Gameballs and Goats: The End of Holcombmania

If these results are right, then there should be some really outstanding deals on barbeque sauce coming to a grocery store near you!<BR> <I>(Fan Commentary, Profanity masked by #*%@ marks)</I>

The Week's Results


Player Gameballs
Tim Couch (2/QB) 118
Jamel White (30/RB) 71
Orpheus Roye (99/DT) 28
Brant Boyer (52/OLB) 24
---Entire Defense--- 23
Earl Little (20/SS) 20
Kenard Lang (96/DE) 17

Gameball Write-In Votes:
"Anyone who still understands couch isn't the answer", "ABC for showing fans and thier signs", Ben Roethlisberger, "Anyone but Holcomb", LeBron "Namath" James, Lisa Guerrero, Uniforms (3), Mimi Bobeck impersonator (3), Awesome Cleveland Fans, The couple that got married (2)


Player Goathorns
Kelly Holcomb (10/QB) 154
Bruce Arians(OC) 60
Butch Davis (Head) 31
---O Line--- 25
---Officiating Crew--- 18
Ryan Tucker (72/OT) 13
Robert Griffith (24/SS) 11

Goat Write-In Votes:
Injuries (3), Couch bashers, Butch's gut feeling, "Weak-assed mascot", John Madden, "Randy Long... Couch Hater", Missed blocks, "Kelly Ripa and Chingy", "The training staff - WTF is w/ the injuries?!" (2), "The damned replay buzzer", Fans that did not show up for 2nd half kickoff!, Kelly Ripa(2 more), ABC Sports, "All the usual suspects", "Wasted time with replays", "", "The "fan" behind me in section 525 that expected people to sit all game", "The SOB who tore CB's bicep". "EGO, EGO, EGO..."

Year-to-Date Totals
  Gameballs Goats Grand Total
Courtney Brown 687 0 687
Tim Couch 569 87 482
Andra Davis 356 30 326
---Entire Defense--- 322 10 312
Andre Davis 218 0 218
Kevin Johnson 215 0 215
William Green 223 58 165
Kenard Lang 97 0 97
Phil Dawson 128 56 72
Jamel White 71 0 71
Brant Boyer 64 0 64
Ben Taylor 62 0 62
James Jackson 100 41 59
Fans 101 46 55
Jeff Faine 50 0 50
---LB Unit--- 43 0 43
Kevin Bentley 40 0 40
Anthony Henry 33 0 33
Chris Crocker 28 0 28
Dave Campo 38 10 28
Orpheus Roye 28 0 28
Barry Stokes 25 0 25
Andre King 23 0 23
Chris Gardocki 21 0 21
Earl Little 20 0 20
RJ Bowers 14 0 14
---All Players--- 14 0 14
Lee Suggs 13 0 13
Pete Garcia 0 6 -6
Roosevelt Williams 0 11 -11
Ryan Tucker 0 13 -13
Jerry Rosburg 0 13 -13
Paul Zukauskas 0 14 -14
All Coaches 0 23 -23
Chaun Thompson 0 27 -27
---All Coaches--- 0 29 -29
Melvin Fowler 0 34 -34
---WR Unit--- 0 34 -34
Dennis Northcutt 47 87 -40
Steve Heiden 0 49 -49
---D Line--- 0 51 -51
---Special Teams--- 0 64 -64
---Officiating Crew--- 0 67 -67
Robert Griffith 0 74 -74
Carmen Policy 0 80 -80
Gerard Warren 13 102 -89
---Entire Offense--- 0 96 -96
Quincy Morgan 34 137 -103
---O Line--- 95 240 -145
Kelly Holcomb 302 491 -189
Butch Davis 0 342 -342
Bruce Arians 0 566 -566

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
edgewater joe Given the injuries and the fact that we are basically looking for moral victories, you have to hand it to Couch, Jamel, and the battered OL for showing a lot of guts and heart to pull the game within reach.
r22weiss Overall a good game for the Browns. Couch moved the team well and he played well except for the 2 fumbles but if there was a O-line. The defense played well over all....14 point by the Rams were from turnovers. Big swing. White really had a great game. James Jackson looked like he was on the way to a big night too before he got hurt. Lang had a good game as well. Browns were ready to play tonight!!!
dabrowns31 Couch played Great maybe we saw something...White had an awesome performance.. The Fans had that place rocking till late in the evening
ilovedthe80s Can you believe by the 3rd quarter the only starters that started the season that were in the game were Tucker and Q Morgan. 2nd string QB, 3rd string RB, 3rd string TE, 2nd string LT, 3rd string RG, 2nd string C, 2nd string RG, 1st string RT, 2nd string WR, and 1st string WR...What next? Sign old XFL players to plug some holes?
