Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Here is the scoop from last Thursday night...

T-Dog Hi Dave!
DaveCarducci Hi T-Dog
T-Dog Do you feel more like a sportswriter or soap opera critic these days?
DaveCarducci A little of both.
Guest8 Hey Dave, Peter King told me the best we could have done is a 5th rd pick for KJ,true ??
newdawg how does he know?
Guest8 said dick vermile only offered a 5 th
T-Dog Andra Davis was a fifth round pick....
newdawg 16 teams put in waivers. someone else would have been interested.
DaveCarducci Guest8, I have heard that over the last two years that the best the Browns could have received for KJ was a anywhere from 3rd to 5th round.
T-Dog What do you hear about Carmen and his sale of stock - LA franchise owner? NFL Commish? Wine maker?
DaveCarducci T-Dog, no real new news, other than what we've told you about rumors regarding his interest in going back out west. At one point he would have liked to get into the NFL heirarchy, but couldn't make that work
Redright What is the draft pick value of Willie Green?
DaveCarducci Redright, I think they'll stick it out with William. They had to know this type of thing was possible when they drafted him.
rundmc79 who did we pass on by taking Green?
DaveCarducci Duckett was the big debate
Redright Dave, it appears that Green has lied to BD 3 times and may be facing the one year suspension on the next event, will Carmen want to keep a 5+ million a year guy who may be sitting out a year?
DaveCarducci Redright, my bet is that they will stick it out with him as long as they can and hope he matures. He is a young, immature guy. And again, they knew this was very possible.
DaveCarducci And if they were to cut bait, they wouldn't get the value back
BryanK Did we see the real Kelly Holcomb last week? Or was it just a mirage?
DaveCarducci BryanK, I think a little of both. Holcomb is not going to put up those type of numbers every week. The Cardinals were absolutely dreadful, but the Browns also had everything clicking and probably would have knocked off just about any team.
Lumpy Dave-any feel about how the team is preparing for the Steelers...last week they came out strong
DaveCarducci Lumpy, I think you'll at the very least see effort like you did last year in the 2nd half. These guys are professionals, and they do have a lot of pride. I get the feeling that from the locker room that at the very least their preparation and attention will be there.
Redright Thanks Dave, we can hope Willie does Hazleton or at least betty ford.
DaveCarducci Redright, and also I'm not ready to give up on him. I think back to my college years, and he is still only college age, and my decision making skills lacked a lot to be desired as well.
rundmc79 all the more reason for the NFL to not let Clarett enter the draft
DaveCarducci Rundmc79, I agree completely
DaveCarducci not to mention the fact that his body isn't ready to take the beating of a 16-game NFL schedule
foshen Been generally dissatisfied with the kickoff return game, why don't they use Jamel there more?
DaveCarducci foshen, I think they worry too much about Jamel's east-west game rather than north-south, which is critical in the return game
DaveCarducci I've been very disappointed, by the way, in the play of Pontbriand. His short snaps consistently come up, well, short
DaveCarducci Gardocki has saved his butt more times than I can count
T-Dog Dave, Butch seems to think Gerard Warren is playing well - what do you think?
DaveCarducci T-Dog, I think Warren has played at the very least consistent. He's been fine, but fine is not what you want out of a No. 3 overall pick. you should expect a guy who can at times take over a game
DaveCarducci by being disruptive
Redright DAVE, I have asked this in the forum, but....What is wrong with jamel? He seems to dance and doesn't run. Seems to be wasting an oppurtunity to be a starter. We need the player we thought we were getting when Jamel was resigned. What can be done to get him back to were he was? or could have been?
DaveCarducci Redright, I think there are a number of things wrong with Jamel. He's always had the tendancy to dance around in kind of a poor-man's barry Sanders way. Again, like I said the last couple weeks, the big thing right now with Jamel is attitude. He is unhappy, and it shows in the locker room, and that cann't help but show up on the field. Very similar to James jackson last year
foshen what did you think of the play of the new DT Myers -- didn't impress me
DaveCarducci Foshen, I hadn't really studied it. But I have the game film right here. I'll check it out tonight
newdawg Dave, the steeler's fans are down on buress. do you jnow why?
