt 47 87 -40
Steve Heiden 0 49 -49
---D Line--- 0 51 -51
Robert Griffith 0 63 -63
---Special Teams--- 0 64 -64
Quincy Morgan 16 119 -103
---O Line--- 75 204 -129
Butch Davis 0 143 -143
Bruce Arians 0 288 -288

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
darkcell I seen this one coming. We were lucky to win at home last week, I knew it wasn't possible to win two in a row.
bendal Hard to find anyone worthy of a gameball other than Brown. Holcombe played well in relief for Couch, and Sanders at least caught his first TD pass.
thomascl Courtney was good, Kelly was good and Anthony took care of Boston
seiks This was a lot harder than usual. Kelly Holcomb gets my 1st gameball for leading the Browns back for 14 points. James Jackson gets my 2nd for his play in the 4th quarter filling in for Green. last ball is so up in the air so Sanders for his TD catch
toad The fans, for going back next week for more punishment.
dp10451 Courtney kept the pressure on and looks like a first round pick. Holcomb came in to a bad situation and made something good happen.
zzdog Butch gets a gameball for making the decision to bring in Holcomb. There is no longer a QB controversy
cornjob Kelly Holcomb: Welcome Back! Courtney Brown: Solid. It's great to see him play to the expectations he inherited (unlike a certain quarterback I know...). James Jackson: Excellent running in relief for Willy. Making sure we have depth at the RB position was wise of Butch.
stov Chose King because he didn't drop a pass
thorix Kelly for the Comeback effort, William for getting 4.6 ypc behind a battered line, and (argh!!!!!) the Bengals for beating the Ratbirds and keeping the division race close
neuby03 C. Brown and the secondary were really the only bright spots on Defense. Henry has had a huge task with the receivers he's had to cover this year and he's done a solid job.
dabrowns31 Brown is playing like a pro bowler,, 6 sacks and rarely gets to rush the passer on definite passing downs because Word normally spells him;... brown is really the only bright spot.. Jackson ran well.. and Holcomb gave it a valiant effort
jmazzulo920 Courtney continues his resurgence 6 sacks in 7 games. Holcomb possibly reclaims his starting spot. These guys were overmatched but fought their hearts out and played solid.
phelix17 Frisman was the only receiver who didn't stink.
tree Courtney Brown is the only player that deserves any mention at all. The numbers? 6 dropped passes, 4 sacks, 2 fumbles, 2 INTs, and a million yards in Special Teams penalties. Its looking more and more like Davis and Co. got the the playoffs by luck, and perhaps Palmer could have produced the same results.
thejamdawg No Gameballs today.
cmonroe Sad... but who would had a good game to speak of. Flashes from Courtney Signs of something from Holcomb.
r22weiss Nice job by Holcomb to come in and spark the offense.
hernacki Kelly and Courtney made big plays. Northcutt was the only one I saw making the big catches.
brinkcle Courtney is truly playing like a beast at last. Green and the others made some decent yardage out of a horrid patchwork O-line. Holcomb came in again and saved Timmuh's butt......almost.
frumanchu Yet another good game for Courtney Brown. It will be a damned shame if he keeps playing like this and doesn't make the Pro Bowl. Kelly shook the rust off pretty quickly after being out for 3 weeks and damn near pulled out a win. The fans should be given HUGE props for a fourth quarter team that gave them three quarters of nothing.
lukedawg12 Gardner did what you have to do to win in this league...MAKE PLAYS. Just about the rest of the team needs to understand that....Kelly Holcomb sadly needed one more drive to attempt to dig the team out of the crater that f***in moron Couch put us in...William Green, "I suggest you stop being such a ******"...thank you Coach Davis for realizing that Holcomb with one leg (and maybe half a brain) is still better than Couch.
jsinct Give one to the Kardiac Kids who were honored today. They deserve it.
sofladawg Courtney Brown is still getting it done. he looks great! did y'all see how fast he closed in on Brees. his arms are sooooo friggin' long!
ludden007 A very blah performance by most of the team... great job of JJ stepping up big time!!!
grewe.5 Tim and Kelly both deserve gameballs for even taking the field behind the blocking dummies that apparently they brought from the training complex in Berea. CB played another monster game, too bad the rest of the "d" gave up some big plays. That sack of Brees in the goal-line stand, phenomenal. You can't say enough about this guy really, he's played brilliantly week in and week out.