lukedawg12 Jamel White proved once again that he doesn't play enough....just think Butch, 16 carries, 101 yards, and a TD would have never happened if your golden boy hadn't been hurt! Heinrich is becoming a reliable tight end, and Brant gotta love that guy, 12 solos and 2 assists...that's the way you debate right there. Chaun Thomspon's special teams hit also gets the mnc crew would say, he got JACKED UP!
appraiser Tim played well. Chaun Thompson threw an incredible block. the defense gave up one touchdown and played very well.
doctorfresh Tim Couch: Thanks for adding a spark and doing the best job I guess any QB do behind a third-string line. Jamel White: Why, again, has Butch ignored him all season? I've always liked White, I don't know why he's been shunned by the coaching staff. Hopefully, they learned something tonight. Earl Little: Cool interception.
bigdcopfer good job Tim and Jamel about the only bright spots on the o. way to go d. if we get Gallery in the first round and Tim stays and plays well like he has when he has the time well be tough to beat next year.
mmercurio Nice to see the 1st stringers in there again - too bad KJ isn't here. Couch is the only true leader we have and let's hope the Holcombe experiment is over. Butch's outcasts almost saved the day. Did anyone else notice Jamel looked better than Marshall? He'll probably be a Ram next year. Couch will be a Steeler and Orph will be a Raven. Orph was a monster all game long...not since Golic have I seen someone with motor rev'ed up that high. Let's hope Willie Green wasn't slipping him any energy powder.
bendal Couch and White did everything they could to win this game behind a patched up offensive line. Little played his usual hard game.
theoz Couch and White performed well despite being repressed by Butch's ego. Couch should start the rest of the season and next year.
omudude Tim Couch must stay!!!!!
timcouchsucks Awesome game Couch not bad for not practicing all week.
caelker Good game overall- Tim deserves to be the starter... wake up Butch! Cleveland fans are the best in the world! Nice pick Earl. Quincy and Dennis- great games!
confusion420 Please cut BLOWCOMB!
clevelandfan Earl Little - Amazing INT!!! Tim Couch - Proved why he should have been the starter all season, and why he should be the starter for this team for now on. Yes, he had the 2 fumbles, but the o-line is crap at the moment. James Jackson - J.J. had great a game going until he got hurt. Fans - for sitting through that 1st half of crap that Holcomb showed them on the field.
roberto.12 Campo and the boys did what it took to shut down an extremely talented offensive unit. Faulk? Almost non-existent! Torry who? Time and time again, this defense has shut down some extremely potent passing games. And for once, Bruce Arians made me proud with some decent playcalls!
mrdna Even the patchwork OL looked pretty good.
sexco Too little to late TC, but good try. Defense again keeps us in the game. I am very happy at least one side of the ball is holding their own this year. Props to DC for somehow making this defense work. Look for Arians pink slip at the end of the year.
aqib The Cleveland fans and the Browns organization should apologize to Couch for the way they treated him the past year and a half. There are reasons why Kelly Holcomb was a backup his entire career. White played well when he got in, which proves the theory we should have drafted an OL over William Green. Lang finally made plays to back up his dances.
frumanchu Roye had a monster game. Couch showed incredible poise and patience with a strong push coming at him from the Rams, and that TD to Morgan was SWEEEEET! White did an excellent job running. Suggs had some excellent returns. Lang also had a good day.
yogi8 Once last chance to see if Tim's the man? He's earned it. Jamel gets 2 game balls for the yards he gained, but lost 1 due to his horrible blocking (save 1 great block!) Quincy needs this sort of game to be a regularity.
three sewers gone Keep Couch the FRANCHISE! Build the OL and the wins will come! QB is not a problem here.
optidawg Couch will make someone a good QB next year. Warren made plays when they were needed. The fans were loud and into the game.
dixiedawg First of all, great game by our defense. Too bad we have to play offense with Arians/Holcomb. Couch again showed who the best QB on this team is and why Butch Davis is a complete idiot. And a big thanks to Butch for not wanting to talk about the quarterback situation after the game - the people paying your salary (i.e. the fans) wouldn't want to know anything about why you are such an idiot for letting your gut pick the third best QB on the team be our starter. Tim, I hope you "pull a Bernie" and get a Super Bowl ring after Butch cuts you for not being his draft pick and for showing up his gut. Kelly, I hope you get a job moving lawns in Tennessee after Butch lets you ruin our franchise for a few more years.
browns_beer Couch, White and our entire D.... what else do you have to say. All of them played great
thejamdawg Tim Couch-The comeback attempt fell short, but had to make up for Holcomb's gift giving. Phil Dawson-Still kicked with a broken arm, not the first time he's sacrificed his body for the team either. Proof that some kickers actually show some guts. Lisa Guerrero- Esa mujer magnífica está muy caliente! Bonus Gameball- To the couple who got married in the Dawg Pound. Good Luck.
