Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Dave and Lane were on hand last night to answer questions about the Browns immediate plans and potential off-season moves. Must-reading for Browns fans!!

Lane Hey guys
newdawg Hey Lane.
ramllov What is going on with this offensive line and who is the new RT?
Lane I am hearing Tucker will play Sunday
marinedawg Butch needs to chew out some of his players out when they commit dumb plays
Lane That would be a serious amount of chewing
ramllov That is great news, what about William Green is he going to start?
Lane Haven't heard with certainty, will evaluate on Saturday
newdawg I'm not hammering the last nail into couch's coffin, but the lid is closing.
Lane At 7.2 millon he probably will be unless something dramatic occurs between now and the end of the season
ramllov So, if Couch is gone, who do the Browns pick up as a veteran back up QB in free agency?
Lane Too early to tell Ram, but a QB would have to be of high priority, because I am one of the many that are not sure Holcomb can be the man physically
Lane Also, lets see how he plays for an extended period of time, a few good moments should not define him as the QB of now or the future
BryanK Who will start Sunday?
Lane Holcomb if he is able, right now that is very questionable
ramllov They would be smart to start Tim Couch
newdawg best not to play holcomb behind the present oline.
Lane Last Sunday's game put Davis in rare meltdown mode, he was extremely pissed
Aqib Lane why is it they are quicker to pull Couch then Kelly
Lane Pull Couch, when has Davis ever pulled his starting QB's?
Lane He has stood behind them longer than most coaches would
jkmccart If Tucker goes out, who is the 2nd backup tackle? Beasley and then Demar to Guard?
Lane That is a likely scenario
ramllov That is a good question, backup RT?
BryanK Will Willie Green play Sunday?
Lane It appears that Green will give it a go
Dave I don't know if Butch has even settled on that. Probably Beasley would be the No. 1 option to tackle, then maybe Oskia to C or G, and Fowler to C or G. Who knows.
newdawg actually I think it was a big mistake to cut booty.
Dave I think it was too, if for no other reason than for an experience factor. Although, the move was made to add depth on the offensive line, which it turns out they've needed
Dave I don't know if it's a case of having burned the bridge or not. Booty was pretty upset
Lane Davis was pissed about Booty speaking out
FunkyDawg He may be upset, but he needs a job :)
ramllov If you have noticed no one else has called Booty, yet
Lane Booty has had numerous tryouts
newdawg what did booty say?
Lane I don't have the quotes in front of me, but he questioned the move and questioned what he perceived as 'future' opportunities that he was spoken with about on numerous occasions
buddog Can Couch be redeemed w a couple of good ""road warrior"" games or is he gone after this year?
Dave Buddog, I think it's possible, but he might not get that chance. My bet is he is somewhere else next year.
BryanK Dave, what did you think of your boy, Antonio Gates?
Dave Bryan, I thought he blocked extremely well. It was nice to see him before the game. He came out to the field to meet Jim Christian (Kent State basketball coach) and me, and we hung out for about a half hour. Just a great guy
BryanK Cool...Too bad we didn't draft him!
Dave Bryan, I hear the Browns regret not getting him. We talked to the Chargers TE coach again, and he seems to believe the sky is the limit.
Lane The bad thing about the team on Gates is they were all over him and didn't pull the trigger
ramllov Lane, Dave? If this guy Gates is so good, why don't the Browns sign him and put him on the 53 man roster?
Lane Gates is on the Chargers active roster and contributing
Dave Ram, because Gates is the starting TE with the Chargers
ramllov ok, I had the feeling he was on the practice squad.
BryanK He was on the field quite a bit on Sunday
Dave No. They have moved Gates along quickly (amazing for a guy who hadn't played football in five years), and he's started the last two weeks.
Dave It's been in part because of necessity with injuries, but also because they really love his potential
BryanK Dave, has Robert Griffith lost it, or has he just forgot how to tackle?
Dave Bryan, I think it's more than just forgetting how to tackle. He is often out of position. Really the only way he's made an impact is on the occasional run blitz and a few plays in pass defense. Other than that, he has done very little to justify his job
Lane It is the plays that Griffith doesn't make that standout
Lane He suffers from big-hitter syndrome and forgets the technique driven issues, like wrapping up a ball-carrier
BryanK Like missing tackles on long runs by RBs
Lane Being on the last line of defense, those missed tackles standout
ramllov Lane Dave, Do you see Griffith with the Browns next year?
Lane I do not
Dave I would be shocked Ram
buddog If we dump Couch then we'll have to use a pick on qb that should be spent on OL or TE
Dave Buddog, probably not.
Dave I think Davis would go with Holcomb, then possibly groom a mid to late round guy or a free agent who fits the mold of what they want. A Dorsey type
Dave A guy who may not be spectacular, but who manages the game
buddog Would we get a vet to backup Kelly?
