Gameballs & Goats: No Love For Bruce

The man pictured here does not look like he has a healthy lifestyle. With that in mind, it might be best if Browns Head Coach Butch Davis didn't pause to read this week's Gameballs and Goats, and particularly not if he's at all fond of his offensive coordinator. Let me apologize in advance to all of Bruce Arian's relatives... <BR><I>Contains: Fan Comments, Profanity</I>

The Week's Results
You know things have gone south when the dawgs tire of calling out the team's coaches and start going after their parents. Yes, it's that bad. If you have nerves of steel, and a tolerance for profanity with key letters replaced by asterisks, read on...


Player Gameballs
Courtney Brown (92/DE) 46
---Entire Defense--- 32
Andra Davis (54/MLB) 15
Dave Campo (DC) 14
---Fans--- 14
Tim Couch (2/QB) 13
Gerard Warren (94/DT) 13

Gameball Write-In Votes:
"Kevin Johnson: 77 yards 15.4 average","marty "the tinman",Me for not driving to cleveland and hunting Arians, Butch's Outcasts, NORV TURNER

Player Goathorns
Kelly Holcomb (10/QB) 81
Bruce Arians(OC) 43
James Jackson (29/RB) 41
Butch Davis (Head) 26
---Entire Offense--- 20
Roosevelt Williams (27/CB) 11

Goat Write-In Votes:
Fans that sell their tickets to steelers fans, Seattle Seahawks, The Browns...for existing!!!! You let us all down!!!, The Quarterback Controversy, steeler fans, that still think they are going to the supperbowl, TURNOVERS! (2), willie the weed, Mr & Mrs Arians for having a son, and naming him Bruce, Refs, Squeelers, The Big East All-Stars, The holding Penalty on Northcutt's Return, Bruce Arians' parents, Phil Dawson kickoff's, Turnovers

Year-to-Date Totals
  Gameballs Goats Grand Total
Courtney Brown 650 0 650
Tim Couch 437 87 350
Andra Davis 334 30 304
---Entire Defense--- 299 10 289
Andre Davis 218 0 218
Kevin Johnson 215 0 215
William Green 223 58 165
Phil Dawson 128 56 72
Ben Taylor 62 0 62
James Jackson 100 41 59
Kenard Lang 55 0 55
Jeff Faine 50 0 50
---LB Unit--- 43 0 43
Kevin Bentley 40 0 40
Brant Boyer 40 0 40
Anthony Henry 33 0 33
Chris Crocker 28 0 28
Dave Campo 38 10 28
Barry Stokes 25 0 25
Chris Gardocki 21 0 21
Fans 67 46 21
Kelly Holcomb 302 287 15
RJ Bowers 14 0 14
---All Players--- 14 0 14
Pete Garcia 0 6 -6
---All Coaches--- 0 10 -10
Roosevelt Williams 0 11 -11
Jerry Rosburg 0 13 -13
Paul Zukauskas 0 14 -14
All Coaches 0 23 -23
Chaun Thompson 0 27 -27
Melvin Fowler 0 34 -34
---WR Unit--- 0 34 -34
Dennis Northcutt 47 87 -40
---Officiating Crew--- 0 49 -49
Steve Heiden 0 49 -49
---D Line--- 0 51 -51
Carmen Policy 0 55 -55
Robert Griffith 0 63 -63
---Special Teams--- 0 64 -64
Gerard Warren 13 84 -71
---Entire Offense--- 0 72 -72
Quincy Morgan 34 137 -103
---O Line--- 95 215 -120
Butch Davis 0 259 -259
Bruce Arians 0 442 -442

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
bendal The fans get a gameball for causing the Steelers so much trouble trying to hear snap counts. Brown and Word both had good games; the whole defense did well in a wasted opportunity.