tmantell great effort by the whole defense. White, you always give 120%, sorry you have not played more this year. Tim, what can I say, you played great and I hope you get to show case yourself and get out of here and go to a team and fan base that will support you.
buzzard510 Not a big TC fan, but thanks for keeping us there. UNTIL THE END>> THROW THE DAMN BALL. Defense kept us in for most of the game. 14 of those points were not yours. Dave Campo for HEAD COACH!!!!!!!!
brent_mar23 Couch came in there with a bum knee and played well, even behind that swiss cheese-of-a-line in front of him. Maybe some people will finally see that Couch is a gamer, and Holcomb is a lamer. Jamel White ran hard and hit the holes well, and the defense kept the potent offense of the Rams in check pretty well.
californiadawg23 Mark my words...should the Browns be THAT foolish and release Tim the very least....he will start somewhere else. And that would be sad! The Browns LIKE John Madden said need an offensive line!
darkcell Here is an idea. Let Lee Suggs get some carries so you can see what he can do. Defense did its job. Kenard Lang is playing good too.
klk1630 Tim Couch and Jamel White showed their true competitiveness and talent when given the chance despite being put on the shelf for most of the year while Butch experimented with his gut feelings! Quincy worked hard to win and played very well!
jacooper96 Orpheus Roye seemed to be all over the field. Couch obviously stepped up and help make the game competitive, nearly won it. Our DB's did a great job statistically on a great passing offense.
redright BUTCH DAVIS, TIM COUCH, EARL LITTLE, ROYE AND LANG---------Butch showed he could bring a team back from the dead and put them in a position to win....Couch----rallied the team and might have won it.....Little------may have been the game MVP....Roye & Lang----played the D-line the way it should be played. HONORABLE MENTION.....da FANS!
norman_smiley34 Jamel White was the man...he proved to everyone that there is no reason why he is a 3rd string back...move him up in the ranks Butch please...Tim Couch...always knew you could do it...I have been behind Tim all the way threw the the season...Kelly gave you a chance to prove yourself and you did great. The Defense also picked it up. Congrats on trying to help the best you could despite all the turnovers your offense had.
mevins31 Keep Couch!
splinterasu Good Job Couch.. We need to make him our starter now and for the future!
upperdawg Tim Couch - Proved what the supporters claimed all along, the better QB. Put it to rest, it is over. Roye - all over the field last night. RB unit - ran like men behind that line.
springsnuts give couch one more season with a decent O-Line. Most of the team played very hard concidering the injuries and their record.
nebraska dawg Boyer is playing out of his a$$. He had a great game last night. Kenard Lang keeps making us think twice about his bonus next year. Enoch Demar Eknocked the crap out of some people last night.
weimer19 The defense held the Rams at bay. What a time for Heinrich to get his first career TD Little talked the talk, and walked the walk.
cstevens Kelly for getting his a** kicked week after week and taking the fall, Green for not having any contact with the staff, and us fans for still being fans, I STILL LOVE BEING A BROWNS FAN as hard as that may be.
ronsicker Great Job by Couch. He stays Davis Goes!!
kkr112 Pretty much speaks for itself.
revrm19 Davis has no ability to say ."Sorry fans, I blew it when I didn't have confidence in Tim to lead this club." Holcomb may be a nice guy, but he is not a starting quarterback and he has proved it over and over again. Too bad the head coach didn't see this before we lost the season. Arians, just go away.
chucksjeep77 couch playing well off the bench for a team that acts as if they don't want him. that is being a mature professional.
jmatt19534 Tim, Jamel, Brant Boyer--these should be the three favorite players of all Browns fans. They epitomize what Cleveland football is all about. Each one has had reason to quit...the coaches quit on them. Each one works their butts off and has a desire to play here. It's time to rid ourselves of our moronic coaches and front office, bring Ozzie and Bernie home, and let these three be our captains in Denver!
frank_martinez4 ive always been a couch supporter
clbr99 Can we finally agree that the Kelly Holcomb experiment is over? Props to Teeum for cleaning up the mess. A gameball to Phil Dawson. How many kickers would actually try to make a tackle like the one Phil did that broke his arm? We've got one good, tough kicker. And kudos to Jamel White who has quietly run his way to a few 100 yard games. Not a bad weapon to have in the backfield.
neuby03 Couch in '04 plus an o-line. We probably win that game at the end with better pass protection. Defense was stellar once again!
chopper9 No gameballs when we lose... PERIOD.
erass I would love to put Tim Couch in for a game ball. But similar to the San Diego and New England games, when Tim had the opportunity to lead this team to victory as the great ones in the past have he couldn't do it. It takes a total team effort to win games in the NFL. Great individuals i.e. Montana, Young, Aikman etc can take the game over when needed to get the win.
