Time to Update Your Bookmarks!

The old boards are new again. Kinda.

Tonight, TheInsiders moved our beloved message boards to a new domain. The new address for the lobby of the forums is (drumroll, please)


Please take a moment to update your bookmarks or favorites with this new link. You can still get to the boards from the old address, but things will be faster if you just use the new URL directly.

The most amazing thing about these new boards is that, well, they look exactly like the old ones.

The big advantage of this move is that the sometimes-tricky login process has been dramatically simplified. No longer is there a pop-up window which needs to appear in order to log you into the boards from the front page of the site. In addition, the new URL will enable us to refine some of our gizmos and widgets, such as the RACK button.

Please feel free to write us via the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any challenges with the new boards.

- AB

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