thejamdawg It was bad enough that Michigan beat Ohio State, but this loss was much worse. This one can't be pinned on the Defense, when you hold a team to one TD & two FG's; You should win the Game. Absolutely Disgusting. Unlike the Ohio State-Michigan Game where the Wolverines simply outplayed OSU and truly deserved the win, The offense gave the game away to Pittspuke with FIVE F###ING TURNOVERS! (Wasting a good Defensive Effort.) Thanks offense for adding to a miserable football weekend.
cmonroe shut their receivers down.
lukedawg12 hahahahahahaha....for what? showing up?
tree Oops KJ plays for the Jags. Didn't take him long to get into the game being a # 2 receiver and almost catching for 100 yards.
porters Great job defense . What an effort that was wasted by pathetic offense. Only negative to the defense was Bentley getting burned on the td.
spicydeigo my friend Marty flew all the way from las Vegas to go to witness that ugly game. he gets a gameball just for that. everyone on defense also gets a gameball, they hold the Steelers to 168 total offense. the only reason they score is b/c we turned over the ball deep on our field. but in twisted way i kind of glad we loss. even if we were to win the north we wouldn't go deep into the playoffs, now its about drafting, since the team gave up on couch we need to trade him and get something for him, keep Kelly as the starter, and draft either e. manning or that kid from Miami (oh.). also we need to find out who we are going to keep for running backs, w/ greens off field problems, who knows whats going to happen to him, get him the treatment he needs. cutting kj was a good move, he was not all that, i wish we could have traded him but that in the past. we need to get more team players that want to win, and give 110% week in and out, look at New England, they had half there defense out most of the yr and there one of the best teams out there, i was one of the few that like bill, he is doing a great job up there. Davis is making some bold moves there yr, i like what he has done on the defensive side but this off season we need to work on offense. look at the raturds, they have no QB, and they are still putting points on the board. there a lot of question and answers to solved this off season. butch has to draft a stud for qb b/c kelly is not the man to take use to the promise land. he's good back up, but not a starter.
lsluggers The defense still amazes, go figure since they were suppose to be the weak link.
phelix17 There just wasn't enough room in the goats section to say just how terrible and incompetent Bruce Arians is. He is the scoring antichrist. He must be fired now. He must be fired now. He must be fired now. Fire him today. Make him go away. For the love of God make our opposing defenses' 12th man go away.
edgewater joe Quiet Storm's an All-Pro -- or should be. The "D" gets props for holding P-burgh to 2.8 yards PER PLAY, and 'Cutt shoulda had a TD on that punt return.
bryank The defense played a great game. Two of Pgh's scoring drives were under 25 yards. The D was dominant.
weweber3 The fans were awesome, my first Pukesburg game, even though it was a loss, the atmosphere was amazing! GO FANS!
jmatt19534 Big Money made a big sack when we really needed it. Courtney has just played huge when it really counted. He's starting to show us that he is worth that #1 pick. I bet Tim would have today too if we would have given him a chance! The whole defense really stepped up. When you are -5 in the turnover game and you only give up 13 points, Dave Campo better get a gameball.
appraiser defense kept us in the game, over and over again.
gbeachy50310 DAWSON: 2 scores and a key tackle. FAINE: It is abundantly clear the difference you make when you are in the line up. Get healthy, we need you. LB UNIT: You are simply amazing -- an awesome group of athletes. Hang in there.
dpk23 Good defensive effort wasted!
berniefan19 Thanks Tim for getting us at least one win against Pittsburgh!
thespazdawg Robiskie gets another one for not chocking Arians, although i wish he would.
stonecolddawg this team has blue balls
revrm19 Melvin did great when called upon. Kelly continues to do well, if only he was allowed to call something other than a run up the middle when down by the goal line. Courtney continues to pressure and impress.
brinkcle Defense played relatively well......I mean we turned the ball over 5 times and the Stoolers only got 13 points out of it.
ttowndawg The defense , again, played solid enough to produce a win. Many excellent stops all afternoon!
yogi8 Defense played well, need to force a turnover or two.
