Ask the Insiders forum were on that subject. Here are some of the questions and answers about the top linemen and possible draft strategies for the Browns..."> Ask the Insiders forum were on that subject. Here are some of the questions and answers about the top linemen and possible draft strategies for the Browns...">

Early Draft Questions - Answered!

During the Browns bye week, will be honing in on some other topics, as well as providing our usual in-season coverage. With the Browns offensive line hurting, many of the questions recently posed to NFL Draft guru Tony Pauline via the <A HREF="">Ask the Insiders</A> forum were on that subject. Here are some of the questions and answers about the top linemen and possible draft strategies for the Browns...

Dboots: Is Robert Gallery (OT IOWA) as good as he's been billed? Is he a good run blocker? Thanks.

Tony: Gallery is very good, very much an Orlando Pace type blocker effective for both the run or in pass protection. A good Senior Bowl and you're looking to 8.

Grumpy72001: give us your list of the top 4 OT's and OG's, Thanks

Tony: Including juniors top 4 OT: Gallery, Shawn Andrews-u(Arkansas) Vernon Carey (Miami) Michael Munoz-u (Tennessee). Guards: Chris Snee-u (Boston College), David Bass-u (Mich) Jon Clinksdale-u (Wis), Nick Leckey (K St). Horrid senior class of guards in 2004.

Donodawg: So, who is better: Shawn Andrews or Robert Gallery? Similiar, but related question: who would be better FOR THE BROWNS, Shawn Andrews (Arkansas) or Robert Gallery (Iowa)?

Tony: Personally I like Andrews as he is more dominant, but as Gallery can play left tackle he will be drafted highed and would be better for the Browns.

BrownsBAcker: Who do you see as the top 5 QB's coming out? Who would be the best fit for the Browns? I think Tim Couch is gone after this year is done. Any thoughts on this yourself?

Tony:  Including juniors it would be Rothlisberger of Miami-Oh, Eli Manning, J.P. Losman- Tulane and Andrew Walter-ASU (Rothlis. and Walter are juniors). Considering his brains, physical skills and just great quarterbacking intangibles, plus the fact he's sort of a hometown boy Rothlisberger would be a good fit.

You might be right about Couch being gone but I don't think it was all his fault. He was the right choice at the top of the '99 draft but let's face it, Cleveland never gave him a running back until last year and more pointedly, never gave him protection up front.


Tony:  There are a lot of needs and you really don't know where they will be selecting. I would say yes to your question but the bigger issue is no one but no one, really has any idea what Davis and the Browns are going to do on draft day until the last second.

SirPaul:  If Chris Gamble comes out this year..where does he go, and would he be a fit for the Browns?

Tony: Top 12 if not higher. He is developing into a fine corner and has a good upside. He'd fit the Browns defense well.

Southbeach: How many quality Left Tackles will there be in the draft? Will they all go in the first round?

Tony: In a nutshell...not many. After Gallery the best LT's are underclassmen (Munoz, Dorsey, CJ Brooks) and most are still underdeveloped.

Redright: What colleges and what games should we watch with extra attention to the offensive line, in hopes of seeing some talented offensive players that can make it in the NFL?

Tony: Definitely Michigan, Miami Hurricane, Tennessee and Florida.

Katdawg: Speaking of TEs, I'd love a real one. Tell me who we should persue. TIA.

Tony: Obviously Kellen Winslow is head and shoulders above the rest if he enters. Ben Watson of UGA is a developing player worth an early second round choice and Ben Troupe of Florida is a better version of Erron Kinney.

Zombywoof: I've noticed your OL ratings are based on the best player at each postion. In order for us to get a better idea of who Butch might draft, could you re-order them by most versatile, not necessarily best :-)

Tony: The actual scouting reports on the linemen gets into the versatility of a specific prospect and how it may effect his draft ranking.

Zombywoof: My real question is regarding Big Ben Roethlisberger at my beloved alma mater, Miami U. Do you think he will be considered a top 5 pick next year, and if not, will he return to Oxford for his senior year to try to improve. If not for the poor opening performance against Iowa (4 INT) he would be in the Heisman Running this year, IMHO.

Tony: If both Arizona and S.D. are in the top five then I think Rothlisberger goes that high (I think Arizona would take Manning to put fannies in the seats). Rothlisberger is worth it to my mind, and I've closely scouted him two years running. I've heard he is going back and forth as to what he'll do after the season.

Colobrowns: Tony, assuming that a larger faster safety, SS (to replace Griffin) is a need ....

Tony: Obviously you start with Sean Taylor of Miami if he enters (and you subscribers already got a jump on that one!!) Big, furious and smart as well as a terrific special teams player.

Brandon Everage of OU is an explosive player that lays the wood but he is prone to the occasional mental lapes.

Stuart Schweigert of Purdue also turns heads though he's not as fast or athletic as the above two.

Also remember the name Jason Shivers from ASU

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