No problems with Billick

Not even the Cleveland-area media could entice Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick to say something that might add spice to Sunday's Browns-Ravens game.

Billick has been known to get under the skin of Browns' fans with his comments. Two years ago prior to a game in Cleveland, Billick complained to Baltimore writers about officials' calls that went the Browns' way in a game earlier that season. The insinuation was that the NFL seemed to want to give the Browns every break possible in their first season back in the league.

Asked during a conference call Wednesday if he had anything (juicy) to report on, Billick said, "Who do I want to get mad at me today? Based on what I've done before, no matter what I did somebody was going to get upset."

Billick did exhibit flashes of the cocky streak that has irritated Browns fans when asked if the spread offense is the best way to score on the Ravens defense.

"I can spout the stats out at you, but when teams spread us, it's not been particularly productive," Billick said. "It has a higher incidence of turnover, less yards per attempt and less scoring. But teams seem to want to try that and see if it can make a difference.

"If teams want to continue to do so, then have it. We work on it every week. We work on the no-huddle every week, and we work extensively on the spread. If people want to arbitrarily dismiss the run that readily, then that's fine."

INJURY REPORT: For the first time since spraining his right knee on Aug. 31, defensive end Courtney Brown is listed as doubtful. It's appears likely that he might return to the lineup Nov. 4 in Chicago. Cornerback Ray Jackson (groin) and defensive end Keith McKenzie (abdomen) are questionable.

Out for the Ravens are receiver Patrick Johnson (clavicle) and offensive tackle Leon Searcy (arm). Questionable are defensive end Rob Burnett (hand); tight end Todd Heap (ankle) and guard Edwin Mulitalo (knee). Probable are fullback Sam Gash (leg); quarterback Elvis Grbac (neck) and defensive end Michael McCrary (knee).

Grbac suffered a concussion when he hit his head on the ground at Lambeau Field last Sunday. Grbac said he felt good and was ready to practice on Wednesday.

NEW NUMBERS: Defensive tackle Mark Smith has changed his number to 93, the number worn by Stalin Colinet. Colinet was traded to the Minnesota Vikings last Tuesday for an undisclosed draft choice. Defensive lineman Cedric Killings, signed on Tuesday, will wear Smith's former number of 74.

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