porters Tim deserves to be this franchise QB now and in the future. Roye was awesome and Jamel looked like the old Jamel.
mark zickefoose Isaac who? Torry who? Marshall Faulk managed to squeak past 100 yards on the ground (but fewer than Jamel White), but the infamous St. Louis offense was held in check. Well, as much as they CAN be when Kelly keeps HANDING them short field interceptions.
jsinct Anyone who braved the elements... Swerb?
dawgsofwar Jamel gets both a gameball for his running, and a goathorn for two whiffs on pass protection blocking that both led to QB fumbles.
dp10451 This is for all the fans who hung in there in the frigid weather, me and my party included. The defense really played strong. Damn shame they were put in bad situations. And we can't forget Timmy who showed that sometimes gut feelings are wrong. I also have to commend Phil Dawson for reminding us that kickers are players too. Get well Phil.
jlac20 Loved the Jerseys hated the game....
fgm Tim Couch- nice job in relief. Was wrong about Holcomb. Should've been the starter all along. Renegotiate his contract and hire a better OC and he will be fine. Jamel White- Took advantage of whatever holes he had. Caught the ball when it thrown to him. Scored a TD. Nuff said. Gerard Warren- I don't know how many total tackles he had, but that tackle he had on Faulk for a loss late in the game was classic. The fans-For sticking with this team despite the turmoil this year. They came in loud and clear on the TV from what I heard.
jeffdsp Brant Boyer-you get the 4th gameball. Tim, great job...just keep playing your game. Let the moron fans keep calling for Kelly. Last year, you led this team to the playoffs, this year Holcomb and Arians led us to the Toilet Bowl! Tim will be back next year, accept it fans, and support your QB or jump off the bandwagon and root for the Steelers. True fans don't sit their and boo their team or certain players (Tim or Kelly). Roye, great game. Maybe some of that play will rub off on Warren. Jamel, good to see them let you show what you can do...just keep setting the bar in the weight room and the film room, and you'll get your shot! Only 3 games left fans, show the NFL how loyal we are and good fans and why we got our team back in the first place!!! PS...loved the uniforms and I love the orange jerseys too. I would like to see them stick around.
docbmd What can you say? Many people predicted an outright blowout. You've got to credit the team for playing their hearts out for the duration of the game. T.C.-excellent job off the bench. Jamel really stepped it up. The entire defense did a fine job containing a very potent offense.
gevans102 Game Ball for Tim because he tried it is hard to come back from so far down... Game Ball for Suggs because the last few week he has been playing his heart out on special teams...Cant wait to see him run the ball on a regular basis... Game Ball for the FANS because Cleveland has the best fans in the NFL.... Go Browns in 2004
brownsfan2112 Once again the defense did it's job. Well done everyone, despite injuries. Especially Orpheus, Brant, Kenard, And the secondary. Jamal showed why he got that five year contract, but still has work on the pass blocking. I'm sure i would have given one to James Jackson if it was not for the injury. Lee Suggs is still showing promise as a great asset to this team. Dennis Northcutt needs to stay in Cleveland. Please do what ever you need to do to keep him in Cleveland. He's a true playmaker in my opinion and the Browns would be foolish to loose him in free agency.
bfan99 Couch and White almost pulled it off, the defense was solid all game.
naxos Big game ball to Tim for coming in injured and almost bring us back. Game ball to CB for just a great season. I hope next year will be just as good. Also nice to see that Jamel can still run when called upon. Good effort by the team on Monday.
sapphiresmd The Tim Couch offense looked decent, and a running game helps. It was tough to try to dig ourselves out of that hole we were in, but we almost pulled this one out! Jamel White had a great game running the football and also making some great catch and runs.
lsluggers Also one to the fans at this game who did not boo Couch after the two fumbles on the sacks. The fans gave Tim a nice cheer when he entered the game. If Tim is going to be the QB next year, we need an offensive coordinator who believes in him and the fans behind him, cheering fans do a lot for ones confidence. And lets not forget Chaun that block on the return was CLASSIC.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
edgewater joe Holcomb: backup. End of discussion. Arians gets the goat horns out of sheer habit and necessity. The "D" did a nice job keeping things close but are still WAAAAAY too soft on third downs.
r22weiss Holcomb blew it. Let's face it everyone he's not a starter in the NFL. 2 horrible passes that were intercepted when all he had to do was look at another receiver and he could have gotten it to them but he telegraphed the pass. Hard to stop a team when you turn the ball over 5 times. Those 14 points before halftime was the game. Time for Butch to suck it up and start Couch for the rest of the year...assuming he's healthy.
