Gameballs and Goats: Game 10

Lots of gameballs, not many goats. A 44-6 win will do that for a team...

The Week's Results
When you win 44-6, it's hard to find any goats, so there was some innovation in that area by the Dawgs this week. Kelly Holcomb got the most props, but they were spread out over a lot of players this week. Courtney Brown looks to be this year's MVP from the fan's perspective. His lead isn't insurmountable, but it's pretty darn big.


Player Gameballs
Kelly Holcomb (10/QB) 64
Andre Davis (87/WR) 45
Courtney Brown (92/DE) 44
Brant Boyer (52/OLB) 40
---O Line--- 20
Quincy Morgan (81/WR) 18
---All Players--- 17

Gameball Write-In Votes:
"The whole damn TEAM!!", "The Cardinals, for being the Cardinals", "100.7 WMMS", Section 527 "Puppy" , "The Greatest Show on Grass", "Fox - better than CBS, how far has broadcasting fallen?", "Brown home jerseys", "Chris and Phil.....what an outstanding team."


Player Goathorns
William Green (31/RB) 37
Carmen Policy 25
---Fans--- 24
Butch Davis (Head) 17
Gerard Warren (94/DT) 15
Bruce Arians(OC) 11
Pete Garcia 6

Goat Write-In Votes:
KC Chiefs (4), Kevin Johnson (4), "CBS... We dominate games when not on CBS, so CBS gets a goat", Randy Lerner, Art Modell, "setting Couch and Johnson up for failure", "Couch Potato" fan section, Kevin Johnson haha", "The Booing Fans at the end of the Half!!!!!!!", "Me I Missed My First Home Game!", "OSU's officiating crew last Saturday", "CBS - didn't broadcast the game, but you still suck", "Steelers, Bungles, Ratbirds", Cleveland Media, Negative Media, "MEEEEchigan"

Year-to-Date Totals

  Gameballs Goats Grand Total
Courtney Brown 604 0 604
Tim Couch 424 87 337
Andra Davis 319 30 289
---Entire Defense--- 267 10 257
Andre Davis 218 0 218
Kevin Johnson 215 0 215
William Green 223 58 165
James Jackson 100 0 100
Kelly Holcomb 302 206 96
Phil Dawson 128 56 72
Ben Taylor 62 0 62
Kenard Lang 55 0 55
Jeff Faine 50 0 50
---LB Unit--- 43 0 43
Kevin Bentley 40 0 40
Brant Boyer 40 0 40
Anthony Henry 33 0 33
Chris Crocker 28 0 28
Barry Stokes 25 0 25
Chris Gardocki 21 0 21
Dave Campo 24 10 14
RJ Bowers 14 0 14
---All Players--- 14 0 14
Fans 53 46 7
Pete Garcia 0 6 -6
---All Coaches--- 0 10 -10
Jerry Rosburg 0 13 -13
Paul Zukauskas 0 14 -14
All Coaches 0 23 -23
Chaun Thompson 0 27 -27
Melvin Fowler 0 34 -34
---WR Unit--- 0 34 -34
Dennis Northcutt 47 87 -40
---Officiating Crew--- 0 49 -49
Steve Heiden 0 49 -49
---D Line--- 0 51 -51
---Entire Offense--- 0 52 -52
Carmen Policy 0 55 -55
Robert Griffith 0 63 -63
---Special Teams--- 0 64 -64
Gerard Warren 0 84 -84
Quincy Morgan 34 137 -103
---O Line--- 95 215 -120
Butch Davis 0 233 -233
Bruce Arians 0 399 -399

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
stlewandowski good job!! very nice to see
dawgyk Coach Davis - Had guts enough to cut out the cancer and now the Browns are nearly disease free, only now is Couch left to get rid of !! Holcomb - The man is now coming into his own. Expect to keep seeing similar performances(!!) and seeing the ego-centric Couch sulking on the sideline with a frown on his face. Q. Morgan - Without the negative influence around he catches the ball great !!
swede What a game !
rjesker This Is the offense that I expected to see at the start of the year. Keep it up. Woof Woof Woof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dobie7 Way to go Butch. He knows what he is doing. He has been coaching for 30 years. I bet a lot of people who bash him haven't even played football.