Dave Buddog, I think they could go in any of a number of directions.
KevDawg Any idea on why the defense constantly over pursued LT allowing cutbacks for big yds. Once would be too much but understandable. He was still doing it in the 4th Qtr.
BryanK Youthful exuberance
Dave That's the lack of discipline and consistency on this team that never seems to get better
jkmccart whats the future at linebacker? Chaun, Andra, and Taylor w/ Bentley and Boyer as quality backups? do we think there will be more investments in this area?
Lane They may tinker with the LB's but I don't see another major move in this area.
Dave jkmccart, I think you are probably right on there. I think it would be hard to make another big investment there, considering they like the three second day picks from two years ago and have such a big investment in Chaun. They fit the mold of what Davis wants at LB. And too many other areas of need in upcoming drafts. They need to continue to groom these guys
ramllov So, do they sign a free agent SS or draft one with their first round pick?
newdawg it was obvious from the contract he signed he would only be here two year.
ramllov There seemed to be many free agent safeties late in the free agent period this year
Lane Safeties are plenty, I wouldn't be surprised to see them to stay in house on that one
Lane The OL has been a question since this team returned and it hasn't gotten any better under Davis
newdawg why is it that Butch has done such a lousy job signing FA's?
Lane The evaluation process with this team must be questioned
jkmccart at some point we need to just spend the first 3 picks on the OL and bury this thing
ramllov Lane, Dave, could your see BD (Butch Davis) doing what Don Shula did years ago, investing the first two picks for a LT and guard?
Lane I would like to see that, but something about the men in charge here tells me it won't happen Ram
Dave Lane is right, but I do think there is potential with just a tweak here and there. I still like Tucker, and Stokes has won me over with his grit. I still like him as a utility lineman though. I actually like O'Hara as a LG and think you can win with him there. I'd love a big-time LT and an earth mover at RG
Lane I agree 100%%, there is something to build from with this line
Lane It is doubtful Verba returns at his current salary, so the replacement process must begin
ramllov If you are talking about missing parts to the puzzle is almost seems the SS, LT and RG are the missing pieces for something special.
newdawg I think when verba was hurt he talked as if he was will to renegotiate.
Dave They see Beasley as the LT of the future, but I'd prefer that be way in the future, and instead find a way to bring in a true franchise LT
Dave Rather than try to build one
ramllov It seems that a starting LT is necessary, the young talent will get priced out of this market, they better compete in 2004.
Lane They are high on Beasley, but they were satisfied with the play of Joaquin Gonzalez on Sunday and believe that he can grow into that position as well
jkmccart you have to make multiple investments, that strategy is starting to look good at CB, LB, and WR
Dave The thing about Verba is that he seems to be a bit of a tweener. I've always thought I'd prefer him at G, but he doesn't move well enough to do that.
newdawg enough with this building an oline from the scrap heap. that's what got Kosar killed.
Dave well said newdawg
Lane Verba is average and is better at tackle than guard, too limited in space to be a factor
newdawg average on this line makes you a leader.
Lane LOL, very true newdawg
ramllov Did you read the recent clip in the Sporting News on Cory Fuller, too slow, Chad Johnson beat him, other teams will do it in the future.
ramllov It was great to cut Fuller.
Lane Lets remember, Chad Johnson can great ability and can get behind any defensive back, he can be one of the best in the game today
Dave Someone asked me about Gonzalez' size recently. I asked him the other day, and while I don't have my notes in front of me, I think he said he's added about 15 pounds since he came in last year, and intends to add more. That would be a key for him if he hopes to continue to improve. I think it was Ram who asked, is that right?
Lane 13 pounds on Joaquin and looking to go 10+
Lane Gonzalez has really worked hard to change his physical strength
Lane While he can pass-protect, his weakness is run-blocking
ramllov LT are known for pass blocking and sometimes weaker against the run blocking and the reverse for the RT? True?
Lane True
Lane Gonzalez has really improved and his run-blocking was better in the SD game according to some within the team.
ramllov Thanks Lane,
FunkyDawg Why is it that when the Steelers build their OL it's ""development, with us it's the ""scrap heap""?
FunkyDawg All I've heard since 1999 is how great their OL is.
Dave FunkyDawg, a big part of it is Russ Grimm, who has become a very good OL coach
newdawg and chad johnson was available when we drafted Quincy Morgan.
Lane Sure was newdawg
Dave I still love Quincy's attitude and think he has all the talent in the world and an NFL body.... but he is frustrating as hell
ramllov Chad Johnson is a great receiver
newdawg does Quincy have bad vision?
Dave good question. Maybe he needs the Northcutt work up from a year ago
buddog Where's CJ in the WR mix?
