Browns-Seahawks: Game Notebook

Mike brings us post-game comment and notes

SEATTLE - Tim Couch was able to walk around in the locker room after the Browns' 34-7 loss to the Seahawks, but he's expecting to be sore in coming days.

Couch suffered a sprained left knee when he was sacked early in the third quarter. Coach Butch Davis went with Couch in the second half after a poor first-half showing by Kelly Holcomb.

"When it first happened it was pretty painful," Couch said. "As I started to walk it off a little bit, the pain started to go away. It's pretty sore now that it has stiffened up a little bit. I'm sure it's going to be sore the next couple of days, but hopefully it won't have too much swelling and I can get back out on the field."

Couch appeared on just five plays before going down. The injury pretty much sums up the type of season it's been for Couch, who hadn't played since the New England game Oct. 26.

"You finally get a chance to get back on the field and only play a few plays, but I guess there's really nothing you can do," Couch said. "You just try to deal with it."

Couch was one of several players to weigh in on the offense's lackluster showing. He said that the offense took a step backwards.

"There was nothing pretty about it," Couch said. "We have a lot of work to do, and we have to start Monday to get ready to go again. We didn't do a whole lot of things well, and it's embarrassing."

WARREN SLAPPED OUT OF THE GAME: Defensive tackle Gerard Warren chalked his ejection for throwing a punch at Seattle center Robbie Tobeck a learning experience. Warren was ejected in the third quarter after throwing an uppercut at Tobeck. The punch came after Warren was penalized for a head slap.

"There are certain guidelines you have to play by," Warren said. "You have to play within their rules."

Tobeck said he won the confrontation by not throwing a punch.

"He gave me a little uppercut," Tobeck said. "When he came off the ball we were locked up and he grabbed my facemask and punched me under the chin. He landed a pretty good blow."

Tobeck said he didn't throw a punch.

"That's the thing. I won by not fighting," Tobeck said. "Let that be a lesson to all the kids out there."

"I was just hoping that they called it so we could get him out of the game because he's their best defensive lineman. Anytime you have a chance to get a guy out of a game like that you'll take it."

MORGAN'S BELL RUNG: Browns receiver Quincy Morgan suffered a slight concussion when he was hit by two defenders on a short crossing route in the second quarter. He returned in the second half, but he managed just three catches for 30 yards.

Morgan broke wide open on a deep route in the fourth quarter. Kelly Holcomb's pass appeared to be on target, but Morgan couldn't pick up the sight of the ball and it bounced near his feet in the Seahawks' end zone.

JOTTINGS IN THE NOTEBOOK: Browns cornerback Daylon McCutcheon was held out of action quite a bit because of an ankle injury. McCutcheon appeared primarily on downs when five defensive backs were deployed. His place in the base defense was taken by rookie Leigh Bodden.

Davis lost another referee's challenge when he threw a red flag on a fumble by Kelly Holcomb. Davis contended that it was a forward pass.

Davis was successful on 11 of 18 challenges in his first two seasons. This season he's been successful on only one of five challenges.

Browns defensive end Courtney Brown limped off the field in the first quarter with a left leg injury. He was back on the field in the second quarter.

Right guard Paul Zukauskas wasn't with the team so he could be home with his mother, who is battling brain cancer. Shaun O'Hara, who had been starting at left guard, moved to the right side. Chad Beasley started at left guard.

Inactive for the Browns were linebackers Ben Taylor and Bant Boyer; cornerback Lewis Sanders; defensive lineman Tyrone Rogers; receiver C.J. Jones; defensive back Roosevelt Williams and quarterback Nate Hybl.


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