dabrowns31 hard to find many goats in a good performance other then Holcomb's two retards of throws
ilovedthe80s Carmen, you started an organization from scratch and had 3 straight years of selecting potentially dominating players.
lukedawg12 Turnovers cost us games...therefore...Holcomb's two int's get two goats...and couch's fumble gets one....Holcomb's fumble, although not completely his fault, warrants three goathorns.....keep up the sucking browns! oh and before you couch fans go **** tonight....he didn't come through in the clutch. again. Ben Roethlisberger for Browns QB!
appraiser Holcomb absolutely killed us, again. horrible throws with two interceptions. never, ever throw another pass for us again. go away mike Phipps. Carmen, you and Pete get one because we have little talent, yet the players kept playing hard. just outmatched. hey, the rams picked up two starting offensive lineman in free agency. what a novel idea.
doctorfresh Kelly Holcomb: Your time is over. You're a good guy, but simply not starting QB material. Ryan Tucker: Block!!! Why Madden choice you as the our only good offensive player, I don't know. He is Madden: old and weird. I guess it makes sense??? Bruce Arians: Buh-bye!!
bigdcopfer 14 points in nintey fu@king seconds are you joking me the d allows 9 points on one of the leagues highest scoring teams and you throw 2pics to the same damn guy. sit your hick a** on the bench mister wannabe quaterback and for the rest of you #10 backers well nuff said your boy lost another one.
mmercurio I think James Jackson should be #2.3 instead of #29 since he's only good for 2.3 yards per carry. Hey - he'd be the first NFLer with a decimal point on his jersey! I think there are more brontosauruses alive than Holcombmaniacs right now. That new mascot must be one of Butch's boys...I was really hoping someone in the pound would light that cute thing on fire. BUTCH MUST GO!
bendal Holcomb gets one for finally showing how much of a backup QB he really is. Arians and Davis get one each for deciding that Holcomb should be the starting QB this season.
theoz Holcomb is a turnover waiting to happen, the guy is weak and ineffective. Davis to Nebraska please!
omudude Fan Leaving Early
brownsfangrl Can we finally bench Kelly Holcomb now! Bring in the real starting quarterback TTTiiiimmmmyyyyy!!!!
timcouchsucks Holcomb you are the worst QB ever i hope you never start again. I hope Davis fires you and Arians mister predictable.
caelker Arians you suck! Holcomb-take a seat, you're nothing but a backup. The officials are morons... why does it take 15 minutes to decide what to call on a flag? Earl was NOT down by contact and the Rams should've lost a time out. As far as I know you can only challenge 1 call at a time... the Rams got a 2 for 1 and the Browns got screwed.
thespazdawg Hey Bruce, lovely call on the 2nd to last drive. The trap is always a sure fire way to kill some clock and progress, honestly, what is wrong with you.
clevelandfan Kelly Holcomb - Holcomb gets all 3 of my goathorn votes this week. Pathetic display of QBing in NFL, they wouldn't allow that crap in NFL Europe, CFL, College, hell even Junior High. Holcomb should be assign to 3rd string for the remaining 3 games!!
roberto.12 It's time for Butch Davis to apologize to Cleveland, and give Tim Couch his 100%, no look-over-your-shoulder, commitment. Then he needs to say that he's going to commit to getting some stud linemen, and beg Tim to stay, as Tim may play well with a decent line (we've never seen one for four years, so who knows). The fans, although they didn't embarrass us too much as I was expecting, are still too boo-happy. They were booing before Holcomb GAVE them something to boo over. And once again, Griffith displays another underachieving performance. Who's going to be our strong safety next year? It sure won't be him.
mrdna Holcomb - Three turnovers. Footage during halftime shows: OTHER TEAMS KNOW YOU STARE DOWN RECEIVERS. Sheesh.
sexco Once again KH sucked for us. All year long this offense have looked terrible. I have to start blaming everyone involved with the choice. BD's coaches told him at the beginning of the year it was a good choice for KH so those guys are getting the Horns from me. Please somehow make our offense good again!
qclub Bad spot by the officials on the Little Interception, asking Holcomb to get three first downs to get in field goal range instead of 1-2 first downs makes things that much more difficult
aqib Kelly Holcomb is the worst quarterback I have ever seen. Maybe this offseason instead of bar-be-que sauce he can strike a deal with an office supply company to start a line of "Kelly Holcomb Clipboards". Davis gets a goathorn for starting Holcomb in the first place. Bruce will get one every week until he is gone
frumanchu Holcomb's passes were just plain crap. This loss is 100% on his shoulders. Tucker, how many times are you gonna false start? Arians continues to make his case for dismissal with crappy playcalling.
yogi8 Holcomb and Arians need to go. Green will get a horn from me the rest of the year. Last night would have been a special showcase for William on National TV against that Ram D that let Jamel go off....... coulda, woulda, shoulda......