norman_smiley34 Why does Holcomb get a game ball? He came in and scored when the leagues worse defense was in a prevent!!!! I could of done what he did with that!!!!!
fgm Courtney Brown- He made the only significant plays on D today. The only player on D to even deserve a gameball. Kelly Holcomb- The offense just started clicking when he came in. Great job of throwing the ball and leading this team back. Too bad he had WRs who played like braindead crackheads today. LaDanian Tomlinson- For sticking it to Butch Davis for not drafting him two years ago, and instead drafting Gerard "Big Honey" Warren. Man, what a mistake that was.
bomeister Courtney continues to show improvement and stepping up.
freakofgod83 QB Kelly Holcomb for excellent numbers in the 2nd half, 11/19, 90 yards, 2 TD Passes, 0 Ints SS Robert Griffith has 6 Tackles in a great effort that mentally led the defense. SS Earl Little had an Interception, his third of the year.
mrdna Who deserved one? Kelly came in, played spectacular, and then made some poor decisions on the last drive, negating the gameball. Everyone else... bleh.
upperdawg Courtney Brown should make his reservations for Honolulu. Ryan Tucker gets one for surviving.
naxos First and foremost I would like to thank the ref for making this game almost fun to watch. I have never witness a poorer performance in front of an audience in my life and it kept me laughing when I really wasn't in the mood. CB - continuing with good and exciting play. KH - you almost pulled this won out of your behind.
logdawg Gonzalez filled in VERY well for Stokes. Didn't really miss a beat for being a 3rd string LT. Holcomb came in, played well. Brown again had a nice game.
tjtj24 If the WR could catch Couch would not try to force the ball.
okcbrownsfan 1. Brown - Just a really nice game overall and a huge play at the 1. 2. Holcomb - Did what Couch couldn't with 4 new fat guys on the line. 3. DB's - Held Boston/Brees in check all day.... they still can't tackle though.
mark zickefoose Courtney has arrived. Now just stay healthy. The patchwork 3rd string O-line did better than expected. The fans were loud throughout.
sapphiresmd Courtney Brown is having his best season in Cleveland. His monster sack on Brees on 3rd and goal from the 1 was a big time play. Holcomb brought us a much needed spark and almost pulled out a win.
spicydeigo Courtney Brown another great game, he is making a push for his first Pro Bowl if he keeps playing like this. the defense played an ok game, except for that 70yr run and the charges last drive, we let them drive down the field and use a lot of time. and Kelly did a good job coming off the bench
award2403 CB should be in the game more in pass situations. He is dominating opposing tackles. If not for the shoulder injury Will Green would have passed the century mark for the third straight week. Holcomb injected life into a dead stadium and team.
sirpaul Other than Henry and the Quiet Storm, no one really deserved one, but I think Gonzales gets one for doing a very good job in replace of Stokes
antijeff Another great game for CB James Jackson actually got yards after contact. Unbelievable. Henry may be the shutdown we've been looking for.
bkinz9 Huge forced fumble on Special Teams by Gardner
Dawgalong The fans get a gameball from me this week for not burning down the stadium after another home field disadvantage game. AB, Please sign me Dawgalong
cball1 No one deserves a gameball other than Courtney! He showed heart on throughout the game and fired off the ball on the goal line stance, giving us hope and one last chance!
nebraska dawg CB is our best player on this team by far. Great game again. Would have had the play of the day if we would have been able to pull out a win. Holcomb came in and played really well and Henry just shut down another receiver.
clbr99 Nice to see you back Kelly. Hope you don't get creamed behind that offensive line. Again, Courtney Brown is a beast. That sack on 3rd down gave the offense another chance and nearly won us the game.
redright NONE: not one excelled. No difference makers!
bernie sipe Courtney continues to play hard and smart! James Jackson showed that he has improved and is a gamer. Big Money was a s active as he has been all year.
bigdcopfer and the defensive player of the year......Courtney brown.
swerb Don't look now....but Courtney Brown is amongst the favorites to win AFC Defensive MVP as we approach the halfway point of the season. Anthony Henry continues to excel against the league's elite WR's.
