Browns Report Card Vs. Seahawks

Wow. It's not pretty. Cover the eyes of the children. Here's the take on Sunday's game from the gurus at TheInsiders...

The Browns have followed up their playoff season by losing two-thirds of their games.

Though it's easy to overreact after a loss, the Browns are not giving much hope that 2004 will offer great improvement.

The offense, especially, seems to be missing some key pieces.

There are questions about the future at quarterback, whether Kelly Holcomb is the answer or Tim Couch will be part of the team's future.

There are questions about the future of running back William Green.

There are questions about whether Dennis Northcutt will leave as a free agent, which could force the Browns to draft another receiver.

And there are questions about the team's offensive line.

Defensively, the jury remains out on Courtney Brown and Kenard Lang and the Browns have roster bonus decisions to make on Orpheus Roye and cornerback Daylon McCutcheon.

Three games ago, team president Carmen Policy and coach Butch Davis said they felt the Browns were better in 2003 than they were in 2002.

It's hard to argue that now.

When a team goes from the playoffs to losing twice as many as they win, it's pretty clearly a step back.


PASSING OFFENSE: D-minus -- The only thing that saved it from complete failure was that Kelly Holcomb completed more than 50 percent of his throws. Overall, though, he was ineffective and did little to spark the team. Tim Couch fared no better in his five plays, as the Browns did little offensively.

RUSHING OFFENSE: D -- This part of the game never had a chance to get going, but 47 yards on 16 carries will not get much accomplished in any game.

PASS DEFENSE: F -- There's not much good to say when a quarterback throws for 300 yards and the two starting wide receivers each top 100. Top it off with fullback Mack Strong rumbling 32 yards on a third-and-17 screen pass and it's the recipe for a bad loss.

RUSH DEFENSE: F -- Browns defensive end Kenard Lang had said before the game that Shaun Alexander was good, but not great. Alexander ran for 127 yards and a 4.7-yard average.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D -- The punt coverage did provide a touchdown, but it came courtesy of Seattle punter Tom Rouen kicking the ball into the backside of a Seahawks lineman. Not much to write home about here.

COACHING: F -- Offensively, defensively and on special teams, the Browns collapsed. This was by far the poorest effort and game of the Butch Davis era.

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