losangelesdawg Amongst all the wonders of todays game....I have to give a grudging game ball to Q....I've complained about him every can he do it again?
doctorfresh Courtney Brown: Team MVP. No question. Kelly Holcomb: Played like the Holcomb of old. Spread the football around, air it out, pass first, run second. Beautiful. Lee Suggs: For that MONSTER tackle on special teams! We need to start seeing this guy more.
dp10451 There aren't enough gameballs for everyone that deserves one in this game. But the O-line, the WR's, and Brant Boyer all stood out. JJ played well too.
craczkow Great Leaping Jesus, I can't remember a game that was more fun to watch. Someone tell me the last time the Browns beat a team by 40 points? Probably the real story here is a more healthy o-line that played well against a lousy pass defense, but best not to scrutinize it too closely. Morgan returns to form (how about that kick return?), Davis looks like he belongs at the one spot and Northcutt was solid. Defense looked stout and stingy. Oh, and Kelly Holcomb was fantastic, put up the kind of dizzying numbers you hoped Couch would get once in a while but never did.
thorix WOW !!!!
rutger How can you single out just three guys??.. Everyone on the team deserved a Game ball today...
csudawg Holcomb--I'll give him his due, he played well. Had all day to throw and wide open receivers all over the place, but hey, he still got it there. Brown--for being Brown...did a lot of those things that don't show up on the stat sheet. WRs--doesn't exactly help my position that Butch is an idiot in part for getting rid of KJ, but that's fine as long as we win.
phelix17 Great job offense, the fingernails thank you for a no nail bite Sunday.
gbeachy50310 I'm sure other people will give gameballs to Holcomb, so I want to use my gameballs to honor...WR UNIT: KJ who? You guys all stepped up and made fantastic plays all day. Finally the fantastic WR unit lives up to its pre-season hype. BOYER: This guy was all over the place making plays -- 9 tackles and pick. MORGAN: I'm not a big QM fan, but he deserves a gameball for his performance (5 rec for 116 yds, 1TD) and the awesome kick return (47 yds). The hands of stone softened up for the day -- keep it up, Q. And keep blocking -- you were slacking too much when blocking for your fellow WRs. SUGGS (special teams recognition): You were a special teams maniac today. That amazing tackle had the whole Des Moines Dawg Pound howling! Keep it up!
mark zickefoose Andre Davis showed he deserved to be a starter, Courtney Brown was all over the field, Holcomb played like he was supposed to all year long, and Lee Suggs gets special mention for knocking himself stupid just so he could take out their return guy - he WANTS to play.
stov Wow I never thought gameballs all around!
dawgpooh This game was a pleasure to watch. This has to be the most complete game I've seen from the Browns since their return in '99. Way to go Brownies! Without KJ badmouthing the Coaching staff and Management in the lockerroom this week, the Browns came out and played like a "team" and the wide receivers came out and played like a well oiled machine. Lets keep this machine rolling!!!!!
r22weiss Where has this offensive play calling been? Yeah AZ isn't thgat good but come on. There hasn't been this agressive of play calling since the Pittsburgh game! Keep it up. Great game plan today. Defense really played great. How did AZ beat Cinncy?
thejamdawg The fans get one for bringing it. The whole team gets one. Best executed game since the return. Hopefully, this is the start of a trend.
section 527 dawg DAMN!!! Ho-Lee S**T!!! Where did Keith Heinrich come from?? Great job!! Great game from all aspects....this is the most complete game I have seen the Cleveland Browns play since the opener in 1989....51-0 over Pittspuke......and the reason for 3 week old son wore his Browns Onesie for the 1st tome today and watched his Browns win for the 1st time in his life!! I WANTED TO give this write in to KJ (for thanks for 4 1/2 years) and to Lee Suggs for the comeback....but it was all for naught! Gameball to "Secton 527 Puppy"
lukedawg12 Kelly Holcomb did today what I've been telling the Neanderthal couch heads he could do all along with time to throw....Triv made a good point Friday night when he said the same people that thought couch was good said spergon wynn should start over couch back in 2000 - get shot already losers. GREAT GAME BROWNIES!!!
