No-Holds-Barred Browns Uncensored Transcript

Here is the transcript from last night's Browns Uncensored. There was some pretty frank discussion of the Browns players and coaches... the sort of stuff we do here. Join the group next Thursday and we'll commiserate together.

Guest14 Dave who will be the offensive coord. next year....dont say bruce
DaveCarducci Guest14, someone I trust said today that he believes Arians will be back. If there is a change, I would doubt that it would be Robiske to step in
Guest14 not what I wanted to hear dave
DaveCarducci Sorry Guest14. I like Robiske too, but I think he might be too much a man of his own mind to move up on this staff
ramllov Dave, Chad Beasley is he a keeper at OG?
DaveCarducci Ram, Actually, I think they see Beasley more as a T, possibly LT
Swerb Cardooch, is it safe to assume that our 3 QB's next season will be Holcomb, vet FA, and 4th rd pick?
DaveCarducci Swerb, I wouldn't be surprised by that at all
DaveCarducci In fact I'd say something like that is likely
Guest108 dave any hints at all about what are scouts are scouting in the college ranks?
DaveCarducci Guest108, no hints at all. Just know they are out. I've heard they've spent some time looking at OT's
dobie7 Dave, How secure is Butch's job as head coach
DaveCarducci dobie, he appears to be pretty secure. I wrote today that it would take several players speaking out and saying they can't play for him, which isn't going to happen, for him to be in trouble. Players on their way out won't say it because it hurts their ability to get other jobs and-or they would lack credibility
redright DAVE, the wheels fell off this year, what can we hope to see the rest of the year in preparation for next year?
DaveCarducci Redright, I don't have a lot of hope right now, unfortunately. The more I look at this team, there is very little talent. There are only two or three players, who if released, would find starting jobs with most NFL teams. The entire roster is made up of players who either show some promise and haven't developed, who have not lived up to expectations, or have become marginal NFL players
DaveCarducci They need a seriuos talent infusion
redright Dave, any chance of Butch acuiring players? Acquiring such as an offensive line throough free agenscy?
DaveCarducci Redright, again, I don't have a lot of reason to believe that Butch will do much in Free Agency to help the team. So far they've missed on just about every free agent, and I believe the past is often the best indicator of the future
redright Isn't that a sign of bad coaching?
Guest108 no bad talent evaluation
Guest108 what the hell, maybe its both
DaveCarducci Right Guest108.... It's bad evaluation. I think Davis can be a fine game-day coach, but he needs to work with a strong personnel man in the front office. And that isn't going to happen under the current system that is in place. It's hard to believe Davis' ego will allow him to consider giving up some of that power. That's a problem more with the front office for granting him that kind of power
Guest15 So Dave - are you about ready to pull the plug on the Davis regime?
DaveCarducci Guest15, I'm not ready to pull the plug. I just think some tough decisions need to be made, and someone in the front office needs to stand up and say that this team needs a personnel man. There needs to be a system of checks and balances
dobie7 Dave, I don't get it. We have a top ten defense and there are only two or three players on the team that can start for any other team?
DaveCarducci dobie7, that's what I believe. I think calling this a top-10 defense, even if statistically it has some good numbers, is being willing to overlook some very real problems.
FunkyDawg Dave, If Butch is run, who replaces him?
DaveCarducci FunkyDawg, I don't think Butch will be run. I really don't. The name I've heard in speculation is Dennis Green, because of his ties with Carmen and the fact that his son is already in the organization. But again, he is a guy who would want personnel control
Guest95 Dave, who would you see as a personnel man that could come ion and stand his ground with Butch if it comes to that?
DaveCarducci Guest95, I don't think Butch would ever allow it. It's one of those things he'll probably give in and learn from when he is a head coach in another city ... ala coach bill
Guest14 I don't see butch as that great of a game day coach....undisciplined play for 3 years now...dumb mistakes at the worst times, and most of all consistently an inability to adjust schemetically to what is going on...terrible second half team. What do you base that on Dave when you say butch is a good game day coach?
DaveCarducci Guest14, I agree. Just trying not to pile on.
DaveCarducci And offer some hope
Aqib Dave any chance Butch quits on his own if the team finishes 4-12
DaveCarducci Aqib, I don't think so, unless he were offered another job, like Miami
FunkyDawg Does Lerner realize the need for a GM?
DaveCarducci FunkyDawg, I don't think so
redright DAVE have you seen any evidence of a solid plan by Butch to bring the Browns a winning program? If so, what is it?
DaveCarducci Redright, I guess I don't get his plan. I see a staff that reminds me of the British in the revolutionary war. Just keep lining up shoulder to shoulder and march into battle, while the rest of the NFL is fighting a guerilla war. The Browns, with their injuries and lack of depth, don't have the talent or the players to run a conventional offense, yet they continue to spin their wheels, trying the same old things
ramllov Dave, do you really miss any of the free agents that were cut for cap reason or personal reason from last year? Fuller is not doing anything special for Balitmore and I believe that he was the best of the guys that got cut
DaveCarducci Ram, not really. The thing is, the guys who replaced those players who were released are either marginal players, developing players whose ultimate worth is not yet known, or busts.
redright Dave, Is there any chance that Butch might regret creating a QB controversy when one didn't exist, and having his Holcomb experiment backfire?