naxos JJ, good game. Ran hard and tried to make things happen for us. CB as always recently just tearing things up. DBs in general once again held the other teams receivers to little. They have looked great all year. Nice job by Anthony Henry especially.
sexco This D is playing great, must better than I thought they would. DC must have something to do with it.
frumanchu Courtney Brown - The Steelers always bring out the best in you, and this game was no exception. Andra Davis - continuing to show what an excellent linebacker you are. Entire Defense - Not much more could be asked of you guys really. Given what the offense left you to work with you guys did outstanding. Chad Mustard - Dude!
timcouchsucks At least Couch beat the Steelers
sapphiresmd Although he didn't make the endzone on 4th and goal and had a punt return wiped out by a penalty, Northcutt was on his game today. Also, the entire defense played a great game, even though the Browns offense put them in tough spots with the turnovers.
whoknowsmore Defense played well again. With turning the ball over 5 times and only giving up 13 points is a good day.
fgm Andra Davis- Played a monster game yesterday. This guy will be a Pro Bowler in due time. Phil Dawson- Made both field goals. Nuff said. Courtney Brown- Played a steady game, and continues to be comeback player of the year. The Fans- For being very loud at the stadium and for sitting through another shitty performance by the offense.
bkinz9 Once again our DB's took Burress, Ward and Randle El completely out of the game. Nice gameplan. Dave Campo has done wonders with this youg D, which was suppose to be our weakness in '03. Brant Boyer makes plays!
mmercurio Special congratulations go out to KJ who had a very good performance for JAK.
dixiedawg Another outstanding defensive effort CRUSHED by fumbles, an inept offensive line, pathetic quarterback and the worst offensive coordinator in football.
logdawg What a game by the entire defense. Held the Steelers to 26 pts in two games, simply amazing. James Jackson ran hard and played a pretty good game. People are going to jump all over Bruce Arians, but he called a VERY good game, with the exception of that double-reverse on the goal line. The offense couldn't be stopped outside the red zone and he made adjustments.
mamadawg Let's hear it for the Defense. The "D" did their job.
sfrancis Courtney Keeps showing up. Jamel should be the full time guy with a little Lee Suggs soon. Earl is a great dude and great player. After pulling out of stadium yesterday he pulled his car over and walked back to a group of fans to sign auto's. Great Game K.J. five catches 77 yards. Do you think we can get Butch to drop Jackson and Holcomb now.
clbr99 The entire defense deserves a gameball for once again coming to play this week. For a unit that everyone questioned at the beginning of the season, they have stepped up big time and deserve some kudos. Without them, even winning 4 games may not have been possible.
stov Campo has the pieces for a dominate D,If you slam Gerard Warren when he sucks praise him when he's good, great game.
dp10451 All the fans who sat through this excuse for a game deserve a big gameball.
redright DAVIS---BD wanted to find out if Kelly Holcomb was a starting QB; now he knows! DEFENSIVE BACKS----shut down the steelers wide receivers before they could get started. LARRY ZIERLEIN----the offensive line coach has a minimally talented group playing as a unit and as well as can be expected. NORV TURNER--- our next OC has already done more even if he doesn't take the job.
thorix Two great games from the D -- too bad they can get any help from the Offense


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
theoz Butch needs to go back to the college ranks. Mr. Lerner please get us a pro coach that will utilize the offensive talent we have.
bendal The entire offense looked bad; Holcomb throwing INT's and causing one fumble, WR's dropping passes, offensive line not blocking, RB's fumbling. Arians' playcalling was pathetic as well. Who calls a reverse on 4th and goal on the 1 yard line? The offense regressed in this game.
thejamdawg The Seahags beating the Ratbirds would have put a little smile on my face, but NO-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!!!!!!!!; you blew a 17-point lead to B-more in the 4th Qtr. It's bad enough that Seattle is a bastion of extreme liberalism & flannel shirt wearing coffee house posers like the overrated Eddie Vedder & the late (and even more overrated.) Kurt Cobain. Of course, watch the 'Hags sack up against Cleveland next week like they should have against B'more.
