Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

A crowded chatroom tries to figure out how to fix the SS Browns...

ramllov Dave now that KJ is gone, is the offense going to show more gamebreakers at WR?
DaveCarducci Ram, I don't have any idea what to expect from this team. You'd like to think there are gamebreakers there, but who knows if they'll have a chance to make plays
DaveCarducci THere are a whole lot of unhappy players on this team, including a few in the receiving corps.
Guest267 Was any of Green's bonus/salary dependent on him staying clean?
DaveCarducci Guest267, I don't know that. It's not something we would get a chance to see, and it's not anything the agent or the union would normally offer. It's something to ask from the agent
DaveCarducci I'll see what I can do, though, Guest267
DaveCarducci when I talk to his agent next
Waggs Explain Dave
DaveCarducci Waggs, do you mean the comment about the unhappy WR's? There are at least two I know of who are unhappy. Quincy claims he is getting open. Northcutt still hasn't seen the contract he'd like, and my guess is he won't be back unless they open the bank, and they aren't going to do that considering when KJ left, it was Davis who moved up.
DawgHowl heard a rumor somewhere that LA is trying to get the browns to move there, any truth to it?
DaveCarducci NO truth to LA. At all
Stov What are the odds of Terry Robiski assuming play calling duties
DaveCarducci Stov, I doubt that has a chance of happening. Robiskie was not happy with the cut of KJ at all, from what I heard. He was always frustrated by KJ, but he also got along great with KJ and from what I understand wanted to continue to try to bring him around.
buddog Why Jackson over White?
DaveCarducci Buddog, I think a lot of White's problems right now are attitude. He's not happy here, and that shows. It shows in the locker room and that ends up rubbing off onto the play on the field. Same problem James Jackson had last year
DaveCarducci James Jackson got over it. Hopefully Jamel will
Stov Tnx Dave
epbrowns Why would the browns move??
DaveCarducci Epbrowns. Don't worry. They won't
artbtz Interesting, Dave... Policy mentioned the position coach three times on Wednesday morning. NEver by name.
DaveCarducci I've heard from three different people that Robiske was NOT in favor of the move. But we are not allowed to talk to him directly.
BrownsBacker James Jackson looks better this year than he ever has
DaveCarducci BrownsBacker, that's in part to an attitude change. Plus, the guy is in remarkable shape. He works his ass off in the offseason.
newdawg Dave, I read an article saying Robiskie spook to the team saying he was on board with the cut of kj.
DaveCarducci Newdawg, doesn't mean he meant it. If a coach is told to follow the party line, he does it, or he is gone.
blance3459 Will Jamel get the change to change his additude like JJ did?
DaveCarducci Blance3459, maybe, maybe not. James Jackson was a Butch pick, so he would be likely to get another chance. Jamel might not considering he was an inherited player
artbtz Dave, do you think there's any way the Browns can stay focused on this game?
DaveCarducci AB, I think they can stay focused. These guys are all professionals and they want to win. That doesn't mean they all agree with what Butch Davis does or even like Butch Davis.
DawgHowl Has Butch lost control of the players?
DaveCarducci DawgHowl, I don't think he has lost control of his players, in that they are ready to mutiny or anything like that. There are a lot of players who question Butch, don't like Butch and don't believe in what he is doing.
BryanK Is Arians on thin ice, or is he secure?
DaveCarducci BryanK, I don't think he is on thin ice until he gets a healthy line and still doesn't produce. Davis believes in the system. The thought of Robiske taking over that job makes sense, but it's highly unlikely. They would go in another direction if they dumped Arians. Robiske is rumored to be not completely on the same page with some of the coaching staff
rundmc79 do you forsee Couch on the team in the future?
DaveCarducci Rundmc, I don't forsee it. In fact, for Tim's sake, I hope he gets a chance to go somewhere else and start over. This situation isn't going to work for him.
newdawg Dave, do you think the team needs a GM?
