Goats for the Lot of 'Em

Browns fans didn't find much to praise in last Sunday afternooon's disaster, but the goathorns and comments flowed like Napa Valley wine. The aftertaste of the seemingly predictable 34-7 blow-out lingers, and Browns fans don't like it. Nor should they. Despite the televised debacle, the Bonelady (pictured) hung in there and got some props.

The Week's Results
It isn't pretty, and it shouldn't be. Browns fans are disappointed in the team, which is playing like it's 1999 again, and the front office, which is responsible for the former. Heck, I don't blame 'em. As soon as I get the time, I'll put my feelings out on the web as well. This game was a complete and utter mess.


Player Gameballs
Courtney Brown (92/DE) 37
---Fans--- 34
Kenard Lang (96/DE) 25
Andre King (84/WR) 23
Andra Davis (54/MLB) 22
Tim Couch (2/QB) 14
Lee Suggs (44/RB) 13

Gameball Write-In Votes:
The Bone Lady (2), "Next Year", "Hmmmmmm... NONE!", Shaun Alexander, Carmen "I am the Greatest!" Policy, NFL Sunday Ticket (for losing signal in the 3rd quarter), Cleveland State University Men's Basketball Team, Park Bench Browns Fans in DC!, Any patient Browns fans left out there..., Suicide Prevention Hotline And Staff

Player Goathorns
Bruce Arians(OC) 64
Kelly Holcomb (10/QB) 50
Butch Davis (Head) 49
Carmen Policy 25
---Entire Offense--- 24
---All Coaches--- 19
Gerard Warren (94/DT) 18

Goat Write-In Votes:
Everyone in the Browns organization, Front office and ownership, not you Al (RiP), ALL OFFENSIVE SMALL MINDED COACHES, "My sprained middle fingers", Player who shake hands and smile after getting their butts beat!!!, Seahawks punter, Art Bietz (ed note: "Hey!"), "Willies weed woes", The "Bird Cage" -- I mean, come on.. how weak is that??!!, Who wants one?, ME for leaving a wedding reception at 4AM Sunday morning and driving 8 hours without sleep just to be back with the rest of my Browns backers so I could watch that fiasco!

Year-to-Date Totals
  Gameballs Goats Grand Total
Courtney Brown 687 0 687
Tim Couch 451 87 364
Andra Davis 356 30 326
---Entire Defense--- 299 10 289
Andre Davis 218 0 218
Kevin Johnson 215 0 215
William Green 223 58 165
Kenard Lang 80 0 80
Phil Dawson 128 56 72
Ben Taylor 62 0 62
James Jackson 100 41 59
Fans 101 46 55
Jeff Faine 50 0 50
---LB Unit--- 43 0 43
Kevin Bentley 40 0 40
Brant Boyer 40 0 40
Anthony Henry 33 0 33
Chris Crocker 28 0 28
Dave Campo 38 10 28
Barry Stokes 25 0 25
Andre King 23 0 23
Chris Gardocki 21 0 21
RJ Bowers 14 0 14
---All Players--- 14 0 14
Lee Suggs 13 0 13
Pete Garcia 0 6 -6
Roosevelt Williams 0 11 -11
Jerry Rosburg 0 13 -13
Paul Zukauskas 0 14 -14
All Coaches 0 23 -23
Chaun Thompson 0 27 -27
---All Coaches--- 0 29 -29
Melvin Fowler 0 34 -34
---WR Unit--- 0 34 -34
Kelly Holcomb 302 337 -35
Dennis Northcutt 47 87 -40
---Officiating Crew--- 0 49 -49
Steve Heiden 0 49 -49
---D Line--- 0 51 -51
Robert Griffith 0 63 -63
---Special Teams--- 0 64 -64
Carmen Policy 0 80 -80
Gerard Warren 13 102 -89
---Entire Offense--- 0 96 -96
Quincy Morgan 34 137 -103
---O Line--- 95 215 -120
Butch Davis 0 308 -308
Bruce Arians 0 506 -506



Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
dabrowns31 no one deserves one
foghornlanghorne What a total disgrace, as the radio broadcast stated..." the play in this game reminds one of 1999".......