cmonroe linebackers cant cover short dump-off guys. our receivers struggled against a terrible db stacked team. our quarterback is way to inconsistent. shows why he's a back-up not a starter. its getting harder wasting Sunday afternoons watching them... "always next year"
lukedawg12 Been a browns fan since i could of my first words was "schottenheimer" cause my parents wouldn't have it any other way....point is i'm sick of this shit....i've watched it my whole life...cried when i was a kid when they'd lose....but i'm really finished with this....fuck this team...and everyone that's on it.
tree Thanks to Bruce Arians' personal bias we have a QB controversy that has taken a playoff contender to a Cellar Dweller Pretender. Arians has ruined our season with his pathetic playcalling, and his divisive personalized QB controversy. Fire Arians, renegotiated TC's contract and cut Holcomb.
porters Coach Davis who believes in Arians system which translates into KH being the QB.
spicydeigo turn overs, turn overs, turn overs, kill... my old football coach use to say i would rather see your head on the field than the ball. it wasn't even cold. and kelly if you cant figure out the cover 2 d, you shouldn't be starting... Kelly why do you try to force the ball in on triple coverage on 3rd and goal, if no one is open throw it away. a least we get 3. too many offensive issues to talk about. if that was couch he would have been booed off the field. Kelly did the same things everyone bitches about couch does., but couch can win.. he got us to the playoffs last yr. Kelly only has 2 wins as a starter, and his numbers are not much better than couch. who am i kidding they both suck.. the only thing i ask do not scew up this draft.....
dabrowns31 Jackson had a good game.. but the 2 fumbles were fatal.. along with whites and Holcomb's throw to 2 Steelers with Davis covering them lol... man ridiculous
upperdawg Policy - Making the fans turn their shirts inside out if they have offensive language like 'sucks' on it? I had to take my 'Pittsburg Sucks' button off. Congratulations, you now run the lamest organization in the NFL. Thanks. This isn't San Fran you fraud. Holcomb - You are doing exactly what Couch used to get crucified for doing. Watch your back. If Butch starts talking about you being the future of this franchise, your days are numbered.
lsluggers Holcomb looks more like a bust all the time, those int. were as bad as anything Couch ever tossed, I think we wasted a year of developing Couch, because Arians saw a chance to pump up his boy and won't let go. Looks like the OL will be ignored again this year as they try to find a QB.
phelix17 If the plays always blow, then Brucie must go. If the offense is tired, Bruce A must be fired. If it's touchdowns we lack, give Arians the sack. If our offense does stink, it's time for slips that are pink. If we're forever punting, Bruce should be job hunting. If it hasn't paid off, then the lame get laid off. If we're in last place, lose the Bruce parking space. If our O's getting panned, you know who should get canned. If we have no enjoyment, Bruce gets unemployment. If red zone opps can't be believed, then someone should be relieved. Can't move the sticks, Bruce A hits the bricks. If Bruce can't score on the Steelers, he should be putting out feelers. Three redzones and can't score, someone show Bruce the door. If each week there's a bad plan, then Bruce ain't the man. We won't get any reverence, until Bruce gets his severence. The O will never be a beast, until Bruce is released. This will keep being repeated, until Arians is deleted. Our losses will just get bigger, please Randy, pull the trigger. The fans will just be more p*ssed, if Bruce isn't dismissed. No playoffs, so prized, until Bruce is downsized. Until Bruce gets the can, he's the defenses 12th man. Until we ditch Pittsburgh's newest hero, our chances are zero. If we hold onto this lemon, then we deserve to lose, amen.