invinsor Courtney Brown is finally justifying his considerable salary. Kelly Holcomb (the 'Good' one) showed up and almost got us a dog-ugly win. Tyrone Rogers because I think he should be put into the rotation on the line.
bigdcopfer74 The only one to show up the last three weeks in a row keep doin what your doin CB.
goofboy I thought CB and GW played well on the line, they seemed to be in the backfield a lot and Courtney stepped up when he should have. All of our long snaps were great - weren't they?
whoknowsmore Brown had another solid game...Kelly was what we need off the bench...But there was no time to get it all done.
jbonafe1 Holcomb was able to spark the O, Brown is looking like the guy at Penn State who we thought we would be getting and the Fans were loud and have had to suffer through similar performances in the past.
dixiedawg Gameball to Darnell Sanders, just because he actually caught the freakin' ball.
bart.quigley Holcomb, missed you buddy!
chandlerken Tim Couch came into this game knowing he had to play a perfect game to keep to "fair weathers" off his back, and did just that in the opening. It was not until his receivers started dropping passes that he started trying to force balls to Johnson (that #85 guy that catches everything) and made some mistakes. If I were Tim Couch, I would throw to a TRIPLE covered Johnson before I would throw to QM wide open in the end zone with a tube of super glue on his hands. trust me, QM would find a way to drop it, and then Butch would give Q a comforting pat on the shoulderpad and tell him " don't worry, it was couch's fault." Does anyone actually think that Quincy Carter in Dallas has more talent than Couch? Personally, I think Dallas has the best coach in the league. Instead of harping on Carter for being "the choice of the old coach", he has worked with him to boost his confidence and make him the best he can be. I hope Coach Davis learns something that statement. Couch is the best QB on the roster, and the only proven winner. Make the hard choice, start the best player over your player. Dawg 'til Death.
dawglber The fans were great. So loud. Came up from NC for the game and sat in the Pound. I was very proud to be a Browns Fan. Sometimes I think they do not deserve us.
mrgrinch Man, it's feast or famine for this team, isn't it... one week you wish there were more spaces for game balls and you're scratching your head trying to figure out the goats; the next week... this. well, CB got another sack and a few tackles (is this actual consistency?), defense played well enough to win, but...
mamadawg I give a thumbs up to the new players that were thrown in the mix. It's not easy being put in the middle of a line that has did nothing but change all season. Keep your chin up. It's only going to get better. And hopefully, it will be consistently better. :-)
underdog71 Holcomb was the spark they needed but it was a little too late. CB looked good again and got a crucial sack. They did a great job against the pass, nice int. by Little.
browns_beer Courtney Brown was all over the place again, Kevin Bentley made some big plays and the fans were in it until the very end. I've never heard CBS that loud before.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
darkcell Sure our o-line is in shambles but they were moving the ball in the first half. Coaches need to get these guys prepared for home games. They need to stop playing to the level of other teams. FIre Arian, his play-calling is pathetic. Willie Green; hold on to the d**n ball!!! Or do you need to change your name to Tiki? Quincy you still drop too many passes.
bendal I'm tempted to say 'everyone'. This was a lackluster, undisciplined team today. Special teams, defense, offense, you name it they screwed it up. Tim got hammered due to the porous O-line and threw two "what are you thinking" INT's. He also stuck with the short routes and held onto the ball too long. The run defense was terrible, and the special teams were sad.
apvic what the hell is butch thinking about??? fourth and inches and we don't go for it !!! fourth and one and we don't go for it !!!! fourth and nine and we go for it??? wtf, butch ??? and,,,why did you wait so long to put in Holcomb when it was obvious couch did not have what it takes today.. ??? s**t , we could have been in first place in this sorry a** division if you had your game brain on today..... and the d'line sure sucked considering at about 48 minutes into the game the chargers defense was on the field about 29 minutes and our sorry ass group is the ones who looked tired.......... aaaggghhhh!!!!
thomascl There were more stupid passes by Couch than the two picks. D-line looked OK but LB's Blew it. To many dropped Balls
seiks More of these than normal. The wide receivers flat out sucked today, dropping everything that came near them. Andra Davis for his game ending penalty for roughing. Couch gets his for his two picks and for zoning out on his receivers. And Ricky Williams Green for his two fumbles.