DaveCarducci Newdawg, I can think of several reasons. The biggest thing to me is the fact that he almost never catches the ball cleanly, and that makes him vulnerable to drops on contact
newdawg as big as he is, he should eat contact.
DaveCarducci Newdawg, like you said, as big as Burress is, he really should love the contact. But even the biggest receivers, if they don't catch the ball clean, will have the ball dislodged by contact, even from the smallest of safeties
DaveCarducci The biggest thing the Steelers fans should be down on, though, is their safety play. Right now, the Steelers are basically playing 9-on-11 football
Redright The J E T S Jets played the cover 2 colts and scored 31. Pennington looked great. The jets offense looked great. Any chance of Arians looking at the game film and being able to beat the cover 2? :-)
DaveCarducci Redright, Arians will tell you that the big problem with beating the cover 2 has been injuries, especially up front. Early on, they just were not ready for the looks they got, and they were sloppy in their adjustments. Now there are no more excuses. They are healthy up front, basically, and they have the receiving corps they belive will execute the gameplan. We will see. The cover 2 is nothing to be worried about this week, though, because the safety play of the Steelers is simply awful
newdawg and I thought the problem was the corner play.
DaveCarducci Newdawg, I've studied the Steelers a lot this week, and in all the game tapes I've watched, I can count on maybe one hand the number of times the Steelers safeties made a play in coverage or arrived on time to help a corner. Not giving Scott help in THE FIRST QUARTER Monday is simply horrible gameplanning.
Redright Will they blitz Kelly all day long?
DaveCarducci Redright, they haven't blitzed as often in the last couple weeks as they have in the past. A little more Monday night. I would think they will go back to what they are known for.
T-Dog What do you think is the problem with Maddox this year - or is it just his supporting cast?
DaveCarducci T-Dog, to be honest, if you look back at last year's chats, I was never impressed with Maddox. I thought he had a lot of success coming in as compared to Kordell, but I always thought his tendancy to force things would eventually come back to haunt him.
T-Dog Is QM the starter as the kickoff returner now?
DaveCarducci T-Dog, I don't think we'll know til Sunday. Andre is still the guy they want returning kicks. That's a big reason they drafted him.
Redright What ever happened to C.J. Jones? ST extraordinaire!
DaveCarducci They look at CJ as a continuing project. Frisman would be the first option. Davis likes big, fast receivers first
Redright Porter seems to have contracted the warren sapp and keshawn johnson desease...makeing tackles with his that because of some deficit in the steelers D? Is Porter just haveing a bad year?
DaveCarducci Redright, I think Porter has been average-to-good. Part of his problems are the Steelers overall problems, but he still makes plays. The guy who seems to disappear at times, at least in the last few games is Gildon.
Redright DAVE: I watched Scott and Dale do the Direct TV game and at least 3 times they spoke about atching the Browns practice, working on their short, quick passing game and in particular spoke about watching the double move that Q used to get his TD. How do they get to watch practices and our insiders don't?
DaveCarducci National TV is treated differently than the regular media. The assumption is that the national TV gameday broadcast team can't give away their secrets until gameday, when it's too late
Guest182 Dave will we see a similar game plan on offense as we did in the sunday night game, or will we try to shove a running game in there
DaveCarducci Guest182, I don't know how much of a running game they'll be able to manage against the Steelers this week. I would hope you'd see a similar type of passing attack. I'd hate to think they open up the playbook a bit against a bad team like the Cardinals, then crawl back into a shell against the Steelers
T-Dog Did Chaun lose an opportunity for some playing time against the Cards based on an eye injury? He was listed as probable in the most recent injury report, with an eye injury.