doctorfresh Nobody gets a gameball for today. Simple as that.
sdawg76854 Most importantly to the fans, for watching the horrendous debacle.
edgewater joe Only Browns fans could endure this. For suffering without grace, we get the balls.
r22weiss Couch gets one for not being forced to play in this debacle after he got injured.
freakofgod83 Chaun Thompson - Congrats on your first NFL start. Maybe next year you'll be playing for a better team.
derms33 Lang was a force early...Special Teams finally showed a little energy...A little "Halloween" came up big on the "D"-line
branyan19 Giving out any gameballs this week is a joke.
brownsfan2112 Way to go Courtney. Great effort despite the amount of time you had to spend on the field. Thank goodness you came back in. You scared the shit out of me! We need you in there. If any one deserves a trip to the pro bowl is you. Lee, thank you for the only real excitement and glimmer of hope today. Keep up the good effort on special teams. I know you will become a great asset for this team.
bendal Kenard Lang is the only player to get a gameball this week.
mrdna Browns fans in Seattle during the fourth quarter. Now *that* is hardcore; kudos.
naxos It would be a joke to give out any game balls. I almost gave one to Tim for trying but then I realized he didn't even get a chance to try before he got knocked out.
three sewers gone Throw to Dropcutt early and often! Why don't we use Mustard and Heinrich as receivers. They can catch and are hard to bring down. Darnell Sanders is no good!
ghettoman At least the fans and the referees were in the game because the browns were not.
weimer19 Brown had a good game and came back after being hurt. What was up with Warren getting ejected? It looked like he attempted a swim move and missed the shoulder and hit the Center's head. Andre King for scoring the only points of the game.
stov At least GW showed emotion albeit stupid, but it was more than the rest of the squad combined,
revrm19 Arians is an idiot. Holcomb is ineffective. Davis is an arrogant, pompous snob that is out to prove his way is the right way no matter how low it takes us. I never thought I would say this, but go Bungals. At least they have an OC and a Head Coach that has a plan!
frumanchu Are you kidding? Other than Suggs' excellent return and King's opportunistic touchdown was there anything worth a hamster turd in this game?!?
clbr99 A gameball to Andre King and the special teams who kept playing and finally got us in the endzone. And most importantly a gameball to any fan who was able to watch this whole game. It's tough, but let's make sure we fill CBS next Monday night.
sapphiresmd I can't believe I am giving out gameballs this week. But the special teams deserve one so at least the Browns didn't have a big goose egg in the final score column. Also, if Courtney Brown doesn't make it to the Pro Bowl this year (he won't), then the whole thing is just a stupid popularity contest (it is) between teams who are always in the national spotlight.
brownbud Boy that G. Warren is one funny guy! And Q. Morgan, wow that BatMan imitation, had me rolling in the aisles. "Q" is funny & smart also! But it takes a true master mind to pull of a comedy off this scale. Move over Woody Allen & Mel Brooks. Enter director.....err... Head Coach....Butch Davis. Ah those zany loveable losers, the Cleveland Clowns!
katdawg I scrolled through that entire list and could not find ONE person/unit/coach that I wanted to give a gameball to. No one performed above and beyond. They may have looked decent compared to the suck that was on the field all day -- but nothing that caught my eye. I think I'll give a write-in to my family. They don't understand why I subject myself to this and esp. why I watch the entire game when we are clearly not going to win. I bleed orange and brown, that's why. I have to tell you though, this building / rebuilding / whatever is painful as it gets.
dixiedawg Gameball to Shaun Alexander for proving yet again that the Cleveland Browns organization simply does not know how to handle a professional football draft. Shaun should've been our first pick in 1999. Thank goodness we took a QB we'll be releasing next year and for that awe-inspring trio of Willie Green, James Jackson and Jamel White instead of Shaun Alexander. Fire everyone.