toad CATCH THE FOOTBALL GUYS!!! As high as some of you were drafted, you are not living up!
edgewater joe Once again, Dave Campo and the defense show that when everyone in the stadium knows what the other team is going to do and who the LONE guy on the other team is to do it, they show all the manhood of a eunuch. Bonus points to the refs who ignored TWO obvious roughing-the-passer calls on the Chargers but did call a mysterious head-slap on a critical third-down penalty against the Browns.
losangelesdawg They better sit Quincy down and not let him back in until he can catch a ball...I'd rather see King start. We also better have a game plan that calls for more than 5-10 yard pass plays. Rookie Charger D-backs and 2 or 3 long passes?
dp10451 I'm a Couch backer but he has to make plays and score, score, score. Of course, the WR's have to catch the d**n ball. The team was flat and unprepared. That rests with the coaching staff.
zzdog Morgan-Quit crying about not getting the ball. You don't catch it when it matters anyway. Green is running the ball effectively, but they got to fix his fumbling problem
cornjob Tim Couch: You officially killed you career in Cleveland. Have fun in Chicago or Arizona next year. Robert Griffith: He has consistently gotten beat or missed tackles. Time for him to go after this season. Quincy Morgan: Has been dropping pass after pass this year. Forget about trading Northcutt, I'd rather dump this guy and resign CJ Jones.
stov Once again we lose to an 2nd rate team, a 2nd rate coach, and a 3rd rate organization.
thorix Hero to goat in a week - Sorry Tim, Why did William only run the ball 14 times????????????? Even with a battered line he gained good yardage per carry
neuby03 When is Butch going to replace Morgan with Davis or Northcutt. I have a great idea. Start Holcomb at home and Couch on the road. Another 200 yard rushing performance is ugly.
dandm5413 How many gift's does it take to put 3 points on the board, look into my eyes (T.C.) ala Bela Lugosi halloween is a few weeks away d**n it. Boy we sure did make Tomlinson look good.. Hey Tim, just what was that 1st time out for anyway? Receivers have never looked any worse, my jack russell terrier makes better catch's and she's a b***h, so is this loss!
other bjk Pick Andra Davis for third goat (Couch/KJ get it too) for missed tackles plus penalty. Griffith just had missed tackles
dabrowns31 the coaches deserve this because the team always plays to the level of the opponent... never to the level the browns should play at... Andra Davis, the roughing the passer probably cost us.... the offense was horrible, dropped passes no protection, not getting open.. it was bad
appraiser I am so sick of missed tackles. the secondary did it all 200 yards. fowler almost got Tim killed. Morgan can't catch a cold. the announcers were horrible.
ukdawg How many times do we have to hear missed tackles and Robert Griffith in the same sentence before he is jettisoned?
jmazzulo920 Couch was awful, LBs over-pursued all game long, and yet again tackling was pitiful.
phelix17 Arians-I have a macro for him now. Timmuh-maybe sealed your fate for good. Wide outs couldn't catch, couldn't find the first down marker, couldn't get out of bounds when needed. What a dismal performance.
tree Got to love the Horizontal Offense, What do expect? When you throw from East to West instead of North to South by design, eventually a DB will step between the QB and receiver. Bruce Arians never opens up the offense and plays not to lose, unless we are down by a score or more in the 2nd half. He needs to go, I've seen enough.
thejamdawg 1.Andra Davis gets one for committing the Roughing-the-QB penalty at the absolute worst time. The Chargers were dead at that point of the game. 2.The entire Defense gets one for letting LT run wild. 3.The entire Offense for not executing until the second half, then not running out of bounds when they had to. 4.Couch for inconsistency, staring at his receivers much too long and not getting rid of it when necessary.
cmonroe the same basic peewee football play calling every week. supposedly great receivers who cant seem to get open when they do they drop it. last year we couldn't run we had to pass no one could stop it. pre season talk of 4 stud wideouts...???? it cant be all the players faults... can it???
r22weiss The OL gave Couch no time to throw the ball. Couch also had a bad game on top of having no time to throw. Several dropped balls by the receivers sure didn't help his cause. Davis sure didn't make good adjustments again. They had no game plan on offense at all until the second half and I don't think it was all Couch. the usually sure-handed Kevin Johnson had some key drops including the huge 4th down one in the 4th Q. Bottom line is this loss is inexcusable. They should be ashamed of themselves for loosing this game. No one gets a paycheck for as bad as they played as a team. Also...please do not wear those Orange jerseys again!