DaveCarducci Newdawg, I believe that if Butch stays, there has to be a new GM for this team to have its best chance at success. Butch's ego will never allow that to happen though.
Aqib Dave any truth to the Dennis Green rumors
DaveCarducci There was also a rumor floating around that Dennis Green was the next option as coach, but if he were to come here, he would demand GM status as well.
Guest267 Dave - like Butch blew up the defense after last year, the offense - players and coaches - will be blown up after this year - agree?
DaveCarducci Guest267, I don't necessarily agree. You may some changes on the O-line. Maybe one new receiver to replace Northcutt if he goes somewhere else, which is my bet. But I think Arians stays. Holcomb stays. Green stays. Davis and Quincy stay.
Waggs Bottom the Ravens fade and the Browns win the North?
DaveCarducci Waggs, I doubt it. My bet is the Browns will finish 7-9 or 6-10. While 8-8 or 9-7 wins the division
DaveCarducci And Waggs, for all the frustration of this year, 7-9 is what I thought they'd be anyway
DaveCarducci at the start of the year, that is
DawgHowl Holcomb doesnt have the mechinics of a starting nfl qb
DaveCarducci DawgHowl, I agree. I think he is a stopgap for now
newdawg it would not surprise me if the team tanks the rest of the way.
DaveCarducci Newdawg, I try to have an open mind with Butch, but so far I don't much like what I see. I don't think very highly of his drafts. I think his free-agent pick ups are dreadful, at least the top ones. he's found a few linemen who are good to have around, but far from dominant. I question his ability to judge NFL talent
newdawg if butch can't get along with kj, why do you think he can get along with TO?
ramllov Will we see Garay at DT in the next few games?
DaveCarducci Ram, I think you might, but Mike Meyers might get a chance to show what he can do first
newdawg I really don't the the offense's problem is the cover-2. EVERYBODY USES IT INCLUDING THE BROWNS I think the problem is more fundamental.
DaveCarducci Newdawg, I agree. It is a crutch
ramllov What about Lang, how is he doing this year?
DaveCarducci Ram, I think Lang's been better than last year. Making more plays. Actually dominated at times, like in Pittsburgh. He still isn't a great edge rusher.
DawgHowl when does chaun thompson get significant playing time?
DaveCarducci DawgHowl, I think they will continue to work him in and give him a bit more every week. As far as significant time, if they do stay in the playoff hunt, then that will probably come next year
BrownsBacker This team lacks the basic skills, Offensively and Defensively
BrownsBacker there is no Discipline
DaveCarducci BrownsBacker, the discipline thing has been one of the criticisms of Butch Davis going back to Miami
BryanK If Carmen told Butch he's hiring a GM, would Butch accept it or walk?
DaveCarducci BryanK, he might walk anyway. Who knows. If Miami opens up, and things continue to go south here, maybe he goes south. But I don't think Carmen would demand anything of Butch this year.
BrownsBacker Do you think Carmen will be around much longer?
DaveCarducci BrownsBacker, it's hard to say. I've heard several people say that Policy would like to go out west, possibly if LA gets a team. Hard to say
Michael1 1If Butch is doing such a bad job, was the playoffs last year a mirage
DaveCarducci Michael1, I don't think it was a mirage. That team last year was capable of anywhere from 9-7 to 7-9, and in a flip-a-coin league like this, average teams make the playoffs. It's rare for average teams to advance deep into the playoffs, though.
newdawg I hope LA doesn't get our team.
DaveCarducci Newdawg, that won't happen.
epbrowns More than anything, wouldnt Carmen's sale indicate a possible sale of ownership by Lerner?
DaveCarducci Epbrowns, I doubt that
Michael1 but my question is that someone got them there...doesn't Butch get credit for that
DaveCarducci Michael1, sure. He deserves the credit. Butch does some things well. He isn't a bad coach. Right now, I think he's no better than average at evaluating talent, and that's a big reason why this team is average. I can't think of one player on this team who would be a top-100 player overall in this league
DaveCarducci In fact, I can't think of one other than Faine who can be
Michael1 doesanyone know if Miami)of Ohio) quarterback is a junior or senior...