edgewater joe I'm voting for Arians twice because he screwed up the play-calling -- AGAIN -- and he's taken one of the NFL's most potent offenses with two QBs with potential and ground all of them into chopped meat. HE HAS TO GO!!! And if we have Green in the backfield instead of mending the cut in his side, he's down in the Red Zone and we probably score TDs instead of FGs and TOs. THIS was a game we lost because of Green's suspension, so for that he becomes a goat.
bryank Kelly was not on target today, he just didn't have it. James Jackson has to hold onto the ball.
lundenberg the worst coaching staff ever assembled shows why they've earned that title. these clowns haven't been fired yet? clutch game from our current and future QB. all i am saying is 4th and goal from the 1 and you run a REVERSE? nice game planning jack asses. what happened to last weeks game plan and the plan from the 1st half of the first Steelers game. what happened those plans worked too well? did you need a bigger challenge? with these people running our team we deserve to finish in last place. they better not be around next year.
wmg69 Arians, have you ever heard of throwing the ball to a TE when your in the Red Zone- no, I guess not-let's run it up the middle on all three plays-Your a freakin IDIOT!
jmatt19534 Kelly-I've tried really hard to give him a chance. I sat in my living room and held in all of my criticism due to the game he had last week. It all came out when he threw the game away again! When Tim is on the field at the end of the game, we usually win--last year's Ravens, Jaguars, Jets, Titans. This year--Oakland, Pittspuke. When Kelly is on the field at the end of the game, we usually lose! This one was all on him. I'm sick of playing with our second best QB. Butch--Thanks to your gut, now my gut has a feeling to and it isn't good. You're a moron! A first class moron! Tim puts up 33 against this same team. Do you even think of putting Tim in to give the team a "spark" like you did when Kelly was on the bench earlier this year? No you don't because you're a moron! We made the playoffs last year and this year we won't. What's different about the offense? Your changes--No KJ, No Tim. You stink! Go back to Miami. I'd even take Palmer back at this point you moron!
appraiser holcomb just killed us. terrible day. forced a ton of passes, and lucky to have only a few picked off. poor reads, poor throws. i'm surprised you weren't benched. you should be, but for who?
gbeachy50310 ROOSEVELT WILLIAMS: Don't know who you are, but you cost us 7 easy points and ruined 'Cutts awesome TD return -- and quite likely lost us the game. ARIANS: Loser. Aggressive playcalling one week gets us 44 points. Repeat performance? Nah -- back to mediocrity as usual. You are the death of this team. Q MORGAN: I gave you props last week, even though you screwed up a few times. You made a couple nice catches this week, but WE SEE YOU standing there at the end of countless plays missing blocks that would make a difference. It is obvious that you don't really care about anyone but yourself. Bring on CJ Jones and sit your selfish hind-end on the bench, loser.
rutger Why is Courtney Brown not on the field on the obvious 3rd down passing situations?
dpk23 Miserable effort by the offense! Holcomb showed why he has been a career backup. Davis failed to motivate the guys and Arians could not call his way out of a wet paper bag. And those turnovers! Araghhh! I just wanted to shoot those idiots every time they gave the Squeelers the ball. Where were the adjustments! Why did we start hot, moved the ball between the 20's and failed to punch it in?
cavtrooper I been behind the coaching staff and front office for awhile, my support seems to be waning more and more. The questionable draft picking is showing more and more every weekend. And what the f**k is up with people not allowed to wear squillers suck shirts in the stadium, someone needs to tell these c***suckers that this is football and not polo. Christ.
thespazdawg Arians must have some serious blackmail on the FO. This guy must go, and go now. A reverse at the 1?? Did that really happen.
stonecolddawg he must go
toad Carmen, you are turning this stadium and it's fans into San Fran Fan which I recall as being "boring" and unimaginative. Painting Dog faces in the end zone is not what made it "The Dawg Pound". Rowdy fans sitting on hard wood benches with no Children around, THATS the Dawg Pound. You have made it a sterile place to be, on top of the whole "T-Shirt Gate" this week. Give me a break!!! Pittsburg Does Suck!!!