couch2 Courtney Brown - With a healthy CB in the game, we have a chance to win every single game. By the time he is done, he could be the best EVER to play his position. He sacks, causes turnovers, blocks passes, falls into pass coverage to break up plays, and when was the last time you saw a 90+ number 12 yards down the field tackling an unimpeded running back from behind. There is a darn good reason why he has yet to have a goathorn vote! Barry Stokes - Like Courtney, he is making plays all over the frickin' place. He's unbelievable for a lineman. Thought to be some scrub from Green Bay's bench, Stokes makes a huge difference. Go back and look at the games he's played in this year - they're the ones with a W. He's downfield, pushing backs, and most importantly offers the best pass protection on our line. Brant Boyer (I call him "Textbook") - He's the best linebacker on the team. He makes the play when he is in the game - it's that simple. Taylor and A. Davis may lead the team in tackles but Boyer would easily if given the same PT. He hits hard and is always on the football. His special teams play has saved this team this year - big time.
yogi8 Gameballs go to Butch , Campo and (choke) Arians this week. When you when 44-6 and everybody looks good then you have to give the coaches their due. Great Job guys, please keep it up!
sfrancis Courtney, Butch is gonna screw you over but your playing great, Andre I still like ya even though it cost us KJ and Jamel you'll get your chance to prove Butch is an idiot. KJ good luck in Jacksonville, you probably have a better chance at the big game there then here, unless we fire Butch and start rebuilding.
naxos Well done to the team overall. Good game by our FB for the second straight game. New name but same results. Lets all welcome our new number #1 WR Andre Davis. All our WR played great yesterday.
clbr99 Gameballs all around for the offense. Big props to the offensive line for giving Kelly time to pick the Cards apart. Kelly, you're looking good back there. And kudos to Quincy/Andre/Dennis. You all stepped up and made Butch look like he knew what he was doing.
weimer19 Courtney Brown, Offensive Line, Dennis Northcutt, Quincy Morgan and more deserve mentions as well.
timcouchsucks With Holcomb at QB were allowed to throw for all 4 quarters unlike the steeler game.
porters Whole team deserves gameball. Best game Browns have played in new era. Time for Courtney to be voted on Pro Bowl team as he has been dominant all year.
revrm19 Holcomb had a great game and deserves his due, he did super. Heinrich came out of nowhere to show he had the stuff to make a difference. The fans knew when the game was in hand and to call for others to play (Suggs, for example). After this past week, it was a good feeling to get a win like this one.
lumpdawg Kelly for a flawless performance when we needed it most. Having time to make the throws makes this team look ten times better. O-Line played one heck of a game. The Cardinals couldn't even get a whiff of Holcomb today. Andre Davis!!! All he does is make plays. Kevin who?
invinsor (1) Mr. Boyer: It's great to see a real football player get a chance to play... and play so well. (2) Courtney Brown: This storms isn't quite as quiet anymore. (3) The Brownies O: I am happy to report that the Cleveland Browns offensive squad have been located, and are doing fine. They were reunited with their much-relieved coordinator yesterday afternoon around 1:00 P.M.
fgm WRs- I was upset about KJ getting released earlier in the week. But after yesterday's awesome display by the WR corp, I'm now like, "Kevin who?" Kelly Holcomb- Finally, the real Kelly Holcomb showed up! Where have you been all season? Keith Heinrich- Who is this guy, and where did he come from? This guy is awesome! I want to start a fan club now called "Heinrich's Hounds." Brant Boyer- For one game at least, he looked liked a Pro Bowler.
buzzard510 Outstanding game by all, BUT IT WAS ARIZONA. Let us see what happens next week against the Steelers.
adbkil Faine was mauling, Heinrich was catching and Courtney Brown was relentless. Great effort!
nebraska dawg Great Overall game. Now if we could have only shut them out. (That wouldn't be asking too much would it?) Great individual games by Holcomb, Andre Davis, Courtney Brown, Boyer, Quincy, Northcutt, Phil Dawson, Mustard, Heinrich, hell, everyone gets a gameball! (Except Carmen Policy)
dixiedawg I'll single out no one player in this total team effort! Gameball for all players who were eligible to play (Note, that's NOT you William Green). Keep it up against the Squeelers.
