Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

The bye week a memoery, Dave and the gang resume talking Browns football...

BryanK Hi Dave
DaveCarducci Hello Bryan
ramllov Hello, the insiders are here
ramllov Hey Dave
BryanK Dave, is this KJ thing just temporary, or is he done?
DaveCarducci Bryan, I think it depends on a lot of things. I think a big thing is that he has to show he is willing to block. Davis doesn't question his ability to catch the ball. If he has a new approach to his other assignments, he might get it back. But then, Davis does show a preference to players he is responsible for bringing to Cleveland, and that may mean he wants to go with Andre for good
browns85 Does being benched mean he is the 3rd, 4th receiver or what?
DaveCarducci Browns85. It's a good question. My guess is he would be No. 4, with Northcutt No. 3
DaveCarducci But in reality, it is likely they will go with some sort of rotation where all four still get on the field
Aqib but Dave why is Quincy still in the lineup when all he keeps dropping the ball
DaveCarducci He actually doesn't have that many drops. The ones he's had have just been very noticeable. I don't think the move has anything to do with what KJ does in the passing game
DaveCarducci Drops happen.
DaveCarducci Willingness to block is a different thing
DaveCarducci And willingness to carry out other assignments
BryanK Will KJ pout, or come out stronger?
DaveCarducci Bryan, he hasn't pouted so far. He took it like a man. Clearly wasn't happy, but he handled it much in the way Tim did. He just kept saying my numbers stand for themselves
ramllov Dave, Morgan and Davis on opposite sides will keep the safeties honest and improve the running game, is that accurate?
DaveCarducci Ram, I think they hope that's the case. Doesn't mean it will
BryanK Good; I was hoping that was the answer
DaveCarducci I think Davis believes Andre and Quincy have more potential for YAC's
newdawg that's only if Morgan catches the ball.
ramllov Dave, we get your projections for a game, what type of numbers do you see for Davis, Andre as a starting wide reciever for a first game?
DaveCarducci Ram, that depends on so many things. He has the potential to put up some nice numbers, but that doesn't mean he will. If the line gives Holcomb time. If they open up the offense a bit, Davis could have a nice day.
browns28 David how is Holcomb's health is he almost 100 percent
DaveCarducci browns28, I would doubt he's close to 100-percent. Holcomb has said he has no idea if he will even get to 100-pct this year. But I guess he is healthy enough. He will probably wear the brace for the rest of the year
newdawg dave, who is starting at lt?
DaveCarducci I believe it will be Gonzalez
Greg Dave- who are the Browns looking at for QB next year? Ragone? Henson? a third or fourth round pick?
DaveCarducci I've heard nothing about Henson. They may draft and groom one. Again, we know they like Ragone. We know of Butch's respect for Dorsey. So any of a number of things could happen. Who knows, there may be more dramatic changes than just a quarterback.
BryanK I heard on a Pgh reaio station today that Houston wants a 2nd round pick for Henson, but he wants 1st round $$$$
DaveCarducci I don't think they'll make that type of investment in a quarterback.
wardy What dramatic changes??
Aqib Dave is Butch Davis a potential change?
DaveCarducci Aqib, I'd say it is a potential change. Far from probable. But possible
BryanK Is Policy going?
DaveCarducci Bryan, he could be. I don't think we've heard the full reason for his selling his 10-percent. Not enough has been said about that.
DaveCarducci I've heard some rumblings that Policy would be interested in going back to the west coast, possibly part of a new LA franchise. Divesting himself would make that possible. The whole staying because of a 5-year contract thing doesn't mean much.
browns28 david what changes do you see for next year?
DaveCarducci Browns28, I don't necessarily know that there will be major changes, but I did hear a rumor that might get some legs down the road. Policy selling his 10-percent may kill that rumor
Hound38 How much does Policy make under his current contract
DaveCarducci Hound, I'm not sure.
Hound38 I think his selling back has more to do about money than anything
DaveCarducci It might. It might not
Lumpy Dave...How is Faine's leg and OHara too?
DaveCarducci Lumpy, they appear to be significantly better.
browns28 david what do you mean by get some legs?
DaveCarducci Browns28, that means that you can hear a rumor one week, then it just kind of sits for a while, and then starts picking up steam
Guest68 Is the clock ticking on Arians?
DaveCarducci Guest68, I think if Butch stays, Arians probably wil
Lumpy thanks....How about Dre...can we assume he is 100%% now with the switch?
