Week 9: Gameballs and Goats

Sorry for the late delivery of the Gameballs and Goats, Dawgs. It's been that kind of week... er... month... er.. year. Whatever - the ninth game of the year unfortunately went into the books last Sunday, and here's what the Dawgs had to say about it.

The Week's Results
DixieDawg breaks out with a line I consider pretty appropriate for the aftermath of the Patriots shellacking of the Browns: "Ol' Butch Davis had a team - E I E I O. And on this team had a butt load of GOATS - E I E I O." That just about sums it up, I guess. You know you're in Cleveland because the fans, if they rallied around anyone, rallied around a middle linebacker and a center. Gotta love this town... now, if only the team could measure up to it.


Player Gameballs
Andra Davis (54/MLB) 58
James Jackson (29/RB) 41
Chris Crocker (25/CB) 28
Jeff Faine (50/C) 22
Courtney Brown (92/DE) 15
RJ Bowers (34/FB) 14
Phil Dawson (4/K) 10

Gameball Write-In Votes:
"The patience of Browns fans.", "Coaching staff or Carman", Kansas City Chiefs, "AFC North suckyness", "None"


Player Goathorns
Gerard Warren (94/DT) 50
Butch Davis (Head) 40
Bruce Arians(OC) 34
Quincy Morgan (81/WR) 18
Kelly Holcomb (10/QB) 17
---Officiating Crew--- 16
---Entire Defense--- 10
---All Coaches--- 10
Dave Campo (DC) 10

Goat Write-In Votes:
"Defensive Coaching", "Lack of orange pants!!", "Receiving Corps", "What the hell the whole damn franchise", "CAMPO'S S****Y GAME PLAN", "Dick Enright, Dan Dierdorf", "The nurses at Robert Griffth's retirement home.", Dwayne Rudd, Kansas City Chiefs, "trent green.. throwing to off. lineman", "Harry Houdini and his Missing Defense", "McCutcheon, J. Jackson, Morgan, secondary, officials, etc.....", "Nick Saban for staying at LSU and not talking to the Browns."

Year-to-Date Totals

  Gameballs Goats Grand Total
Courtney Brown 560 0 560
Tim Couch 424 87 337
Andra Davis 319 30 289
---Entire Defense--- 267 10 257
Kevin Johnson 215 0 215
William Green 223 21 202
Andre Davis 173 0 173
James Jackson 100 0 100
Phil Dawson 128 56 72
Ben Taylor 62 0 62
Kenard Lang 55 0 55
Jeff Faine 50 0 50
---LB Unit--- 43 0 43
Kevin Bentley 40 0 40
Anthony Henry 33 0 33
Kelly Holcomb 238 206 32
Fans 53 22 31
Chris Crocker 28 0 28
Barry Stokes 25 0 25
Chris Gardocki 21 0 21
Dave Campo 24 10 14
RJ Bowers 14 0 14
---All Coaches--- 0 10 -10
Jerry Rosburg 0 13 -13
Paul Zukauskas 0 14 -14
All Coaches 0 23 -23
Chaun Thompson 0 27 -27
Carmen Policy 0 30 -30
Melvin Fowler 0 34 -34
---WR Unit--- 0 34 -34
Dennis Northcutt 47 87 -40
---Officiating Crew--- 0 49 -49
Steve Heiden 0 49 -49
---D Line--- 0 51 -51
---Entire Offense--- 0 52 -52
Robert Griffith 0 63 -63
---Special Teams--- 0 64 -64
Gerard Warren 0 69 -69
Quincy Morgan 16 137 -121
---O Line--- 75 215 -140
Butch Davis 0 216 -216
Bruce Arians 0 388 -388

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
jmatt19534 Crocker--Way to never give up! You saved us 4 points at what was a very critical moment at that time. Couch and KJ--These guys have a lot more self-control than I do. I would come out and blast Arians and Davis both. They have enough class to try to do what's best for the team even though the coaches are being extremely ignorant and bull-headed.