clevelandfan Brant Boyer - Great game, he was all over the field. He is reminding me a great Cleveland Brown of the same position on D...Clay Mathews. Kelly Holcomb - Great day, keep it up! Entire D - Terrific Day, keep doing this for 6 more games, and we may just win this division! FANS!!!!! - I listen to Jimmy Donavan, and Doug Dieken as I watch the game unfold on tv, and boy did it sound LOUD there, and forced the 'Cards to used all timeouts in the 1st qtr. Coaching - Finally figured out how to win early in the game, and then instead of played not to lose, played TO WIN. 'Cards - Thanks for the 'W' WRs - Great game by the WR corpse, proved they might not need K.J. after all.
sapphiresmd Brant Boyer lead the defense in a very strong defensive performance. Also, an outstanding QB performance by Holcomb. And finally, the receivers, Morgan/Northcutt/Davis, all had monster games. Great offensive effort!!
Dawgalong KEVIN WHO?
kibsupreme12 Great job of turning something negative (release of KJ) into something ( a 38 point win !!!)
zombywoof Courtney is a mutha.
frumanchu What a game! I don't care who it was against. The Chargers and Bungles came in here looking the same way and we gave them both wins, so clearly something changed between then and now offensively. They all know it and they've all said it...the goal now is CONSISTENCY! Thanks to the Ratbirds for losing and giving us more time to catch up.
mamadawg I was thrilled with the whole team's effort. Keep up the good work. Browns Rock!
logdawg Bruce Arians called a GREAT game, great to see. The obvious choices will surely be filled in, but Heinrich played an exceptional game, along with Darnell Sanders and Chad Mustard, giving TE production like this team hasn't seen in a while. Brant Boyer did a GREAT job filling in for Ben Taylor. Amazing game.
nsalem Right on Butch Davis for your bravery in doing what is right for this football team
whoknowsmore Yeah!
goofboy 44-6 says it all - if you complain about that, you deserve a goat
underdog71 I drove all the way from N.C. to see the game. It was worth the drive. Kelly looked amazing as well as Quincy, Andre, and Dennis. The defense could not have played much better. Put Quincy back on kick off return!!
jsinct CB deserves a whopper of a gameball.. This guy can flat out play
joe brownlee Andre Davis - Looks like we have a #1 WR. Brant Boyer - Fantastic game, when Taylor comes back, play Boyer rather than Bentley. Dennis Northcut - Mr. Third Down Conversion does it again.
toad Way to nut-it-up guy's!!! Now, play with that same intensity EVERY WEEK!
jmatt19534 KH--I'm a Tim guy, still am, but how do you not give him a gameball for that game. Great game, Kelly! Now go do it two more games in a row. AD--He was under some big pressure after KJ got cut. He came through big! I hope to see that against Pitt. next week. BB--Why isn't this guy on the field every play? He is just a professional in every sense of the word.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
stlewandowski WHAT can't hold off the bengals.thanx a**holes
dawgyk Tim (all about) Couch - Sulking on the sideline, frown on face, obviously unhappy, not cheering team-mates. Definitely NOT a team oriented type player. send him to Jacksonville !!
swede no goats today
doctorfresh Phil Dawson and the special teams made some odd decisions. What's the deal with kicking off to the 35? And some of those Dawson field goals are getting pretty sketchy. Oh well, a great win, regardless.
dp10451 Hard to find fault in a game like this. Warren is still making dumb mistakes but overall did ok.
19kosar19 To the fans over-reacting to every Butch move, trying to fire him at the drop of a hat. Keep your cool. The guy knows what he is doing.
rutger Only one to deserve a set of goathorns today was William Green for not being eligible to play for the reasons he wasn't eligible to play.. So I gave him all three..
csudawg Davis--still must go...he'll keep the wolves at bay for this week, but we still have a long way to go, and Butch still isn't the guy to get us there. Fans--Quite possibly the least into it crowd I've ever experienced at a Browns game. Somewhat understandable considering our season before today, our opponent, and the events of the past week, but you still gotta show up and make noise.
phelix17 Bruce Arians gets a goat because beating Arizona's defense ain't no big thang, and Bruce sucks. Gerard Warren gets a goat for his two dumb plays every week and for being softer than Charmin bathroom tissue. Kevin Johnson gets a goat for not getting his lazy, selfish ass out of here years earlier.