DaveCarducci Redright. I don't think so. I think Butch is convinced he did the right thing.
BryanK Good question redright
newdawg crap, most of the fans were screaming for holcomb.
browns28 is there anyway i can get my question answered
DaveCarducci which one was that 28
DaveCarducci ?
DaveCarducci There are a lot of questions. I can't always keep up.
browns28 what needs do you see being addressed this offseason
DaveCarducci I think it is obviously O-line. It's all Davis talks about. WR will also end up being a need. My gut feeling is that Northcutt will bolt. Safety is going to be a need, with Griffith probably exiting. heck, it's already a need. TE is a very real need. I'm of the opinion that Sanders isn't going to be worth the pick they made him.
Guest15 Ben Rothensbiegkdideir stock is rising by the minute
DaveCarducci Roethlisberger is something, isn't he.
ramllov Is he coming out
DaveCarducci Ram, I hear Roethlisberger will come out
FunkyDawg Damn Dave! That's half the positions on the team :)
DaveCarducci FunkyDawg, that's what happens when you really don't have much talent. Seriously, can you name more than 3-to-6 players who would start on the average NFL team if they were cut today?
BryanK If Arians goes, does Holcomb go too?
DaveCarducci BryanK, I hear that's not going to happen. With either player
Brehon Dave - why do you think Northcutt will bolt ? BTW you soret of hinted so in your article today
DaveCarducci Brehon. I don't think they'll have the money to convince 'Cutt to stay and also accept a role as a No. 3 receiver. he wants to start
browns28 i think we need to let butch play out his contract and see what happens and be patient i know it's hard but just have a good feeling about it if we win big next year all this talk goes away
DaveCarducci Browns28, that's fair. I don't want to give up on the guy. I just see quite a few red flags
Brehon Dave - won't have the money or won't spend it on Cutt ?
DaveCarducci Brehon, I think its a won't spend
BryanK What would it take to re-sign 'Cutt?
DaveCarducci Bryan, it's going to take No.1-receiver money.
Guest95 Dave, is Butch that commited to Quincy Morgan that they'd let him walk rather than start him?
DaveCarducci Guest95, I believe he is.
FunkyDawg Dave, are the red flags all Davis, or a little bad luck?
DaveCarducci FunkyDawg, the biggest red flags are with Davis' personnel decisions. Good example, drafting a very average long snapper in round five. A fifth round pick is too valuable in this day and age. That's a pick that has to add depth in the first two years and possibly challenge for a starting job two or three years down the road. Hell, the Patriots found their starting center in round five.
MHill Could the lack of talent on this team be a result of the coaches not being able to build to the players strenghts? They seem to be forcing a square peg in a round hole. Do the players really lack talent or is the coaching staff just failing in setting them up to succeed?
DaveCarducci MHill, I think that could be a part of it. I think you hit the nail on the head
redright DAVE, have you ever seen any evidence of Butch Davis sitting down with Couch or Holcomb and going over game films? over and over films with any QBs as Parcells and Bellichick have done with Quincy Carter and Tom BRady?
DaveCarducci Redright, yes he does that. I don't know if its to the extent of the examples you bring up. From what I understand, most of that work is done with the players and the position coaches.
Guest14 Dave is there any chance that couch wasn't the problem and that Arians was/is....Holcomb sucks now too....Couch looked pretty good in butchs first year but now that the league has caught on to Arians system the last two years Couch and Holcomb both suck.....should we have benched Arians instead of Couch?
DaveCarducci Guest14, it's a good question. Let's just say, I have several issues with the system, and more than anything with the issue that MHill brings up about square pegs being fit into round holes. Davis is so worried about interchangable parts, working within the 53-man and 45 active roster, that he is willing to shortchange important starting positions. For example, being forced to watch Darnell Sanders, Steve Heiden, or any other TE as a lead blocker is insulting
DaveCarducci Instead of drafting and developing a fullback, especially after they identify it as a need two years ago
Guest14 Some personnel decisions were stupid...but butch is consistenly out classed on game day...does any one else see that as a huge problem
DaveCarducci Guest14, I think it is a very real issue. Impulsive decisions (replay decisions, not valuing the time out and-or taking the time to really decide if a challenge is warranted) and sloppy sidelines have been a staple of this team
Guest95 Dave, what do think has been the most disapointing revelation in regards to the Browns this year?
DaveCarducci Guest95, just how poor the talent on this team really is. Too many ego picks (Pontbriand) and even the better picks (Faine) were not significant upgrades. Wohlabaugh was a starting center on a super bowl team, and he may be again this year. Faine is one of the guys I think would start on just about any team, but having that stud center, especially when you had a competent center and a third-round center the year before, is a LUXURY
ramllov Hey the linebackers are going to look good next year, the secondary and the front four is still a question.