three sewers gone Whiffith must go, the OL must be replaced early and often through high draft choices and smart FA pickups and trades. Kelly and Arians hopefully will be run out of town. Kelly should never start again for us! Whiffith can't tackle a darn. One good play and 10 bad ones. No more Vikings castoffs!
optidawg Arians is a very bad playcaller. Time after time I questioned his calls. He doesn't put this offense and it's players in position to succeed. Holcomb is a terrible QB. Very poor decisions. His throws are so slow they look like slow motion replay.
dixiedawg "He's #10 in your program, #3 in talent and #1 in Davis' gut!" I am so sick of Kelly Holcomb I could puke. Another great defensive effort destroyed by the third best QB on the team, Kelly Ho-hum. As a side note, I just erased about five paragraphs explaining why I hate Holcomb/Arians/Davis/Garcia/Policy so much, because it really wasn't worth re-hashing. You all see the results from this island of misfits.
browns_beer Tucker I know you USED to play for them but you don't now. Make a god damn block. The Oline looked terrible but it is understandable considering half of them were bagging groceries last week. As for Holcomb.... pack your Fing bags along with Arians and get the hell out of town... YOU SUCK
thejamdawg Kelly Holcomb- Two Picks in 35 seconds! Thanks a lot for giving the game away. LOOK OFF THE FIRST RECEIVER STUPID! The Rams knew you wouldn't look off! ABC Sports- Based on the opening, There are TWO TEAMS in this game, but it was all about the Rams with them. Although the underrated Kelly Ripa is nice eye candy. (This has nothing to do with Michaels & Madden.)
tmantell why oh why did your gut feeling say Kelly Holcomb, butch? why oh why did you so called fans not stand behind couch from the get go. Holcomb lovers, are you happy yet?
buzzard510 Guys please!!!! Kelly trying to force passes. BA calling for run up the middle on 2nd down and 15. Come on play smart football. BD and BA need to go now.
brent_mar23 Holcomb sucks. It is plain and simple. He gave the Rams 2 TD's, one of them gift-wrapped! (Merry Christmas, Aeneas Willams!) The offense line sucked, as usual, and Butch Davis gets the horns for not being gutsy enough to admit he was wrong when his "gut" told him to start Holcomb!!!!
californiadawg23 For those of you who just LOVE Kelly Holcomb. I have just one question? HOW DO YOU LIKE HIM NOW????
darkcell How about getting Lee Suggs into the backfield??
klk1630 Kelly Holcomb is a backup, ala Frank Reich, played like it and he gave the game away. Butch gets goathorns for giving away another game to his gut by starting Holcomb. Arians play calling during the last drive gets him his horns.
wmg69 Arians it was nice to see you throw to a TE in the red zone-it actually works doesn't it!! Now you need to lean to get away from run, run, pass and start using Heinrich/Mustard more in the offense.
jacooper96 Holcomb absolutely killed us .... I always default to Arians as someone has to be held accountable for this pathetic offense (even when the have an OK game).
redright HOLCOMB, ARIANS, POLICY, GRIFFITH, GREEN... in abstentia...All the usual suspects... sorry Claude but my intellectual property counsel says you didn't copyright it. HONORABLE MENTION--BENTLEY--Is he smart enough to play this game?
norman_smiley34 Kelly Holcomb proved hopefully for the last time why he is a solid back up and nothing more...come on coaches!!!! Bruce...your play calling sucks...and your faith in Kelly Holcomb is even you get a goat...O-Line...stop with the injuries already my god....You are all football players...suck it up and play...both QB got their a$$es kicked
mevins31 Fire Davis!
montgocc Even the Rams figured out that Holcomb stares at his receivers, it's so dumb. He needs to learn to look around a least he accepted the was his fault.
splinterasu Ariens needs to be sent packing!! What a disgracefull play calling. Ruined a great day by our D. Holcomb can be cut now.
upperdawg Kelly Holcomb - Vultures, say goodbye to your little friend. Fans in the club seats - you obviously have the money, buy some warm clothes and stay in your f-ing seats or stay home.
thomascl All we have to do is protect the Football
springsnuts still to many dumb mistakes and bad play calls, there is an overall lack of talent but the missed tackles/stupid penalties/missed blocks etc...that goes back to fundamentals i e coaching.
nebraska dawg Holcomb, I hate to give you horns, but that sucked. Wow. What an awful performance. Griffith, you have to go now. You suck. The officials were totally F-in clueless last night. What a pathetic job. Policy, you suck. Leave already A-hole.
weimer19 Holcomb for the first Interception, Holcomb for the second interception, Butch for creating this 2 headed QB monster.
