Browns Report Card vs. Cardinals

If only Kaplan or Hooked-on-Phonix could work this fast... In a matter of seven days, the Browns have gone from the bottom of the curve to the top. Well, maybe playing the Cards instead of the Chiefs helped. A little. Maybe.

Did the Browns find their offense in the 44-6 rout of Arizona?

They sure hope so. For the first time since Kelly Holcomb took over as quarterback and for the first time all season, the Browns moved the ball up and down the field and scored.

Holcomb threw for 392 yards and had three touchdowns and just six incompletions in 35 attempts.

Andre' Davis and Quincy Morgan both had more than 100 yards receiving as the Browns unveiled an attack that had been expected since the season started.

"Hopefully this can give us some confidence," Holcomb said.

"It was what we want to be," coordinator Bruce Arians said. "Hopefully we'll continue growing."

The win came at a welcome time. After a week in which William Green was suspended for four games and Kevin Johnson was cut, the Browns needed a win badly.

They got one -- and they got a much-needed confidence boost at a key point in the season.


PASS OFFENSE: A -- Hard to find any fault here. The Cardinals played a lot of man coverage and left their cornerbacks alone and the Browns took advantage. Kelly Holcomb picked the Cardinals apart. He barely was hit and he barely missed a receiver either. This game was the way the Browns offense has expected to play all season.

RUSH OFFENSE: C -- The Browns didn't run a lot, but mainly because they didn't need to with the passing game so effective. James Jackson had 45 yards, but the big thing was that he had two rushing touchdowns.

PASS DEFENSE: A -- Jeff Blake looked lost. The Browns defenders had something to do with this, but the Cardinals barely competed. Give the Browns credit for squashing Arizona when they had the chance.

RUSH DEFENSE: A -- Arizona hardly tried to run behind its mammoth offensive line, and when it did Marcel Shipp did little. The Browns played well, but the Cardinals were pretty inept as well.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B -- The Browns coverage units were very effective, limiting Arizona returns to little or none. Quincy Morgan had a big kickoff return, which set up a score. The special teams units had little impact, but the Browns were solid.

COACHING: A -- Butch Davis had to explain to his team why he decided to cut Kevin Johnson and fight through the loss of William Green to a league suspension. He did it excellently. Most players said that the team meeting Davis held to explain Johnson's release -- where Davis and Terry Robiskie both spoke -- was the turning point of the week. Robiskie and Davis convinced a skeptical crowd, and at that point the release of the team's leading receiver became a galvanizing moment as opposed to a divisive one.

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