DaveCarducci Roethlisberger is a junior
Aqib not even C. Brown?
newdawg I think CB can be a top 100 player. he is not there now though.
DaveCarducci Courtney Brown is playing better. He makes more plays. BUT, I don't think he is a top 100 player. He still disappears for long periods of games, and while he makes plays, he still isn't consistent
DaveCarducci CB could be one day. He has the talent, if he continues to develop it
DawgHowl what about andra davis?
DaveCarducci Andra Davis is not a top 100. Maybe some day, but not now, and while I like him, I don't know that he ever will be
artbtz I'll mention Andra Davis as a top player when I can see him go through a season without trying to tackle a running back by his shirt collar.
DaveCarducci AB, great point. It's funny. He does that all the time
DaveCarducci I still like him though
T-Dog Reothlisberger is coming out.
petegarcia winslow won't be there when we are picking
DaveCarducci I think it should be an Offensive lineman. But I rarely agree with Davis' decisions on day one of a draft. It's funny. The marquee guys don't seem to work out for Butch, but the second-day guys and undrafted free agents do.
DaveCarducci If it were me, I would think about going O-line, O-line and O-line, with maybe a cornerback mixed in somewhere on day one of the draft next year
Stov Does Butch understand the word Blitz?
DaveCarducci Stov, it's not a big part of the defense he wants to play, which is a copy of the TB defense of last year. He wants to sit back in zone and rely on natural pressure from the front four. The problem is, the front four is not capable right now of consistently creating natural pressure.
petegarcia Dave how has Suggs looked in practice
DaveCarducci PeteGarcia, since you can watch practice (assuming you really are Pete Garcia :) ) and I can't, you'd know better than me. Unfortunately, the media is only allowed to watch stretching. Part of the cloak-and-dagger approach Davis insists on. But I loved Suggs at VaTech. Was very high on him. And I'm sure he will be a nice addition.
newdawg Dave, do you think that butch may draft will smith in the first round?
DaveCarducci Newdawg, I hope not. I don't think that's the primary need, and the better defensive linemen on this team are all scrap-heap players Davis has found and worked with, rather than marquee picks like Gerard Warren.
blance3459 Dave, think Suggs will see the field this week?
DaveCarducci Blance, I think it depends on what he can add on special teams. My bet is yes
Stov ol dt ol dt lo9 dt cb
Guest54 QB Center Center Center Back-up Long Snapper
DaveCarducci By the way guest54, speaking of the long snapper, he has actually been saved on low snaps by great holds by Gardocki on at least 10 occasions.
newdawg Dave, please access the play of the teams starting guards.
DaveCarducci Newdawg, actually, I think it's been decent when healthy. I did not particularly like O'Hara as a left guard (thought he was out of position), but I think he actually can be a very good Left guard on a good line, with good people around him. He is a hard worker, and he has won me over a bit. What Zukauskas lacks in natural ability and in body type (he is a bit top heavy) he makes up for in effort. They could do worse. With what they have right now, that's the right alignment.
DawgHowl was Dave wolly really that bad, couldnt we of kept him for another season or two
DaveCarducci Wohlabaugh was average. Jeff Faine has a chance to be very, very good. He dominated the middle against KC. Beautiful block, taking out two players on JJ's touchdown. The problem is, drafting Faine completely undermines the 2002 draft in taking Fowler on day one. You draft a Center on day one, you damn well better hit.
DaveCarducci DawgHowl, actually, Wohlly was a bit above average.
DawgHowl dont get me wrong I really like Jeff Faine he looks like a keeper, but we could of gone OT instead
DaveCarducci DawgHowl, I agree completely ... The problem is Davis missed with Fowler. Again, that's an evaluation problem when you draft to fill a need one year, then have to use a high pick the next because that need isn't going to work out.