DaveCarducci T-Dog, I'm not really sure how much of an opportunity he missed out on by that. I still would like to see them mix him in a little more in the next few weeks in situations, maybe even rush the passer
Stov Whats the take on Mustard Dave ? His blocking was pretty impressive and he seemed to have ok hands,1 game wonder or potential
DaveCarducci Stov, I think Mustard is a nice little find. At the very least, unlike so many of the Browns TE's in the first five years back, he can specialize in one area, and that's blowing people off the line. He is still very, very raw, but he does have that type of attitude to be a big-time blocker. I still want to see that highlight film from the arena league where he delivers a few Hockey-style hits knocking guys over the boards.
Redright IMO, we are presented with a great oppurtunity, 5 and 2 is very realistic and 6 and 1 is very possible, from where you sit and what you hear is the team excited about the potential? Where do they go; what do they do to improve and win out?
DaveCarducci Redright, they are definitely excited, look at it as a playoff race now, just like they did last year when they turned it on in the second half. My gut feeling, however, tells me that they finish 8-8 or 7-9 and out of the playoffs.
DaveCarducci Whereas last year, at the halfway point, I had a lot more hope. Partly because of the experience.
DaveCarducci I think the biggest blow so far is actually the loss of Alvin McKinley
T-Dog Is Holcomb's leg now fully healed? 100%?
DaveCarducci T-Dog, he said about a week and a half ago that it may not get back to 100-percent this season. It's good enough to play, though
Redright With a poorer record, do we see a better team than we had last year with better upside?
DaveCarducci Redright, I think there is a lot of upside. I think the LB's have more potential than last years. I think the young CB's can be pretty good. Right now, I still think the lack of a few true veteran leaders, who have been through it before is something this team lacks.
DaveCarducci There is no real voice for that locker room. A lot of professionals. But, say what you will about Fuller, he was a guy the players rallied around. Same thing for Holmes. I didn't like the Holmes signing, but I have to admit he added that presence.
scaryDawg DC - Is THIS the draft for OL (sorry if already addressed)
DaveCarducci ScaryDawg, I hope so
Guest8 have'nt they been through it last year
DaveCarducci Guest8, not really. There aren't many true leaders from that group, though. A few guys who lead by example. But nobody who rallies the troops. It sounds corny, but I think that's an important part of any good locker room. Plus, I think there are still several players who are giving their all for Butch, but who don't really buy into what he's selling. And if things start to go south again, that could be a problem.
Redright Dave, what impresses me the most about our d is the ability to have people step up, follow the scheme and produce as Boyer did.
DaveCarducci Redright, there is a nice thing about that. Boyer is a veteran, and a guy who could be a very real leader in some ways. There are too few of those guys, though, in part because Davis hasn't hit enough with the veterans in free agency. Griffith should be that type of guy, but he is not. Rudd wasn't that guy. I like what Lang is doing this year, and he might be a bit of an exception.
T-Dog Dave, can you confirm that KJ's cap hit from his release all hits in the 2003 cap year, and there will be no ""dead cap"" dollars from KJ in 2004?
DaveCarducci T-Dog, I can't confirm that right now, but that is what they are claiming. I haven't seen how it all works out.
Guest14 Is Holcomb a leader?
DaveCarducci Guest14, he isn't really a leader. He's kind of a quiet, unassuming guy. From what I understand from teammates, he is good in the huddle, but he also did take some heat for not hanging some of his teammates out to dry when the offense was struggling earlier. That takes a little while to win back. He just isn't the most engaging personality, though.
Guest14 Will Suggs get a bigger role at RB the rest of the year?
DaveCarducci Guest14, I think most likely only in an emergency. He may get a few opportunities here and there to see how he handles them.
T-Dog Dave - Sanders got a game ball without a catch - is he blocking that well?
DaveCarducci T-Dog, not really. I still think Sanders has been a bit of a disappointment this year in the way he has not really built on some positives from last season.
