Admin Note: Pop-Up Advertisements

Friday morning, visitors to the forums discovered pop-up ads appearing frequently. This is due to a technical issue, which is being resolved. does not use pop-up advertisements to drive revenue. These are highly-profitable ads, however, we feel that they are annoying to users and we have no intention to deploy them in the manner adopted by many sports and news sites.

The approach used by network, which was agreed to between the network and publishers, is that visitors who do not subscribe to the website receive one pop-under ad per day. Subscribers receive none.

Late last night, there were apparent problems in the ad rotation that is used by That has resulted in a number of pop-up ads appearing. We are working to resolve this ASAP and apologize for any inconvenience. We have no interest in recieving any revenue through pop-up advertisements. Please keep an eye on the Gateway Plaza forum for further updates.

- AB

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