hernacki Couch locked onto his receivers and threw costly picks. O Line didn't give time, granted we have injuries there, and other than Northcutt all the receivers were dropping balls.
brinkcle Couch played like the Couch that got him benched in the first place. How many drops did the WR's have today? The conservative dink and dunk play-calling is NOT going to save Timmuh's job.
evdebs Let's have a moratorium on bragging about our wide receivers until they start actually making catches and producing big plays. Quincy Morgan is playing more like his rookie year than last year..
frumanchu Tim got lousy protection all day, but the INTs were him all the way. Sorry, man...but it could be that Kelly's fourth quarter spark just sealed your destiny for a trade. Dawson set the tone for the day by turning a decent opening drive into a worthless exercise. Q, you will never be among the elite receivers in the league until you start catching the balls that are thrown to you. O-line was just AWFUL against a 4-man rush. Jeff Triplett is STILL an A$$HOLE!
lukedawg12 What's to be said? I've been telling you idiots for weeks, oh hell, ever since that collapse against Baltimore a year ago....and most of you still don't get it....I think that sadly teams get "cursed" when sh***y players somehow attract the majority of fans in a our case, these idiots that continue to support a loser. Those people need to leave this town right along with timmuh.
housebot Lackadaisical, Lethargic... Disgusting. Beginning with pregame warmups, it was blatantly obvious that this team was not mentally prepared to play football. For whatever reason they went through the motions for almost three quarters. They're simply not capable of winning when they do that.
jsinct Fire the O-Line coach... This team played like crap and it all starts with the coaches.
ludden007 I did it to Heiden last week, so KJ, that dropped pass earns you a goat!
grewe.5 The officials blew some calls, some roughing calls especially. The fans never should have booed Couch, boo the o-line if you're going to boo anybody. Ryan Tucker and Barry Stokes are about the only ones who would have a shot to start anywhere else out of the guys who played today, the rest would be on a practice squad making less than half of what they do now. I think they ought to donate their checks from this game to a battered quarterbacks fund somewhere.
norman_smiley34 What is wrong with the Defense?
fgm WRs- couldn't consistently get open, kept dropping balls, can't block, and can't get out of bounds when you need to stop the freakin' clock!!!!!!! Tim Couch- Will the real Tim Couch please stand up? I repeat...will the real Tim Couch please stand up?...we're going to have a problem here. Defense- Except for Courtney Brown, no one on this defense even deserves to wear an orange helmet, or call themselves Dawgs. They embarrassed not only themselves, but the fans, the city of Cleveland, and the whole state of Ohio. I guess the only definition of "tackle" they know is fishing gear, cause they were definitely fishing for Tomlinson the whole day. Orange jerseys- Wouldn't it have been more appropriate on a day when the 1980 Kardiac Kids were honored at the stadium that the current players would've worn either the white or brown jerseys with orange pants? Besides that, those ugly orange jerseys should be burned anyway. Butch Davis- great way to get your team ready today. Man, all that hard work in practice sure showed on the field. I guess you'll say that Gerard Warren and Kenard Lang had even better games than they did in Baltimore, huh?
bomeister Too many dropped balls by the receiver corps, can't put it all on Couch. Secondary needs to practice the fundamentals of open field many more Lewis's or Tomlinsons will run long TDs on them? Butch Davis needs to have confidence in his OL to go for 4th and inches even if it's not in the final minutes of the game, another missed opportunity!
freakofgod83 QB Tim Couch went 13/24, but threw 2 Interceptions, which led to 10 San Diego Points off Turnovers. The Entire Offensive Line, despite injuries, for not opening more holes for the running games. WR Kevin Johnson, for dropping a 4th-Down pass late that would have given them a first down on that last Crucial drive. 4th and inches punt the ball-that sets the tone of the game, Butch Davis tries not to lose, not to win. Anthony Henry sucks! Let me stand here and wait for Tomlinson to run over here by me so I can try and tackle him-oops he didn't come to me so I don't have to try. He sucks. Special Teams still running uncontrolled down the field and let the returner run right pass them.