bkinz9 No one really deserves one. This was a total team meltdown and obvious reaction to that devastating Steelers loss. King made a play and Bentley was active against the run.
mamadawg Gardocki "MVP."
appraiser this man has his priorities in place. Courtney brown plays hard, as does Davis.
cmonroe Phil Dawson...the only thing consistent we have.
lumpdawg Lee had a couple awesome kick returns. Too bad the offensive "offense" couldn't take advantage. Kenard had some great plays on a otherwise dark day for the defense.
nebraska dawg Kenard Lang might have earned a re-invitation to next year's team with his performance Sunday. CB continues to play like an all pro. Andre King had some good plays.
gddawg Carmen Policy deserves a game ball for his incredible insight and ability to put together a quality franchise. The Houston Texans should take notice, The Cleveland Browns are the team of the future. Hey Carmen, go back to California. You suck.
dawg_in_cinci I should give none but I think I'll give Couch one for having the gonads to go out behind that sorry excuse for a line.
tmantell Only a few more games Tim, than you are out of this hell they call Cleveland football!
fremontdawg The Fans...for being subjected to having to sit thru that disgrace of a performance.
whoknowsmore Where did Robert come from?
ponchdog I thought Bentley had his best game . Bodden and Thompson were o.k. for their first start with substantial playing time.
redright Tim.......You didn't have to subject yourself to further abuse. ------------------------------ Butch...........best acting award .......... watching Butch still gives you the impression that he believes the team is getting better and we can win very very soon. He couldn't be delusional, could he? ------------------------------------ Browns Fans........very very very close to ranking right up their with the Cubbies and Red Sox fans.
aqib They slowed me down enough so I missed the first quarter.
jsinct Very hard to find anything positive about this team.
weweber3 The fans.... for putting up with this crap... AHHHH!
thejamdawg CSU is the only Cleveland Area Sports Team that has deserved a Gameball lately. They may have lost to North Carolina but at least they showed the kind of effort that makes big programs like UNC respect a Mid-Level one like CSU.
darkcell At least we didn't get shut out. We are just out the of the top 5 for next April's draft... with our remaining schedule we may just crack the top 5. I mean that in a good way. I was hoping to see Nate play a little on Sunday.
felixwrightrules the officials for ejecting Big Waste of Money, Lee Suggs for the good kick return, the fans for watching that crap
bfan99 Courtney gets a gameball for going back in the game after scaring the hell out of us. Andre King for scoring a touchdown and Kenard Lang for a nice interception.
invinsor (1) Andra Davis - At least he's consistent... in my fantasy pool. (2) I don't think he screwed up much. (3) Quincy had the right idea. Coincidentally, many Browns fans found themselves passing out throughout the course of the game.
jbonafe1 I gave A. Davis and K. Lang gameballs b/c they seemed to be the only defenders to show up consistently. The fans get one for still being a fan of this team.
boidawg Andre King: At least ONE Brown could find the endzone! Mike Myers: Great name, good tackles. Phil Dawson: Another guy who could at least score a point.
cstevens because we still wear orange and Brown...somehow.
dp10451 Any fan who sat through this entire game gets a gameball. The only other bright spot I saw was Lee Suggs returns.
mmercurio Seahags for beating us bad enough to fire our coach! Now if everybody else on our schedule will beat the crap out of us Lerner might actually grow the huevos needed to clean house...but I'm not holding my breath.
windsordawg as fans, why do like this team? no offense no heart
jcsuhay1975 the fans because there are some of us out there who still care. lee suggs kickoff return -- at least there was one bright spot in the game
photocitydawg Without Gardocki's punting, it would have been even worse. And Couch gets a gameball for giving ti a try.
saminc Great job guys! Keep earning that paycheck!
