Butch defends the run

Following his press conference on Monday, Butch Davis gave several members of the media a closer look at why the running attack was limited to 34 yards in the 24-14 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

After wrapping up a shorter-than-normal meeting with the media, Davis took reporters into a meeting room and proceeded to show film of three running plays that almost broke big for the Browns. His intent was to get across the point that the offense isn't that far away from producing better results.

The first play shown by Davis was a running play to the right by James Jackson. Every Bengal defender did what film had shown their tendencies to be with the exception of linebacker Adrian Ross, who started in place of Takeo Spikes.

When Ross filled a lane that Browns' coaches didn't expect him to fill, H-back Mike Sellers was forced to block him. Pulling guard Ross Verba was then forced to the outside, but by then the play had broken down.

"We left yards on the field, and we left opportunities on the field," Davis said. "Probably the most disappointing thing offensively was our inability to run the football. The toughest thing about our offense is that we had six third-down situations, and we didn't convert on any of them. That is something we had done well going into the game."

ROSTER MOVE: The Browns released safety Perry Phenix on Monday. His spot on the roster was filled by defensive back Brandon Jennings, who had been with Oakland.

IT DOESN'T MATTER: The Browns' next test will be against the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. Davis doesn't care who is opponent is when coming off a loss.

"They all can have black uniforms, black helmets and no numbers," Davis said. "I'll be honest with you. I don't care about the opponent. It's more about us. If we play the best that we're capable of, then we have no regrets, whether we win or lose. If we play fundamentally sound and do the best we can, then however the outcome comes, that's the way it is. But when you don't play well, and you know you're capable of playing better, that's when it's frustrating."

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