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Writers Note: I wrote this article on Monday so a few sentences seem a bit outdated. The point I would like to clarify is that in seeing the Warren reply from a different angle, I agree it was helmet to helmet and that the fine is appropriate, although 35,000 seems like a bit to much.


Listening to this week's game on the radio finally brought back memories of long ago. Those were the memories of listening to the Browns on a cool autumn day. Listening and not watching because there was yard work to be done, or errands to be run. Hearing Bernie, Ozzie, Brennan and the whole cast moving the ball down the field for a successful scoring drive. Or hearing the Browns tough defense rise to the occasion and stop the other team when it meant the most. These are the memories that got stirred back up in me, and which had not been there for a long time.

This weekend, I finally felt that the Browns were truly back and in competitive form. I could finally listen to the game not "hoping" for a miracle to pull us ahead but expecting us to stay in the game and possibly come out with the win. This team has finally taken on a personality of its own and is now at a level that can be considered competitive throughout the league. I look forward to the rest of the season knowing that this team will bring me more memorable moments in the future and although they may not win every game this season, at least I can listen knowing that they can.

Go Browns.

Tom Coughlin & Gerard

"We're 2-0, and next week we'll be 3-0 (try 2-1) in our division." What a big mistake to let NFL films catch that quote. There is no doubt that his quote gave the Browns the impetus to win. Maybe it also gave Gerard a little more impetus to knock Brunell down. You never want to see someone get hurt, but to me it seemed as though Warren was just playing the game. Brunell stated, "You don't do that to anybody, not just to a quarterback. I've never been hit like that before. I was just standing there and never saw him coming. . . . When the play is over, the hits need to stop." It seems though, that the hit was in the confines of the play and Warren was just blocking the first player he saw. Players get dropped like that all the time, it just usually doesn't happen to the QB because they are sacred in this league. I agree with blocking the QB, but if it was helmet-to-helmet contact as certain people are saying, that was a rookie mistake on Warren. Only if it was helmet-to-helmet (and to me it really didn't look like it), would I dish out a fine.

As for Tom Coughlin, I've heard that he would be a prime candidate for the Notre Dame head coaching job that will open up soon. If that were the case, he could make more statements like, "This week we're 0-3, next week we'll be, well, 0-4." Of course, right now the illustrious Bob Davie gets that honor. Lucky him.

College Football

It's been an interesting start to this college season. Notre Dame going 0-3, Fresno State "Who?" going 4-0, Florida State getting killed by North Carolina and to top that, Joe Pa's continuing struggle to win. Then if you throw in a few crazy last minute wins by Northwestern, Purdue and South Carolina you have all the craziness of a college season in the first few weeks. We might as well just stop now and play the Championship Game, Fresno State vs. North Carolina. What a match-up, the team that no one knew about this year against the team that beat Florida State. Seriously though, I'm all for Fresno State and would love to see them make a BCS bowl. College football needs teams like that to come through every year. Watching the smaller schools get beat up every year is no fun, so my props to North Carolina as well. Maybe that match-up wouldn't be so bad after all.

With all the excitement of the season thus far, it seems we will be in for a wild ride. So make sure you got plenty of time on Saturday's, and keep the fridge stocked.

Super Bowl (1st paragraph spoken by Cajun Man)

Seems as though the Super Bowl negotiation, has almost come to finalization. The auto dealer's nation has ended the confrontation. The auto dealers association has agreed to reschedule their vacation. Giving us a reason for celebration along with much jubilation.

It seems that the NFL can succeed in negotiations with anyone, even car dealers. Between the debates of whether the NFL needed individual climate control, or had to pay extra for floor mats, they got the deal done. I am a little disappointed though. I would have loved to see the Super Bowl played on the windswept field of Giants Stadium. The snow coming down with a rowdy crowd of 80,000 who are only warm because of the alcohol they have consumed. That's the way football should be played.

Sadly though, it will be back in the ugly Super Dome, on a weather-less field where the only wind will be coming from the guys who had Jambalaya before the game. I guess the NFL wants to make sure all the people associated with its media spectacle are all toasty and warm. Oh, and by the way, along with this spectacle there will be something called a football game.

So there are my current views from around the football world. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to send some good ol' fashioned hate mail, send it to atmac@brownstng.com.

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