Dawgalong I give my gameball this week to Warren. at least he cared enough to fight. What has happened to the days when we used to go after the opposing Q.B. and rip his head off? Where is the fight? This team has given up and so have I. AB, sign me Dawgalong


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
foghornlanghorne What a lack of preperation and game planning. The play of this team with the exception of last year is the same every year...HORRIBLE. As I said this PRESEASON ..Note to Browns....GET SOME QUALITY FREE AGENT LINEMEN...our line is third or fourth tier at best. As Butch said in the preseason, "I think we have some linemen that will surprise everyone"....hmmm, they have not been much of a surprise to me.......!
phelix17 Bruce Arians is more suited for these jobs: Propriety Monitor--Stops offensive language. Room freshener--Stops offensive smells. Chaperone--Prevents scoring. Politically Correct Teacher--Promotes non-competitiveness. Aztec Chief--Invented concept of zero. USGA Equipment Approver--Restrains long drives. Independent Presidential Candidate--Never wins. Pro Football Offensive Coordinator--English football, where 3 points is acceptable. Gay Porn Actor--Loves being behind. Vacuum Cleaner--Sucks.
doctorfresh The goats go to the three men responsible for today's dreck: Carmen, Butch and Arians. Go away, all of you!!!
sdawg76854 Who would have thought, Gerard, that punching the blocker in front of you in the head was illegal?
edgewater joe Thanks to all of you for making us feel like it's 1999 again, you sons of bi***es.
funky Get Morgan a pair of sun glasses and a muzzle.....
r22weiss Did they prepair for this game? The offense sucked a**. Holcomb made some really dumb choices again and the dink and dunk offense has to go. They run too much on 1st down and telegraph all their running plays. This offense is one of the worst i have ever seen with the talent they have. Yeah the O-Line isn't great but they didn't do that bad today. The play calling is suspect and Arians should be fired right now. He has to be one of the worst coaches in all of the NFL. He has no clue how to attack a cover 2 defense. I'm tired of hearing them use that as an excuse and frankly it's bulls**t that they can't figure it out. The dink and dunk crap doesn't get it done in this league. Holcomb holds on to the ball way too long. For all you Holcomb fans...where are you know? I'm no Couch supporter but Holcomb has lost the spark he had. Other than coming off the bench in the San Diego game and the Arizona game, which doesn't count because Arizona sucks, he has been horrible all season. The sad thing is that this team isn't that far away. Adding some offensive linemen and that will help. Other than that the players are in place. This leaves 1 thing. Coaching. Other than Campo, this coaching staff has been out-coached numerous times. Arians must go. The jury on Davis is still out because the Browns made the playoffs. One thing is for sure....the Browns have regressed on offense this season. They are almost not worth the time of day for the rest of the season. Sad sad sad. They should be much better than they are.
btngladydawg The most asinine display of officiating, let the NFL fine Warren for the hit, but it did not merit throwing him out.....
freakofgod83 I don't freaking get it. 5 fumbles lost in 2 games. That's something that rarely happens to a high-school team! Offense just isn't working together, and Butch and Bruce don't seem to be doing a good job of making it work together.
derms33 Arians is absolutely the worst "offensive" coordinator I have ever seen...Butch Davis doesn't play the right personnel and looks like a fool for even speaking to Arians...Get up in the booth Arians 'cause you can't see from the field...Holcomb...Please just fake an injury your field presence is absolutely gut-wrenching...why do you always look like you have been dippin into WG'S stash...
branyan19 Butch and crew have GOT to go.