gbeachy50310 ARIANS: Enough said already, and I'm sure I'm joining the other 50 other people that will assuredly pile on. Main heartburn from the Des Moines Browns Backers -- why wasn't HYBL sent in during the 4th qtr to give him some reps and to save potential injury to Holcomb? Don't risk it any more than you have to, especially when you are up by 30 pts. We might need Hybl before the regular season is over and it would be nice for him to get to know the pressure of the show. BIG PHONY: 1 tackle, 1 penalty for 5 yards, 1 fumble recovery. Nice job on the fumble, but overall these are still not the numbers we expect to see. CBS FANS: What's with all the booing? Very sad state of affairs when we are booing our team -- and they are winning by 17 pts.
mark zickefoose This week, and every week for the rest of the season, the front office gets permanent goathorns for their inept bungling of Kevin Johnson. Randy Lerner gets them for being asleep at the wheel. Dumping him was classless, arrogant and hurt the team by getting nothing in return, and the lies and spin around the release only make their offense worse because they're clearly hiding something.
stov Screw the clock management
dawgpooh If it weren't for KJ's constant lockerrooom badmouthing I wonder where this team would be now. Judging by todays performance, KJ must have been a major disruptance in the lockerroom and on the practice field. Good Riddance!!!
weweber3 FANS SUCK, WAY TO "PACK" 35,000 IN CBS.
thespazdawg No holding? In two weeks? Is this not the NFL?
thejamdawg The fans who get the goathorns are the ones who left early (except for those with legit excuses.) You should savor every second of a win like this. The Kansas City Chiefs get one for letting up on the Bengals until it was too late. I wanted KC to lose BUT NOT TO THE BENGALS!
gammadawg I gave up pot for a$60,000-$100,000 a year job. William Green should lose everything. Three strikes you FOOL!
montgocc isn't it funny how the play calling just happened to look better after kevin johnson gets sliced out of the arians isn't/wasn't setting couch and johnson up for inevitable failure!!!!!
section 527 dawg 1. FU Bitch - KJ was 'da man!! At least get a draft pick out of him!! 2. Carmine - FIRE BUTCH DAVIS NOW!!! Oh yeah, and NICE job throwing KJ under the bus and running him over!! 3. Terry R.....Thanks for psing KJ out of the door as well..... 4. Quincy.....just becasue you are a punk a$$
lukedawg12 I think the write in sums it up well enough...KJ we don't need you we're obviously better without you...for once I'm in a good mood after a Browns game! Imagine that!
yogi8 Nobody on the team deserved a horn, so...........
sfrancis Butch you still suck, Quincy you still cant catch when it counts and Will, I think this joint I found is yours.
naxos Policy just because. Butch because even thought the Browns won, I am still pissed he didn't go for more point before the half. You NEVER pass up a chance at more points in the NFL. Warren he was getting pushed around all over the field and is still not in the game mentally.
clbr99 I think we may have had a Gerard Warren sighting. Even if we did, it's still not enough to make up for his big waste of a paycheck. And a goathorn to William Green for getting himself into the spotlight by being *off* of the football field. Get better Will, and make your name *on* the field.
weimer19 William Green gets all three for hitting the dope and getting suspended when he had the potential for a 1,000 yard season.
timcouchsucks Any QB can look like a ALL PRO with no Pressure on Him.
porters Hard to find a goat but the fans booing before the half makes you wonder if they had every seen a football game before. Wake up!! We are ahead 20-3.
revrm19 Arians waited until this game to oppen things up? Let's call for his head every week and we might get into the playoffs. Where has this play scheme been all year? Davis insists on rubbing salt into the wounds of Couch by sitting him when the game was well in hand. Unless he can't play, we need everybody sharp. Including the coaches.
lumpdawg KC losing to Cincy is the lone negative in a day that was nothing but positive.
invinsor (1) Will Green: You were really supposed to be a part of this... (2) Fans: For berating Quincy Morgan in pre-game warm-ups and then pledging undying love for him shortly after. (3) Bob Griffith: Loves to hit, but still doesn't quite get this whole "tackling" business.
fgm Barry Stokes-For the stupid taunting penalty after Northcutt's TD. Butch Davis- For not pulling Holcomb after the game was well in hand. He could've be hurt on a freak play, you dumb ass! I guess when all you have to complain about is an OL getting a dumb flag thrown on him and Butch leaving the QB in too long, it must have been a damn good day.
