Davis Denies Husker Rumors - or Did He?

David Carducci offers his take on Davis denial of interest in the Nebraska job...

DAVIS NOT INTERESTED IN NEBRASKA JOB? ... Butch Davis squashed the rumors that he may be a candidate for the vacant University of Nebraska head coaching job Thursday ... Or did he?

"I have no interest whatsoever in going to Nebraska," said Davis, whose name has been mentioned in conjunction with the Huskers job ever since Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson fired coach Frank Solich last week.

"I like Steve Pederson as a man," said Davis. "I really do wish him well, and I think he's doing a great job there. I have no interest in going to Nebraska.

"They did not contact me ... and I don't think they talked to (Browns president) Carmen (Policy." Davis said Nebraska may have contacted his agent, Marvin Demoff. He also said he instructed Demoff, "if they do, of it is just rumor or innuendo, tell them politely that I am not interested. There are unfinished things here, there is a lot of stuff I want to accomplish in the coming years and there is just no interest."

Of course, that denial sounds vaguely familiar to Davis up-and-down denial that he would take the Cleveland Browns job three years ago. Davis told everyone at the University of Miami, including his players and recruiting class, that he would be back to coach the Hurricanes in 2001, then turned around and accepted Policy's offer to coach the Browns.

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