Guest322 why first round do we NEED to get an o-linemen.. day 1 yes.. but not the first round... most of the best lines in recent memeory and now have midd rounders/FA and maybe one 1 rounder
DaveCarducci I agree to some extent Guest322, but if this team finishes with 10-plus losses, and there is a franchise lineman available early, then it is worth it. It's time to get a guy to build the line around (along with Faine).
tall66man but in drafting center again ..butch at least is admitting he made a mistake .. have 2 respect that
DaveCarducci Tall66man, I would if Butch ever actually admits he made a mistake. Instead, he's tried to crowbar Fowler into other positions where he has failed. Butch Davis admitting he made a mistake is a rare occasion.
redright DAve, Listened to Bill Parcells speak about the key to winning is acquiring good talent; both draft and free agent and signings. Where is Butch and Carmen going wrong?
DaveCarducci Redright, it's a great question. Probably a big part of it is philosophy. I think the biggest problem is simply evaluating talent. Davis is used to just throwing the net out and coming out with big fish after big fish in FLorida. When he is competing for the talent in the NFL, he's coming back with the net empty
newdawg drafting players isn't a problem. signing FA's are. but butch has been so bad at it is better not to sign any.
BrownsBacker His ego is to big
DawgHowl Butch just sugarcoats and makes excuses
Guest267 Carmen says this 3-6 team is better than last year's team. Enough said.
DaveCarducci Guest267, that's what Carmen says.
DaveCarducci What Carmen says and what really is are occasionally two very different things
Stov We hated Billy B because he couldnt draft to save his life,couldnt relate to players ,cut fan favs in middle of the season and was a control freak what are the odds Butch will pack up learn from his mistakes get aring while we toil in this hell
DaveCarducci Stov, it does sound familiar, doesn't it?
newdawg I think the talent is better this year. the results are not.
DaveCarducci I still do think there is talent. And I still do think some of these young players can end up being very good players. There are very few players with the potential to dominate or take over a game. And there are also very few players for the fans to relate to. While that really doesn't mean much in terms of W's and L's, it's still a place where the team is lacking
newdawg Hey Dave, does this team has any leaders? It seems when a player speaks up he gets canned.
DaveCarducci Newdawg, there are some leaders. Stokes, Tucker, Kenard Lang, to name a few. But the team really doesn't have an overall personality in the locker room.
FunkyDawg So, do we beat the Cards or what?
DaveCarducci FunkyDawg, I honestly don't know. They should. But should doesn't always work out
Guest267 Browns better win or we'll see BottleGate , the Sequel.
DaveCarducci I think if they do lose to the Cardinals, it will get very, very ugly
DawgHowl I wouldnt be surprised if the browns lost
DaveCarducci Nothing surprises me anymore.
BrownsBacker Nothing about this team suprises me anymore
DaveCarducci beat me to it BrownsBacker :)
FunkyDawg Is the team down, or fired up with something to prove?
DaveCarducci FunkyDawg, the good thing, maybe the thing to hang your hat on, is that there is some talent (like we've all said) and there are some professionals in this locker room who will continue to play hard and follow Butch, even if some don't completely like the direction they take him in. They'll play hard. Pros do.
mrgrinch Dave, why does there seem to be such a problem with fundamentals? I was joking a couple of weeks ago that the coaches are teaching soccer: don't use your arms to tackle, block, catch the ball, hold or hold on to it once you've got it
DaveCarducci MrGrinch, that is a great question. It is interesting that KJ doesn't fit the ""complete player"" role Davis wants in a starting WR. But does Robert Griffith at SS? Does Gerard Warren at DT?
Aqib Dave KJ had some negative comments about Holcomb, was he the only one or is the whole team split over this
DaveCarducci Aqib, the team is split. I've heard several negative comments about Holcomb from current Browns players, too.
Guest267 The bloodletting is just about over after Couch, White, Verba, and Griffith are let go after this season. Then there will be no more scapegoats for Butch. The team contends next year or Butch is finished.