brownsfan2112 I don't know where to start !! But I'll go right to the source, our so called "coaches". Butch, please, for the love of god, resign. You have destroyed the morale of this team. From your poor decisions on the sideline to the almost criminal way you handle the personnel. You try to cover to many facets of this team, and the worst part is, you can't do any of them. Point in fact, you' re so called "gut feeling". Kelly has had only a few good games. HE is not consistent. He put up those great numbers against the Cardinals due to they're poor secondary. Then we play pittspuke, another poor secondary, then the Seahawks today, another poor secondary, with a starting cornerback out, and embarrassed himself and the team. From poor decisions to staring down his intended receivers. Then you finally put Tim in hoping to save face (because of your ego that everything you've done is right) and he gets injured because of the mediocre offensive line you created gets pushed and shoved around so much. Point in fact, the release of Qasim Mitchell. You didn't keep him because he supposedly he can't play at tackle. So what! Who cares if a lineman can play all three positions if he is average at each one. He had great stats coming out of college. And he's the type of lineman that is needed for those third and short running plays that we so desperately need. I think our inability to convert on third down has troubled me the most. Just look up how pancake blocks he had in college. And why do think we have so many injuries to the offensive line? Because they are getting pushed every which way and falling on the backside they're own team mates, just like what happened to Tim today. Why do think we have so many knee and high ankle sprains. You took Tim from the leading role because you believe in Bruce Arians offensive scheme. Robbing him of valuable experience. And don't try to tell me the play calling for Tim was the same as Kelly's. Bruce wanted Kelly in there as his puppet, because he supposedly knew the offense. I guess that's actually true. Because whatever half-assed play that is sent in by Arians is executed to the "T". Even if the receiver is in triple coverage or a route is run short of the first down. And good job on utilizing all the talent we have on this offense. Full backs and tight ends? Just blockers. You know the the teams with WINNING records in the league only use they're tight ends and full backs as blockers. And what about our secret weapon in the form of Frisman Jackson? Our "antwoin randle el". Let him throw the ball on an end around! Something! Your plane Jane offense is insulting to the skilled players we have on offense. You hold them back with this "play not to lose" instead of "playing to win" approach to the game. You don't stretch the field with our with a talented core of receivers. You keep trying that flanker screen which only worked once. And that off tackle run to the right side? WE DON'T HAVE RUN BLOCKERS! Pitch the ball out and let the backs use their speed once in a while. Mix it up. your so predictable it's pathetic! All the opposing defense has to do is roll a single die to figure out which of the five plays your going to call. And Campo, the roller coaster ride has got to end. One week I'm singing your praises, and then next I'm calling for your head. BLITZ!!!!! Have you not realized that if you ANY quarterback time he will find an open receiver some where? We need to make adjustments during the game, but it never happened. In short, fire Butch and Bruce.
yogi8 Kelly Holcomb clearly stunk up the place and was his worst when the game was still competitive. Bruce Arians just doesn't have a plan. He has to go. Andre King gets one for embarrassing all Browns fans by "striking a pose" in the endzone following a meaningless giftwrapped by the punter touchdown. Disgusting........
bendal Too many candidates for the goathorns this week, from Quincy Morgan running routes that are too short and then stopping on a wide open pass route, to Gerard Warren getting ejected for slapping and punching a lineman, Holcomb for making stupid decisions yet again, to Andre King acting as if he just scored the game winning TD.
mrdna Preseason "We have two good quarterbacks!" Week 13 "So, which quarterback should we draft?" Kelly: what the hell was that?!
naxos Ladies and Gentlemen that was crap. If you weren't aware of what an embarrassment was that was it. If you were not sure if we were a bad team well welcome to reality. Yes, it hurts bad because we had higher hopes. At fault once again is my main goat Carmen, along with Butch, and a helping of Kelly. Thanks a lot guys.
three sewers gone Arians must go and Butchie must lose his personnel duties like Holmgren did this year. Look at the results!
ghettoman Can it get any worse? Great season browns. There's always next year thank god.
weimer19 O-Line sucks. Butch has made it impossible for either QB to play well. Leigh Bodden, I know you were on inactive most of the season. The world can now see why.
three sewers gone Big Fatty should follow KJ to the waiver wire.