revrm19 Enough said already. Except...CAN ARIANS!! What great creativity inside the red zone! If we know what is coming, doesn't it stand to reason the defense does??
maxtng This game pisses me off so much I would like to pencil in the Browns' 2004 first round pick for an early goat horn fitting, too.
brinkcle The magic that Kelly Holcomb displayed during the KC game and Pittsburg game are pretty much gone..........JJ had a decent game rushing the ball, but he will be remembered for putting the ball on the ground twice. Roosevelt Williams (wherever the hell he came from) cost us a TD with a stupid penalty. The season is now officially over for me!!!
ttowndawg Pathetic display of offensive ineptitude!
yogi8 Holcomb's poor play wasted a nice effort by the team. Jackson cannot fumble twice in any game, however, 1 was Holcomb's fault. Butch gets a horn for being stubborn and not making a change to Couch. No doubt , Couch would have won this game.
apvic Will someone please kick Stokes in the ankle !!! he was much better when he played hurt... Stokes sucked against pittspuke... Will someone please explain to our db's that the idea of an interception is to catch the ball...not just knock it away... how many times this season have the db's had their hands on a ball and not caught it ??? s**t this sucks... What the hell was Holcomb's problem?? he looked lost and confused and after looking so great last week. The game reviews all said cover two kicked our ass again ???? will one of you "insiders" please pin Butch down until he explains why this keeps kicking our "out of the playoffs a**" !!!! Hey Roosevelt, it's a penalty to hold... just in case you did not know !!! a**hole !!! Five turnovers and a touchdown called back by a penalty??? how could the Browns have been so unprepared.. no focus !!! no focus !!!
naxos KH, over throwing open receivers, making bad reads, and holding on to the ball way to long, thanks for nothing. Butch it was your job to make sure this team was ready to go, to keep their head in the game, to make adjustments when required, thanks for nothing. Carmen your still just a fool.
sexco Offense is still pretty terrible. INT in the endzone just can't happen, KH takes too many chances and thats what happens. Fumbles Fumbles Fumbles. We have taken many steps backwards from last year on offense thats for sure.
frumanchu You have GOT to be kidding me. You had every opportunity to put these guys away and couldn't get in the friggin end zone?!? WTF?!?!? JJ, you need to hold on to the damned ball. The officiating sucked in this game. Cost us 7 game-tying points on a crappy goal-line call. Not that we deserved to win playing like that anyway. Squeelers - all you Pissburg pansies on the sidelines who were gesturing to the crowd as though you were somehow dominating us need to watch the film. The only reason you won this game is because we handed it to you. It isn't like you guys were stripping the ball or making exceptional reads on those turnovers. Yinz of all people have something to be thankful for this Thursday.
timcouchsucks I can throw into triple coverage. I have all day to throw the Ball. I can get sacked while I stand there for 9 sec. at least I wasn't the only one to turn the ball over.
sapphiresmd Holcomb did his best impression of a deer in headlights today. He was tentative, held onto the ball too long, made some bad reads, and was lucky he didn't get picked off more than he did. James Jackson would have gotten a gameball but he had to blow that with the fumbles. And my head hurts just thinking about Bruce Arians' ridiculous play calling in the red zone. Can we please dump this clown at the end of year and get someone else to call the plays??
whoknowsmore Holcomb, Jackson, and Arians took years off their respective football careers in Cleveland yesterday. Very rarely do you lose a football game because of two guys, but Holcomb and Jackson found a way on Sunday. Thanks guys!