Dave Buddog, CJ is still a ways away. He is a project in that they need him to fill more special teams roles to be ready for the 53 and 45
ramllov Some very well thought of Wide receivers are having tough years Stallworth with New Orleans and others
FunkyDawg Robiskie needs to tutor Morgan a bit.
Lane Stallworth's problem is he is terribly inconsistent
Lane Drops far too many balls
ramllov So if Tucker starts and William Green starts, the Browns should be able to run right as usual?
ramllov How has Z... done over the past few weeks?
Dave Ram, Zukauskas has been what he is. He plays hard, and he is aggressive. He still needs more power in his lower legs. But he has been fine, with the exception of some killer penalties
Lane The changes made across the line helped the running game
Lane Zuk was a guy that almost didn't make the team, now he is almost entrenched at RG
ramllov Browns will have to be able to run to beat New England
newdawg NE's run defense has been really good this year.
Lane IO can tell you this about the game on Sunday....................
Lane The Browns will either hit on the big-play very early in the game or be decimated
Dave I'm looking forward to this one. My dad might make the trip with me. He's been in poor health, but wants to go very bad. When I was little, my dad used to bribe the security guard at old Foxboro Stadium, then take me out on the field and throw the ball with me
ramllov Lane, Dave do you have a score projection for this week's game?
Dave Ram, my pick in the paper is Patriots 24, Browns 9
Dave sorry
ramllov Dave I guess you think Tom Brady will have a good passing game?
Lane Nah, 14 points will come off turnovers :-)
Dave I have a feeling the Pats will be working with a short field a lot more than I necessarily believe Brady will have a big game
Dave but that should make you happy, considering I have a habit of picking the Browns when they lose
BryanK You should pick against them every week, then
buddog Is the decision to give McKinley more time a reflection on Warren or Roye or both?
Lane Both
ramllov If added McKinley will make Warren and Roye fresher I am all for it.
jkmccart is Warren getting more accolades this year than he deserves? i was getting annoyed when the announcers were putting him in the same category w/ CB on Sunday
Lane I really don't understand why Warren receives the positive press he gets
ramllov C. Brown is starting to look like a number one pick? True?
BryanK CB has been awesome
Lane Absolutely, but he really remains inconsistent or should I say, he is not dominating
Lane But, he looks better mow than anytime since leaving PSU
Dave CB has been a cut above. Gerard has been better in that he is more professional in his approach to the game, and he doesn't have a ton of mentals. But he has not had the impact he should have in year three.
Dave The think I love about watching Courtney this year, though, is that he is trying more things, which makes him a more complete player. He uses his hands better, he uses different rushes, moves and techniques, and doesn't just rely on his speed
ramllov garay, from Boston College, what have you heard about him?
Lane High upside on Garay, he is where they want him to be at this time
ramllov Do they see him as a DT or DE?
Lane DT
T-Dog Any word on this rumor that the Browns will hire a GM after this season? If it ain't Butch, perhaps Ozzie? Perhaps Garcia?
Dave T-Dog, don't think it will happen.
T-Dog It seems contrary to the Butch direction.
ramllov Dave, I hate to see the offensive linemen injuries, but is there a future benefit for 2004?
Dave Ram, you'd like to think so in that it gives a few young projects a chance to learn on the job, but who knows.
buddog What about Arians job security?
Dave buddog, I'd say he isn't in trouble.
newdawg Dave, is butch still babying warren?
Dave I don't know if he is babying him, but I do think Butch heard all the criticism from the fans for praising him so much. Davis has gone out of his way lately to temper his enthusiasm. He'll say ""he's been alright"" ... things like that.
ramllov What is the current updated status of the offensive line coach? Impressive, fair or poor?
newdawg from butch, ""he's been alright"" mmeans you better get your butt in gear.
Dave Ram, you know I've had my doubts with him for several reasons, but I've heard some good reviews recently from players, and they seemed to mean it
ramllov Does a defensive Tackle really take three or four years to get it?
ramllov thanks Dave
Dave No problem Ram ... and you'd hope it wouldn't take that long
buddog Ithikk the OL's done a great job considering the injuries and low draft
Dave Buddog, I'd have to agree. Again, I'm very, very impressed with the heart several guys have shown. I really do like O'hara at LG a whole lot. I am more and more impressed by Faine, and I think Stokes and Tucker have the type of mentality you have to love in a lineman. I'd just like to get them some marquee help
browns28 david what are the odds of the browns getting ozzie as gm next year?
Dave browns28, I'd be shocked
Dave Simply from the fact that he doesn't have a prior relationship with anyone in Berea. He is not a Butch guy. he is not a Policy guy
BryanK Will Faine & O'Hara be back for KC?
Dave My guess would be yes Bryan. I think it would be very hard to keep O'hara or Faine off the field.
Dave guys. I must run
ramllov Thanks Dave
Dave have a great night
newdawg take care.

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