Browns Circle the Wagons, Pound Cardinals

After a week of surprises bordering on chaos, the Browns took to the field and played superbly, clobbering the inept Arizona Cardinals 44-6. Parity was missing from the field today, but what won't be missing is the typically obsessive coverage from Stay tuned!

I had the headline already made up in my head.

After a week of chaos, spin control, and internal tumult, I fully expected the Browns to sleepwalk their way through this game and lose to the Arizona Cardinals.

The headline was going to be "Lack of Downfield WR Blocking Dooms Browns". I felt that Browns fans would need to issue a cynical chuckle after yet another depressing game.

Fortunately for all of us, the Browns players themselves were anything but cynical or depressed as they thrashed the Cardinals, 44-6. The Browns dominated on both sides of the ball as the Cardinals, not the Browns, were the team sleepwalking this afternoon. Kelly Holcomb put up numbers, 29-35-392, that were truly staggering, and threw scoring passes to Dennis Northcutt, Andre Davis, and Quincy Morgan.

On defense, the Browns kept the Cardinals out of their territory for most of the game, and came up with timely interceptions that deflated any comeback hopes the Cardinals may have had.

As a Browns fan, I am breathing a sigh of relief this afternoon that the team has reversed their death spiral and now has a small amount of momentum heading into next week's game with the Steelers.

Expect a constant flow of information recapping the game tonight on Bring on the Steelers!!!

- AB

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