mrdna Andra, Andra! Roughing the passer?! QM needs to start catching passes or start getting packed. And even though it's not their fault, the OL was worse than ever.
upperdawg Robert 'The Bullfighter' Griffith Ole!!! The WR's on this team could be the most overrated unit in the entire NFL. What a sham!
naxos WR's - catch the damn ball. First you shatter Couches confidence then you cost us the game late, thanks. Andra - we all have bad games today you had a real bad one. Carmen you are still a jack***.
rdmccord Inconsistency is the result of poor coaching. If the head coach ego doesn't allow him to improve his coaching, the team needs to look elsewhere.
logdawg If Dawson makes that first FG, its a 3pt. game on the last drive. If Morgan can catch the ball, he gets 30 yards at least in the first quarter. Couch threw two picks on the exact same play... unbelievable.
tjtj24 Learn to Catch the ball WR
nybrownie Maybe we should go Tim Couch on the road and Kelly at home..
okcbrownsfan 1. can't catch for sh*t 2. can't block for sh*t 3. can't tackle for Sh*t. Need I say more??
mark zickefoose WRs had hands of the softest BRICK on Sunday - Rickey Dudley would be proud. Dra Davis gets one by his own admission for letting that 80 yard TD run go. And Tim just let himself get more and more rattled. You can't do that.
sapphiresmd This is the SECOND TIME a running back has rushed for 200 yards or more on the Browns this season. And what's with all the dropped balls on offense? These guys couldn't catch beach balls right now. Also, Dennis Northcutt--RUN OUT OF BOUNDS!
dclayton Why does the team keep wearing these god-awful jerseys? Carmen trying to line his pockets more? Everyone I know thinks they're terrible. Plus, I made one trip back to Ohio last year vs. Panthers. They're wearing those butt-ugly unis and lay an egg. What are they now, 0-3 in them? We fight to keep tradition & they throw it in our faces.
spicydeigo last night after the game i sat thinking to myself all preseason all we heard about was our great receivers, and this high powered offense. well i only seen it work one game that was the Steelers game. i am beginning to believe our receivers are over rated and also arians system sucks. it is very predicatable and puts our qb's in bad situations. we run the ball and 1st and 2nd downs 90% of the time and than we have a 3rd and long, defenses know what we are doing and gives them the advantage. by doing this our qb's are put up against a wall. look at their #'s. stats dont lie. both have struggled. Kelly came in and did great that b/c we spread the field. if we go into new England w/ the same game play run, run pass, Kelly or couch is going to have a long and ugly day. also have 2 line man out and dropping passes doesn't help. also davis how come you cannot fire up the boys at home??? what's the mental block..... too many penalties at home kills drives and field position.
award2403 Had the receivers caught the ball I would not be disappointed because TC would not have been pulled and he probably would not have been pressing so much. The linebackers over-pursued and missed tackles. Once again Bruce Arians failed to stretch the field with the Browns receivers. So much for all that speed.
sirpaul i'm tired of Butch not having this team ready to go hard every week and Arians play calling still leaves alot to desired
antijeff TC, I love ya, but you sucked. Pass defense good, run defense bad. Quincy Morgan -- the second coming of Michael Jackson.
bkinz9 Couch is never going to get it! White wants more playing time, maybe he should try catching the ball...
craczkow At his best, Couch is not much more than a middle-class quarterback. When he was winning, he wasn't throwing the ball much and Green had consecutive games with well over a hundred yards. Without Green, he couldn't do anything. Holds on to the ball too long, never stretches the defense and he has lousy vision. This time, his poor play cost us a game that should have been a lock. Admittedly, Holcomb faced a defense that was only concerned with taking away the big play, but he did everything right, inspired the team and another lame Browns crowd, and might well have won the game but for some dropped balls by the usually sure handed KJ and the less sure handed other receivers. (What happened to Quincy Morgan?)