stov Come on April
frumanchu Holcomb - Some of those passes were just friggin' lousy. Little - That pass could not have been more perfectly thrown to you. How do you drop that?!? Arians - Your offense sucks. Plain and simple. Better make sure you have Foge's number because come January you're gonna need a shoulder to cry on. Butch - spin your way out of this one. Secondary - didn't look anything like the 2nd rated pass defense in the NFL
clbr99 The BIGGEST GOAT OF THE YEAR goes to Butch Davis who has single handedly divided his team by playing quarterback yo-yo all season. Both guys have no choice but to play tentative and look over their shoulder because they could be pulled at any moment. Meanwhile the rest of the team looks for a leader. Pick a qb and let him play! I think we'll all quickly find out it doesn't matter what qb is in behind that o-line. Shame on you Butch, Browns fans deserve better than what you've done.
sapphiresmd Gerard Warren (see: Paycheck, Big Waste Of) is so stupid that it's hard to find the right words to describe what a big dumb lump of uniform-filler he is. Also, I would find a fork in the eye much more pleasant than having to sit through that fiasco as a fan again. Well, wait, I would find it much more pleasant just to stick that fork in Butch Davis' or Bruce Arians' eyes. No need for me to suffer any more than is necessary.
brownbud Jim Brown for making me a Browns fan. fArt for firing Paul Brown. Marty for being Elways b***h.
katdawg Well, goathorn picking was easy. I went with all coaches / all players / Pete Garcia. I only wish I had enough picks to also include Mr. Policy. We played a good team today and we had a lot of injuries. I'm willing to concede that there's a good chance we'll lose this game. Silly me, however, would have preferred we gave it our all and didn't continue to shoot ourselves in the foot. Why is Big Money referring to himself in the third person in the front page interview? That disturbs me far greater than his boneheaded move yesterday. Okay, maybe not. Ugh. I'm bummed out...
dixiedawg Damn middle fingers finally gave out on me from flickin' off Butch Davis, Pete Garcia, Carmen Policy, the Cleveland Browns and their ancestors all freakin' day long.
mrgrinch Pathetic multiplied by horrible multiplied by putrid. So bad, that I almost called the pooch kick (they way they were playing, I called it on third down, they ran it the next play) I'm guessing that that was for our highlight reel, it was our best play we ran in the game.
bkinz9 This is getting redundant. Arians has to go! His is out game planned every week. Holcomb has been horrible the last two weeks. An O-Line of undrafted and low draft picks doesn't cut it. Until there is serious attention given to upgrading the line this is what we will see...
sirpaul Gerard Warren had the best game of his career, he barely got blown off the ball once he hit the showers.
mamadawg I have been supportive and nice up till now..........When KJ left he forgot Butch, Bruce and Tim. Butch couldn't motivate a 12 year old boy to have a wet dream. Bruce and his team helpers must go, end of story. Tim has been issued a card on the permanent injured reserve list club. I keep hearing about this "plan" for the future. What about the now?
appraiser pitiful. if you are in charge of brining in the right people, then do your job. this "talent" we have is missing every week. the "play calling" is horrible. the head coach is not doing his job in getting guys ready to play. lay another egg, and say good bye. this is one of the worse teams in the nfl, and that is hard to swallow. quit feeding the fans bu****it and tell it like it is, you are out matched, out smarted, and just out coached every week.
cmonroe man is this team terrible. tough to say but the ravens won the Superbowl with a terrible offense. the patriots were a rag-tag bunch and they won the Superbowl. our team is just as bad talent wise and offensively but we are nowhere near a Cinderella or super bowl winning team. wonder what the problems are with this team. hhmmm!
lumpdawg Kelly, throw the freaking ball away! I am partially willing to give you the benefit of the doubt due to the horrible o-line play but over the last two weeks you have more interceptions inside the red zone than you do completed passes to your own players! AGGGGHHHHHH..... O-Line, you looked like a joke. Arians, OH MY YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY KILLING ME. You are the king of the "Dink and Dunk". Horrible play calling, total lack of any imagination whatsoever. To top it off, you can't counter a cover 2 defense. I don't even have to watch the damn games anymore. All I need to do is find out if the next opponent is playing cover 2 and it's an automatic loss. It's getting extremely old. You rode Peyton Manning's coat tails in Indy and turned it into a nice OC job. Congrats on that one. But guess what Cinderella, times up. Peyton made you and now Kelly is going to break you. Fool.