DaveCarducci Lumpy, I think that is probably true. He told me a couple of weeks ago that he was pretty much 100-percent
tall66man dave .......... what is the tone of the locker room now..???
DaveCarducci Tall66man, the tone pretty much depends on where you are. There is little difference overall, but the KJ issue has put a few players on edge, talking about how it's a business, and that it might not have been fair. Then you have some people who haven't been happy all along.
Lumpy Dave, KJ seemed surprised by the move per the paper that true? He had to know it was coming imho.
DaveCarducci Lumpy, I think he was genuinely surprised. Davis and Arians have been after him about his blocking, but I think KJ believed it wouldn't come to this. He jumped on Mary Kay from the PD when she suggested this move was in the making
newdawg Dave, How are the guys in the locker room taking KJ's benching?
DaveCarducci Newdawg, I think a few players are genuinely upset about it. Overall, though, you get the ""it's Butch's team, he can do what he wants with it.""
Hound38 With the future departure of Couch how much cap room is saved
DaveCarducci Hound38, I haven't studied it, and it depends on how and when they move him.
newdawg Sounds like players are afraid to express themselves.
DaveCarducci newdawg, I think that is certainly the case
Guest68 I heard that one of the problems with KJ is that he catches the ball and goes down instead of either RAC or taking a hit and gaining yardage.
DaveCarducci Guest68, that is an issue, but I don't think it is the major issue.
DaveCarducci KJ admits to trying to find a good soft spot to land
Hound38 Dave who is stepping up as leaders on this team now that the season is half over
DaveCarducci Hound, I honestly can't think of one, other than maybe Tucker and Stokes
DaveCarducci I mean a serious leader. There are a few who try to be leaders, but their own play doesn't live up to the talk
Lumpy Dave, how were the practices this week? Did you get the feel that they were crisp, even though access is not available...?
DaveCarducci Lumpy, Davis will address that as he always does on Friday. I was not there today for family reasons, so I can't comment on today. I will be there again tomorrow, though
browns28 david are you surprised the way the d is playing and do you see the greater need of making the oline better next year
DaveCarducci Browns28, I always see a greater need in improving the O-line. Even when the O-line is strong, I'm going to be pro adding help on the line. That needs to be the No. 1 priority ... FINALLY! And not drafting another center.
ramllov Dave, can Butch turn it around, like last year?
ramllov Starting with KC?
DaveCarducci Ram, I don't see it happening. But it is possible. The one thing in their favor is the fact that 8-8 could end up winning this division.
ramllov Dave Is Warren the missing piece of this defense as well as Griffith? What will it take to get these two guys playing up to their potential?
DaveCarducci Ram, I think Warren still can be a very good pro. He is somewhat steady now, but he needs to turn it up another notch and dominate. Take over a game. That is, if the Browns are to take a step forward. I see no reason to believe Griffith will ever live up to what the Browns thought he'd be in free agency, and I'd doubt he is here next year
Lumpy Thanks Dave,,,this KC game is unique. We may have a chance to catch them even though they have the bye too. They are 8-0 and gonna do the same things they have been. Run behind that line with the cut backs...etc. They may not have an idea of what we will try...I'm wondering if Arians will be trying some more between the tackle stuff. Their passing game is off.
DaveCarducci Lumpy, I'd like to see Arians pull out something new, but this offense is what it is. It plays not to lose. It is conservative, and it is about ball control. If they were going to change things up, they should have gone away from the conventional offense in NE, when they didn't have the personnel to carry it out
ramllov Dave, the Browns have to shut done Gonzalez and Holmes, it is possible?
BryanK If Gonzalez is as open as Graham was 2 weeks ago, we could be in big trouble
DaveCarducci I think Gonzalez is the more difficult to shut down. The young linebackers have shown they can help in the run, but they have been average at best in pass coverage
T-Dog Was the William Green situation a surprise to the media? Or were there hints and rumors before it happened?
DaveCarducci T-Dog, it was a big surprise to me, even though he had past problems. I thought he was beyond all that. He is still a very young man, and people make mistakes. When I was his age, I was still in college, and I did some things that I am not proud of now. I grew up. Hopefully he will, too
Hound38 Dave off the subject and going back to the rumor of a GM, could BD deal with a GM
DaveCarducci Hound38, I would doubt it. I don't think he could give up complete control.
ramllov Dave, What do we expect to see in James Jackson? Does he have game breaking speed?