buzzard510 3rd and long and we go with a screen pass. Bootleg could have worked all day long. Watch the freaking game Bruce.
adbkil Carmen - I am just so tired of the "spin". Fans - idiotic booing at half. Pete Garcia - go draft another felon, will ya?
nebraska dawg Policy, can't wait for you to be gone. Have fun in California next year!
dixiedawg Goathorns to the Squeelers and my computer as well because it seems I couldn't read Gameball and Goats last week for some reason? Hmmmmm....
clevelandfan Carmen Policy - Please leave, 'nuff said. William Green - May find it tough to get his job back, on Dec. 8th, with the way J.J. has handled the duties. Steelers - They suck, and will always suck, bring 'em on!!!!!!!! Bungles - They thing they have this division for themselves, but just wait! Ratbirds - They suck too!!!!
sapphiresmd I wrote in goathorns this week to the NFL. I think it's funny that the NFL berated the Browns for suspending Green one game, but then they turn around and suspend him for 4. Not that he didn't deserve it, but still you have to wonder what they were thinking?
trinityseven Goat horns for the fans not selling out the game...
Dawgalong A goat to KJ for being a puke and going on the pregame circuit in another feable effort to promote himself and how badly he was treated in Cleveland and how nobody understands him and Waaaaaaaaaaah. SHUT UP! A little goat to Willy, LIMO'S William are cheap and fun too! Get better soon, we miss you.
kibsupreme12 should have put Hybl in towards the end... what a way to put a sour taste on a great win if Holcomb gets hurt
zombywoof William will get 'horns from me every week he misses on suspension.
frumanchu Bungles for winning against the Chiefs. But please, oh please, let C. Johnson "guarantee" a win against us coming up so we can hear him get booed in his home stadium!
mamadawg Is it so difficult for our fans to put down their beers in the parking lot and make it to their seats before game time? Get to your seats and show the Browns the love and support I know you have for them. GO BROWNS!
alfoth If you can find a goat in that game good luck!
logdawg Robert Griffith and Anthony Henry missed coverage on the big play for Boldin What were the fans booing about at half and the end of the game?!?! At half we had a 20-3 lead with 40 secs and 1 TO, don't risk it then. And kneeling on the ball with a 38 point lead is bad?? GROW UP!
nsalem Kevin who? We don't want any player who won't give 100%.
goofboy Fans booing right before halftime...WTF...the Browns owned AZ in the first half, why not walk in 20-3 with no chance for something stupid to happen right before halftime...
hazdog Holcomb - 6 Incompletions, what was wrong with him? Cleveland Fans deserve better.
redright NO GOATHORNS: NOT Perfect but then it's not ice skating................. Have to wonder: What has happened to JAMEL WHITE when he doesn't run against an awful ARIZONA CARDINALS performance. Can RYAN PONTBRIAND long snap?
jsinct Both KJ and Policy should be nominated for "Just Shut Up" this week.
debsch72 william green gets three game balls for being an undisciplined idiot. He should have been there for the win.
joe brownlee Pointbriand -- Too many bad snaps, Gardocki always has to adjust them.
salemdog Davis and Policy for getting nothing for KJ
toad Fans whom "boo" a team, in the lead at halftime, are idiots. What are we, "Philly Fan"? Butch, for thinking that "His Schemes" won this game. And Lew Merletti, for the bang-up-job he's doing, finding criminals to play for the Cleveland Browns.
jmatt19534 Carmen--Get Bernie involved with this team. BA--Why wait until now in the season to "open" it up. If you would have done this sooner, we'd be 7-3 and in the playoffs. MEEEEchigan--It's OSU/um week. Go Buckeyes!
westend I hate carmen policy. If you too, hate that rat-bastard, join me in my quest to rack up as many goathorns for him as we can. I vote for him 3x a week, religously. I'll bet he's shaking in his boots ... but seriously, if this is the best way I can express how much I loathe that tiny little man without destroying any of his personal property or harming him physically, I'll take it. Besides, he deserves them more than any player. At least they went out there and smashed heads with some 300lb crazies. What did Policy do? MUCK FICHIGAN.

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