cstevens HOLLY CRAP, the coaching staff is the worst, to much EGO, Give up the reigns and fire BA, way to go BUTCH, nice way to motivate your team. and can we get the old stadium back out of lake Erie, the browns played better there and the fans could wear what they wanted.
ronsicker The whole country watched as Butch Davis' "gut feel" threw 2 picks to lose the game for the Browns.
kkr112 Ditto. Sorry Butchie and Brucie, your boy wonder is a joke. And I know you're both too stupid to keep our real franchise QB.
chucksjeep77 please Santa bring us some offensive lineman and a quarterback. only o-lineman i would keep would be Faine. personally i don't think there is a better QB out there than couch. who would you want Maddox, Wright or Kitna....gimme a break. redo the contract and let the kid grow. how many QB's have been overnight sensations in the last 20 years. fans need to get a grip on the love em or hate rollercoaster Kelly Holcomb gets two for two of the dumbest INT's I've ever seen. Even dumber than some of Vinny's. Butch saves Kelly from getting all three because he and his gut have cost us a season. If Tim plays against Indy, Pitt, and tonight, we are 7-7 and still playing for something. I'm from Cleveland not Miami, but where i grew up we don't give the opposing players five after they score. especially not at the end of that first half. i don't care if Isaac Bruce is your freaking twin brother.
clbr99 Kelly, I like you and all, but maybe you've been a backup for a reason. We'll need you as the #2 (no pun intended) qb next season. The O-Line was terrible as usual. And a big goathorn to the "officiating" crew. Why was it necessary to consult with Mike Martz every time before making a decision on a penalty? Get off the Rams freaking sidelines!
neuby03 Holcomb for not throwing one but TWO bone-headed INT's before the half. And Butch and Bruce for allowing it to happen. Going into halftime down 9-7 seems a lot more winnable than down 23-7! I could forgive the 1st INT and only being down 16-7 but then attempting to right a wrong by doing it again. Come on coach!!!!!! Down the ball, go into halftime down 16-7, then put Couch in and let him bring us back......20-19 should have been the final. Couch in '04 with a revamped O-line!
chopper9 Can we get a kicker to kick off past the 10 yard line? The worst officiated game in recent memory... at least an hour of them bumbling around! Play calling again was VERY questionable. Goathorns to d**do Roadman for post game comments and questions. What an a$$.
revrm19 Timmy played a very good game; Jamel reappeared on the coaches roster; and Lee is continuing to develop. Now, if the coaches will just let them play.
erass Anyone who wants another three to four years of losing fire Butch Davis (that's not the answer!). Who is coaching the QB's? Both Holcomb and Couch lock in on the intended receiver. The whole world knows that but not the position coach.
porters Arians is spared this week by Kelly's performance although he is your boy. Have to blast all the so called expert sportwriters who were enamored with Holcomb. Can you hear me now Grossi, Pluto, Schudel, Livingston.
mark zickefoose Kelly imploded. Earl Little HIGH FIVED THE OPPONENT AFTER THEY SCORED ON US. ANd the officiating crew was so incompetent I was actually wishing we had Terry McAuliffe (you remember Mr. Bottlegate, don't you?) And ESPN and ABC get goathorns for being on the jocks of all things St. Louis more often than the players' uniforms. Can you slobber all over Marhsall Faulk any MORE, Berman?
jsinct The OL coach gets the goat... this line is horrendous? That shouldn't be the case with backups to 7th rounders or UDFAs... There should be "some" depth.
dp10451 I guess Kelly has found out that starting ain't all that easy. Where the hell did they find these officials? We were freezing our a$$es off while they were dilly-dallying around. And they never did charge St.Louis for a timeout for a failed challenge.I still don't like the play selections Bruce.
jlac20 We need to fire Davis, his is power hungry and lost control of our team. He sucks at drafting and is an arrogant jerk.....Go back to college!!!!
fgm Kelly Holcomb- I was so wrong about this guy. There is no QB controversy. Stay on the damn bench and rot in hell!!!! Bruce Arians- A running play on 2nd and 15 late in the game?!!!!! Are you freakin' nuts?!!!!! This guy absolutely, positively, without question or discussion needs to pack his bags and get the hell out of Cleveland!!!!!! Ryan Tucker- The Browns are paying you to protect the QB. Do it for Christ's sake and stop committing stupid drive-killing penalties!!!!! The injury bug- Are cans of Raid in the locker room too weak to ward off this annual pest? Carl Smith (QB coach)- Along with Arians, this guy needs to hit the road as well. It is obvious he tells his QBs to stare down the receiver, throw into triple coverage, and hold onto the ball until a defender hits you and knocks the ball out out of your hands. He isn't teaching these guys jack s**t. Maybe Couch and Holcomb need someone like Bernie Kosar who knows how to teach these guys some sound QB fundamentals.