DaveCarducci Ram, I think Jackson is very capable of having a big game. He has done nothing but positive things for this team all year, both filling in for green and in special teams. He has game-breaking speed compared to Green
blance3459 any chance suggs could get activated this week to back up JJ and Jamel?
DaveCarducci Blance, I don't think Suggs is completely ready. My guess is that Bowers could help out both at FB and occasionally running between the tackles.
DaveCarducci Hound, back to your question, if the Browns and Davis were to part ways, and Policy stays, the most likely replacement would also probably not want to deal with a GM either
Hound38 What is the deal with Jamel, he seems to run east and west more than he did last year
DaveCarducci Hound38, Jamel is a mystery this year in a number of ways
Aqib Dave PD mentioned something about Jackson's religious conversion giving him a new perspective. What was that about?
DaveCarducci Aqib, Jackson has become very religious, and from what he's said, that has allowed him to get over the frustration he felt all through 2002. He's just decided to play his hardest no matter what he's called on to do, and stop moping around feeling sorry for himself. Jamel might benefit from that type of attitude
newdawg Dave, in one of your posts, you said you said you saw KJ give a weak effort in blocking for cutt on a punt return. the question is what the heck was kj doing on the punt return team? anyone who does that deserves what he gets.
DaveCarducci Newdawg, I believe KJ was back with Northcutt, about 10 yards ahead, to guard against Rex Walter's directional punting. He was booting them short and letting them bounce to the sidelines, partly because the wind was so strong
ramllov Dave are you ready to rate 2002 draft when four or five of the guys drafted are starting?
DaveCarducci Ram, I think any rank I give the draft is likely to change. Right now, I'd say it's a C or C-, in part because William is in trouble and Fowler is currently a first-day bust.
DaveCarducci But, Green can still be a 1000-yard guy this year, and Davis could have a strong second half
ramllov Those linebackers are looking pretty good.
DaveCarducci Ram, they are, but there's still a while to go yet.
DaveCarducci I still believe in Andra, and I like Bentley, but both have faded a bit
DaveCarducci I think Andra will end up being something special, and I am starting to see Taylor as one of those under-sized, average-talent guys who just by intelligence and desire makes himself a solid NFL starter
tall66man dave ... is it me or has jamell gotten thicker ... ??? seems so and seems to have lost some of his quickness with the wt training..??
DaveCarducci Tall66man, He got a lot thicker between 2001 and 2002. He may be a bit bigger. He is a workout-a-holic. But I don't think he's lost any speed.
Lumpy Andra Davis has been a plesant surprise this year along with Ant Henry....Campo's scheme helping these players or is it them?
DaveCarducci Lumpy, probably a little of both. Henry's understanding of the pro game took a dramatic leap, which it will for cornerbacks between years two and four. Andra Davis is just one of those guys who has a nose for the ball. He still needs to take better angles at times, and he occasionally shows some bad habits tackling
Lumpy I want Taylor to be our version of Jack Ham...(:
DaveCarducci Lumpy, that may be a very, very good comparison
Hound38 with two weeks off has Thompson gotten some individual coaching time
DaveCarducci Hound, I think we'll see some more of Chaun as the year goes on. I would doubt that he's getting that much individual attention. But he has hopefully absorbed enough by now that he can see some more situational opportunities at LB
Lumpy His poor angles have killed us in this scheme. If you is otta the gap the D pays big time...when they all get it it will be great...think they ever will?
DaveCarducci Lumpy, I think they will.
Hound38 During the off week what is expected of the players
DaveCarducci Not much. Most go home
DaveCarducci Guys, I need to run in a couple of minutes. Any last thoughts?
ramllov Dave did you hear anything about the coaches and the teams they scouted, colleges, players or positions?
DaveCarducci Ram, I haven't heard a thing. I do know Butch was out of town most of last week.
Lumpy Dave, thanks a lot as usual, great chat !!
DaveCarducci thanks lumpy
Hound38 I know its early but what is your assessment of the three top tackles in the draft and there fit with the Browns
DaveCarducci Hound, I haven't studied it enough yet to have a real opinion yet. Give me a couple more weeks
DaveCarducci I usually like to watch tape in the offseason to get an opinion, and I usually cover college games on Saturday, so I don't have the benefit of seeing multiple games
Hound38 thanx, and it has been a good chat tonight
DaveCarducci take care everyone

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