Andre Davis: Wants to Start for Good

Now that he's in the starting line-up, Andre Davis wants to stay there. Mike McLain brings us the latest from Berea, including updates on Barry Stokes, Jeff Faine, and more!

BEREA – Receiver Andre Davis has no intentions of making his move to the starting lineup a one-time experience.

"I'm looking at it like I'm going to be the starter," Davis said. "I don't want to look at it like it's for the time being and just go out there and have fun. I don't know what coach's decision is on everything. I'm going to make it hard for anyone else to get the spot. I'm going to try not to make any mistakes."

Among the things Davis brings to the lineup that Johnson doesn't is speed and big-play ability. One of coach Butch Davis' goals during the bye week was to increase the number of big plays produced by the offense. The Browns have had just 12 plays of more than 20 yards this season, compared to 29 at the same stage of last season.

"I have down-the-field speed, but I haven't had the chance to really make many big plays," Andre said. "We're going to try to stretch the defense vertically, and hopefully I'll get the chance to do it."

Andre was one of the bright spots on offense in the first few practices of camp, showing an ability to get open deep. That made suffering the injury all the more unsettling.

"I felt great those first three days," Andre said. "Those first two days that I was hurt were frustrating because they couldn't give me an exact date when I would be back. It seemed like it kind of got worse over time. Now that I'm back, I feel like I'm 100 percent,"

In retrospect, offensive lineman Barry Stokes might have made a mistake by trying to play through the pain of a high-ankle sprain.

"At this point I'll just let them (the trainers) do the work," Stokes said. "I tried my own way, and it didn't work. It was to get it rested during the week and get out there on Sunday. I'm not used to sitting down."

"He played on it two or three weeks in a row when he was limited and did token amounts of work," coach Butch said. "The first week that plan worked extremely well. He came out of the game and it wasn't too bad.

"Every week he tried to do that, the residual build up got to the point that the doctors shut him down. They said if this is going to get well, we needed to give him the previous couple weeks and the bye (off). They put him in the cast to totally immobilize it."

Although center Jeff Faine is listed as questionable on the injury report, he plans to start against the Chiefs. Faine missed the last two games with a sprained left knee.

"It's pretty much rehabbed all the way back," Faine said. "Actually, it's a lot further along than what I thought it would be."

Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil made a phone call to Butch a few days after Kansas City's 40-39 win in Cleveland last season. The game was extended by one play when Browns linebacker Dwayne Rudd was penalized 15 yards for throwing his helmet.

"He said how much he regretted that the game had to come down to a play like that," Davis said. "He said, ‘I hope that that's not the play – which it could have been – that kept us out of the playoffs.' "

BY THE NUMBERS: The Browns defense is first in the NFL in red-zone defense, allowing points 14 times (four touchdowns and 10 field goals) in 20 red-zone opportunities by the opposition. The Chiefs lead the NFL in red-zone defense, giving up 16 touchdowns and five field goals in 21 chances by the opposition.

The Chiefs haven't won consecutive games against the Browns since the first two meetings between the teams (1971 and '72). Neither team has won more than two straight in series history. The Browns last won two straight in games played in 1986 and '88.

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