nebraska dawg Do we have a freaking offense? Can we control the ball at all? Ejection for that head slap? Come on now ref. We had the ball for 21 minutes. That is not good. The defense actually played well considering how disheartening it must be to have the O consistently go 3 and out. Carmen Policy-you suck.
gddawg Mr. Lerner -- Please do something about this atrocious football team. Cleveland deserves better. Start with CP. Let him go after the LA gig. Seriously, how can Carmen give himself an extension after the devastating decisions he made in the first 2 years? Coach Davis hasn't had much to work with -- having to repair and rebuild a team in only its 3rd season. I don't understand it.
dawg_in_cinci Kelly Holcomb - How can a QB not know how many timeouts (or lack thereof) he has to work with? Don't even get me started on the fumble, INT and throws behind the receivers. Seahawks punter - for bouncing a punt off his center's butt. This team deserved to be shut-out and he prevented it. Arians - he's had 13 weeks to devise a plan to beat the Cover 2 that Indy confounded us with and we're still waiting. Pathetic.
ikickcats Sunday was the dawn of a new football era in Cleveland... Three Stooges Football starring Butch "Moe" Davis, Bruce "Curly" Arians, Carmen "Larry" Policy, with a special guest appearance by Gerard "Shemp" Warren. If we could just get 'em to line up for a group dope slap... nyuck nyuck nyuck nyuck - you knuckleheads. Now where did I leave that pile of paper bags... I was busy cutting the eye holes out in preparation for MNF.
tmantell This team sucks - from the top to the bottom and all in between. They are in the top 5 worst in the NFL.- SAD
theoz This team lacks direction. Butch must go! We have become the Bengals. A team is a reflection of their leader. Our team has no heart and has lost the will to compete. Our fans deserve better.
gevans102 Kelly Holcomb is not the answer...Butch Davis was wrong w/ his gut feeling...(Maybe he had Mexican that day)...Who knows...I say take some money away...from Couch and give him his job back....Draft a Tackle in the 1st Round....And Butch stop being so Cocky and Hire a GM.... Browns Fan 4 Life....
whoknowsmore Go Browns in 2004!!!
ponchdog These 3 need to get their act together or take it elsewhere! I know we're beat up but the excuses are growing thin. If we can't win with personnel then these 3 geniuses better come up with a plan that works for the people we have.
redright KELLY HOLCOMB........Kelly is lethal as can be....first he killed the Browns....Now he's killing me. .......... BRUCE ARIANS.........sssshhhhhh brucey, don't tell anyone when you wake, but the colts and bucs, their cover 2, it's taking a beating ......... CARMEN POLICY....... it's time to get away Carmen, the team and fans already have........ SPECIAL MERIT WINNER ...ART BIETZ... it may not be his fault but only having three goathorns and having to list Kelly and Bruce and Carmen every single week simply isn't fair to all those fighting for attention.
salemdog I guess it's still couch's and kj fault. Darn the lack of downfield blocking.
aqib Kelly Holcomb is now causing me to miss Todd Philcox. This guy should never take another snap in a Browns uniform. Darnell Sanders is another wasted draft pick by Butch Davis. We traded Mark Campbell to free up playing time for this guy?! His hands make Quincy Morgan look like Brian Brennan. Gerard: what were you thinking?! Hope your new found maturity serves you well in the CFL. God save Canada if you wind up on the same team as Lawrence Phillips.
jsinct This is on the coaches. When a team with this much talent gets an "ass-whuppin", you have to wonder who's in charge.