DaveCarducci Guest267, that could be the way it works out. But with Policy so tied to Davis through his support, going out on a limb with him, it will be hard for Davis to go unless he chooses to go.
Aqib care to be specific Dave?
DaveCarducci Aqib, most have been told to me in confidence. BUT, Quincy's statement from Wednesday that ""I'm getting open ... VERY open"" I think is quite telling
newdawg It's Butch's team. Randy Lerner is just in for the ride.
DaveCarducci Randy Lerner appears to be very much behind Butch Davis.
jkrine Who will agree that Butch has the most fire about him out of the recent head coaches we have had.
DaveCarducci Jkrine, I'll agree with that
redright Dave, what can we expect to see this Sunday that shows we have found the winning track? the way to start building?
DaveCarducci Redright, I'd like to see an aggressive passing game. But I don't really expect to see that this team has found the right track. I think this is a 7-9 team at best. I think losing Heiden will really hurt. I think losing McKinley will REALLY hurt.
jkrine Fire is what I like to see in a head coach and that is why I have come to really like Butcher. I think he has the FIRE to get any team going no matter what the talent. This team will come around with him in the drivers seat!
DaveCarducci Jkrine, you may be right. There are some players who respond to the college rah-rah style. Some don't. Right now I have my questions about Butch Davis, but I admit, he knows more about football than I ever will, and there is a chance that once he gets this team exactly the way he wants it, it very well could be a winner
redright Dave, why can't we throw the ball downfield? I don't think it is just ""we've had a few injuries on the O-line"".
DaveCarducci Redright, I think the Browns have made a mistake in trying to run a conventional offense behind an O-line that, when banged up the last couple of weeks, was not capable of working in that type of offense. They needed to adjust the gameplan. Instead, they said ""we aren't going to change a thing.""
FunkyDawg I like Davis, but will Cleveland fans and sports writers give him time?
DaveCarducci FunkyDawg, the media and the fans don't really have a say in it. The Browns have said over and over that what the fans think doesn't really matter all that much. I don't believe that the media should have an agenda to get a coach fired, either.
ramllov Dave have you figured out what happened to this offense. It is like day and night compared to the Pittsburgh game last year?
DaveCarducci Ram, I think a lot of it really does have to do with injury and lack of consistency personnel wise, BUT then the team failed to adjust. Like a car stuck in the snow, they kept spinning their wheels ""what I like to call ZZHHOOZZHING"" instead of trying something different to get unstuck.
FunkyDawg True, but it appears that the media doesn't like Davis, HATES Policy :)
DaveCarducci FunkyDawg, I would agree that the media doesn't have a very good relationship with Butch Davis. I don't think they hate either. I think they question whether they get the real story from them.... BUT THEN there are plenty of fans who question whether members of the media give them the true story or just have an agenda.
DaveCarducci FunkyDawg, to follow up. I think Butch Davis dislikes the media more than the media dislikes him.
FunkyDawg How can ""bosses"" tell what really goes on behind the scenes?
DaveCarducci By ""bosses"" what do you mean? Like how can Lerner really learn what is happening in the locker room, etc?
FunkyDawg Well, I mean like talking about what REALLY happens when you ""fire"" someone
FunkyDawg I know I can't really discuss those things publicly when it happens on my job.....
DaveCarducci FunkyDawg, I think in Lerner's case, he has to trust Davis and Policy. As a boss, you have to trust that the people directly under you are telling you the truth. If you start hearing grumbling or see some signs that what they tell you doesn't quite add up, or if the moves they make don't work out, then maybe you dig a little deeper. There have been owners who have had their spies.
newdawg Dave, what has hapened to ST kick and punt coverage this year?
DaveCarducci Newdawg, it's been inconsistent. I'm more disappointed in the return game than the coverage.
redright Tell us your take on the 3 youngest receivers. Jackson, CJ, Davis
DaveCarducci Frisman has some talent. I'm looking forward to seeing him get on the field. He is also a great guy. One of my favorites in the locker room
DaveCarducci take care everyone.

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