stov Nobody was worthy of receiving anything but a kick in the A**
lukedawg12 I feel sorry for guys like Holcomb and Davis...simply b/c it doesn't matter what the **** they do this team continues to blow a** and doesn't really appear to want to win. They'd rather just suck.
dp10451 Jackson ran well,not great but well. Gardocki kept Hall in check with his punting. And Faine did a great job of blocking all day.
edgewater joe Andra's the only defender that showed up to play, Crocker had some good individual plays, and Jackson was solid throughout.
yogi8 hard to hand out game balls but Andra was in on a lot of tackles and was where he needed to be on most plays. Faine if only for his goal line block! It was Jerry Krameresk! Lastly Jackson ran hard and is not a problem at all for our #2 RB.
porters Gardocki's punting only bright side in today's pathetic performance. Jackson ran the ball well but as always Arians calls for dink and dunk passing attack.
invinsor (1) 'A' Davis had the game of his life. He gets to the QB 3 times and has an major impact on the game overall. (2) 'E' Davis, I though made a point that maybe Butch Davis is only a little nuts. He played well. (3) RJ Bowers is a fullback! Yay! (He also got J.J. in the endzone)
dixiedawg Only people getting gameballs on this pathetic team are the fans who continue to watch the Browns get pounded and embarrassed week after week.
mebejag Looks like somebody up there has been reading the fan mail on this site cause the play calling has gotten much better. I couldn't believe my eyes win the browns started off with two pass plays in a row. What's this world coming to?
aqib James Jackson ran well and Andra Davis was all over the place other than that no one else showed up.
clbr99 Andra Davis had a monster day on defense. Chris Gardocki certainly got a work out yesterday, but he generally did a nice job of keeping Dante Hall contained as much as possible. And Chris Crocker deserves a gameball for stopping Dante Hall on that kick return. That was a super tackle. Thanks for not putting another guy in the record book against the Browns.
r22weiss The Chiefs are for real. At least the offense scored 20 points right? James Jackson showed up today and had a nice game.
adbkil Lehan had two great "gunner" moments, one to thwart Hall from fielding the ball and the other being the heads up recovery of the punt off of the ankle/lower leg of the Chief blocker
kkr112 Anyone who actually watched the whole game--this one's for you.
dandm5413 If you saw improvement, send me the tape
sfrancis Andra you were awesome, keep it up. J.J. and Jamel you were decent, but no matter what you guys did more than Green would have, and officials good job on the Warren calls, he's a dumb%#@% and deserves to know it.
brownbud Other than the fumble, J. Jackson played solid. Crocker made some great hustle plays. MLB Davis is an animal!
naxos Nice to have FB in the line up again. Courtney continues to play well but why he is rotated out on half the plays is beyond my comprehsion. JJ has stepped up when called upon.
fgm Andra Davis- He had 3 sacks and a caused a fumble by brilliantly poking the ball out of Dante Hall's hand. Too bad the rest of the D didn't show up. Phil Dawson- For making both his FGs, including a 51-yarder. Jeff Faine- This guy is one bad motha!!!!! We need 4 more Faines on the line.
jacooper96 I really can't come up with anything positive to say except that statistically Andra Davis had a good day
sapphiresmd Andra Davis had a solid game today. Too bad he was the only player on the defense who showed up. While I understand not wanting to show fear by kicking away from Dante Hall, we played with fire one too many times and almost got burned. Thanks Chris Crocker for the great shoe string tackle! Whew!
revrm19 He's the most consistent player we have. Other than Butch Davis being a consistently stupid coach.
bfan99 Davis continues to be a force, Crocker saves a touchdown and even though Bowers dropped a pass earlier, made some good blocks and scored a rare Browns touchdown.
ponchdog Looked to me like a lot of Jackson's success was due to Faine and Bowers blocking...when is Butch gonna make the fullback position a"real" part of the offense?
thorix I really don't think that I can give one this week?
upperdawg Andra Davis - Great game. 3 sacks. Wow, see what can happen when your coaches call LB blitzes?
gbeachy CROCKER: Some amazing plays from this rookie. Tackle on Dante Hall was awesome. ANDRA DAVIS: 3 SACKS!!! J JACKSON: Great job of being patient and chosing the holes and turning the corner!!! Should have gotten the ball more.