DaveCarducci Ram, I like the young LB's, but really Andra Davis is the only one with an opportunity to be special. I like Taylor, but he's a good complimentary player on a good LB corps. Bentley isn't having the year I'd hoped for. He too is only a complimentary player at best. Chaun Thompson has tons of athletic ability, but who knows how he fits. We have yet to know how he'll develop.
Guest95 Was Wholly one of the guys that spoke his mind, and in Butch's mind, needed to go?
DaveCarducci Guest95, actually Wohlly wanted to stay. He would have taken less money to stay.
Guest14 Dave what's up with he about what they expected
DaveCarducci Guest14, he's another guy who has flashed some potential. He's not yet what they thought he would be. He's better than I thought, but he again will probably never be more than a nice extra DB or a marginal starter
Guest108 didn't Thompson look lost on Sunday?
DaveCarducci guest108, very lost
Guest95 Would it have been more prudent to change the Offensive system to play to the player's strengths rather than gut the offense to play to the OC's system?
DaveCarducci Guest95, I think so. If you don't have the personnel to run the system you want to run, doesn't it make sense to tinker with that system to try to get the most out of the players you do have.
Aqib Dave the Plain Dealer mentioned in passing that Warren is selling his house, would I be reading to much into it thinking he is on his way out?
DaveCarducci Aqib, I think that would be reading way too much into it.
Guest14 the thompson thing is totally unnacceptable....we passed on some great players to pick that bum.
DaveCarducci Guest14, Chaun may very well be a very good player some day. He has outstanding athletic ability. I mean outstanding. But again, he's so far from a finished product, the pick was made with the future in mind. The team might not have been able to afford that type of luxury
MHill Please help me understand the intent of the offensive game plan. Is the intent the short quick pass underneath the zone relying on yards after t he catch? If that is the plan what is it that has gone so wrong and why do both quarterbacks now look like mirroe images of each other?
DaveCarducci MHill, that's the plan, but it also has to have the option of stretching the defense occasionally and trying to hit receivers down the field in the seam. Right now, they can't do that. Too often the quarterbacks are not giving their wr's time to win downfield. That was obvious in Holcomb's dump to White on third down of the first series. Watching live, you could see both Davis and Northcutt winning downfield against the Seahawks DB's, but Holcomb settled too soon
newdawg Dave, how would you compare CB's play against a brown from the past, Rob Burnett when he was here?
DaveCarducci Newdawg, I think Courtney is better against the run. I'd like to see him stay on the field more.
redright Dave if we finish the year on the level of the last two games, what quality free agent will want to come here?
DaveCarducci Redright, I'm afraid to speculate because I haven't seen the Browns add quality in free agency in five years
Guest14 Dave any chance at landing a big time FA left tackle this off season a la Orlando Pace or Walter Jones...what would it realistically take to get one of those guys...or who could we get if not one of them
DaveCarducci Guest14, if the past is the best indicator of the future, then the Browns will try to find lightning in a bottle with a marginal backup lineman.
redright I can hear Bill Parcells saying you have to be good in free agency if you are to win. Ditto for Belichick. Do you have any good news for us DAVE?
DaveCarducci Redright, I don't right now. But the good thing is, sometimes people learn from their mistakes. Of course, to learn from your mistakes, you have to be willing to admit you've made a mistake. I haven't heard that type of concession from this coach
newdawg dave, One of the many problems I have with butch is that it appears to me that he won't tolerate a player on the team to take a the mantle of leader. when there is one he disappears like fuller, or miller. please comment.
DaveCarducci I think Butch can tolerate a leader. I don't think those players were the right type of leader, though. While Miller was a good player, at least for a couple years, he wasn't really much of a leader.
newdawg really? from the papers it appears as if all the players considered him one.
DaveCarducci Newdawg, he was a leader in his performance on the field. But he wasn't a guy who would inspire with his work ethic, and he wasn't a very vocal leader. he just carried himself with an air of confidence that lent to the leadership tag
YBD No, Redright..... I hope Arians is back to selling snowblowers!
DaveCarducci It does appear, though, that Arians will be back
newdawg what do you make of Butch throwing rocks at Miller's image (we allowed him to make those sacks).
DaveCarducci newdawg, that's just the way the organization tends to play things. Rarely anything good to say about someone after he is gone
FunkyDawg Dave, it's been a blast. Thanks for the insight....sad as it may be. Good night.
DaveCarducci thanks FunkyDawg. Have a great night
BryanK Dave, any chance of winning on Monday night?
DaveCarducci BryanK, there is obviously always a chance. Cold weather and grass is not the best situation for the Rams. Gut feeling, though, is mroe of the same
redright Will our Defense take another day off as they did last week? Any hope for our offense?
DaveCarducci Redright, it's such a Jekyll-and-Hyde defense, who knows. I don't know about the offense. By the way, Davis said Beasley graded out 2nd on the O-Line last week. he'll be back in there. Zukauskas' mother's funeral is late this week. He may have a hard time mentally coming back this season, which is understandable. Beasley could benefit from the extra work
DaveCarducci Guys, I have to run. Hope you all have a great night, and that Monday is a bit more fun for everybody.

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