Dawgalong There are so many possibilities this week, but lets not focus on individual failures. Lets focus on the failures of the team. Instead of an attacking defense that would be hellbent getting to LT and Brees, we got a read and react look yesterday. Nice coaching Butch, very nice. Thought you could just line up and play them didn't you? WELL YOU WERE WRONG - AGAIN!
nebraska+dawg Morgan you suck. Catch the d**n ball. Ever. Andra, you've been playing so well lately and then this? What a crappy performance. William Green. Can you stop fumbling the ball at least once a game? Ben Gay you get goat horns for not making this team.
clbr99 The one time Dennis Northcutt decides he wants to get hit--RUN OUT OF FREAKING BOUNDS! Quincy Morgan couldn't catch a cold right now. Will the real Tim Couch please stand up? Oh, never mind, that's him on the bench.
redright Not one player; not one unit had a great game; Offense, Defense, Special Teams, none stood out; none excelled; The Coaches; every coach, has to account for himself, all have to step up.
bernie sipe When is team is as penalized as the Browns are it goes to coaching. Butch does not have these guys prepared. Bruce Arians continues to suck hard every week. Even in wins his play calling is awful. Quincy Morgan better stop reading pre season fantasy predictions and start working on route running and pass catching.
rvanvels How could they show up in Orange Jerseys on a day where they are honoring the Kardiac Kids. Bring back the Orange Pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bigdcopfer sad sad sad ive seen hs players play better than that
swerb The Browns were once again manhandled on both sides of the line of scrimmage. More than 3 goats votes needed here....
invinsor This team couldn't tackle a sled. The Browns had the concrete gloves on yesterday -- EVEN K.J.! This Jekyll / Hyde defense looked nothing like the squad that had played some pretty good games this year.
bigdcopfer74 were to start. coaches for having a lousy game plan, o-line for getting tim killed back there. special teams cus they all deserve to be on the short bus. wide receivers are paid to catch the damn ball qm get your head out of your third point of input and play.
goofboy TIMMAY blew. Period. The Receivers blew. Period. The Tackling in the 2nd and 3rd levels blew. Period
whoknowsmore The WR Unit sucked, and lead to TC demise. Don't get me wrong, TC took over after the WR couldn't catch his passes and started passing to the other team. Good to know we where a miss tackle away from a W. LT's 70 yrd. run killed me in fantasy and as a Brown fan. TC is dead in Cleveland.
jbonafe1 As a Couch fan it is hard to say this, but I think that this performance is the final straw. His time in Cle. is up. Andra Davis missed several tackles and was called for the penalty in the 4th qtr. The wr's dropped WAY to many passes, even KJ?!?!
dixiedawg If I have to hear about our four WRs being the "best four in the NFL" again, I'm going to puke. Catch the damn ball... Bruce Arians, I should give myself a gameball for having to put up with you at Alabama (Roll Tide) and now at Cleveland...
bart.quigley Butch, should have put Holcomb in earlier. Quincy, Quincy, Quincy - stop f*&^ing up!!!!
chandlerken Coach Davis-look in the mirror and tell me whose fault this was. Marty took you to school, I just hope you learned from it.
dawglber I am so sick at the way we played against San Diego. How can we beat the likes of the 49ers and Pittspuke and then lose to this team? If I could give our coaching staff a thousand goat horns each, it would not be enough!
mrgrinch dropped passes and missed tackles... isn't that football 101? I think that someone accidentally snuck a soccer coach in on them and told them they couldn't use their arms! The O-Line gets it not so much for their play, as the fact that we had to rely on backups to BACKUPS! With the exception of Faine and Tucker, none should be starters
mamadawg I had more goats than allowed this round of voting. Tim so-so, for what it was. The receivers couldn't hold onto the ball. The offense coaching most of the game was terrible. Like many times in the past, it was too hard too late. Maybe bringing Kelly in earlier might have helped? All of us expected new and different things from the Chargers. Especially coming off a bye week. Didn't you? Geez! I am disgusted and heartbroken to say the least.
southdawg Arians must DIE! This guys needs to be back in high school ball. Lets make Robiskie the new OC
underdog71 Couch looked bad. His only touchdown was for the Chargers. Costly penalty by Davis at the end and also some big runs with missed tackles. WR unit and Heiden had a lot of drops. CATCH THE BALL, THEN RUN...
browns_beer CATCH THE FING BALL!!! That was the worst performance I have ever seen out of our receivers. I think Heiden had at least 5 dropped passes and Quincy once again dropped the ball when it came his way. STUPID STUPID STUPID.... And finally to the Gestapo err Security that patrols the stadium. They actually put a guy in jail for standing up during the game.

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