section 527 dawg Crocker and #54 are one of the few that still give a F**K about this Team. Thompson gets one becasue he may have been onto something when he held out so long.....I would not want to be part of this abortion of a team either!
ronsicker In a game hard to dish out gameballs, if I had to vote Crocker would get one.
redright Dre Davis-#1--time to re-do the depthchart...... .Dra Davis--MLB now and future......................... Ant Henry--looks to be our shut down corner.... Zeirlein and O-line played better than expected and had ZERO mental mistakes........................ Jackson---belongs in NFL...................................
jsinct Nice Hustle by Crocker... one of the Few highlights on a bad play.
downersdawg Andra just plays and plays and is always near the ball. Crocker's tackle on Dante Hall was great. Good to see Jackson running hard again.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
jmatt19534 Butch--I will quote James Jackson from last year. "I think Coach Davis has lost his.....mind." He benches KJ and starts Quincy. Quincy dropped the long ball that hit him in the hands and didn't even try to get, or shall we say quit, on the pass at the end of the game over his head. I really was a Butch supporter, but he is absolutely out of his mind. His "gut feeling" has ruined the progress of this team. What does your gut feel like? Arians--Why is it that we never have any wide open receivers and every other team we play does? It's because Arians isn't their offensive coordinator. Quincy--see above.
jones800 they must go!!!!!
salemdog It is now painfully obvious that this debacle of a season is Couch and Johnson's fault. It certainly can't be the lack of tackling, the offensive offensive play calling, Big Moron's err Money's lack of well everything or the brilliant stategy of sitting your sack leader on 3rd and long. Nah, gotta be Couch and Johnson.P.S. nice read on that blitz Kelly,Tim would ahve been saked for sure.
stov Blitz Butch blitz
rickmac Davis's coaching ability doesn't much his ego His success in the past was based on Palmer's work. Now we are seeing results of his coaching. remember Palmer had to play Northcutt at quarterback.
waymer1 Butch Davis may like Holcomb, but Couch is a winner and the Browns would have a better record with him starting every week.
stlewandowski nice job taking the bye week to prepare for this game!! put k.j in and take that bag of s**t morgan out!! BUTCH MUST GO !! BUTCH MUST GO!!!
rutger Coaching.. Execution is the result of either good or poor coaching.. Players usually execute only as well as they practice.. Hence coaching again.. And I'm not trying to be a Davis basher but sooner or later this man has to take SOME of the blame for his teams poor performances..
lukedawg12 This is completely disgusting and sometimes I think suicide would bring greater joy than watching these pieces of shit pretend they know how to coach and play football. 12/16 surrendered third downs (again), at least two more first downs on 3rd due to personal fouls (i hope you die Gerard), and collective sucking by the rest of this "defense". All of you should be ashamed to breathe air...you're a waste of life.
dp10451 Warren needs to use his head for something other than keeping his ears apart. Dumbass mistakes are killing this team. Quincy Morgan still can't catch the damn ball. Take a seat Morgan! And last but not least, thanks for being a team player William Green. You ought to see a doctor about that severe case of cranial-rectal inversion.
edgewater joe B-L-I-T-Z. Look up the term, Campo! Arians AGAIN shows why he MUST be the first on the bus after the season ends if not sooner, and Big Robbery's penalties on the second drive triggered the onslaught.
yogi8 Officials were BAD! Should have been at least tied at halftime. Maybe we coulda won? Holcomb should just stay injured. This guy is a good back up , That's all he is. Willie gets a horn for letting us all down.
porters Offense 199 total yards. What a disgrace. Defense not much better but K C is an offensive juggernaut. Finally get some turnovers and decent field position and still cant move the ball.
wahoopcc Small change Warren is a total waste of space. The bottom line is that Butch Davis should not have total control over this organization. He can't draft and the team is not fundamentally sound.
phelix17 It really doesn't matter who throws the football, we just don't run plays that are worth a damn. Arians sits up all night all week creating three yard routes for third and seven. Arians chuckles in his sleep dreaming of his draw play on second and twelve. If you give this guy the offensive line of a lifetime he still won't go far in the playoffs with his play calling. Man oh man oh man I cannot believe this guy could be calling plays in high school, much less the NFL. Horrible. Sad. Pathetic.