wmg69 We use Heinrich/Mustard against Arizona and they do a great job for us and then they get benched-Davis/Arians need to be benched they don't know how to prepare a team for a game. We're back to the run, run , pass offense. Every defense knows how to prepare for us-we do the same thing everytime. Hell I could look like a defensive genius against the Browns.
joefootball2003 Bruce has got to go; Bmore is winning with a QB that didnt even play in College!!!! Fire him now and I might watch another game.
weweber3 They just sucked. Can I say that here? SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED!
thejamdawg Thanks Don Carmen for destroying something I love. Wouldn't hire Marvin Lewis when available and now look at the job he's doing in Cincy. Trying to use marketing strategy that would only fly in Frisco and not a Blue Collar Midwestern/Northeastern City like Cleveland. An Obsession with trying to ban t-shirts. Rampant Egomania with no understanding of the Browns History & Fanbase. I don't care if you are originally from Youngstown, all that time in NoCal softened your mind. As for the Browns, Most sickening performance since the return.
darkcell Arians being fired should be the first thing that happens in the off-season. The Seahags deserve a goat for trying to look like a real good team against a real bad one (much like what we did against the Cardinals). Good luck to the Ravens, I hope they win the North.
felixwrightrules Andre King for the jackass celebration after his TD, Gerard Warren for just being himself, the entire coaching staff for the sum of this season
bfan99 Offensive line was bad as usual, Sanders can't catch or hang on to the ball and Quincy shouldn't be out there if he can't see.
invinsor (1) His job is get the offense moving. He's not very good at his job. Hasn't been all year. (2) Butch. I've never budged from my firm belief and confidence in what you're trying to build here. I'm budging now. (3) The O-line sucks. Maybe Larry doesn't deserve this goathorn... I mean you can really only polish a turd so much...
jbonafe1 The coaches did not have this team prepared or motivated to play, flat out this was one of the worst performances I have ever seen. A. King looked like the biggest ASS celebrating his 1st down catch but managed to look like an even bigger ASS when he strutted his stuff after a gift TD when his team was down by so much. NICE TO KNOW YOU CARE ABOUT THE TEAM!!!! Morgan gets one for not taking himself out of the game after the concussion, only reason i can see that he did not catch the one good deep pass all year.
dmcvey I officially give up; this whole organization is mediocre
boidawg Carmen Policy: This is a mess of your making. Entire Offense: Two weeks in a row where the same pro football team couldn't score a touchdown. Butch Davis: Ultimately responsible for what happens or fails to happen.
cstevens OH MY GOD DO WE SUCK!!!!! Please fire everyone involved with the Offense, and wow is it OFFENSIVE.
dp10451 The whole damn team sucks. I can't really blame all the players though. Most are trying hard. They don't like losing either. Some are just a little short on talent. All the blame goes to the coaches and personnel responsible for player procurement. Maybe the defense should point fingers are the offense. You just can't play against the other team's offense and yours too.
mmercurio BUTCH MUST GO! What is he doing benching our best players in favor of HIS players? Now, even the coaches are fighting among each other! Holcomb is a TOTAL joke. Crocker got a free lesson from Koren Robinson. Anyone else notice how far out of position Andre King was when the 'blocked' kick bounced into his arms? I'd rather have Al Davis for an owner than Randy "Daddy's Boy" Lehrner who has the power to stop this nonsense. This is worse than not having a team.
windsordawg Butch, Carmen&Bruce must go!! they are turning us into the bengals. the old bungals
jcsuhay1975 defense -- did they even take the flight to Seattle? offense -- looked like 1999 & 2000 all over again.
ronsicker I would assume the entire team gets goathorns, I fortunately did not watch the game. I have wasted enough Sundays on that sorry team.
photocitydawg Goathorns for Gerard Warren for yukking it up on the sidelines after getting thrown out. Darnell Sanders couldn't catch a cold. And Butch Davis gets the biggest goathorns of all; it all starts at the top.
brownsfan1 pathetic team effort

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