DaveCarducci Sanders just looks like a guy who fills a position. Can do a few things, but none particularly well. He's not a real high-motor guy.
Redright Dave, what affect does Holcomb's on field tirades and piques of anger have? when it's addressed to teammates?
DaveCarducci Redright, it's a good question. Every time it's come up, players basically say it is in the heat of battle, and they understand
scaryDawg DC - do Browns (or any team) groom replacement for asst coach? Re: Robiskie
DaveCarducci scaryDawg, do you mean are they grooming someone for when Robiskie leaves next year?
Redright Sanders looking like a bust?
Redright How do the coaches view it?
DaveCarducci Redright, I think the Browns see a need in a playmaking tight end, and they don't think Sanders is that guy.
scaryDawg yes
DaveCarducci I don't know of them grooming anyone to replace him, but I would doubt that he is here next year.
T-Dog Dave - have you heard any rumblings about the Browns being interested in Gray Cup Champion QB Ricky Ray? He's supposed to be a hot commodity, and the Browns have been mentioned as interested.
DaveCarducci T-Dog, I haven't heard anything about that. Lane would be a good guy to ask. he's had his finger on the pulse more than I have recently
BryanK Did Robiskie agree with the cut of KJ?
DaveCarducci BryanK, from what I've heard, Robiskie was very upset with the release of KJ and told to echo the party line. He and KJ were close, and while he didn't like what KJ did (or did not) do on the field, he wanted the opportunity to continue to try to get through to him and work with him
Redright Robiske had a couple of years to get KJ in line. does this speak to a deficiency in Robiskie when trying to move up?
DaveCarducci Redright, I don't really think so. Robiske did get through to KJ in a lot of other ways. You have to be receptive to the coaching, and KJ was receptive in learning several techniques (one specifically was how not to get called for offensive pass interference), but he was not as receptive when it came to other duties not related to receiving
newdawg that's a modest amount.
BryanK true
scaryDawg by definition
Guest114 somebody needs to straighten out this cap issue during this chat. i'm seeing every perspective imaginable right now.
Lumpy Dave-the 2 new TE's Heinrich and Mustard had some nice catches, however I felt they were not very consistent in blocking. Any word from the staff on those 2?
Redright Has a job until someone beats him out.
Guest14 Will McCutcheon be here next year?
Redright Agree
scaryDawg thanks
Guest114 good Q!!!
Guest114 answer this one!
scaryDawg he probably authored it
Redright Cutch and Whiffith..on the bubble?
T-Dog Thanks. What about Robiske and KJ?
Redright We do have some QB issues this offseason! :-)
Guest114 and cap issues related to the cut of KJ?!?
artbtz Where did you see that the Browns were interested T?
BryanK Thanks, Dave; not the kind of stuff we see in the papers!!
Guest114 not at all.
Guest114 goodbye, robiske.
DaveCarducci Actually, it was in two or three newspapers. Guys who had the same info as me
DaveCarducci Talked to the same people.
scaryDawg So is Robiske on the outs? Guess he has a good situation and that doesn't matter. I would like to see him stay, but only one king/team is the rule.
DaveCarducci scaryDawg, I don't know if he is on the outs, necessarily. He might have been at one time. He's done a few things in the last few weeks, rallying the team with one pretty emotional speech, and with his work with the receiving corps, and the face he's put on with regard to KJ, that could keep him somewhat in favor
DaveCarducci Guys, I need to run
DaveCarducci I'll talk to you all later
BryanK Score?
DaveCarducci Score.... How about Browns 24, Steelers 9
BryanK I like it
Redright DAve many thanks you got some tough questions tonight.
DaveCarducci maybe 24-16
BryanK What about the Buckeyes
DaveCarducci Buckeyes I don't want to guess. I don't have a good feeling about it
DaveCarducci See ya. Thanks AB
Redright GO BROWNS

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