invinsor (1) Does this guy suck or what? It's a cover-2... deal Bruce. (2) Hands of stone, 1/2 the reason the offense is not moving. When, you benching Quincy, Butch? You pretty much have to walk up to this guy and hand him the ball. (3) Holcomb had NO time to throw. In a game where you need to come back from being down a bunch you need a bit of time for your receivers to get open. I think the O-Line is the biggest part of our offensive woes.
mamadawg The officiating crew was disgusting. There was no way the Browns was going to win that game even if they had scored 50 touchdowns. The officiating crew was going to see to that.
dixiedawg Ol' Butch Davis had a team - E I E I O. And on this team had a butt load of GOATS - E I E I O.
mebejag Again for not playing Tim Couch. All couch has done is take this team to the playoffs and that was with no running game. Defenses were just licking there chops waiting on the pass because they couldn't run. The fact that they got to the playoffs under those conditions was an amazing feat. And all the Holcomb supporters keep referring back to the great game he had against Pittsburg last year. Do any of you Holcomb fans know that Pitt was dead last in passing defense last year. Hell, Kitna could have passed for 400 yards . Until Davis swallows his pride and sees he can't win with Holcomb, this team WILL NOT WIN!
aqib Kelly Holcomb continues to be awful. I hope the Holcomb fans are enjoying this you got what you wished for. Butch Davis continues to prove himself to be the Rick Pitino of football. Its time to start a Recall Davis campaign in Cleveland. Get out of town Butch and take Kelly with you. Warren continues to find new ways to disappoint, this time with mental errors.
clbr99 Can the Browns please get rid of Gerard Warren yet? This guy couldn't make a play to save his career. A goat to Butch Davis for having two weeks to prepare for this game and looking like a scared rabbit. At what point does it become the coaches fault for the players not even remotely resembling a team. And finally a goat to the KC Chiefs for cheating at the end of the 2nd quarter and running up the score. You'll get yours, my friends.
r22weiss Defense played bad but then again what defense plays well against KC? Once again the play calling on offense was not that good. Things that worked in the 1st half didn't seem to be there in the 2nd half. Once again on 3rd down they thrown the ball short of the 1st down marker and came up short way too many times on 3rd down. When will they learn that they have to get beyond the marker! On the flip side KC threw the ball past the 1st down marker on 3rd down and completed 75% of their 3rd down conversions, while the browns didn't even get to 30%. We knew this game was going to be tough to win but it was there for the taking after playing a good 1st half. Not going to get on Butch today. Morgan though once again drops a ball that was right in his hands. He should be benched and KJ should be back in there. He's so inconsistent. The AZ game becomes a must win and they need the win badly to prevent this thing from getting worse.
adbkil I am so damn tired of Quincy's poor hands. It matters not that the game was already out of reach, he should have snagged that beautiful throw from Holcomb near the game' s end. Every game we get to see Quincy drop or mishandle one.
thespazdawg If i have said it once....we need a kicker that can get us a touchback when we need one...phil you are not going to be invited back.
cmonroe Arians is terrible. no sense of urgency until there's 3 minutes left on the clock. the talent level of the players is terrible. (wide) receivers couldn't get (wide) open if the defense left the field. this team makes me sick. how many drafts picks are playing or starting on this team that make an impact. we passed on a bunch of good players. thanks for the good play this week at linebacker c. thompson. that was a good pick. always next year..hehe
kkr112 That should just about cover it.
dandm5413 Warren, when I hear, one more dumb-ass ref call your #, well big money [big waste] sorry I'm pissed.Arians way to pep the team up for the second half,Campo were we playing a prep school?, and Coach Davis, Who is @ the "wheel"! I'm telling you , I do have this jack russell terrier that can play..wide-out & db......she's a bitch and and so SO IS THIS LOSS AGAIN!