jeffdsp Kelly, I'm not going to dog you for the bad game(s). I said last year and all of this year that you're a BACK-UP and when you're out there as the #1 guy, it's a whole different ball game. You're a good guy so it's not something that people want to see happen, but the fans need to realize who the better QB is (#2), and support that guy! That's a big reason the fans get horns again this don't boo your team or players if you are a true fan. Do you think that hearing boos for you would motivate you or upset you. Yes, these guys make a lot of money to put wins on the board, but so do the guys on the other team. Let's rock CBS against the Ravens and boo THEM off of the field! Bruce Arians, I'm sorry, but you suck! You're horrible. Why, on 4th and 3, when all year long you've been able to hit your TE's on quick outs, would you send your receivers on deep routes when you have to get the 1st down or the game is over. You've got 2 good TE's in Mustard and Heinrich who block good and catch everything that is thrown to them, why not utilize these guys like you should and sit the guys who do nothing (Sanders). Is it because "draft expert" Butch Davis has had 3 suspect drafts (Warren, Jeremiah Pharms, Green, Pontbriand, Garay, and Clinton Portis-oh wait, you didn't have any info on Portis and he probably isn't very good anyways). I think Davis should get one more year, but take away his power to make all the personnel decisions and fire Arians...not after the season is over, but ASAP. PS. Mr. Lerner, please get rid of that bum Policy and bring in a real exec.-Ozzie! And for that matter, bring in Bernie as head coach and get rid of Butch. We need some people in here to show these guys what it means to be a Cleveland Brown!
docbmd Holcomb- What were you thinking? Tucker-couple penalties and basically manhandled all night, very costly. Coaching staff, with the exception of Campo, pretty awful. But that's just become a weekly occurrence.
gevans102 Once again the like the whole season the QB job is up for grabs....Kelly Holcomb should not start for the Browns again this season....Unless Tim gets hurt...I think in Training Camp this year Butch will learn his lesson and name his starting QB a lot quicker..
brownsfan2112 Bruce, do you finally see that your "gut instinct" was wrong?! Just like many other decisions you've made to the tune of your ego? If Tim would have started that game we would have won no questions asked. But your to concerned with making yourself right to the press you rather lose and find some other excuse or scapegoat to keep the the blame of your shoulders. And your belief in Arian's offense? All centered around Holcomb. Why? Because your buddy Bruce keeps whispering to you that he wants Holcomb in there because I think he would make him look good. Because he is without a doubt the worst offensive coordinator in the league. HE CAN'T FIND A WAY TO GET THREE YARDS IN TWO PLAYS WITH THE TALENT ON THIS TEAM?!!!!!!! He has know idea how to utilize the talent on this team. And I know he does not call the same plays when Tim is at QB. He and butch don't want to be shown up. I can't believe we passed on Marvin Lewis to hire this Jackass. Please leave town butch. And take your girlfriend Bruce and his skirt with you. Kelly, don't fool yourself into thinking you can be a starting QB in the NFL. One astounding game doesn't cut it. Actually, i don't know how you did it. Be a man and tell them you can't read a defense, you can't get out of the pocket when pressured, you stare down receivers, and you make poor decisions when comes to ball management. And also, can't read a blitz if the deffense told you. And finally, Campo, F###ING BLITZ!!!!! Every time you put pressure on Bulger, he fouled up. And that second to last series the Rams had it was third and seventeen, and you rushed four against the second best offensive line in the leauge, who really had not gotten to Bulger all night, and gave the receivers time enough to get past the first down marker. And then on the next down, first and ten, obvious run play with Faulk, then you blitz?!! and he gains 18. Thankfully it was called backed. Take the tu tu off and play some aggressive football!@!! New England blitzs just about every other play. Wonder why they don't lose?
bfan99 the Holcomb experiment is over and can we draft seven offensive linemen and also pick up a few in free agency.
naxos Kelly, once again your poor decision making had the biggest impact on the game. Bruce, I am not going to be sorry to see you go at the end of this year. Carmen as always my biggest goat.
sapphiresmd Kelly Holcomb gave the Rams an early 14 pt Christmas gift. Now does everyone see why he was a backup QB for so long? Couch is a winner, he wants to play for the Browns, and I think we all see now that it's the o-line that's the problem, not the QB. Get Couch an o-line and then let's see what he can do!
mamadawg If we don't address the offense from the top down during the off season, why buy a ticket next year.
lsluggers Kelly, I was hoping you would do the job, but man you locked on to the receiver all night long, as you have in the past games. Lets face it your 15 minutes of fame are up. Arians appears now to call plays that will make this team not succeed, lets dump this guy and bring in a OC who believes in Couch and will work to get the most out of him.

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