fgm Kelly Holcomb- I thought the real Holcomb finally showed up last week. Guess I was wrong. Bruce Arians- When this pathetic piece of s**t for an OC is fired and run out of Cleveland, I'll be throwing a huge-a** party to celebrate. Officiating- Even though the double-reverse was an idiotic play-call, Northcutt should have been awarded a TD. Since when is an elbow the same as a knee? Also, there were several interference calls that should have been made, but weren't. NFL refs are a joke. James Jackson- Ran hard and caught the ball well. But 2 fumbles are going to earn a goat every time. Butch Davis- I don't even want to get into it. I'll be wasting too much energy typing. Bill Cowher- For being an annoying little prick. Hey, Dan Rooney!!! Do us all a favor and fire this guy so we don't have to see his ugly chin on the sideline anymore!!! Carmen Policy- For instituting the rule about shirts with "Pittsburgh Sucks" not being allowed in the stadium. This is a Browns game Carmen, not freaking Chuck E. Cheese!!!!!
bkinz9 Until we get a legitimate NFL O-Line, this is what we are going to see! Cannot convert on goal-line, no faith in running game on 3rd and short, and no time for pass plays to develop down the field... O-Line better be our main focus in Free Agency and the Draft.
mmercurio Holcomb is a GREAT backup but he's a TERRIBLE starter. James Jackson still goes down on first contact and is waiver wire fodder at best. Despite our so-called great WRs, there isn't a bonafide #1 NFL go-to-guy among them. It makes me crazy that our GM isn't focused on upcoming college talent instead of the Big East All-Stars! BUTCH MUST GO!...BTW, who the hell is Roosevelt Williams and why is he on our team?
dixiedawg Package Kelly Holcomb, Tim Couch, William Green and Big Honey for a shot at Eli Manning.
darkcell Same old shit, just a different week.
logdawg Barry Stokes was man-handled all game. He got beat on bull-rushes, speed rushes and simple spin moves. O'Hara and the TE often picked up what he missed. Kelly didn't have a great game. He was able to drive the team down the field but forced too many throws. JJ earned a gameball and a goat for his two fumbles. At least he stood up himself and took blame postgame. That really impressed me.
mamadawg Very poor offensive coaching. I will try to be a lady about this........but someone on the Browns coaching staff needs to grow a couple things between their legs, stand up and not be afraid to take some chances. Very poor offense playing. Suggest the receivers be required to carry a football 24/7 and get the feel of it again.
losangelesdawg I'm too disgusted to write anything more than this
Dawgalong Geez, Bruce, thought you had another good game plan did ya? YOU WERE WRONG AGAIN!!!!! Does anybody else see the trend here? GOOD coaches out coach the Browns. Why, you ask? Because the Browns have crappy coaches, that's why!!! AB, please sign me Dawgalong
sfrancis Butch you will fire Arians and probably keep your job but I have my fingers crossed that Randy lerner fire everyone from Policy, to Butch, Arians. Let's rebuild again, it works for Cleveland. Kelly you really suck and Jackson you always have sucked. You'll never be Edge or Portis but then again this team will probably never play like Indy or Denver.
rjesker Nate Hyble Can't Do Much Worse!!!!!!!!!
clbr99 The entire offense stunk. It does NOT matter what you do in between the 20's. It's all about scoring in the redzone. It's week 12 guys. The mental mistakes are ridiculous. And please, please, please if you do anything this off season, CAN BRUCE ARIANS. That was the worst play calling I've ever seen and that's saying a lot since he's calling plays every week. Geesh.
dclayton Holcomb was so bad, it made me yearn for the days of Couch. In fact he looked like Couch- holding the ball too long, dumping off, clueless to pressure...and Quincy Morgan- if you ever stop whining to refs long enough to concentrate on the ball, you just might actually catch one or two! For Bruce Arians- they have this defense called "Cover 2." Everyone's using it. Look at some tape on it, will ya??
stov Time to face it,Kelly is a bum and White should get the KJ treatment.
dp10451 The whole damn offense sucked and so did the offensive coaching especially the offensive genius Bruce Arians. Hell, I could call "Run,Run,Pass"!
redright KELLY HOLCOMB---------just dreadful BRUCE ARIANS-----------for bringing us Kelly Holcomb KELLY HOLCOMB & BRUCE ARIANS-------for not having the decency to just slip out of town.
thorix way too many turnovers

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