sfrancis Butch, you suck, you should go back to dallas or miami or anywhere but cleveland, you can't draft, you don't know talent, you can't call a good game, you suck, you suck, you suck, can we get Palmer back. Gerard, William Green, Quincy Morgan, and William Green again, you suck, leave with Butch, he can have you all, I'd take JJ and Jamel splitting at RB, Roye and McKinley at DT, and KJ with Davis or Northcutt at WR anyday over you guys, exit stage left, don't look back, you guys suck. The only good thing about green has been his stats the last 2 games. Warren great job on the penalty's and Quincy if you have seen the movie replacements, you couldn't catch a ball with that much glue on your hands. Did I mention Butch Davis sucks.
sofladawg RJ Bowers is a goat just for getting hurt yet again. nice TD, but he also dropped a soft pass out in the flat.
brownbud Is there a dumber dude in the NFL Than FAT Money? We are the Browns and the Officials know they can sh*t on us any time they feel like it. Butch should go back to coaching at U of Miami. With a 4 man rush, T. Green destroyed us, ( as any average QB in the NFL always will if you don't get pressure on them) when we blitz good things happen. Sure sometimes the dreaded "Big Play" happens when you blitz.......I guess we gave up 41 points on little plays? Ps Campo is BDs boy so I give the credit were it's due.
naxos Warren, 1 stupid penalty = 6 points for KC Cutch, 1 stupid penalty = 6 points for KC Kelly you can not hold the ball that long man. You took sacks that could have easily been avoided by throwing the ball away.
fgm Gerard Warren- Big Waste of Money...Big Waste of Space...Big Waste of Brain Cells...then again, does he have any brain cells? Ryan Tucker- I'm glad the OL doesn't have 4 other Tuckers or they'd be in even bigger trouble. Dave Campo- There's a word that you need to learn. It's called "adjustments!!!!!" Butch Davis- I've seen enough of this idiot. Let's get a real coach in here who isn't going to screw things up and actually wants to win games.
jacooper96 Need more than three for goats this game, and when that happens the coach deserves the blame. Arians has got to go (teams two TD's from a muffed punt and pass interference). Officiating, why wasn't Green in the grasp at the end of the half, and later in the game Holcomb was in the grasp (yet was still running and got a better pass attempt off than Green did)?
sapphiresmd I should just create a macro on my computer so I easily push one button to vote for Butch Davis and Bruce Arians every week. Game plan? What game plan? Also, shame on William Green for his actions during the bye week. This team really doesn't need anymore distractions.
Dawgalong Warren and Morgan can't get any worse. I've never been a great fan of KJ and his amazing 4yd catches, but at least he can catch the ball. Maybe Quincy should sit down and let Northcutt get a little first string time. Warren is a load. He doesn't fire off the ball after the first couple of plays in the game and the only time he shows up is THE WRONG TIME! Once again we were out coached, badly out coached. The worst part is that they did NOTHING at the half to stop KC. My gawd, why would we not blitz the crap out of them. You can't say because it's a good way to get burnt and loose the game because YOU DID LOOSE THE GAME! YOU FREAKIN' IDIOTS! The Browns have as many wins as Detroit. Enough said. AB, please sign me Dawgalong
revrm19 Our coaches are so poor. Let's play zone and prevent so we can give up first downs on third and long! Let's bench our best quarterback and receiver so we can bring new life into the team! Let's play predictable offense so we can always be stopped short of a first down on third down plays as we throw short of the first down marker! Let's just throw the season away and put it to the loyal fans who deserve more than what this team's coaches have done! Bring in Bernie, and Ozzie, and anyone other than Ariens!
bfan99 Warren and McCutcheon, why? why? why? and speaking of why, why does Morgan start?
wmg69 This offensive scheme sucks! Throwing down field twice in a ball game isn't going to open up anything and 3 yrd passes won't get a first down let alone win a game. You think Mike Doss (starter) would have been a good 2nd round pick compared to our bench riding 2nd rounder. Butch needs to go back to college ball.
demdawg Once again our gameplan focuses on our weaknesses and not the oppostion's weakness. We could have run the ball a lot more than we did and an occasional deep ball like the one to Andre Davis would open up the field as well as increasing the chance of a pass interference call. We need to find a way to get first downs on third down - throwing the ball short of the first down marker should never happen unless the receiver has a legit chance to get the first down after the catch.
