Browns Mid-Season Report Card

Here is a report card for the Browns, per the analysts at

Here is a Browns report card after eight games, according to the analysts as

PASSING OFFENSE: F -- Tim Couch and Kelly Holcomb have had one good game and one good quarter respectively. Holcomb was entrusted the offense at the start of the season and did not produce. Tim Couch had a great game in Pittsburgh, but has done little since. The team's receivers, considered the strength of the team, have done little -- only Kevin Johnson is on pace to match his previous years and he's now been benched. The team's focus during the bye week had to be to somehow find a way to get the passing game going.

RUSHING OFFENSE: C -- There have been moments when things have gone well, but overall the Browns have been pretty average. William Green is on pace for a 1,000-yard season, but he's suspended for one game after his arrest for DUI and marijuana possession. Reports have said that Green was twice suspended for smoking pot in college, so his recent problems can't ease many minds in the Browns front office.

PASS DEFENSE: B-plus -- The Browns have faced a bevy of talented, Pro-Bowl type receivers and fared well. Anthony Henry has settled in comfortable as a starter, and the team has played Dave Campo's Cover-2 style well. Overall, the Browns have much to be pleased about here.

RUSH DEFENSE: C-minus -- In some games, the Browns have done a very good job stopping the run. But in two games they were blown out of the water. Jamal Lewis set an all-time single-game record against Cleveland, and LaDainian Tomlinson had 200 yards. These two games offset the good the Browns have done in revamping their defense. Why? Because they lost both, and that's the difference between staggering into the bye at 3-5 and walking confidently in at 5-3.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C-minus -- Place-kicker Phil Dawson and punter Chris Gardocki have been solid as usual, but the team badly needs more big plays in the return game. Dennis Northcutt simply has not been the threat as a punt returner that he was last year, and Andre Davis has one big return in eight games on kickoffs. The Browns are a team that needs good returns to help the offense.

COACHING: C -- Butch Davis made some bold moves in the offseason, and some have paid off. Anthony Henry has played well at corner, and the young linebackers have shown promise. But that is offset by the complete inability of the defense to stop two offenses when the Browns knew they would run (Baltimore and San Diego) and by the offense's inability to get untracked and deal with opposing Cover-2 defenses.

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