rjesker My Browns are a team full of mediocrity. The supposed talent underachieves, and there is not a player that consistently plays each game with a passion and fire that could light under the others. At this point in the season Andra Davis would be my choice at team MVP, I couldn't think of anyone that I could call even a distant second place. My hope of a playoff run this year are about fizzled. Even a lucky break in a weak division and a playoff birth as division champs with a record of 7 wins doesn't thrill me. Now I have one last hope for the season, give me two wins against the STEELERS. That is all that I can hope for this season. And give me something good to boost my spirits in free agency. Bring in some veteran players to make a difference with all of our "potential" young talent. RJE
ponchdog When is Campo gonna wise up and bench Robert Griffith...I swear he must close his eyes when he goes to make a tackle. How many times are we going to see him go flying by and miss the tackle?
ikickcats Uninspired play by the team, uninspired play calling by the coaches, poor execution when it mattered most. Next game somebody - please - go poke Butch while he's taking his usual nap at halftime and ask him to at least attempt to adjust to the opponent's game plan. Can we all agree to throw out the 3rd and whatever pass plays that are designed to be 2 yards short of the first down.... They do not work.
endzoneeddie 4 Man rush doesn't work. We should have had better blitz schemes with 2 weeks to work on it
thorix Is there a play in the playbook that is designed for more than 20 yards?
upperdawg Butch - Ok coach, show what you are made of and bench Warren and Morgan. They played like crap and deserve. Do you have the balls to admit that your own boys deserve benching? Morgan - That pass from Holcomb could not have been better. Real, legitimate pros make that catch. You are a fraud. Warren - What a dumba$$ play. The play was clearly over and you nail the guy and turn a 10 yd. penalty into a KC first down, You, like Morgan are a paycheck stealing waste of space.
gbeachy ARIANS: Again with the play-calling. Some sparks of intelligence (finally a flea-flicker instead of running the RB into the pile for 1 yard -- this play was awesome, I've been wanting it called all season), but mostly uninspired drivel gaining us 5 yards on 3rd-and-7. Or 3 yards on 3rd-and-5. Stop it!!! BIG MONEY: Lets see, 2 tackles, 3 solo penalties totaling 23 yards (2 penalties within 2 minutes giving KC 20 yards). Don't think you earned the paycheck today. McCUTCHEON: Walk away when someone starts shoving you after the play. Better yet brush up on the acting skills and fall on your tail so the WR gets called, not you.
section 527 dawg OK...lets see.....Bitch Davis benches KJ for no apparent reason. THEN, "Bust" Warren gets a roughing the QB penalty and BUMPS THE OFFICIAL!! dOES he GET bENCHED, bITCH dAVIS??? Of course not!! Carmen Policy will get goathorns from this day forward until he fires Bitch Davis!!
ghettoman This was the most pitiful display of browns football i have ever saw. I guess all the coaches for the browns took off sunday. No effort on offense or defense. How much worse can it get? Are we going to lose to the cardinals this week?
ronsicker Warren is a liability, Davis is a pighead for playing him, and I am tired of receivers running 3 yard routes on 3rd and 4.
redright #1 Bruce Arians---2 weeks to prepare a game plan and we get more of the same..................... #2 Coaching-------If we sit KJ, we have to sit Warren; he looks too much like Rudd. Team is Inexperienced and needs seasoning, but the lapses are too great and too frequent. Shows poor and inconsistent coaching; Zierlein excepted, the team does not appear poised and well coached. #3 if you need 3 goathorns--Bruce Arians cuz it's time to cut Griffin.....a break.
jsinct Will someone please put BA out to pasture... this offense with "his guy" is pathetic. one only has to look at the coaches to see the problem
klukebrugger Gerard Warrens name was finally called multiple times, too bad they were all penalties
downersdawg Exactly why is Q in the lineup? He must be a hell of a decoy or blocker, because he's certainly not a factor when they throw him the ball. Nice drop, Q ---- again.

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